Cultural References


A nun is a woman who belongs to a religious community and dedicates her life to carrying out these goals. Various major religions, including Buddism, Christianity, and Taoism, have orders of nuns. The Roman Catholic Church has more of these orders than any other Christian denomination.

Most Roman Catholic orders of nuns have different requirements for permanent membership, but they all require years of preparation. When a woman enters an order, she begins a period of spiritual training called a novitiate. During this period, which in many orders lasts from five to ten years, she becomes thoroughly acquainted with the obligations of religious life. After her novitiate, the woman takes her final vows. She promises to give up worldly goods, obey her superiors in the order, and remain unmarried. These promises may be either simple vows or solemn vows. Solemn vows are more binding. A woman who has taken simple vows is known as a sister. One who has taken solemn vows is properly called a nun. But the term sister is commonly used as a form of address for a nun.

Relevance to One Pound Gospel

Sister Angela has dedicated her life to Christianity and is a novice nun in training.

An Introduction to One Pound Gospel