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Toshifumi Yoshida

On January 29, 2001 I had the opportunity to contact Mr. Toshifumi Yoshida, executive producer and translator for Ranma ˝. He had some interesting things to say which I am happy to pass along to the Ranma ˝ community.

I would like to thank Mr. Yoshida for his time and graciousness in answering my questions.

1) I know Teryl Rothery left Ranma ˝ last season (I assume because of her role on Stargate), but I recently noticed that she is returning to voice work on another series. Is there any chance that she will be returning to the role of Kodachi in season 6?

•Erin Fitzgerald played Kodachi in Season 5. Then she moved to LA so I had to recast Kodachi yet again. For Season 6 (and 7 I assume), Kodachi will be played by a new actor, Sylvia Zaradic.

2) Are there any voice actors that are departing at the beginning of season 6? I certainly hope that they will all stay with the show for its final two seasons.

•A new voice for Season 6 is Elaina Costain, replacing her sister Angela for the role of Nabiki whilst Angela goes to flight school. Angela is scheduled to return for Season 7. The suggestion to use her sister was proposed by Angela herself as "she sounds just like me."

3) On Kirby Morrow's site he mentions that he has played Picolet Chardin and Dr. Tofu. Does this mean that Ian Corlett will not be returning to the role?

•Ian Corlette played Dr. Tofu the first time he shows up in Season Six and the second time Dr. Tofu shows up, he was played by Kirby Morrow as Ian was not available.

4) I noticed in the new Animerica that they are advertising season 6's release as this summer. Is there any particular reason for this deviation from the usual release schedule?

•Viz is planning a relaunch of the Ranma 1/2 series. The time delay allows us time to prepare for the event. A recent development is that as of Season Six, Ranma 1/2 tapes will contain 3 episodes per tape.

5) Are there any updates on the Ranma ˝ TV DVD schedule, or the possibility of releasing DVDs concurrently with VHS releases?

•Another aspect of our re-launch is a simultanious DVD release of Season Six. Box sets of earlier seasons will start coming out later this year.

6) This isn't a Ranma ˝ question, but is of personal interest to me. Is there any chance of Maison Ikkoku going back to dubs? I know there are many "Save Maison Ikkoku" petitions on the internet, and many seem to show interest in it; especially a hybrid DVD release.

•There is a DVD release of the first 36 episodes that were dubbed. If the sales on the DVDs are good, there is a good chance the dubs will start again.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Yoshida. I appreciate it!

•It's not a problem, I try to help when I have a free moment. Good luck with your website.

Interviewed by Harley Acres

Mr. Yoshida's producing and translation credits include:

Urusei Yatsura
Maison Ikkoku
Ranma ˝, and
Inu-Yasha Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi


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