Ryusei Kurenai

The incredibly good looking charmer Ryusei Kurenai makes his living not only in the boxing ring but as a host at Club Ring. Angela's incurs a debt from her Aunt and ends up owing Kurenai 400,000 yen.

Ryusei's job as a host finds him constantly surrounded by a bevy of sexy, young women. Ryui has no qualms about lying to someone as kind-hearted as Angela as long as it will gain him more money at work. In fact, once Angela learns she has to pay him back, Ryusei begins to show up at the convent to remind her.

Realizing what is at stake Kosaku begs Kurenai to wager Angela's debt in a match against him. If Kosaku wins, the debt is erased, but if Kurenai wins, the debt doubles to 800,000 yen. To make things even harder, Kurenai is the Pacific Orient Boxing champion, and Kosaku is getting a shot at the title by agreeing to a match.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Ryusei is written with the kanji for "school of" or "style of" and "star", an appropriate name for a boxing champion. While Kurenai is "crimson."

An Introduction to The One Pound Gospel

Cultural Notes