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Manga Review: “Inuyasha” The Completion of Destined Fights and Loves:
Stories and Dramas Created By a Manga Master

by Mizuo Watanabe / Daily Mainichi Staff Writer
December 24, 2008
Translation by: Toshiaki Yamada

Perhaps, no other manga is as qualified for the title of romance in the true meaning as Inuyasha. We can find without doubt in Inuyasha a blend of an excitement from the adventures, a tragedy from the bloody destination and affections of friendships and love feelings.

In the long storyline over 50 volumes of the tankobon, the time will come soon when the battle between Inuyasha and his rival Naraku for the quest for the Shikon Jewel will come to an end. We are kept in great suspense for the result of the relationship between Inuyasha and his elder brother Sesshomaru and of the love relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome. What is needed for a monogatari (long form epic) story is a perspective that readers can forsee to some extent, but at the same time the writer’s ideas should be beyond it and lead readers. Rumiko Takahashi is not only a master of Monogatari but also a master of drama writer. As you can easily see from Maison Ikkoku, she is a manga creator who keeps readers in suspense with stories full of happiness and sadness before she comes to a conclusion. Not only does she keep us in suspense in the course of conclusions, but also she satisfies us with her conclusion itself. That’s the entertainment. In addition to this, she is really good at describing the dumb roles of Kagome’s family and the witty roles of her friends in modern times that draw laughter. And her strong and cute male characters that are different from those created by male authors, and cute and brave female characters are also attractive.

A story with a solid but delicate storyline. It is Inuyasha that is at the height of her ability of making a romance.


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