Jiro Amakusa

Featherweight Jiro Amakusa has his first encounter with Kosaku during a jogging session when Kosaku accidently throws a punch and hits him in the face. Amakusa is embarassed and quickly runs away to keep his identity a secret.

When he begins to hear rumors that Kosaku may be forced to retire soon, Amakusa's pride gets in the way, and he arranges for the two to have a match. As it so happens, Kosaku is the only person to ever knock him down. During a pre-match interview Amakusa and Kosaku get into the ring for a photo shoot, which quickly goes down hill. Amakusa hates Kosaku's easy-going nature and throws a few real punches at him, but Kosaku gets in another lucky shot and blackens Jiro's other eye.

Amakusa becomes enraged when a photo surfaces of Kosaku punching him, he vows not only to knock him out, but to embarass him in the ring by making him throw up with body shots. Jiro's rage blinds him though, and even though Kosaku does throw up in the ring, Jiro's plan backfires as he slips on the vomit and falls right into a knock out blow from Kosaku.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Amakusa translates as "heaven pasture".

Kaneto Shiozawa

In addition to his role as Amakusa the late voice actor Kaneto Shiozawa played Goemon Ishikawa XIII in Lupin III, To-y in To-y, Aries Mu in Saint Seiya, D in Vampire Hunter D and Kirin in the first Ranma movie.

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