Cultural References

The Sport of Boxing

Boxing is a sport in which two fighters battle each other with their fists. The boxers wear heavily padded gloves and fight in a square, roped-off area called a ring. A good bout between two well-matched figthers is a fast, violent display of strength and skill. The boxers throw powerful punches as each tries to win the bout on points, knock his opponent unconscious, or force him to give up the fight. At the same time, each boxer must guard his head and body against the other's punches by dodging or blocking the blows. The action may range all over the ring as the fighters weave about or press forward, each working to create openings for blows.

Boxers fight as amateurs or professionals. Most amateurs compete as members of an organization or a team, and some box in tournaments. Amateurs may not accept money for boxing. Professionals fight for money and are often called prizefighters.

Relevance to One Pound Gospel

While some few boxing as a glorified brawl, others view it as a the last, true gentleman's sport. Kosaku is an honorable fighter many of his opponents use underhanded tactics to gain victories. A basic understanding of boxing will serve to broaden readers understanding of the series.

An Introduction to One Pound Gospel