Cultural References

Ashita no Joe
Retro Pop Culture

Without a doubt the most famous boxing series in Japan, and also one of the most famous manga of all time Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow's Joe) is a classic.

The original manga ran from 1968 to 1973 in Shonen Magazine. The story features Joe Yabuki, a poor orphan struggling to survive in the slums of Tokyo. Trusting no one, a series of chance encounters with boxers inspires him to tame his rough ways and learn the sweet science himself. Eventually Joe manages to enter the professional circuit as a professional boxer himself.

Relevance to One Pound Gospel

In one of manga's most famous images, after going the distance with World Champion Jose Mendoza, Joe slumps in his corner, dying with a smile on his face. This iconic pose is referenced in One Pound Gospel as Wakaoji completes his meal and sits in the kitchen, exhausted. Coincidentally, the anime was directed by Osamu Dezaki, who would go on to direct the OVA of One Pound Gospel.

An Introduction to One Pound Gospel