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Ranma - Beginning to End

October 6, 2006

Congratulations to our winner, Jasmin Hernandez!

America's longest running manga series is finally coming to an end after sixteen years, and to celebrate all of you who have stood by the series and continued to support it, Rumic World is having a contest to honor everyone's favorite "martial arts sex comedy".

All you have to do is put the following twenty images in order from first to last, and then tell me what the first sentences of the second paragraph says (after the heading "Of Mushrooms and Boys" Ah, to be little boys again!) on the back of Viz's Ranma volume 31 (This is to ensure that the prize goes to someone who supported the Viz series rather than just downloaded the translated manga online!). The winner will recieve a complete set of the new Ranma gashapon figures, shown here. To see the correct answers, highlight the area next to the letters.

Please send your completed answers to yoikohibiki{AT}, and be sure to remove the spam trap.

Image A #13Image B #16

Image C #1Image D #20

Image E #11Image F #6

Image G #10Image H #12

Image I #3Image J #19

Image K #8Image L #5

Image M #14Image N #9

Image O #18Image P #4

Image Q #7Image R #15

Image S #17Image T #2

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