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Rumiko Takahashi Complete Color Page Listing

January 17, 2007

Written by Dylan Acres

Urusei Yatsura | Maison Ikkoku | Ranma ½ | Inuyasha
Kyokai no Rinne | Mermaid Saga | One Pound Gospel | Short Stories
Complete Color Page Listing

Magazine Legend

SS = Shonen Sunday, SSZ = Shonen Sunday Zokan, BS = Big Comic Spirits, BSX = Big Comic Spirits Extra,
BCO = Big Comic Original, BCSup = Big Comic Superior, YS = Young Sunday, SF = Sci-Fi Manga, PC = Petit Comic

Urusei Yatsura
ChapterMagazineFull Color/TintedOwned by Rumic World
Chapter 9 The Big GameSS'79 #14TintedYes
Chapter 17 Dream LoverSS'79 #43Tinted
Chapter 23 Zodiac Go-RoundSS'80 #16TintedYes
Chapter 33 A Flying StartSS'80 #25Tinted
Chapter 35 The Devil's Run SS'80 #29Tinted
Chapter 42 Surf's Up SS'80 #34???
Chapter 47 Ocean of Tears SS'80 #39Full ColorYes
Chapter 52 Run, Ninja, Run SS'80 #44Tinted
Chapter 53 Hide, Ninja, Hide SS'80 #45TintedYes
Chapter 58 Have Your Cake and... SS'80 #50Tinted
Chapter 64 Ten-chan in Love SS'81 #6TintedYes
Chapter 68 Miss Snow Queen SS'81 #10TintedYes
Chapter 74 Ghostly Gliders in the Sky SS'81 #16TintedYes
Chapter 83 Down the Right Path SS'81 #25TintedYes
Chapter 86 Home Is Where You Find It SS'81 #31TintedYes
Chapter 90 Deranged Marriage, Act Four SS'81 #35TintedYes
Chapter 103 Side Effects SS'81 #45Full ColorYes
Chapter 105 Here Comes the Sun SS'81 #47TintedYes
Chapter 109 Young Man Without a Horn SS'81 #51Full ColorYes
Chapter 117 Locker Inspection SS'82 #8Tinted
Chapter 119 Valentine's Deception SS'82 #10Full ColorYes
Chapter 122 The Mendo Siblings Part 2 SS'82 #13Tinted
Chapter 124 Ten's Gift SS'82 #20Full ColorYes
Chapter 127 Bad Boy Musashi, You're No Man!! SS'82 #17TintedYes
Chapter 130 Adventures in Shangri-La SS'82 #21Tinted
Chapter 136 Kurama Returns SS'82 #26Full ColorYes
Chapter 148 Hello Sailor Suits! SS'82 #39TintedYes
Chapter 162 My Love Darling's Peril!! SS'83 #1/2TintedYes
Chapter 175 Flower Viewing Deathmatch SS'83 #16Tinted
Chapter 185 Get Something On Your Chest Part 2 SS'83 #26Tinted
Chapter 206 Love Knows No Barriers SS'83 #47Tinted
Chapter 257 If We Meet in a Dream Part 1 SS'84 #43Tinted
Chapter 260 For The Love of Oden SS'84 #51Tinted
Chapter 266 Heartbreak Crossin' Part 1 SS'85 #7TintedYes
Chapter 278 Exorcism Three-Way SS'85 #19Tinted
Chapter 282 Mother's Heart, Child's Heart SS'85 #23TintedYes
Chapter 348 Love & Valor of the Flower Petal Part 3 SS'86 #40Tinted

Maison Ikkoku
ChapterMagazineFull Color/TintedOwned by Rumic World
Chapter 1 What Are the Neighbors Doing?BS'80 Nov.TintedYes
Chapter 3 Suit Yourself, SantaBS'81 Jan.???
Chapter 4 For Whom the Clock TollsBS'81 Feb.TintedYes
Chapter 6 Will the Cherry Blossoms Bloom?BS'81 Apr.???
Chapter 8 Soichiro's Shadow BS'81 Jun.Full ColorYes
Chapter 11 "Love" Means No Score, Godai! BS'81 Jul. 30TintedYes
Chapter 13 A Salty Dog BS'81 Aug. 30Tinted
Chapter 15 One Entangled Evening BS'81 Sep. 30Tinted
Chapter 16 1-900-TROUBLE BS'81 Oct. 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 19 Intensive Care BS'81 Nov. 30Tinted
Chapter 20 Shadows on the Heart BS'81 Dec. 15Tinted
Chapter 22 Ring in the Nude BS'82 Jan. 15TintedYes
Chapter 23 "I'll Be Back" BS'82 Jan. 30TintedYes
Chapter 24 Stake It On The Rink! BS'82 Feb. 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 28 I'm Convinced BS'82 Apr. 15Tinted
Chapter 33 Catch of the Day BS'82 Jun. 30Full ColorYes
Chapter 35 Soichiro Turns Around BS'82 Jul. 30Tinted
Chapter 38 Memories of You BS'82 Sep. 15Tinted
Chapter 40 A Small Space BS'82 Oct. 15Tinted
Chapter 43 Down the Home Stretch BS'82 Nov. 30Full ColorYes
Chapter 44 Embraced by Illness BS'82 Dec. 15TintedYes
Chapter 46 Careful What You Wish For BS'83 Jan. 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 47 The Kissing Scene BS'83 Jan. 30Full ColorYes
Chapter 51 Clothes Make the ??? BS'83 Mar. 30Tinted
Chapter 53 Oh, Baby! BS'83 Apr. 30Full ColorYes
Chapter 54 A Very Tight Game BS'83 May 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 57 Stop Following Me! BS'83 Jun. 30Tinted
Chapter 59 Granny's Ol' Plum Wine BS'83 July 30Full ColorYes
Chapter 60 Playing Hickey BS'83 Aug. 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 61 A Hot Wind BS'83 Aug. 30Tinted
Chapter 63 Prune-Faced Cupid BS'83 Sep. 30TintedYes
Side Story Yusaku's Island BSX'83 Aug.TintedYes
Chapter 64 Farewell on Platform 18 BS'83 Oct. 15TintedYes
Chapter 67 Falling For You BS'83 Nov. 30TintedYes
Chapter 70 Body of Love BS'84 Jan. 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 71 Message in the Snow BS'84 Jan. 30Full ColorYes
Chapter 73 Just Do Your Best!! BS'84 Feb. 29TintedYes
Chapter 74 In Hot Water BS'84 Mar. 15TintedYes
Chapter 75 Going Shopping in a Suit BS'84 Mar. 30Full ColorYes
Chapter 78 One Big Happy Family BS'84 May 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 80 Can't We Be Friends? BS'84 Jun. 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 83 Nothing... Nothing at All!! BS'84 Jul. 30TintedYes
Chapter 85 Qué Será, Será... BS'84 Aug. 30TintedYes
Chapter 86 Vanity Recruit BS'84 Sep. 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 89 Instructions for the Guidance and
Supervision of the Annual Sports Festival
BS'84 Oct. 30Full ColorYes
Chapter 90 Pajama Party BS'84 Nov. 15TintedYes
Chapter 94 Kimono Connection BS'85 Jan. 15TintedYes
Chapter 95 Birth is Never as Hard as the Worrying BS'85 Jan. 30TintedYes
Chapter 96 Post-Partum Depression BS'85 Feb. 15TintedYes
Chapter 100 Lost in the Blossoms BS'85 Apr. 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 103 I Love Dogs Part 2 BS'85 May 30TintedYes
Chapter 104 Love You Lots BS'85 Jun. 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 107 The Door Slams BS'85 Jul. 30TintedYes
Chapter 108 Twin Journeys BS'85 Aug. 15TintedYes
Chapter 111 One Night Dream BS'85 Sep. 30TintedYes
Chapter 113 Homework BS'85 Oct. 30Tinted
Chapter 117 Chicken! BS'85 Dec. 30Full ColorYes
Chapter 118 Hair o' the Dog BS'86 Jan. 15TintedYes
Chapter 120 Like Bubbles on the Breeze BS'86 Feb. 15Full ColorYes
Chapter 121 The Sun Will Shine BS'86 Feb. 28Tinted
Chapter 130 The Trouble with Girls...and Boys BS'86 May 26TintedYes
Chapter 135 Shadows in the Sunlight BS'86 Jul. 21Tinted
Chapter 141 The Happiness Curve BS'86 Oct. 13TintedYes
Chapter 144 Can't You Understand? BS'86 Nov. 24TintedYes
Chapter 152 The Truth BS'87 Feb. 16TintedYes
Chapter 156 Sympathy BS'87 Mar. 16TintedYes

Ranma ½
ChapterMagazineFull Color/TintedOwned by Rumic World
Chapter 1 Here's RanmaSS'87 #36Full ColorYes
Chapter 2 Ranma's SecretSS'87 #37Full ColorYes
Chapter 3 I Hate Men!SS'87 #38Tinted
Chapter 8 Because There's a Girl He LikesSS'87 #43Full ColorYes
Chapter 12 ShowdownSS'87 #47Full ColorYes
Chapter 17 Kodachi, the Black RoseSS'87 #52Full ColorYes
Chapter 20 I'll See That You LoseSS'88 #4/5Full ColorYes
Chapter 23 Darling CharlotteSS'88 #8Tinted
Chapter 24 A Kiss in the RinkSS'88 #9Full ColorYes
Chapter 45 Cat's Tongue Got You?SS'88 #30TintedYes
Chapter 50 Kitten of the SeaSS'88 #35Full ColorYes
Chapter 53 The Breaking PointSS'88 #38Full ColorYes
Chapter 64 He's Something ElseSS'88 #49Full ColorYes
Chapter 65 Bathhouse BattleSS'89 #8Full ColorYes
Chapter 76 Not Your Typical JulietSS'89 #19Full ColorYes
Chapter 79 The Trouble with Girls' Locker RoomsSS'89 #22Full ColorYes
Chapter 104 Oh, Brother!SS'89 #47Full ColorYes
Chapter 111 Akane's Power-Up!SS'90 #2/3Full ColorYes
Chapter 115 Journey into the Principal's OfficeSS'90 #8Full ColorYes
Chapter 165 Kung-fu StewSS'91 #8Full ColorYes
Chapter 175 Nabiki's FeelingsSS'91 #19Full ColorYes
Chapter 194 The Sauce of Ten YearsSS'91 #40Full ColorYes
Chapter 219 L!O!V!E!SS'92 #15Full ColorYes
Chapter 225 Ranma Meets His Mother!?SS'92 #21/22Full Color
Chapter 249 Battle for the Hot Springs Women!SS'92 #47Full ColorYes
Chapter 262 Go For the Pressure PointsSS'93 #10Full ColorYes
Chapter 268 The Secret of the ForestSS'93 #16Full ColorYes
Chapter 316 Infinite Battle KiSS'94 #16Full ColorYes
Chapter 344 The Great DivideSS'94 #48Full ColorYes
Chapter 357 The Little HeartSS'95 #10Full ColorYes
Chapter 377 Bamboo Leaves of LoveSS'95 #31Full ColorYes
Chapter 405 The Power of the GekkajaSS'96 #10TintedYes
Chapter 407 The Final ChapterSS'96 #12Full ColorYes

ChapterMagazineFull Color/TintedOwned by Rumic World
Chapter 1 The Accursed YouthSS'96 #50Full ColorYes
Chapter 2 Inuyasha ResurrectedSS'96 #51Full ColorYes
Chapter 3 A New FoeSS'96 #53Full ColorYes
Chapter 6 Yura of the HairSS'97 #4Full ColorYes
Chapter 8 The Return HomeSS'97 #7Full ColorYes
Chapter 19 The Dark CastleSS'97 #18Full ColorYes
Chapter 28 FoxfireSS'97 #28Full ColorYes
Chapter 39 Spider HeadSS'97 #40Full ColorYes
Chapter 49 Hatred UnspentSS'97 #50Full ColorYes
Chapter 61 The Sting of VictorySS'98 #12Full ColorYes
Chapter 73 Young SoulsSS'98 #25Full ColorYes
Chapter 87 The AmbushSS'98 #40Full ColorYes
Chapter 100 The Slaying of the SnakeSS'99 #1Full ColorYes
Chapter 109 Naraku's CastleSS'99 #12Full ColorYes
Chapter 124 The True NarakuSS'99 #28Full ColorYes
Chapter 134 The Wolves' CaveSS'99 #39Full ColorYes
Chapter 144 Wind WitchSS'99 #50Full ColorYes
Chapter 157 True NatureSS'00 #13Full ColorYes
Chapter 176 Kagome's HeartSS'00 #33Full ColorYes
Chapter 187 Blood Soaked InSS'00 #45Full ColorYes
Chapter 189 The Dragon-Bone SpiritSS'00 #47Full ColorYes
Chapter 193 Tsubaki, the Black PriestessSS'00 #51Full ColorYes
Chapter 204 SunriseSS'01 #11Full ColorYes
Chapter 209 PeerlessSS'01 #16Full ColorYes
Chapter 219 KidnappedSS'01 #27Full ColorYes
Chapter 224 IntermissionSS'01 #32Full ColorYes
Chapter 244 The Lives of One's CompanionsSS'02 #1Full ColorYes
Chapter 251 The ClashSS'02 #10Full ColorYes
Chapter 255 Sacred IslandSS'02 #14Full ColorYes
Chapter 257 The DokkoSS'02 #16Full ColorYes
Chapter 265 The Mountain CaveSS'02 #25Full ColorYes
Chapter 268 Hakushin the HolySS'02 #28Full ColorYes
Chapter 271 The PulseSS'02 #31Full ColorYes
Chapter 278 RessurrectionSS'02 #39Full ColorYes
Chapter 284 Darkness in the HeartSS'02 #45Full ColorYes
Chapter 300 The Opened GateSS'03 #11Full ColorYes
Chapter 309 The ChoiceSS'03 #20Full ColorYes
Chapter 318 The River of BloodSS'03 #30Full ColorYes
Chapter 321 The Spreading TaintSS'03 #33Full ColorYes
Chapter 337 The Nulling StoneSS'03 #50/51Full ColorYes
Chapter 352 Goryomaru's FateSS'04 #15Full ColorYes
Chapter 363 Goryomaru's IdentitySS'04 #27Full ColorYes
Chapter 375 The Hole in Her ChestSS'04 #40Full ColorYes
Chapter 379 Sudden ChangeSS'04 #44Full ColorYes
Chapter 389 CrackSS'05 #3Full ColorYes
Chapter 400 MeiojuSS'05 #15Full ColorYes
Chapter 412 NikosenSS'05 #28Full ColorYes
Chapter 419 Wana ni ochita kyoudai SS'05 #35Full ColorYes
Chapter 426 Yoreitaisei SS'05 #43Full ColorYes
Chapter 436 HakaiSS'05 #53Full ColorYes
Chapter 445 Agako no gosanSS'06 #11Full ColorYes
Chapter 453 Karatsuku no itoSS'06 #19Full ColorYes
Chapter 460 Nagarekomu kokoroSS'06 #27Full ColorYes
Chapter 474 Kizutsuita kokoroSS'06 #42Full ColorYes
Chapter 482 Nerawareta hiraikotsuSS'06 #50Full ColorYes
Chapter 500 KeishoushaSS'07 #18Full ColorYes
Chapter 513 Tama no janenSS'07 #32Full ColorYes
Chapter 525 KaihouSS'07 #45Full ColorYes
Chapter 542 Nomikomareru hikariSS'08 #12Full ColorYes

Kyokai no Rinne
ChapterMagazineFull Color/TintedOwned by Rumic World
Chapter 1 The Mysterious ClassmateSS'09 #21/22Full ColorYes
Chapter 2 The Legend of the Weather HutchSS'09 #23Full ColorYes
Chapter 3 Four O'Clock Behind the GymSS'09 #24Full ColorYes
Chapter 9 Nuptial CupsSS'09 #30Full ColorYes
Chapter 16 Welcome to Hell!SS'09 #37Full ColorYes
Chapter 20 If You Don't Mind, Let's Be Friends FirstSS'09 #41Full ColorYes
Chapter 24 Shinigami ScytheSS'09 #46Full ColorYes
Chapter 46 I Don't Want Him to KnowSS'10 #21Full ColorYes
Chapter 50 The Chain of NegativitySS'10 #26Full ColorYes
Chapter 64 BakenekoSS'10 #41Full ColorYes
Chapter 100 The Target is SakuraSS'11 #28Full ColorYes
Chapter 106 This is Not a Date!SS'11 #34Full ColorYes
Chapter 119 Loaning ♥ MoneySS'11 #48Full ColorYes
Chapter 125 Spirit of SweetsSS'12 #1Full ColorYes
Chapter 135 The Real RengeSS'12 #13Full ColorYes
Chapter 147 DoubtSS'12 #26Full ColorYes
Chapter 168 The Evil Spirit's WishSS'12 #48Full ColorYes
Chapter 176 Kuroboshi IIISS'13 #6Full ColorYes
Chapter 188 Fancy ChokerSS'13 #20Full ColorYes
Chapter 200 Evil Spirit of the VillaSS'13 #34Full ColorYes
Chapter 216 Succubi Capture TrainingSS'13 #52Full ColorYes
Chapter 234 OihagizukiSS'14 #21Full ColorYes
Chapter 250 One Hundred Ghost StoriesSS'14 #39Full ColorYes
Chapter 261 Casette Tape ScreamSS'14 #51Full ColorYes
Chapter 277 The Result of Great EffortSS'15 #18Full ColorYes
Chapter 289 The Goddess of WisdomSS'15 #32Full ColorYes
Chapter 298 Turn to Stone!SS'15 #42Full ColorYes
Chapter 300 Growing HairSS'15 #44Full ColorYes
Chapter 314 Looking at SomethingSS'16 #8Full ColorYes
Chapter 322 Rare RedSS'16 #19Full ColorYes
Chapter 335 The Backdoor in the GardenSS'16 #33Full ColorYes
Chapter 345 Inn of MemoriesSS'16 #34Full ColorYes
Chapter 354 What's Coming Out?SS'17 #2Full ColorYes
Chapter 371 The Narrating VoiceSS'17 #26Full ColorYes
Chapter 379 ConfessionSS'17 #34Full ColorYes
Chapter 386 I Don't Know WhySS'17 #43Full ColorYes
Chapter 398 Wheel of ReincarnationSS'18 #3/4Full ColorYes

Mermaid Saga
ChapterMagazineFull Color/TintedOwned by Rumic World
Chapter 1 A Mermaid Never Smiles Part 1SSZ'84 #8Full ColorYes
Chapter 3 The Village of Fighting Fish Part 1SSZ'85 #9Full ColorYes
Chapter 5 Mermaid Forest Part 1SS'87 #16Full ColorYes
Chapter 6 Mermaid Forest Part 2SS'87 #22TintedYes
Chapter 7 Dream's EndSS'88 #23Full ColorYes
Chapter 8 Tomorrow's Promise Part 1SS '90 #45Full ColorYes
Chapter 10 Mermaid's Scar Part 1SS'92 #5Full ColorYes
Chapter 11 Mermaid's Scar Part 2SS'92 #6TintedYes
Chapter 12 The Ash PrincessSSE'92 JunFull ColorYes
Chapter 13 Mermaid's Gaze Part 1SS'93 #5Full ColorYes
Chapter 14 Mermaid's Gaze Part 2SS'93 #6TintedYes
Chapter 15 Mermaid's Mask Part 1SS'94 #7Full ColorYes

One Pound Gospel
ChapterMagazineFull Color/TintedOwned by Rumic World
Chapter 1 The Sinner and the Scale Part 1YS'87 #9Full ColorYes
Chapter 3 The Lamb and the Chopping Block Part 1YS'88 #1Full ColorYes
Chapter 6 The Remains of Dreams Part 1YS'88 #16Full ColorYes
Chapter 7 The Remains of Dreams Part 2YS'88 #17Full ColorYes
Chapter 10 The Lamb Resurrected Part 1YS'89 #15Full ColorYes
Chapter 12 The Lamb Resurrected Part 3YS'89 #17Full ColorYes
Chapter 15 The Lamb Who Crossed Himself Part 1YS'90 #8Full Color
Chapter 16 The Lamb Who Crossed Himself Part 2YS'90 #9Full Color
Chapter 18 The Lamb Who Crossed Himself Part 4YS'90 #11Full Color
Chapter 20 Lamb for the Slaughter Part 1YS'91 #10Tinted
Chapter 21 Lamb for the Slaughter Part 2YS'91 #11TintedYes
Chapter 22 Tears of the Lamb Part 1YS'92 #23Full ColorYes
Chapter 23 Tears of the Lamb Part 2YS'92 #24TintedYes
Chapter 24 The Fallen Lamb Part 1YS'96 #17Full Color
Chapter 29 The Lamb's Restaurant Part 1YS'98 #51-52Full ColorYes
Chapter 31 The Lamb's Future Path Part 1YS'01 #25Full ColorYes
Chapter 33 The Lamb's Promise Part 1YS'06 #52Full ColorYes

Short Stories
ChapterMagazineFull Color/TintedOwned by Rumic World
Dust Spurt Part 3SSZ'79 #7Full ColorYes
Multiplying WivesSF #7Full ColorYes
ElfairySF #13Full ColorYes
FiretripperSSZ'83 #9Full ColorYes
Happy TalkBSX'84 #8Full ColorYes
To Grandmother's House We GoBSX'85 Aug 26TintedYes
Extra-Large Size HappinessBCO'90 Jan 20Tinted
The Tragedy of PBCO'91 #4Full ColorYes
Slim KannonPC '91 #9Full ColorYes
House of GarbageBCO'92 #4Full ColorYes
100 Years of LoveBCO'93 #4Full ColorYes
The Managing Director's DogBCO'94 #2Full ColorYes
Wandering Family FBCO'95 #4Full ColorYes
Living Room LovesongBCO'96 #4Full ColorYes
Pop In His Early TeensBCO'97 #10Full ColorYes
Becoming ThankfulBCO'98 Feb 20Full ColorYes
Even If It's Only YouBCO'99 #4Full ColorYes
with CATSS '99 #46Full ColorYes
One Day DreamBCO'00 Feb 19Full ColorYes
Oyaji GraffitiBCO'01 Feb 20Full ColorYes
Red BouquetBCO '02 Jun 20Full ColorYes
Help!BCO '03 May 5Full ColorYes
This Year a Championship!BCS'03 #25Full ColorYes
Cute FlowerBCO'03 Oct 25Full ColorYes
Dutiful VacationBCO'04 Mar 5Full ColorYes
Permanent LoveBCO'05 Feb 5Full ColorYes
Positive CookingBCO'06 Mar 5Full ColorYes
Scene of the CrimeBCO'07 Mar 5Full ColorYes
Happiness ListBCO'08 Feb 20Full ColorYes
Birds of FateBCO'09 Mar 20Full ColorYes
Wrong For One's AgeBCO'10 Mar 5Full ColorYes
Trouble With the NeighborsBCO'11 Mar 20Full ColorYes
A Guilty HappeningBCO'12 Mar 20Full ColorYes
Memories of My HometownNiigata Nippo Nov 3 14Full ColorYes
My SkyBCO'13 Mar 5Full ColorYes
Revenge DollBCO'13 Oct 10Full ColorYes
I Can't Throw Away BooksDa Vinci #236 DecFull ColorYes
The Witch & DinnerBCO'14 Mar 5Full ColorYes
The Mirror CameBCSup'14 Jul 25Full ColorYes
(Confidentiality) RenaissanceBCO'15 Mar 20Full ColorYes
She's Coming TonightBCS'16 #28Full ColorYes
This is How it's Supposed to BeBCO'16 May 20Full ColorYes
A Thousand Years of InnocenceSS'17 #48 20Full ColorYes
Amorphous FamilyBCO'17 Apr 20Full ColorYes

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