Hiroshi Yashamaru

Yashamaru has been scheduled to have a bout with Kosaku for awhile now, but he is cursed with stomach problems and is forced to keep cancelling. One day he meets Kosaku in the park and attacks him, thinking he's someone else. He apologizes and runs off. Eventually it is revealed that Yashamaru was looking for his girlfriend Kana, who, like Kosaku, was supposed to be dieting.

Yashamaru accidently knocks Kana's face into a can and gives her a black eye. This causes her to move in with Kosaku and when Yashamaru finds out, he vows to kill Hatanaka for stealing his ex-fiancee. Yashamaru is the definition of intense. After he thinks Kana has slept with Kosaku, he decides that after their match he is going to kill Kana and then commit suicide.

During the match Yashamaru's stomach continues to act up, causing him to go into strange crouching stances that Kosaku can't penetrate. Soon they're trading blows evenly, but Yashamaru makes the mistake of continually provoking Hatanaka with threats. Yashamaru leaves himself open and is knocked out. After the match, Kana reveals that she's been eating so much because she's pregnant, and so the two strange lovers are reunited.

The Meaning Behind the Name

While "Yasha" means demon, Hiroshi is a very common name in Japan.

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