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The Maison Renaissance of Year Six

by Dylan Acres

August 17, 2003
Another year has come and gone, but who could have predicted the changes that would come to pass in a mere 365 days?

Within the past year, Maison Ikkoku has come back from the dead in the United States. Viz shocked the fan community when they announced after years of petitioning on the part of fans (myself included) that they would finally release Maison Ikkoku on DVD. Not only that, but the series would finally be completed, with both an English language track, and the original Japanese. I was tickled pink when I held the first boxset of the same color in my hands just a few short months ago.

Another pleasant surprise that I found even more surprising, was Viz's announcement that they will begin re-releasing the manga, with all the missing chapters restored at a cheaper price, to go alongside all their other current graphic novel second editions.

If it sounds as though I'm shilling for Viz, then thats fine, because I think they deserve it after the spectacular job they've done so far. Sure, it took a long time to convince them that Maison Ikkoku was a viable series, but they listened, and now they're responding in a way that is above and beyond what anyone expected, new gorgeous transfers of the anime, and a restored release of the manga. It truly does not get better than this for fans of Ikkoku.

Of course, with all the exciting things in store for the series, I felt that a redesign of the site was in store. After years of designs that I have been somewhat happy with, I have finally settled on one that I am completely happy with. More information, more pictures, and (hopefully) many more updates to come. Enjoy the next year Maison Ikkoku fans, its going to be a wild one!

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