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2010 Rumic Quiz

Congratulations to this year's winner, Tuan-Anh Tran, who scored a 19 out of 20 thus capturing a victory for two years in a row. This year we initially had a four way tie, with Tuan-Anh correctly answering the tie breaking question!

Welcome to the eighth annual "Rumic World Quiz". We had a lot of great prizes up for grabs this year. The contest deadline is December 31st, 2009, so be sure to get your entries in before then. This year's prizes are:

  • Two Takahashi manga of your choosing.
  • Best of Takahashi Music CD

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1. What famous comic book character does Lum dress up as in "Kitsune Takes A Bride"?

2. Name the village that Pink and Rink are from.
Yakusai Village

3. What is mounted on top of St. Hebereke High School?
A matoi

4. Godai and Mitaka's skating battle takes place where?
Fujikyu Highlands

5. Kosaku considers becoming a chef at this restaurant if his boxing career doesn't progress as planned.
Calorie Cottage

6. Where does Kinnosuke Kashao live?
A cardboard box in a park.

7. In addition to being a high school student, what is Rinne Rokudo's other profession?


8. Mr. Torii has the special ability to see misfortunes that will soon befall certain individuals. What does Mr. Torii always see that tells him of impending disaster?

9. Mr. Fujinami is known for shouting what phrase?
Umi ga suki!/I love the sea!

10. Name the only American character Rumiko Takahashi has ever created.
Mr. Sunstar

11. Which Japanese Ranma voice actors are now divorced from one another?
Hiromi Tsuru (Ukyo) and Keiichi Nanba (Picolet) and/or Mika Kanai (Panda Scribble) and Koichi Yamadera (Ryoga Hibiki)

12. In what story does Ichiro Todokoro appear?
Living Room Lovesong

13. Who performs the theme song to Maison Ikkoku Kanketsuhen?
Rika Himenogi

14. What is the name of Rinne and Sakura's high school?
Sankai High School

15. What is the name of the location where Nae and Yuta often met in secret during their affair?
Crimson Valley/Red Valley

16. The Toad Demon covets this feudal princess. Name her.

Please identify the following characters...

Sabato Rokudo
Principal of
Tomobiki High
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