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Affections Touching Across Time

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The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

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Swords of an Honorable Ruler

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Fire on the Mystic Island


Inuyasha The Movie 1:
Affections Touching Across Time

Japanese Title: Toki wo Koeru Omoi
Premiere: December 15, 2001
Movie Theme: No More Words by Ayumi Hamasaki
Director: Toshiya Shinohara
Screenplay: Katsuyuki Sumizawa
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Hideyuki Motohashi & Yoshihito Hishinuma
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The movie begins with the destruction of hte Shikon Jewel. The shards scatter across the land. As a shard lands in a tree, a demon emerges from its bark, howling. The scene shifts to Sesshomaru spying a pair of beautiful demons in a marsh. The pair threathen to take his sword and attack. Sesshomaru easily defeats them and walks away. The newly born demon telepathically tells the girls that they are after the wrong sword, and commands them to bring him the sword powerful enough to break the curse upon him, Tetsusaiga.

In the modern era, Kagome cooks an omelet as her family settles in for breakfast. Grandpa tells Sota about the Goshinboku in their yard that has blossomed for the first time in hundreds of years. Kagome takes hte meal she has prepared and rushes to the Bone Eater's Well travelling back in time 500 years. In the feudal era, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Inuyasha and Kirara battle a huge scorpion that has arrived from the mainland. Inuyasha rushes into the fight and is joined by the others. As Kagome arrives in the past she recounts the beginning of the series, the betrayal between Kikyo and Inuyasha and the shattering of the sacred jewel. As Kagome goes to meet the others, Myoga finds her and informs her of the battle. She arrives in time to argue with Inuyasha about being late, but is interrupted by the scorpion. She spies the Shikon shard in the scorpion's tale and Inuyasha targets it. After it is removed Miroku makes short work of the scorpion using his Wind Tunnel. The mysterious demon can see the battle from his base and commands the girls, Ruri and Hari that the time has come.

Our heroes settle in to taste Kagome's meal and comment on how unusual it looks. Everyone enjoys her modern cooking, and Kirara licks her wound from the battle. Inuyasha is happy to find Kagome's instant ramen, to which Kagome promptly "sits" him for wanting it more than her home cooking. As she storms off , Sango notices that Kirara is acting strangely, when Myoga attempts to suck out the poison, Kirara runs away with Sango and Miroku soon following. They find Ruri and Hari in the woods, stroking Kirara. Miroku flirts with them but is quickly bound by roots. Scorpions appear once more and Miroku attempts to suck them up, but Ruri uses her duplication abilities to copy his Wind Tunnel and uses it against he and Sango. A well placed arrow from Kaede interrupts the attack, and Ruri and Hari flee with Kirara.

At a wooded lake, Kikyo approaches the Goshinboku and senses danger. Kagome marches back to the others with her broken bicycle and sees Kikyo. She hides from Kikyo before realizing how silly she must look, but when she comes out, Kikyo is gone. Inuyasha sees Kikyo's shinidamachuu and rushes off to see her. Back at the Goshinboku, Kagome notices a sparkle embedded in the tree and attempts to examine it, as she does the mysterious object pricks her finger. Just then Inuyasha arrives and examines her finger. Kagome asks him about Kikyo and Inuyasha pouts when suddenly millions of moths begin to shed poisonous powder on the pair. The moth's reveal the mysterious demon, Menomaru, who pulls his sword and attacks Inuyasha. He is thrilled to see Tetsusaiga and demands Inuyasha hand over the sword. Kagome succumbs to the moth's poison and passes out, distracting Inuyasha just enough that Menomaru is able to defeat him. Menomaru attempts to take Tetsusaiga but is repeled by its barrier. Frustrated, he decides to take Kagome.

Inuyasha awakens at dusk to find his wounds being treated by Myoga and Shippo. Upon hearing the name Menomaru, Myoga tells tale of Hyoga, Menomaru's father from the mainland. Hyoga fought against Inuyasha's father and was defeated. Menomaru's father was sealed in the Tree of Ages, Menomaru's new base. Menomaru is now plotting to lure Inuyasha there to use Tetsusaiga to break the seal on his father. Menomaru uses a Shikon shard in conjunction with a bi to take control of Kagome, just as Hari has done with Kirara. Instead, Kagome wakes up and demands to see Inuyasha. Sango and Miroku arrive at the tree and begin to fight. Sango battles Ruri as Miroku attacks Hari. Inuyasha appears soon after and attacks Menomaru as Ruri and Hari escape on Kirara. Inuyasha delivers a killing blow to Menomaru, who collapses but gets up once more, proclaiming himself immortal. Myoga appears and explains that Menomaru gains power from the imprisoned Hyoga. Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar and destroys his father's fang, unsealing Hyoga. The tree collapses inot the ground as our heroes escape. No one has time to recover as Menomaru erupts from the ground, atop Hyoga's cocoon. Menomaru plunges his sword into it, unleashing centuries of his family's power. Inuyasha rushes to try to stop Menomaru's transformation but is repeatedly knocked away. Finally, Menomaru unleashes a blast of demonic energy so powerful that it blows everyone away.

The roots of the Tree of Ages reemerge from the ground and create a gigantic tree at which Hyoga's cocoon rests at the top. Millions of moth's swarm the countryside, poisoning entire villages. The soul's of the villages are absorbed by Menomaru, who continues to increase in power. Kaede watches as the swarm approaches her village, but she is able to erect a barrier to protect everyone. Kagome and Shippo stumble into the village, gravely injured. In the countryside, Sesshomaru and Jaken attack another swarm. Far away, Miroku, Sango, and Hatchiemon are recuperating in a cave. Miroku bullies Hachie into taking them back to the Tree of Ages. Inuyasha and Myoga emerge from a forest, as the old flea begs his master not to return to face Menomaru.

Menomaru whistles into a leaf, which causes Kagome to awaken under his control and attack Kaede. As Inuyasha approaches the Tree, he finds Kagome waiting for him. Kagome embraces Inuyasha to catch him off guard, before impaling him on claws of energy. The bridge that the pair battle on collapses, and Inuyasha runs as the possessed Kagome flies after him. Kagome pursues him to the Goshinboku Tree, and is about to deliver the killing blow as Menomaru is distracted by the attack of Sango's Hiraikotsu. Menomaru's control of Kagome is weakened and she pleads with Inuyasha to escape. Miroku strikes next, using his Wind Tunnel, but Hari counters with her own. As Sango tries to fight her, Ruri and Kirara appear, giving Menomaru the chance to retake control of Kagome. Kagome's arrow pins Inuyasha to the Goshinboku once again, but her own emotions are so powerful that they break Menomaru's control. Kikyo appears and demands that Kagome return to her own time. She explains that as Menomaru and the Tree of Ages become more powerful, different time periods will be plunged into neverending darkness. Grandpa Higurashi watches as flowers begin to fall from the trees and snowflakes fall to the ground. The Bone Eater's well is becoming covered with branches, blocking Kagome's path. Kikyo forces her into the well, sending her back to the present.

Kagome finds Tokyo covered in a blanket of snow upon her arrival. Grandpa and Sota pray to the Goshinboku to end the snowstorm. Kagome begins to cry as she realizes she will never see Inuyasha again. In the past, Ruri and Miroku continue their battle alongside Sango and Hari. Kirara rages against Sango, who pleads with her beloved pet to stop. Sesshomaru intercepts Kikyo and confronts her about her hatred for Kagome, as Shippo brings Kaede and Myoga to find Kagome. They find the Bone Eater's Well destroyed by the Tree of Ages and Inuyasha passed out under the Goshinboku. Miroku and Hari battle to a stalemate, pitting Wind Tunnel against Wind Tunnel as all of Sango's strikes against Ruri are blocked by Kirara. Ruri widens her Wind Tunnel to overwhelm Miroku, but instead is sucked into it herself. Sango refuses to fight against Kirara, who begins to fight Hari's control. Coming back to hers senses, Kirara teams with Sango as the demon slayer cuts Hari in half. Hyoga reabsorbs both Ruri and Hari's energy as Menomaru nears the completion of his power. In the distance, Kikyo begins to lose the souls she has absorbed to Menomaru. In the present Kagome realizes she still has a Shikon shard and that it will link her to Inuyasha. As she touches the Goshinboku she can feel Inuyasha's presence across time. Their consciousnesses transcend time and communicate as Inuyasha pleads with Kagome to return. She powers through the overgrown well and and arrives in the Feudal Era.

The cocoon shatters and Menomaru emerges as an enormous giant. Menomaru spreads his wings and unleashes a horde of Chinese demons. Myoga quickly tells Inuyasha to combine his Tetsusaiga with Kagome's arrow. Miroku and Sango arrive and Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel to suck up all the demons as Sango takes to the sky. Inuyasha and Kagome confront Menomaru and Kagome's arrow allows Inuyasha to see where to strike with his Wind Scar. Kagome's next arrow rips one of Menomaru's wings off, and he retaliates with a blast of energy. Sango manages to save her just in time and sets up Kagome for another shot. This time, her arrow hits Menomaru just as he unleashes another blast. Inuyasha uses the Backlash Wave to turn his own attack against him and slays Menomaru. The Tree of Ages collapses into dust as the group escapes on Hatchiemon. The film ends with Inuyasha and Kagome in the modern era, relaxing under the Goshinboku.


Director Shinohara's previous work includes the Lupin III - Memory of Blaze - Tokyo Crisis TV Special as well as Gundam Wing which he worked on with the author of the screenplay. Kaoru Wada joins them from the TV show, and the character design department gets a little extra help with Hideyuki Motohashi who did character designs for Fushigi Yugi, A-ko the Versus, and Ceres: Celestial Legend.

In the film, Myoga describes a battle between Inuyasha's father and Hyoga, Menomaru's father, over the Sea of Japan. Their battle is said to have created a storm that blew back the invaders from the mainland. This storm actually exists in history, and it is in fact where the term "kamikaze" (divine wind) originates. These were major typhoons that occured in 1274 and 1281 and actually did repel invading fleets of Mongolians.

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