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2012 Rumic Quiz

We had a two way tie this year, and it all came down to a tie-breaking question! Congratulations to this year's winner, Broken Mirror, who scored a 19 out of 20 and then swiftly answered our tie-breaking question.

Welcome to the tenth annual "Rumic World Quiz". We have a lot of great prizes up for grabs this year. The contest deadline is December 31st, 2011, so be sure to get your entries in before then. This year's prizes are:

  • A COMPLETE set of Rinne (volumes 1-7) in English
  • Two packs of Rumic World Collection trading cards.
  • Best of Takahashi Music CD
  • Ranma Live Action Drama

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1. One Pound Gospel's Kana gets impregnanted by whom?

2. What did Natsumi ask her grandfather to buy her when she met his spirit?
A Louis Vuitton bag

3. In what year does the beginning of "Remember My Love" take place?

4. Name all the band members for the group who performed "Earth Orchestra" in Ranma .
Kusu Kusu's members are Jiro, Mu, Say, and Makoto

5. How many covers of Shonen Sunday did Kyokai no Rinne appear on the year it debuted?

6. This Japanese celebrity voiced a character in Inuyasha Movie 4. Name them.
Tomiko Van as Kanade

7. Takahashi provided guest artwork on what 2006 manga about trains?

Tetsuko no tabi

8. What is the logo on Akane's shirt during the Kinnosuke/Nabiki storyline?
Viva You

9. In "Ten Floats In The Air!?" who steals Ten's hat?
A crow

10. What is the name of this exchange student who hails from Thailand?

11. Who was the original character designer for the Maison Ikkoku anime?
Yuji Moriyama

12. What year saw Takahashi publish two short stories, two chapters of the Mermaid Saga and her regular weekly run on Ranma ?

13. Who does Moryomaru kill by exploding from within their body?

14. Name the passionate kendo coach who refuses to let death stop him from training his brightest student.

15. This Takahashi voice actress is responsible for dubbing the American actress Jennifer Connelly in all her Japanese performances.
Mami Koyama

16. This year marks the ____ anniversary of the Rumic World website.

Please identify the following characters...

Ryoko Tomoe
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