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The Inuyasha Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations to this year's winner, Richard Reed.

To honor the twelve years of hard work of Rumiko Takahashi on Inuyasha we wanted to have a contest to celebrate her accomplishment. All you have to do is find the items listed below, each worth a varying amount of points, and send us the appropriate pictures requested (but please only send one image of each item listed, we don't award extra points for every Shonen Sunday cover you find, for example). Find the items, take a picture, get the points, win a prize! The contest deadline is June 24th, 2008. The prize will be:

  • The Japanese Inuyasha Novelization, complete with all new color artwork by Takahashi herself.

Send your photos to us at yoikohibiki{AT}, and be sure to remove the spam trap.

One Point Items >>

1. A cover of Shonen Sunday featuring Inuyasha.

2. A picture of Miroku doing something lewd.

Two Point Items >>

3. A photo of a seiyuu/voice actor (Japanese or English) from the series (include their name as well!)

4. One of the original Viz Inuyasha graphic novel covers prior to its reformatting.

5. A Sango gashapon figure.

Three Point Items >>

6. A Japanese volume of Inuyasha with the dustjacket removed.

7. A Kagome doll.

8. A picture of someone wearing an Inuyasha t-shirt.

Four Point Items >>

9. A dojinshi featuring Koga.

10. A picture of a cellphone with an Inuyasha background.

11. An Inuyasha CD (not the jewel case).

12. Jaken's action figure.

Five Point Items >>

13. A replica Shikon Jewel/Jewel Shards (not a manga or anime picture).

14. A picture of Kaname from the Inuyasha Playstation 2 game.

15. An Inuyasha item signed by Rumiko Takahashi.

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