Sister Angela

Angela is a novice nun who works at St. Mary's Day Care. She also takes confession, which is how she first met Kosaku Hatanaka. Kosaku began stopping by more frequently to confess his sins to Angela, but in reality this was just a way for him to spend more time with her.

Kosaku becomes attracted to Angela and quickly lets her know of his feelings. Of course Angela being a nun will have none of it. She is completely devoted to God, and is in the process of becoming a full-fleged nun.

But something about Kosaku's devotion to boxing strikes a chord in Angela and she agrees to continue seeing him and tries to help him get his overeating under control. Along the way, she begins to wonder if she is developing an attraction to him. But her devotion to God is the most important thing in her life, and if she decides to be with Kosaku, she will be forced to leave the nunnery.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Angela's name is easy to find meaning in. The root of her name is "angel" which is a character that is very prominent in Christian religion as a guide or guardian. We learn in this chapter that Angela's real name is "Marie". Now this is not Marie as many English speakers would assume. Her name is pronounced the Japanese way, "MA-REE-EH". The kanji the name is written with are "hemp", "advantage or benefit" and "drawing or painting". This is just the standard Japanese spelling of the name, rather than one of Takahashi's elaborate pun names.

Hiromi Tsuru

Pehaps best known to Takahashi fans as the voice of Ukyo Kuonji in Ranma , Hiromi Tsuru has also provided the voice of Asuna Kujo in Maison Ikkoku Leona Ozaki in Dominion: Tank Police, Bulma in Dragonball and many other beloved characters.

An Introduction to The One Pound Gospel

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