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2003 Rumic Quiz

Welcome to the first in a series of annual quizzes on the works of Rumiko Takahashi. This quiz will be up for two weeks, you will be graded on your correct answers on 33 questions and the winner will recieve a mixed CD of the best songs from Rumiko Takahashi related anime, four Shonen Sundays, Urusei Yatsura Vol. 25, and the very rare Dust Spot!! tankoban, straight from Japan.

In the event of a tie, the entrant who submitted their entry earliest will be declared the winner. Due to a lack of forms please send your quiz to Please number your answers and good luck! Only one entry per person. If more than one entry is mailed, all your entries will be disqualified. The contest ends December 31st at midnight Central Standard Time. Good luck!

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  1. Name Shingo from Urusei Yatsura's best friend.
    Sofudono, his television set.

  2. Name 4 male crossdressers in Takahashi stories who do this on a regular basis.
    Ranma, Tsubasa, Konatsu, and Nagisa

  3. Being punched in the face was considered as a medium for transformation initially in Ranma . In which story was this means for transformation actually used?
    Excuse Me For Being A Dog

  4. What is the name of Lum's home world?

  5. Takahashi won Shogakukan's "Best New Comic Artist Award" for which story?
    Katte na Yatsura (Those Selfish Aliens)

  6. How old is Kosaku Hatanaka when he passes his pro-test?

  7. How many people lived in Maison Ikkoku by the manga's end?
    7: Godai, Kyoko, Mrs. Ichinose, Kentaro, Mr. Ichinose, Yotsuya, Haruka

  8. Shun Mitaka's children's names are _____ and ______?
    Moe & Mei

  9. Which character has a map drawn on their head?
    Tatewaki Kuno

  10. Shutaro Mendo is afraid of _______?
    The dark and enclosed spaces.

  11. The only time Mendo's phobia does not affect him is?
    When women are present.

  12. How many Japanese voice actors from Ranma are deceased?
    2: Arihiro Hase (Niku-man) fell 7 stories to his death July 30, 1996. Kaneto Shiozawa (Kirin) died on May 10, 2000 after falling down a flight of stairs.

  13. Who is the oldest character in the Mermaid Saga?
    Masato at 800 years.

  14. How long was Inuyasha pinned to the Goshin Boku God Tree?
    50 years.

  15. The villan in Maris the Chojo is based on what late 1970's anime icon?
    Casval Rem Deikun aka Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam.
  16. How many voice actors have played Ranma Saotome (male and female) in English?
    4: Sarah Strange, Venus Terzo, Richard Cox, and Brigetta Dau.

  17. How many Maison Ikkoku residents have been shown smoking?
    5: Godai, Yotsuya, Akemi, Mrs. Ichinose, Nikaido.

  18. The Mendo family crest is represented by what animal?
    An octopus.

  19. What famous animation company is partly responsible for animating the Ranma OAVs?

  20. Which character has a spider-shaped mark on their back?
    Naraku and/or any of his spawn.

  21. The hole in Miroku's hand was widened by which type of demon?

  22. Who did Kosaku defeat in his pro-test?
    Taro Matsuzaka

  23. The Dappya Men that frequently appear in Urusei Yatsura debuted in what story?
    Katte na Yatsura (Those Selfish Aliens)

  24. Which character has a tatoo of the Virgin Mary on their chest?
    Takos Hachiro

  25. Yusaku Godai's major in college is ________?

  26. The Maison Ikkoku gang's favorite bar is named ________?
    Cha Cha Maru

  27. Hinako Ninomiya becomes infatuated with ________?
    Soun Tendo

  28. Of Takahashi's 4 major series which has a protagonist in Junior High School rather than High School?

  29. What company is responsible for producing the animation of all Takahashi series with the exception of Inuyasha?
    Kitty Animation

Identify the following characters...

Mr. Ichinose

And that's the quiz for 2003. Good luck, and all late entries will be rejected so get your answers in on time!

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