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2014 Rumic Quiz

We had a two way tie this year, and it all came down to a tie-breaking question! Congratulations to this year's winner, Greg Lee and Eva Szabo, who both scored 19 out of 20 and then submitted the tie-breaking question almost exactly at the same time.

Welcome to the twelfth annual "Rumic World Quiz". Two great prizes are on the line for the winner this year, December 31st, 2013, so be sure to get your entries in before then. This year's prizes are:

  • "It's a Rumic World" Inuyasha Statue (and Lum statue since we have two winners)
  • A Takahashi manga volume of your choice (that we can find)

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1. What rare Takahashi manga was finally published as a collection for the first time since its original magazine publication?
Moon, The Great Pet King

2. What is the name of the love hotel where Hinako's mother is thought to work in Happy Talk?
Fuhun/The Dream Party

3. What happens to a black cat who intentionally breaks his or her contract?
They are fined 5,000 yen and has their license revoked for ten years.

4. The final demon fought in the Inuyasha manga is ______.
Head of Roots

5. In what magazine did Takahashi's tribute to Golgo 13 appear this year?
Big Comic

6. Where do Ryoga and Akari interrupt the Saotome and Tendo families' vacation?
Futoraku Highlands

7. When things go haywire in class 2-4, their production of "Carmen" devolves into this orginal production?

Red Meteor of Spain

8. When Yagami slaps Godai on the back what stain is the shape left behind?
An ink heart

9. What is Sasuke from Ranma 's last name?

10. Kuroboshi I was contracted to what shinigami?

11. Who directed Ranma Nettohen episode 82?
Nodoka Yoshida

12. What is used to repair Tetsusaiga's damaged scabbard?
The wax of forger bees

13. What musician's music video features Lum?
Matthew Sweet

14. What musical group performs the opening song to the One Pound Gospel television series?

15. Including Kyokai no Rinne, how many unique stories (not chapters) did Rumiko Takahashi publish this year (in 2013)?
Kyokai no Rinne, Watashi no Sky, Inuyasha, My Workplace, Manga and Myself, Revenge Doll and I Can't Throw Away Books. Six in all.

16. Put the following Maison Ikkoku releases in chronological order: wideban, tankouban, shinsoban.
Tankouban, wideban, shinsoban

Please identify the following characters...

Tsubasa Jumonji
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