June 29, 2008

Written by Harley & Dylan Acres
Thanks to Star Hinson, Toshiaki Yamada, LamuRama, Lum no Fanboy and Lexi Mitchell for their kind donations and assistance.

In 2007 and 2008 Shogakukan decided to re-release the Urusei Yatsura as "shinsoban". These new editions are identical to the original 34 tankobon with new covers and a few bonuses for fans of the series. Like many other shinsobon re-releases each volume of Urusei Yatsura contains a "My Lumx34" section that features current manga artists who were inspired by Takahashi's first series. These talented creators each contributed their own interpretation of our favorite Oni princess. Rumic World has a few holes in its collection, so if you would like to see your favorite creator's version of Lum and have us translate their comments, feel free to send us the image from your volume!

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MyLumx01 - Rumiko Takahashi
Perhaps Lum is the most difficult character for me to understand… I felt very tense drawing Lum on this occaision. Drawing her face was especially difficult. I created her before I debuted. She was a character from a short story I considered doing at the time. When I first drew her, I took good care of her hairstyles and the shape of her skeleton.-laughs-

Since then, a lot of people have loved her for a long time and I really appreciate it. I owe her my success. Had it not been for her, what would have become of me…-laughs- On the other hand Lum is the most difficult character for me to understand in "Urusei", as I feel rather sympathetic towards characters that are twisted or complicated.

So, characters that are free and straight like Lum are more difficult for me to understand. It was also Lum who taught me that even in your own manga, you can find some characters that are not like you. With the publication of the shinsoban, I hope those of you who are new to Lum also support her and me.

-Rumiko Takahashi

MyLumx02 - Mitsuru Adachi
As an old Japanese proverb goes, “A wise falcon (Taka) hides its talons,” but in the case of wise Taka (hashi) …

I read through UY again and found it interesting that she already displayed her wide-range of talents here and there for which I later admired her. I did not notice when the series originally ran since gag manga attracted my attention at the time.

My hero Tatsuya Uesugi was sold to a baseball club from a boxing club for a piece of cardboard on which Lum-chan was drawn. If such stupid stories created by a foolish creator have been loved by everyone for over twenty years, it is because the heroine, Lum-chan, is still brilliantly shining over manga history.


-Mitsuru Adachi

MyLumx03 - Yoshizaki Mine
-Yoshizaki Mine

MyLumx04 - Eiji Nonaka
-Eiji Nonaka

MyLumx05 - Sensha Yoshida
When Urusei Yatsura started, I was in high school, so I'm almost from the same generation as Lum and Ataru. And so the images of the length of Lum's dress, her socks, her school bag have all made an impression on me and the way I have to draw her.

Leather school bags were already old and being traded in for the latest things. At that age I always had girls on my mind, Lum-chan and Sakura-san, even Ryunosuke was refreshing, it's amazing that I didn't grow up to be a lecher.

It's the same thing when you take Kyoko-san from Maison Ikkoku. Perhaps that is something that all of Takahashi's work shares, a sense of warmth and a charming coolness.

-Sensha Yoshida

MyLumx06 - Takashi Shiina
-Takashi Shiina

MyLumx07 - Kazumi Yamashita
-Kazumi Yamashita

MyLumx08 - Fujihiko Hosono
-Fujihiko Hosono

MyLumx09 - Kazuhiro Fujita
Love, Love Song

Because Lum never abandons Ataru, I like her.

Because her thighs are 1.5 times wider than her calves and very sexy, I like her.

Because she never gives her brilliant smile to anybody, I like her.

Because Lum gets so angry that she does not look like a heroine, I like her.

Because Lum’s lightning is so cool and fun, I like her.

I like the way she sits cross-legged in the air when she is drunk.

I like the way she treats Ran-chan.

Love Love.

Lum never abandons us stupid guys.

And I like Rumiko Takahashi-sensei very much, as she said, “I’m wondering if there is anything more amusing than drawing manga?”

-Kazuhiro Fujita

MyLumx12 - Ryoichi Ikegami
When Rumiko Takahashi made her debut, my blood froze, she was a new threat on the scene. I felt Takahashi-san was drawing in the rising new genre of the romantic-comedy, which cornered my more orthodox gekiga style. Nowadays that genre's charm and beauty hasn't abated in the slightest, and in fact has continued to evolve.

Takahashi-san, the genius female mangaka once told me, "I've been a fan of your work for quite awhile, Ikegami-san," and I'll be honest I didn't really believe her. At that time all my work had been fairly dark.... but... curiously enough, it didn't matter to her.

However she was able to discuss in detail the gekiga stories she had read, and wasn't just saying it. This has been my secret pride for many years, maybe one of the things I'm most proud of in my life. Hooray for Rumiko Takahashi, the genius female mangaka!!

-Ryoichi Ikegami

MyLumx14 - Kazuhiko Shimamoto
-Kazuhiko Shimamoto

MyLumx16 - Hiromu Arakawa
My dream of becoming a manga-ka started with... Lum. Lum is everything I need. **Ferocious and lovely. Although her proportions are extreme, it's healthy. While she can be irresponsible, she is always earnest.** Hmm.. What's a good way to say it? Putting it into words, it sounds childish.

I first found Urusei Yatsura around the time I was an elementary school student. Incidentally, the first tankoban I bought with my own pocket money as a child was Urusei Yatsura volume 16. Every month after that I would buy one book after another. It was so exciting to see my collection grow. I looked forward to visiting the bookstore with great anticipation, and was always overwhelmed with excitement when buying new volumes. Even now, I can't forget that feeling.

Every week, in just 20 pages the characters were brought fully to life, the composition of imagery was well thought out and executed, and the pacing of the story and words chosen were good. And above all, except for illness, there was never a break from the project. Now I myself am drawing manga for a living, and I'm indebted to Rumiko Takahashi and her timeless stories for paving the way, and that's not an overstatement.

My dream of becoming a mangaka started with Urusei Yatsura!

-Hiromu Arakawa

MyLumx19 - Atsushi Kamijo
-Atsushi Kamijo

MyLumx20 - Takatoshi Yamada
-Takatoshi Yamada

MyLumx21 - Gosho Aoyama
To be honest, I’m at a loss (laughs).

Well, I don’t think this is a right place to write my personal problems, but my manga “Case Closed” has lazily continued over ten years and a lot of members from the Conan’s rivalrous Syndicate have appeared over the course of the story. Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Sherry and Vermouth etc…

Yeah, their names are all from liquors.

And the last name I have not use yet, but the most famous and coolest one

It’s “Rum”…

But this name curved in the heart of all of manga fans from all over Japan, no, all over the world. And everyone knows..who qualifies for this name.

I myself know it more than anyone else.

Never USE IT-----! I could possibly never use it!!

This oni girl appears on pages in aggressive ways, and Attracts innocent fans with her cute appearance, sexy body and destructive electric shocks. And still now she is mastering the centers of their hearts! Probably she will do so in the future…like Astro Boy of Osamu Tezuka-sensei…

…..But someday I will use the name

……Please forgive me with laughs when I do it.

……Oh, woe is me!.... (Laughs)

-Gosho Aoyama

MyLumx22 - Junji Ito
The thing about Takahashi-sensei's characters is that they were very fresh. In those days, physically, female characters in manga were depicted as the male ideal in very concrete terms- a kind and tender girl who was like a protective mother-figure, or conversely one who had an unyielding spirit, the motherly-type who would preach at a man, or perhaps a girl who was not good with words and was very dependant upon men. These kind of women who were created from the perspective of men were quite prominent.

And then came Takahashi-sensei's women, who didn't fit that mold and seemed as real as true flesh and blood women. They could fly into a rage or become jealous. If she were not a woman, I don't think she would be able to so accurately depict what is in the hearts of her female characters. After that, our concept of the "ideal woman" suddenly seemed old-fashioned and out of date.

Lum-chan and Kyoko Otonashi-san are both very fresh and charming characters. When Lum-chan fell in love with Ataru-kun, I was so envious, and in those days I was truly in love with Kyoko-san. I was quite the fool for them back then. Which brings me to my drawing, and how I wanted to try to depict Lum-chan… ah, perhaps something like that seems trite.

-Junji Ito

MyLumx25 - Tetsuo Hara

With respect to my upper-classwoman Rumiko... When it comes to my relationship with Rumiko-san, I think I have to mention Kazuo Koike's Gekigason Juku. Since Rumiko-san is a first year alumna and I am a third year alumnus, we're upper and lower classmen. So from now on I'll call her senpai.

Recently, Gekigason Juku has become incorporated. At first I wondered if we alumni would become employees,but I'm relieved that that's not the case. By the way, it was asked that I draw Rumiko-senpai's popular character Lum. It took me quite a long time before I managed to finish drawing my Lum. Because of the nature of my work, I usually draw male characters, but drawing an attractive girl was more enjoyable than I expected.

From now on, I will use Rumiko-senpai's female characters for my own uses, no, I will pay respect to them, so please give me permission to use them. (Just kidding!)

-Tetsuo Hara

MyLumx26 - Yuu Watase
I have always had admiration for Sensei’s talent.

“Shocked!” … That is the word that best describes my first impression upon seeing the “Urusei Yatsura” anime back in my elementary school days. “What is this? It’s really interesting,” was my next thought, and off to the bookstore I went the following day. With what little pocket money I had, I bought three volumes of the manga, and I would wait with anticipation for the next episode to air. I would pour over the manga and search for details in the anime, (by no means was I a reluctant viewer of the show), and when the movie version came out I bought goods, like a calendar (with Takahashi-sensei’s drawings of course!). I even had to buy the all of the soundtracks. Well, I was a pretty extreme fan. (laughs)

In my childlike judgment I thought, “It has such great tempo and style, this is the perfect manga”. How many times have we seen a dynamic character born from her variegated and powerful imagination? They are even present in her other works like “Maison Ikkoku” and others as well. This is the sort of mangaka that I had hoped to become, I have always had admiration for sensei’s talent. I was so happy to have a chance to draw Lum-chan, but I really would have loved to draw Ryunosuke (laughs) and all of the other characters too. Such strength… (in the background I’m listening to “Song Collection”) No matter what you will always sit on high (in my personal opinion), and please continue to create great work!

-Yuu Watase

MyLumx27 - Koji Kumeta

-Koji Kumeta

MyLumx31 - Kiyohiko Azuma

-Kiyohiko Azuma

MyLumx33 - Daijiro Morohoshi
A long time ago, I was at a video rental store which was just starting to open. As soon as I stepped into the store, someone suddenly said, "You come here often, Moroboshi." However, when I looked around the place, there was no one there. Thinking I was feeling ill I turned to head home, when I hear from behind me “Moroboshi come here!”. Turning around I see they were broadcasting the theatrical animation of "Urusei Yatsura" on the monitor in the store, and it was Shutaro Mendo speaking. I don't know what happened before and after, but it was like a scene where Ataru Moroboshi tried to sneak into Mendo's mansion and was shouted at by Mendo. This is a true story, though I know it will seem as if it is a lie, as I wrote it once in a magazine called "Jewelry" (Hoseki).

-Daijiro Morohoshi

MyLumx34 - Yukinobu Hoshino
In the manga and anime industries, Lum-chan is an immortal idol.

For people who make manga and anime there is an implicit rule that they never grow old, and that they do not change.

Accordingly we have eternal idols of which Lum-chan was probably the first. This goddess is a cute, noisy, and boisterous idol that would make the hearts of excitable young boys riot for all time.

As for my manga, I'm a bald, chubby, bearded middle-aged man, my efforts seem to have been in vain, yet I wish to study what it is that readers love. Thank you Rumiko.

Takahashi-sama. I'm afraid to say I have yet to have the honor of meeting you face-to-face, I wish you success.

-Yukinobu Hoshino

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