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Crossword Challenge!

July 17, 2006

Congratulations to our winner, Eric Zellers! You can click on the puzzle to see a copy of it with the answers.

The lazy days of summer are here once again, and Rumic World has a fun contest you can do in your cozy air-conditioned room. All of the answers to the following crossword puzzle relate to Rumiko Takahashi and her works. The first person to send us all the correct answers wins some great prizes donated to us by Trish Pellerito! If you are having difficulty reading the puzzle, you can click here for a larger, printable version. The prizes are a ton of great Inuyasha action figures and manga! Please send your completed answers to yoikohibiki{AT}

  • Inuyasha Action Figure
  • Kagome Action Figure
  • Kikyo Action Figure
  • Sesshomaru Action Figure
  • Demon Inuyasha Action Figure with Manga Volume 19
  • Rare Human Inuyasha Action Figure (A Convention Exclusive!)

3   Based on Takahashi's editor
10   Flowery nickname.
11   Pen name.
14   Curly haired boy
16   Water heating weapon.
17   Cowboy's daughter
18   Gold twin.
20   Lum's version of raising Sea Monkeys
24   16 ____ Short (title)
26   Demon hidden in the ground
27   Nun's real name
30   Mermaid's flesh prevents a trip here.
33   Scruffy white dog
35   Original Video Animation
36   His real name is Hiroyuki, but he's best known as ____.
38   One is a ninja the other a miko, both are ____.
39   "Wind" is an Inuyasha ____.
40   Penguin owner.
41   Gomi's employer
42   Furukawa's fun loving character.
44   Yamazaki film
46   The Mendos take care of their octopi, but not this animal.
49   Last name of wimp turned stud.
50   When breasts are touched, you may be mad, but the one responsible is _____.
52   Director of Only You
53   Boxer
54   Mariko's proclaimation.
55   Plastic surgery enhanced Inuyasha singer
56   Art hating animal.
1   Not a fan of middle-aged teens.
2   An alien ability and Hatanaka's weight class.
4   Home of Maison Ikkoku and other "Big Comics", but not "Original" ones.
5   A mountain or a skater.
6   It's Raining ___ In Our Town
7   Stalker of school girls.
8   Bland food with medical degree.
9   Spikey haired demon.
12   A poor rugby player.
13   Vanishing physician's family name
15   Strict English teacher.
19   Master's Maison
20   A pet pig.
21   "spirit"-ed last name
22   Famous tennis dog.
23   Dead animal
25   Yuu Mizushima stars in this.
28   Onsen's voice
29   A girlfriend back from the dead.
31   Ghostly creature or frightening phobia
32   VHS "Welcome to the ____".
34   Takahashi drew Arbitrary Infection in his style.
37   Wolf-demon's least valued possession
43   Sword wielder's nickname
45   Soun and Genma's game.
46   When Akane's jacket gets stained, Nabiki feels none
47   Yotsuya's job.
48   School friend
51   First Ran then Carla.
55   Water that brings things back to normal.

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