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2015 Rumic Quiz

We had a two way tie this year, and it all came down to a tie-breaking question! Congratulations to this year's winner, Greg Lee who scored a perfect 20 out of 20.

Welcome to the thirteenth annual "Rumic World Quiz". Two great prizes are on the line for the winner this year, January 7, 2015 is the deadline, so be sure to get your entries in before then. This year's prizes are:

  • Your choice of: the Inuyasha Movie Blu-Ray boxset or a Ranma Blu-Ray boxset of your choice.
  • One of the new Viz Big English editions of Inuyasha or two-in-one Ranma volumes.

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1. Who does Lum contract her cold from that causes humans to have striped skin?
Her father, Invader

2. Name the final bosses of all the Super Famicom Ranma fighting games.
Ryoga Hibiki, Pantyhose Taro, Herb

3. Famed composer Jo Hisashi scored which Takahashi related film?
Maison Ikkoku Apartment Fantasy

4. My Sweet Sunday" was a collaboration between Rumiko Takahashi and who?
Mitsuru Adachi

5. Which famed seiyuu of multiple Rumiko Takahashi anime passed away this past year?
Ichiro Nagai

6. Who's body does Naraku imitate for most of the series?
Kagewaki Hitomi

7. What is the exact amount of Renge's life savings?

700 yen

8. Before he played Rei, what other Urusei Yatsura character did Tessho Genda portray?
Kuribayashi-sensei (most importantly) and various unnamed characters

9. What is the name of Kuno's ship in the first Ranma film?
Sub-Dragon 5th

10. Is Rin from Inuyasha an only child?
No, she had brothers that were killed.

11. What is it that begins Masato's long-lasting hatred for Rinne?
Rinne feeds a bunny named Usako and prevents it from dying and Masato acquiring it's soul.

12. What is the major difference in Coach Mukoda in the manga/OVA versus the TV drama?
In the TV drama Mukoda is female.

13. What is a "Friendly Square"?
A normal kotatsu.

14. Which Wolf Demon Tribe is Koga a member of?

15. What day of the week did the Urusei Yatsura anime air on?

16. What day of the week did the Inuyasha anime air in Japan?

Please identify the following characters...

Mr. Tomoe
Ritsuko Hirooka
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