At first glance you would never think that a woman this young could have a niece Angela's age, but looks can be deceiving, and while this "young aunt" may be related to Angela, the two woman have absolutely nothing in common.

Angela's family comes from money, and while Angela has given all that up to join the church, Mizue has done everything she can to spend her family's money. She demands only the best, fine gourmet food, expensive cars, and designer clothes. While her love of the finer things can get her in trouble from time to time, she is generally good natured.

Mizue cares deeply for her neice and wants her to be happy. She believes that she knows what would make Angela happy even better than Angela does, and so she wastes no time in re-entering her nieces life by fixing her up with the handsome young chef Wakaoji.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Mizue's kanji translate as "water" and "picture".

An Introduction to The One Pound Gospel

Cultural Notes