Masayoshi Kurusu

Featherweight Masayoshi Kurusu might look intimidating, but don't let that fool you, in reality he is incredibly shy. As a child he was picked on so often about his scarred face that he developed a complex. His childhood friend encouraged him to take boxing so he could stand up to the bullies, and now he works with her at Bright Lights Electricians.

Kurusu is signed to his debut match with Kosaku, but is too afraid to go through with it. The nuns take a liking to him though, and decide to encourage him to fight Kosaku, who they dislike because of his antics with Angela.

During their bout, Kurusu is easily intimidated by Kosaku and backtracks across the ring, running scared, of course this is to his advantage as Kosaku can't land a single punch. Suddenly, Kurusu unleashes his Razor Punch, cutting Hatanaka's cheek. He decides to give the match everything he can, and even though Kosaku gives him a tough match, Kurusu is able to pull it out in the end, winning the victory over Hatanaka.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Masayoshi can mean "next hive" while Kurusu translates to "skilled justice".

An Introduction to The One Pound Gospel

Cultural Notes