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Affections Touching Across Time

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The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

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Inuyasha The Movie 2:
The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

Japanese Title: Kagami no Naka no Mugenjo
Premiere: December 21, 2002
Movie Themes: Yura Yura & Ai no Uta by Every Little Thing
Director: Toshiya Shinohara
Screenplay: Katsuyuki Sumizawa
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Hideyuki Motohashi & Yoshihito Hishinuma
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The film opens with our heroes hiding in an abandoned temple. Inuyasha is in his human form, as everyone else prepares to fight Naraku. Inuyasha is frustrated as Kagome heads out to face the demon without his help. Deep in the forest Sango and Miroku chase after Naraku, leading him to Kagome who fires an arrow at him, injuring him. Naraku transforms into a giant spider as everyone prepares to attack again. Their attacks are ineffective though, due to Naraku's barrier. Naraku crashes through the tiny temple just as the sun rises and Inuyasha transforms back into his half-demon form.

Inuyasha breaks the barrier using Tetsusaiga, allowing everyone else to attack the giant spider. Kagome spots Naraku's Shikon shard and Inuyasha tries to carve it out, while Naraku attempts to absorb him. Sango uses the Hirakotsu with Miroku's staff, as Kagome fires her arrow and Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar to simultaneously attack Naraku- killing him. Elsewhere Kikyo, Sesshomaru, Kagura, Kanna and Kohaku all sense Naraku's passing. Kagura's heart returns to her chest, as Miroku's Wind Tunnel curse is lifted.

In the woods Kanna is leading Kagura to a watery cave where a mirror is kept. Inside the mirror is Princess Kaguya, who is awakened and raises her palace, the Dream Castle of the Pentacle Mirrors, from beneath a lake. She promises to give Kagura her true freedom, which Kagura seems happy to agree to. Elsewhere, Akitoki Hojo, the ancestor of Kagome's classmate happens upon Kagome and Sango bathing in a hotspring. As Sango and Kagome chat, Kagome worries about what will happen with their quest now seemingly soon to end. Miroku tries to stop Akitoki from peeping, but gets clobbered instead for his trouble. During the confusion Akitoki flees the scene.

Back in the modern times, Kagome studies the historical story of Princess Kaguya from the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. After class Ayumi, Eri, Yuka and Kagome all go out for burgers when they run into Hojo. He presents Kagome with some health drinks and asks her to go to the fair with him. Sota arrives before Kagome can answer and tells Kagome that Inuyasha is waiting for her at home. Kagome freaks out when she sees Inuyasha in town and worries that people will see him.

In the past, Kagura and Kanna begin their quest to gather artifacts for Kaguya, starting with a crystal from a dragon's neck and a jeweled sprig of a plant. Kikyo senses Kaguya's growing strength, as Kagura and Kanna return their items to Kaguya. Kanna tells them that they should take Inuyasha's Robe of the Fire Rat next. In the woods Kagome makes a locket with her picture in it for Inuyasha. He seems less that impressed by it, but soon picks up Kagura's scent and runs off to face her. Kagura's attacks shred Inuyasha's kimono, allowing Kagura to escape with a piece of his Fire Rat robe. As they prepare to make their escape, Inuyasha sees Kaguya inside Kanna's mirror. Kaguya tells Inuyasha that she can see his darker demonic side that he keeps in check, angering Inuyasha. Inuyasha unleashes the Backlash Wave, but Kanna manages to reverse it using her mirror. The redirected attack nearly kills Inuyasha, but Kagome commands him to "sit," forcing him out of the path of the attack. Having gotten what they came for, Kagura and Kanna depart. Now Princess Kaguya has three of the five items she is seeking.

Miroku visits with Mushin, telling him of the recent death of Naraku, and Mushin gives Miroku a gift intended for whomever defeated Naraku. The gift was passed down through Miroku's family for two generations, and the box is marked with a pentagram. In the woods Sango and Kirara come across Kohaku, who has been liberated from Naraku's clutches. Sango saves Kohaku from a group of pig-demons and carries him away with her. Meanwhile, Kikyo comes across a village filled with dead people. She meets a child who tells her that demons slew everyone. The child gives Kikyo the Stone Bowl of Buddha for safe keeping, one of the items Kaguya is seeking. Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippo continue their quest for the Shikon shards without Sango and Miroku. They come across Akitoki Hojo who is being held up at a bridge by some bandits. Inuyasha makes short work of the men, and Akitoki thanks him. Kagome gets a look at the boy and realizes he must be related to her school chum. Inside of Akitoki's bag, Kagome sees what a piece of cloth, which he tells her is the Celestial Robes.

Miroku relaxes with Hachiemon and Mushin. He asks Hachie to take him to his grandfather's grave so that he can research Kaguya, which his grandfather's gift warned him about. Hachie seems less that willing to help Miroku now that he has lost the threat of the Wind Tunnel. Miroku beats Hachie up until he agrees though, correcting his poor attitude. At the Demon Slayer's Village Kohaku and Sango pay their respects to their deceased father. Kohaku's memories are still fuzzy as he has no memories of what he did to Sango and their father. Kirara dashes outside, sensing something is amiss. It is Kagura, who has come seeking a shell in Kohaku's possession, obviously one of the items needed by Kaguya. Kagura takes the shell with little effort. Later Kohaku tells Sango that he was guarding the shell to prevent Kaguya's sealing spell from being broken.

At Miroku's grandfather Miyatsu's grave, they meet an elderly man who knew him. The old man tells a tale of how a man stole a celestial maiden's robe while she was bathing. The being went on a rampage, and Miyatsu, Miroku's grandfather, sealed the woman in a mirror. Miroku expresses his doubts about the creature being a true celestial maiden, and more likely a demon in disguise. Undoubtedly is it Princess Kaguya whom they are discussing. Meanwhile, Akitoki tells Kagome and Inuyasha that he was travelling to Mount Fuji to throw the robe into a crater on Mount Fuji in order to prevent a great calamity. Kagome quickly realizes that this is part of the Kaguya legend she learned about in school. That evening in a forest, Kagura crosses paths with Kikyo who holds the final item Kaguya needs to break her spell. Kikyo gives Kagura the Buddha's bowl without a fight, after Kagura tells her that Naraku truly is dead. Kagura is surprised by Kikyo's generosity to say the least.

With the final item placed in the lake, Kaguya is free to exit the mirror world and come into ours. Before she frees Kagura, she tells her that she has one final mission to undertake. As Inuyasha and Kagome sit around the fire, Akitoki confesses that he has a crush on Kagome. Shippo forces the poor boy to be his servant under the threat of telling Kagome about Akitoki's feelings. By the lakeside, Kagome asks Inuyasha if he still plans to use the jewel to become a full-demon. Inuyasha says that he still plans to follow through with his plan, which angers Kagome. Suddenly cherry blossoms begin to bloom out of season, and everyone realises something is wrong. Kaguya appears and prepares to fight Inuyasha. It seems Kaguya plans to take the celestial robe back from Akitoki. Kaguya binds Inuyasha to a tree, and then uses her mirror to reverse one of Kagome's arrows directly back at Inuyasha. Seeing that the arrow will strike Inuyasha, Kagoe dives into its path as Akitoki throws the robe towards her. The robe wraps around the arrow as it hits Kagome, who quickly passes out. Inuyasha screams at Kaguya who tries to entice Inuyasha to become her servant in exchange for Kagome's life. When he refuses she takes Kagome's unconcious body with her and invites Inuyasha to her Dream Castle.

Akitoki tells Inuyasha where the castle is located as Miroku and Hachie make their way to the cave where Kaguya's mirror was enshrined. Much to their surprise Sango is already there with Kohaku. Inside the cave they quickly realize that Kaguya's mirror has vanished. They soon realize that Kaguya must have escaped from her mirror prison. Upon exiting the cave they find Kaguya's Dream Castle resting upon the lake. Using her immense powers she creates a giant pentagram around the moon. It seems that she is planning to stop time and destroy all living things, as per Miyatsu's legend. Seeing the pentagram, Inuyasha makes his way to the castle.

Inside the castle Kaguya's clothes begin to change as her power increases. Sango and Kohaku try to raid the castle on Kirara's back, as Miroku does the same while riding on Hachiemon. Unfortuantely Hachie is blasted by a fireball causing him to crash. Kirara too his struck, but Shippo manages to save her and her passengers. Inside Kagome awakens and Kaguya realizes the Celestial Robe protected her. As Inuyasha tries to cross the lake to save Kagome a multi-headed dragon blocks his path. The dragon proves to be too much for Inuyasha as it attacks him from all sides. Swimming under the surface of the lake, he realizes that all the heads are connected at the base. From teh shore, Kikyo fires an arrow that kills the dragons along with Inuyasha's Wind Scar. As quickly as she arrives, Kikyo departs, letting Inuyasha head into the castle alone.

Inside the castle Kagura challenges Kaguya after learning she is not a true celestial being, just a simple demon masquerading as one. Kagura continues to taught her as Kanna attempts to suck Kaguya's soul into her mirror. The mirror has no effect though, thanks to the Celestial Robe. With a wave her her hand, she teleports Kagura and Kanna to the bottom of the lake. Outside Miroku, Sango and the others use Kagome's bandages as Shippo bosses Akitoki around. Miroku paints a Wind Tunnel on his hand to give himself confidence in the upcoming battle.

Arriving inside the castle, Kaguya uses the mirror to stop time. As the wave washes over everyone, it does not effect Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kirara and Kohaku because they are wearing the bandages from Kagome's time. Upon realizing this has saved them from the time-stoppage, they quickly wrap themselves in bandages and head into battle. Inuyasha is able to move thanks to the pendant from the modern times that Kagome gave him earlier. He soon disappears as Kaguya explains that he was never there, it was merely an illusion. Outside the real Inuyasha meets up with the others and leads them into the castle, as Kohaku rushes ahead of them, much to their surprise.

Kaguya tells Kagome that she plans to eat her in order to gain her powers. Before she can though, everyone arrives to save Kagome. Kaguya and Inuyasha duel as she disarms him of the Tetsusaiga. Without his sword, Kaguya is able to bring out his full-demon side using her mirror. Kagome begs Inuyasha not to transform, but he is unable to stop. Miroku tries to stop Inuyasha, but Inuyasha attacks him, knocking him to the ground. Shippo uses Kagome's Shikon shards to break the barrier that was holding her in place. She runs to Inuyasha begging him not to transform. Kagome hugs Inuyasha as the fights the transformation, digging his claws into her arms. Kagome begins to cry and leans in to kiss Inuyasha, breaking the hold Kaguya has over him. Inuyasha retrieves the Tetsusaiga as his robe repairs itself. As they battle, Kohaku screams in pain as Sango realizes he has a large spider wound on his back. Suddenly Miroku's Wind Tunnel reappears as well. From Kohaku's back springs Naraku, it seems it was all an elaborate trap so that he could lure Kaguya into the open and absorb her. Kaguya and Naraku begin to battle as the castle falls apart around everyone. Kaguya seems to make Naraku vanish, allowing her battle with Inuyasha to continue. Kagome asks Shippo to turn into a bow, and she uses Miroku's broken staff as a makeshift arrow to fire at Kaguya. Inuyasha uses his Backlash Wave, destroying her as Kagome's arrow breaks her mirror. The castle falls apart as a cloud of vapor attempts to possess Kagome. Kaguya's vaporous form is almost absorbed by Naraku who quickly appears, but Miroku manages to suck her remains into the Wind Tunnel and prevent Naraku from gaining her powers.

Everyone escapes to safety through Kaguya's mirror which takes them outside. Time has come unfrozen and everything seems to be back to normal. Hachie and Akitoki greet the returning warriors, showing them that they regained the Celestial Robe and Miroku's broken staff. With Kaguya defeated, the group prepares to continue their adventure to collect the Shikon shards and defeat Naraku.


With the success of the first film, the producers brought back the same team behind the first one for it's sequel. The musical group behind the themes this time was the very popular Every Little Thing, who also did "Grip!" for the television show. This time things were moved along and Inuyasha and Kagome even get to kiss in one scene.

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