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2004 Rumic Quiz

Welcome to the second annual "Rumic World Quiz". Send your answers to One entry per person please. Last year we gave away CDs, Shonen Sundays and rare manga straight from Japan, and this year we're upping the ante. Here's what you will be playing for...

  • Maison Ikkoku DVD Boxset Vol. 1
  • Best of Rumic World CD
  • Ranma Part 10 Number 11 and Part 11 Number 1

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  1. Name one dog from four different Takahashi series or short stories (four total).
    Soichiro, Shirokuro, Shiro, Any of Asuna's dogs, Gorgeous, Bess, Armadillo, Mermaid Demon Dog, Sleep & Forget Dogs...etc, etc.

  2. In "And Then There Were None" (UY Episode 75) what is the name of the song that the serial killings are based around?
    Who Killed Cock Robin?

  3. In the new dub of Urusei Yatsura 'Only You', who plays Ataru Moroboshi?
    Steve Rassin

  4. How many series of Rumiko Takahashi's did Picasso contribute music for?
    Two, Maison Ikkoku and Ranma 1/2.

  5. What was the cause of Mendo's fear of dark and enclosed spaces?
    Himself from the future.

  6. After Miroku's father died, he was adopted by a priest named ______.

  7. What is Yusaku Godai's entrance exam identification number?

  8. What is Godai's first Christmas gift for Kyoko?

  9. Who is the Queen of Neptune?

  10. What does Shingo Kiryuu see each time he murders someone?
    The last thing his sister saw as he murdered her, himself.

  11. Who was Ranma Saotome's first kiss with?
    Mikado Sanzenin

  12. What does Kikyo do to prevent Naraku from being able to harm her? (pre-Mount Hakurei)
    She adds soil from where Onigumi layed into her body

  13. Who was Lum, Benten, Ran and Oyuki's childhood teacher?

  14. Yohyo Tsuruyassen's storyline is based on what fairytale?

  15. Onsen-Mark teaches what subject?

  16. How many television shows based on the works of Rumiko Takahashi have there been?
    Six, Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma , Inu-Yasha, Rumic Theater, Mermaid Saga

  17. What causes Ranma and Ryoga to turn into children?

  18. Which of Kosaku's Hatanaka's opponents have never won a professional match?
    Kappei Onimaru (also accepted a few other opponents who were making their professional debuts)

  19. Who is the "Furinkan High Stalker"?
    Hikaru Gosunkugi

  20. As of December 2003, what is Rumiko Takahashi's newest short story?
    Kawaii Hana (Cute Petal)

  21. What allows Ataru and Lum to enter Sakura's dreams?
    Dream Berries

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Shingo Kiryuu
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