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2013 Rumic Quiz

We had a two way tie this year, and it all came down to a tie-breaking question! Congratulations to this year's winner, Greg Lee, who scored a perfect 20 out of 20 and then swiftly answered our tie-breaking question.

Welcome to the eleventh annual "Rumic World Quiz". Two great prizes are on the line for the winner this year, December 31st, 2012, so be sure to get your entries in before then. This year's prizes are:

  • Inuyasha: The Final Act Boxset 1 (your choice of DVD or Blu-Ray)
  • Kyokai no Rinne vol. 10

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1. How much is Oboro's monthly salary?
500,000 yen

2. What is the name of Kodachi Kuno's kindergarten?
Tokage Yochien/Lil Lizards

3. Who is the writer of all the Inuyasha films?
Katsuyuki Sumizawa

4. Koga and Kikyo meet for the first time in chapter _______ of Inuyasha.

5. What extraterriestrial vegetable does Lum hate?
Mogu Mogu/Munchers

6. Who is the captain of the Sankai High girl's judo club?
Ryoko Tomoe

7. Who is the singer of "Be Passionate"?

Akiko Okaya

8. What name does Rakkyosai use as an alias when he trains under Happosai?

9. Who is the Kujo family valet?

10. Hinako Ninomiya has this famous manga/anime character's poster on her wall. Who is it?

11. Known in Japan as "Miss Metal" this singer released albums in Japanese and English in addition to a song for a Takahashi anime. Name them.
Mari Hamada

12. On the planet El how to people get engaged?
Step on someone's shadow.

13. This character took a shard of the Shikon Jewel with them into the afterlife. Who was it?

14. What is the Higurashi's cat's name?

15. In Maison Ikkoku, who lives in apartment three?
No one (manga)/Zenzaburo Mitsukoshi (anime)

16. One Pound Gospel ran in which magazine?
Young Sunday

Please identify the following characters...

Kanae Yoshiyuki
Ryohei Fuse
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