Cultural References

Offensive Boxing Skills

The right straight is probably the boxer's most powerful punch. A boxer's whole right side swings forward as he delivers the blow. His arm should be completely extended as the punch lands.

The uppercut is a short punch delivered with an upward motion. A boxer first lowers his fist and bends his knees. As he begins the upward swing, he pivots on his right foot and straightens his knees.

The left jab is a punch to the head. A boxer snaps his left fist out in a straight line form his shoulder. As he delivers the jab, he steps toward his opponent with his left foot.

The left hook is a blow from the side. As a boxer starts the punch, he pivots on his left foot. He then swings his left arm in an arc, moving the left side of his body forward as he lands the blow.

Relevance to One Pound Gospel

Boxing terminology is used heavily throughout the series. Familiarizing oneself with the basics will aid the reader with a deeper understanding of the story.

An Introduction to One Pound Gospel