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2006 Rumic Quiz

Congratulations to this year's winner, Lisa Price, who scored 16 out of 20 answers plus successfully answered the tie-breaking question!

Welcome to the fourth annual "Rumic World Quiz". We've got a lot of great prizes up for grabs this year. All you have to do is send your answers to Please limit your entries to one per person. The contest deadline is December 31st, 2005, and in the event of a tie, we'll have a tie-breaking question for the contestants with the highest score. This year you, the contestant, get to pick the prizes! As always, the contest is open to all of our visitors around the world, and we will ship the prizes to you at no cost.

  • One Rumiko Takahashi DVD of your choice!
  • Two Rumiko Takahashi manga of your choice!

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1. What is Kuno's astrological sign?

2. What was Soichiro Otonashi's favorite flower?

3. How many reform schools did Hinako clean up before coming to Furinkan High?

4. In lieu of a ring, what does Kinnosuke give Nabiki?
A Soda Can Pop Top

5. What is the name of the band in Reserved Seat?

6. The scabbards of Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga are made from _______?

7. The original pre-production title for Beautiful Dreamer was ______?

Remember Dreamer

8. What is the name of Yura of the Hair's sword?
Benigasumi (Red Fog)

9. Which Urusei Yatsura character's appearance is based on Rumiko Takahashi?

10. What are the protagonists of the Inuyasha video game "The Secret of the Cursed Mask" names?
Michiru and Kaname Kururugi

11. Name two of Lum, Oyuki, Benten and Ran's childhood teachers.
CAO-2 and Kanedoraku

12. Which Japanese Urusei Yatsura voice actors are now divorced from one another?
Tohru Furuya (Shingo/Kosaku Hatanaka) and Mami Koyama (Ryoko Mendo/Maris)

13. For what series has Takahashi won the prestigious Shogakukan Manga award?
Kattena Yatsura, Urusei Yatsura, Inuyasha

14. Where does Marin/Marine work?
Office Lady at the Makuhari Trading Firm or promoting the Keio Train Line

15. In the "Middle Aged Teen" manga and anime the pose Toshi where he places his hands on his head is based on what?
Iyami from "Osomatsu-kun"

16. The short story "1980" deals with the creation of what?
Maison Ikkoku

Please identify the following characters...

Yamato Fujishima
Gen Kawakami
Taro Matsuzaka
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