A stylish and handsome chef, Wakaoji has recently returned from Italy where he studied the culinary arts with his friend Morishita. Upon his arrival Wakaoji was so taken by the beauty of the country that he decided to skip all of his chef classes and spend his time sight-seeing instead. Morishita took his place, and so Wakaoji became an accredited chef without ever actually doing any cooking.

After returning to Japan "Chef" Wakaoji runs a restaurant so exclusive it doesn't even have a name. Angela's aunt happens to be a regular patron and sets a plan into motion for the dapper young chef to meet her niece. When he does, Wakaoji becomes instantly smitten. As Angela is blackmailed by her aunt into working at the restaurant, Wakaoji repeatedly attempts to impress her with his awful cooking, which of course never works.

Eventually Angela realizes that Morishita is the one doing all the cooking that the restaurant is famous for, but when he becomes ill she must offer her support to Wakaoji and help him learn enough to keep the restaurant in business for its much anticipated first anniversary. Wakaoji re-dedicates himself to cooking and manages to learn how to cook the dishes he merely took credit for in the past.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Wakaoji's name is written with the kanji for "young" "king" and "child". This is a reference to his nickname, "The Young Genius Chef".

An Introduction to The One Pound Gospel

Cultural Notes