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The One Pound Gospel
volume 2
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Originally Published in:
Young Sunday 1989 Vol 15-1990 Vol 12
Published in English as:
Animerica Vol 3 Issues 10-12 Vol 4. Issue 1 & One-Pound Gospel Issues 1-4
One-Pound Gospel Vol. 2

Chapter 10: Kohitsuji no fukkatsu (Part 1)
(The Lamb Resurrected, Part One)
Mukoda reminesces about Kosaku's pro test with Sister Angela. Kosaku was able to knock out Taro Matsuzaka, a professional boxer, with one punch. Four years later Matsuzaka wants a rematch. Mukoda accepts and forces Kosaku to lose weight in order to fight in the Junior Featherweight division. As Kosaku begins his training, the temptation of a soda is more than he can bear, as he sneaks one from a vending machine, a happy waiter walks up to him and crushes the unopened can in his face, telling him he shouldn't drink it. Later that night, the waiter reveals himself as Taro Matsuzaka. In their first match, Kosaku's punch knocked him into the ring ropes, ripping all the teeth from his mouth. Matsuzaka wastes no time in demonstrating the power of his punch, as he slugs Kosaku in the stomach.

Chapter 11: Kohitsuji no fukkatsu (Part 2)
(The Lamb Resurrected, Part Two)
Angela and Kosaku encounter Matsuzaka at his family's restaurant. Meanwhile, Mukoda researches Taro's record over the last four years and learns he's won every match he's fought in. Coach Mukoda visit Matsuzaka at his apartment to try and find out why with a record as good as his, he's still fighting in six round matches. Matsuzaka reveals that he's been chasing Kosaku up the weight classes all this time, trying to catch up so that he could fight him again, but that he has trouble keeping weight on, so its taken four years to finally challenge him. He admits that he hates boxing, and once he defeats Kosaku he will retire.

Chapter 12: Kohitsuji no fukkatsu (Part 3)
(The Lamb Resurrected, Part Three)
Coach Mukoda and Sister Angela find Kosaku pigging out at Matsuzaka's restaurant. When Taro arrives and witnesses Kosaku scarfing down steaks, he freaks out and tries to attack him. Mukoda begins to wonder if Kosaku actually likes boxing, or if he's just sticking with it because he has to, like Matsuzaka. Kosaku tells him that he loves boxing, and so Mukoda decides that he won't help Kosaku train for this bout, so he can see just how much he really does love the sport. Of course, Ishida is not too happy about having to take over as Kosaku's training, but he doesn't have a choice. Kosaku visits Angela and the two pray that he will be able to find a way to get back into Mukoda's good graces.

Chapter 13: Kohitsuji no fukkatsu (Part 4)
(The Lamb Resurrected, Part Four)
Kosaku goes through some last minute challenges in the days before the fight. He is tempted to empty the refrigerator one night when he is alone, but Ishida has cleverly placed an old scrapbook detailing all his losses over the years inside the fridge, which forces Kosaku to realize he's running out of time to make his mark in the sport. When the day of the match finally comes around Matsuzaka is revealed to have put on a massive amount of weight, and in order to protect himself from body shots, he begins elbow jabbing Kosaku's arms, rendering his punches less powerful. Angela and Mukoda watch from the audience.

Chapter 14: Kohitsuji no fukkatsu (Part 5)
(The Lamb Resurrected, Part Five)
Matsuzaka is able to knock Kosaku down twice, without Kosaku being able to land as many punches. Angela pleads with Coach Mukoda to go get in Kosaku's corner and help him, but he refuses. He has to know how far Kosaku can go on his love of boxing alone, but between rounds he finally relents and goes to Kosaku's aid. With his coach in his corner Kosaku is finally able to devise a strategy and knock Matsuzaka down. Matsuzaka refuses to stay knocked out, and quickly lands a powerful uppercut, taking Kosaku down. When Mukoda promises Kosaku a steak if he wins, its all the motivation he needs to knock Matsuzaka out. Later that night, Matsuzaka gives Kosaku his steak dinner at his restaurant, and announces that he's decided he'll give boxing another try.

Chapter 15: Juji o kitta kohitsuji (Part 1)
(The Lamb Who Crossed Himself, Part One)
Kosaku tries to flirt with a cute girl at the local swimming pool, but is shocked when he realizes its actually Sister Angela. He has never seen her out of her nun's habit before, and therefore didn't recognize her. Angela's superior, Mother Abbess is with her, and becomes angry at Kosaku's flirtacious attitude with Angela. Back at the convent, Mother Abbess tells Angela that if she were to ever succumb to Kosaku's desires she would have to leave the convent. Kosaku meanwhile, is dreaming about how nice Angela's body is and decides to pay her a late night visit. As luck would have it, the power at the convent goes out and the nuns place a call to the local electrician, who just happens to be Kosaku's next opponent, Masayoshi Kurusu. When Kosaku sees Angela he asks her to be his girlfriend if he wins the fight, and of course this sends the other nuns over the edge, they chase Kosaku off the grounds, but he trips over Kurusu while he attempts his escape.

Chapter 16: Juji o kitta kohitsuji (Part 2)
(The Lamb Who Crossed Himself, Part Two)
Ishida learns that Kurusu is actually very shy and timid, and that Kosaku is scheduled to be his wake up call, to instill confidence in him. Kosaku goes back to the church to see Angela, and while he's there she and Mother Abbess learn that he and Kurusu will be facing one another. Mother Abbess decides to support Kurusu in taking out Kosaku and hopefully ending his relationship with Angela. Kosaku grabs Angela and hijacks Kurusu's van, escaping to his local electrians store where they meet Kurusu's friend from high school. She tries to encourage Kurusu to be more outgoing and is the one that got him into boxing in the first place. Angela tells Kosaku that she can no longer meet with him if he has lust in his heart for her. Kosaku becomes so upset that he's been dumped, that he ruins his weight training.

Chapter 17: Juji o kitta kohitsuji (Part 3)
(The Lamb Who Crossed Himself, Part Three)
Kosaku's depression over losing Angela actually causes him to lose weight, as he decides to completely devote himself to boxing. Angela begins to wonder about Kosaku and why he cares about her so much. She meets with Kurusu's friend and realizes that she has feelings for him. As she bicycles back to the convent she sees Kosaku jogging, and secretly throws a can at him to stop him from eating.

Chapter 18: Juji o kitta kohitsuji (Part 4)
(The Lamb Who Crossed Himself, Part Four)
Angela dreams about Kosaku, wondering if his training is going well. Meanwhile, Kosaku decides he'll ask Angela to leave the convent and move in with him. Before she can give him an answer he walks off, thinking that she has agreed. Secretly Angela wonders what she will do if Kosaku does manage to win. On the day of the weigh in, Kurusu pulls a no-show. Kosaku goes to look for him and finds him at the church, praying. Kosaku is able to give him a pep talk and encourages him to stay with boxing. Of course, Kosaku only wants this so that he can beat Kurusu and get Angela to leave the church.

Chapter 19: Juji o kitta kohitsuji (Part 5)
(The Lamb Who Crossed Himself, Part Five)
Kurusu and Kosaku's match begins and Kurusu can't bring himself to throw a single punch. All he does is run away, but that manages to lull Kosaku into a false sense of security, causing him to slip on the canvas. When Kosaku begins trying to hit him in the face, Kurusu gets upset and starts swinging back, landing a hard shot to Kosaku's cheek. After that he feels more confident and the fight really begins. Kurusu manages to knock Kosaku down, but he quickly gets back up. The intensity escalates, but as Kosaku goes for the knock out, he crosses himself, which leaves him open for a knock out shot from Kurusu. Kurusu wins the fight and Angela stays in the convent.

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