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The One Pound Gospel
volume 3
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Originally Published in:
Young Sunday 1991 Vol 10-1996 Vol 21/22
Published in English as:
One-Pound Gospel Vol. 2 Issues 1-8
One-Pound Gospel Vol. 3

Chapter 20: Nerawareta kohitsuji (Part 1)
(Lamb for the Slaughter, Part One)
Kosaku goes to the hospital for food poisoning, and while Mukoda goes to visit him he gets knocked down a flight of stairs by a teenager. The boy's name is Yoshihiko, and he wants to become a professional boxer. His uncle is a sporting good salesman that knows Mukoda, and he blackmails the Coach into taking him on for a few weeks by giving him a top-of-the-line water bag. Unbeknownst to everyone is a deal that Yoshihiko made with his parents. If he can knock out a professional boxer, they will let him move to Tokyo and begin his boxing training. And so Yoshihiko takes every opportunity he can to try and knock out Kosaku. Most of the time he ends up hitting Mukoda though.

Chapter 21: Nerawareta kohitsuji (Part 2)
(Lamb for the Slaughter, Part Two)
When Mukoda ends up in the hospital with food poisoning, Yoshihiko takes the chance to try and score his knock out of Kosaku again. He learns of Kosaku's weakness for food and tries to lure him into letting down his guard by tempting him with some snacks. But as he watches Kosaku resist temptation he begins to have respect for him, and realizes that he will dedicate himself to boxing the hard way, by going back to his hometown and training there.

Chapter 22: Seiya ni naku kohitsuji (Part 1)
(Tears of a Lamb, Part One)
Kosaku is excited about his first eight round match against a young Mexican by the name of Takos Hachiro. Mukoda and Kosaku decide to scout the competition and watch as Takos cooks tacos for some children. The kids all get sick from his horrible cooking, but Kosaku actually likes the food. Takos and Kosaku become fast friends when Takos learns of Kosaku's interest in Christianity. Kosaku takes Takos to church, where in front of Angela and Mother Abbess he reveals his secret protection in the ring....a large tatoo of the Virgin Mary on his chest. Mother Abbess makes Kosaku promise that he won't strike the Virgin.

Chapter 23: Seiya ni naku kohitsuji (Part 2)
(Tears of a Lamb, Part Two)
Kosaku has to decide what he will do, not hit the tatoo and risk losing the match, or punch it and exploit Takos' weakness but lose the chance of spending Christmas with Angela. Takos tells Kosaku that if he doesn't win the match he will have no choice but to go back to his poor village back in Mexico, and so he will fight with everything he's got. Kosaku feels more guilty than ever when the match begins. During the first six rounds, Kosaku does his best to box without hitting the Virgin, but it only leaves him open for retaliation from Takos. But in the seventh round he finally makes a decision, he goes for the tatoo and after trading a few blows, he is able to knock Takos down for the count. Mother Abbess sees that Takos is not angry with Kosaku, and so she allows him to take Angela out for Christmas, but they end up going to mass instead of the hotel as Kosaku had planned.Angela and Mukoda watch from the audience.

Chapter 24: Yoromeku kohitsuji (Part 1)
(The Fallen Lamb, Part One)
Kosaku's current opponent Hiroshi Yashamaru keeps putting off their match due to stomach problems. While in the park hiding from Mukoda, a strange man runs up to Kosaku and attacks him, then hugs him. When the man realizes Kosaku isn't the person he's looking for he apologizes. As he leaves, a girl climbs out from behind some playground equipment. Her name is Kana and she's supposed to be dieting too. She and Kosaku become friends, and decide to help each other lose weight, but instead become partners in eating. When Angela and Mukoda go to Kosaku's apartment to check on him, they are shocked to find Kana in his room. Mukoda asks her to leave Kosaku alone because she is interfering in his training, and she sadly accepts. When Kosaku finds out that she had a boyfriend the entire time, he becomes depressed but re-devotes himself to Angela. Just then, Kana shows up at the gym with a black eye saying she and her boyfriend just broke up. Angela walks in and sees Kosaku and Kana together again and quickly turns around to leave.

Chapter 25: Yoromeku kohitsuji (Part 2)
(The Fallen Lamb, Part Two)
Angela runs into Kana at the laundromat and sees her washing Kosaku's underwear. When Kana tells her that she's staying with Kosaku now, its more than Angela can take. She visits Kosaku at the gym and tells him that she will never see him again. Kosaku becomes depressed until Kana tells him she's there for him. Suddenly Kosaku's opponent Hiroshi Yashamaru shows up to apologize for having to delay their match yet again. As it turns out, he is the man that attacked Kosaku in the park, and he's also Kana's boyfriend.

Chapter 26: Yoromeku kohitsuji (Part 3)
(The Fallen Lamb, Part Three)
Yashamaru has become enraged now that he knows Kana has moved in with Kosaku. He decides to win the match and then commit a double suicide with Kana. Kosaku begins to wonder if Angela is jealous of him because she actually has feelings for him. Meanwhile, Yashamaru tries to get Kana to apologize for leaving him, but she gets so mad that she decides to sleep with Kosaku. As she barges into his room and begins undressing, Mukoda and Angela walk in on she and Kosaku.

Chapter 27: Yoromeku kohitsuji (Part 4)
(The Fallen Lamb, Part Four)
Kosaku sprained his ankle chasing after Angela, and the fight is only one week away. Kosaku sneaks off to see Angela again, but when he arrives she yells at him and tells him to leave. Kana realizes that Yashamaru had her wedding dress altered for her, and she decides that if he loves her that much she'll go back to him. On her way to see him she stops in to tell Angela the truth about she and Kosaku, but after she talks to her Kana passes out. Kosaku gets ready for his fight against Yashamaru, who is watching him from the hallway. Kosaku tells Yashamaru to make up with Kana, which only infuriates him more. During the match, Yashamaru's stomach begins to act up, which sends him into a strange crouched position that Kosaku can't punch well against. Kana and Angela slowly make their way into the arena as Angela wonders if God is trying to bring she and Kosaku together.

Chapter 28: Yoromeku kohitsuji (Part 5)
(The Fallen Lamb, Part Five)
Angela witnesses Kosaku taking a beating from Yashamaru. Shunpei tells her that due to his ankle injury Kosaku can't put enough power behind his punches. Angela begins to worry about him as she blames herself for injuring his ankle. Kosaku manages to get past Yashamaru's stance and knock him down, but that only makes him angrier. In the next round Yashamaru is the one to score the knockdown. Round three sees another knockdown by Yashamaru, but Kosaku recovers quickly and breaks his ankle delivering a knock out blow to Yashamaru. After the match, Kana tells her boyfriend that the reason she's been gaining so much weight is that she's pregnant. Angela and Kosaku are reunited, and she realizes that she is the only one he has a romantic interest in.

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