Keiji Akagi

Keiji Akagi is a student champion who has decided its time to turn pro. His manager wants his first fight as a professional to be a stunning victory, and so he places him against Kosaku.

With Kosaku recently having an embarrasing match and most boxing analysts giving up on him, Akagi makes a bold prediction...a first round knock out!

Akagi's overzealousness affects his ring work though. In their first round, he becomes so enamored with getting his first round K.O. that he forgets his footwork and slips, turning the crowd in Kosaku's favor. With Hatanaka having a new mental advantage, Akagi gets desperate and focuses on his boxing. During the match he manages to exploit a weakness in Kosaku and gets a knock down. But when Sister Angela shows up to cheer him on, Kosaku gets a knock out against Akagi, and the victory.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Keiji translates to "two angles" while Akagi can mean "red castle".

An Introduction to The One Pound Gospel

Cultural Notes