Sometimes when a popular anime ends its run on television deman will be great enough that a series of direct to video animation will be produced. These specials are known as OVA (Original Video Animation). While Inuyasha has yet to have any OVAs produced to continue the story where the anime left off, the series has had a few unique specials that have been created. This section has short synopses for each Inuyasha special.

April 9, 2001
Spring Special: Naraku's True Identity Unveiled & A Wicked Smile; Kikyo's Wandering Soul
In the present Kagome decides to go on a date with Hojo, her classmate. She stops by the well one last time before leaving. In the past things are getting rough as Shippo runs away from Royakan's wolves and manages to squeeze past the tree and down to the bottom of the well. Kagome senses the shard on the other side, but sees nothing so she decides to leave for her date. Hojo thinks she's sick so she ends the date early and heads back to the well. After some digging she manages to make it through. While this is happening Naraku reveals that he is the one behind the fight that caused Inuyasha and Kikyo to hate each other 50 years ago. Inuyasha manages enough strength to drive Naraku away and Kagome helps remove the Shikon shards from Royakan's head.

The gang are spending the night in a small village guarding a diseased girl's soul from soul stealing demons that have been seen in the area. In another small town it appears that Kikyo has survived her fall and is trying to start a new life. One of the local priests, Seikai, senses something is different about her and attempts to use a ward on her. Nothing happens to Kikyo but she gives the preist a jolt for his trouble. Kikyo has developed a friendship with a young girl in the town by the name of Sayo. Sayo has noticed that Kikyo seems troubled by something, and that night follows her down to the river. She watches as Seikai and his assistant attempt to exorcise Kikyo who proves too powerful for the priests. After seeing this Sayo runs away and Kikyo realizes that she will be unable to return to the village. The next morning Inuyasha and the others see Seikai's assistant floating unconscious in the river. After saving him he tells them about a a preistess that resembles Kagome and they learn that Kikyo is the one responsible for the soul stealing demons that they had come across. Inuyasha is very upset about the news and goes off on his own, and soon Kagome finds herself seperated from Miroku and Shippo and face to face with Kikyo.

November 24, 2003
Fall Special: The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru
A sunlit beach holds a strong attraction for young adults and Inuyasha and company are no exception. As the gang enjoys precious teen moments of sand, surf and fun, in a nearby village the red thread of fate unravels again. A young noblewoman named Sara lies dying. Her last act in the human world is to play her flute one final time. The eerie, mournful music catches the ears of both Kagome and Inuyasha as they pass by the dying girl’s house. Sara seems to sense their presence too, for some odd reason, but death grips her and she dies, murmuring about ‘useless love’. Just as the team reaches the outskirts of the village, their interest is drawn back to town by a sudden, massive influx of jaki. Looking back, they see an evil miasma creeping around the house where they heard the flute music. Suddenly, the house explodes into flames. Rushing back to investigate, the villagers tell them about Sara and her sad fate. Later, when examining the burned out ruins, Kagome spies a familiar phenomenon: a perfect human outline on the charred floor where Sara had laid, dying. Elsewhere, Sesshomaru and his entourage make their way through a misty, rocky pass. Rin chatters happily to the morose and disinterested Jaken. Sesshomaru remains aloof amid the racket. The melancholy sound of a flute halts the group in their tracks. Out the mist, a woman materializes, walking towards them -- it’s the recently deceased Sara. She drops to her knees in front of Sesshomaru, greeting him with extreme deference. She tells him the story of her father, a warlord, and how she became infatuated with Sesshomaru after witnessing him annihilate her father’s warriors. Sara tells him it was her dream to see him again, and how she wants be in his favor. Sesshomaru is bemused, telling her to figure out a way to earn his interest. Sara agrees, passing by as an outraged Jaken blusters about her audacity. How dare a human confront his master with such nonsense! Sesshomaru informs Jaken that was no lady -- she was a demon. Back the beach, Inuyasha and the others discuss the strange events of the day. Their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a sea monster. They spot the creature streaking inland, bearing down on a female human sacrifice, bound to a stake on the shore. Miroku races to her rescue with great haste followed very closely by Sango and Kirara. When Miroku and Sango reach the woman, it’s Sara, who is the monster’s bait. As her rescuers prepare to fight the approaching creature, a weird light distracts Miroku. He looks back, horrified, shouting Sango’s name in despair... Lagging behind, Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo arrive and discover Miroku, Sango and Kirara are turned to stone. The sea monster attacks, giving Inuyasha little time to ponder his friends’ predicament. Inuyasha makes quick work of the monster but is bewildered by the discovery his nemesis was merely one huge mass of seaweed. Sara is rescued, but Inuyasha and Kagome must now try to free Miroku, Sango, Kirara and the entire seaside village, from their curse of stone. A grateful Sara offers to help, and tells Inuyasha about a shrine in a cave on a nearby cliff. Inside the cave is a chamber that contains the remedy to the curse. Sara’s story strikes Shippo as suspicious, but he and the others follow Sara up the cliff-side to the shrine. Inside the cave is the chamber Sara described, sealed with a great stone. Inuyasha’s attempt to move the stone is futile until Sara directs him to insert the Tetsusaiga in a slot carved into the stone seal. As the stone finally moves, Sara smiles wickedly. Shippo notices, whispering his suspicions to Kagome, who agrees that something is fishy, but their warning comes too late for Inuyasha. A powerful blast flings Inuyasha backward, and the cave collapses burying both Sara and Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha barely gets Kagome and Shippo to safety atop the cliff when the ground under their feet starts to crumble. The demon Sara bursts through the ground, riding a gigantic carrion crow. She carries Tetsusaiga victoriously. Enjoying her success, Sara remembers when she spied Sesshomaru in the forest while he recovered from losing his arm to Inuyasha. In his delirium, Sesshomaru called out his brother’s name, cursing him for taking Tetsusaiga. This memory inspired Sara to steal the katana from Inuyasha, present it to Sesshomaru and win his affection. Bad timing places Sesshomaru at the cliff following Sara’s theft of Tetsusaiga. His brother present, Inuyasha believes this is another attempt to take Tetsusaiga and he angrily attacks Sesshomaru. Sara hovers above with the katana, watching. After repelling Inuyasha, Sesshomaru makes it clear he had nothing to do with Sara’s plot. Although Sara tries to present him with Tetsusaiga, Sesshomaru refuses the weapon, making it clear he doesn’t want the Tetsusaiga from her under the circumstances and leaves. Inuyasha charges Sara, attempting to reclaim Tetsusaiga, but she attacks, hitting him with her petrifying stone spell. Quick reaction from Kagome saves him - her Miko arrows destroy and purify the spell, reversing its effect on Inuyasha, but Sara manages to escape. Inuyasha pursues her, while Kagome returns to the village to free her friends and the villagers from an eternity as statuary. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru arrives back at the woods where he sought refuge to recover after his first tangle with Tetsusaiga. He recalls the fight with Inuyasha within their father’s tomb and how afterwards, escaping to the same forest, he lashed out in pain and anger at Sara’s father’s samurai. His solitary brooding is interrupted when Sara joins him, still carrying Tetsusaiga. She tells Sesshomaru how she encountered him in the forest while he was wounded and delirious, how she learned about Tetsusaiga and his desire to possess the katana. She continues, telling Sesshomaru about how she tried to stop her warlord father from exacting revenge on him and how her father cruelly beat her for interfering with his vengeance. Her father’s attempted retaliation on Sesshomaru turned her against him and Sara declares how satisfied she felt when Sesshomaru defeated her father. Sara confesses her devotion to Sesshomaru and how, when she was dying, she allowed herself to be consumed by demons to become youkai and more worthy of his attention. As Sara presses the Tetsusaiga upon Sesshomaru again as the proof of her love, Inuyasha arrives ready to reclaim his blade. Sara isn’t giving up Tetsusaiga easily and attacks him again, sending forth hideous, snake-like demons to bind and restrain Inuyasha. In a startling turn of events, Sesshomaru blocks further attacks upon his younger brother. It seems Sesshomaru wants to keep their conflict exclusively a family matter! Sara is shocked as Sesshomaru attacks her, releasing the true demon Sara has become. Kagome and the others arrive at the strange battlefield, free Inuyasha and join the fight against Sara. The human part of Sara implores Sesshomaru one last time to be with her, but Sesshomaru isn’t interested. Kagome’s arrow hits Sara, blowing a hole through her torso. Sesshomaru strikes with Tokijin, and severs the appendage holding Tetsusaiga. Masses of youkai continue to fly relentlessly from Sara’s demon body, inundating the fighters. Spotting the freed Tetsusaiga, Sesshomaru grabs the sword and swings. It’s energy barrier sizzles viciously in his hand, painfully scorching Sesshomaru as he hacks at the huge tide of demons surging at him. The creatures are driven back temporarily. Unable to hold onto the katana any longer, Sesshomaru is forced to drop Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha takes back his weapon and successfully dispatches the deluge of demons. Demonic Sara is vaporized but the human part of Sara still lingers, dying and dissolving into dust at Sesshomaru‘s feet. She melts away calling his name until noting is left but her flute. Sesshomaru stabs the instrument into the pile of dust and enigmatically walks away. Baffled, Inuyasha and the others make no effort to stop him. Sesshomaru rejoins Rin and Jaken -- it appears he already has all the ‘affection‘ he needs from his peculiar, but devoted, traveling companions.

April 12, 2004
Spring Special: The Tragic Love Song of Destiny
Long ago, in the country of Musashi, there lived a beautiful maiden, a miko named Kikyo, and her young sister, Kaede. Kikyo was not only lovely, but possessed great spiritual power which she dedicated to protecting humans from demons who threatened Japan in those days. But Kikyo’s power came at great personal expense: her duties so consumed her she could not live as normal women, with friends, frivolities and romance. Although respected and revered, Kikyo was forced to live a lonely, austere life with no one but her little sister, Kaede, as companion. Despite the loneliness and risk in her life, Kikyo is envied by jealous rivals: a miko named Tsubaki and a tiny, but ruthless demon spider. Another friendless spirit also dwelt in Musashi’s country: a youth - not quite human, not quite demon but somewhere in between. He survived using his human cunning and the power of his demon blood. The youth was called Inuyasha, and he vowed to find a way to empower himself. Inuyasha dreamed of becoming a full-fledged demon so he could live without menace from the humans and demons who scorned and rejected him. In the village of the Taijin (demon exterminators) the leader finds a miraculous, but ominous surprise inside a dead yokai - the fabled Shikon no Tama - the Jewel of Four Souls. The Shikon no Tama has returned to the Taijin village, the place of its creation but it is corrupt, and must be purified. Freed, the jewel’s powerful aura immediately draws demonic attention from the ambitious demon Mistress Centipede. Driving away the loathsome creature, the Taijin leader decides the Shikon no Tama must be entrusted to a miko with exceptional spiritual power to can purify the jewel and keep it safe from evil hands. Devout and pure spirited Kikyo is selected for the task. Protecting the Shikon jewel is a great honor, but the responsibility isolates Kikyo even more. Kikyo’s days are filled battling power hungry monsters, but her nights overflow with solitude. One moonless night, Kikyo’s battle with a Shikon-crazed band of yokai attracts the attention of the half demon Inuyasha. He observes Kikyo slaughter the yokai with just bow and arrow. She senses the youth’s demon aura, but only momentarily - the moonless night causes the half-demon to change into human form. When Kikyo calls for the intruder to show himself, Inuyasha remains hidden. Believing she speaks to a human, Kikyo tells him of the Shikon jewel. The human woman provides Inuyasha with an inspired plan - capture and use the Shikon no Tama to become a full demon but first he must conquer that woman, Kikyo. Inuyasha’s attempts to challenge Kikyo end in humiliating failure. When Kikyo refuses opportunities to kill him, Inuyasha becomes wary of her consideration. He stalks the miko for reasons other than the Shikon jewel; he’s seldom known kindness and wonders why Kikyo would show him such tolerance. Inuyasha’s observations reveal a solitary maiden of great compassion burdened with harsh responsibilities. Kikyo discovers Inuyasha is also more than he appears - his tough façade hides the tender heart of a lonely boy. An odd relationship blooms between the priestess and the half-demon. As their relationship flowers into something more than friendship, hungry, evil eyes observe. The malevolent spider demon watches and plots, eager to seize an opportunity to exploit the frail trust the young lovers share so he can win the Shikon jewel for his own. The news of Kikyo’s involvement with Inuyasha spreads. Tsubaki, Kikyo’s rival, confronts Kikyo. She accuses Kikyo of weakness; that her romance with a half-demon is the reason why demons plague the land. Tsubaki challenges Kikyo’s spiritual strength but loses miserably. Once again, the spider demon keenly watches, waiting for his chance. The spider’s opportunity arrives with Onigumo, a mortally wounded bandit whom Kikyo rescued and nurses with mercy. Onigumo lusts after the beautiful miko, desiring to pervert her virtue and possess Kikyo as his own. The spider demon makes a pact with Onigumo - his soul and Kikyo in exchange for his human body. Onigumo agrees and the spider calls forth a horde of demon minions who take possession of Onigumo’s flesh. But Onigumo was deceived. The spider, Naraku, merely used the bandit as a vessel for his evil, uniting the strength and wickedness of many demons inside Onigumo’s human form. Powerful and free, Naraku unleashes a torrent of demonic evil upon the countryside.

The demon attack sews seeds of doubt inside Kikyo. Frightened she’s losing her spiritual strength and fearful she can’t protect the Shikon no Tama, Kikyo makes Inuyasha a proposition: if he uses the power of the jewel to become fully human, rather than demon, the jewel will cease to be. With no Shikon no Tama to protect, they can both live together peacefully as an ordinary human couple. Inuyasha agrees, wanting nothing more than a normal life with the woman he loves. They arrange to meet at dawn and complete their plan. Naraku disguises himself as Inuyasha and discovers the young lover’s arrangement. Awaiting Inuyasha at dawn, Kikyo is brutally attacked by the disguised Naraku who steals the Shikon no Tama from her dying grasp. As Inuyasha, Naraku tells the gravely wounded miko he had no intention to become human; all he wanted was a chance to take the jewel. Betrayed by love she once felt, Kikyo swears revenge for Inuyasha’s scorn. As Kikyo’s clings to life, Naraku returns the Shikon no Tama to the village shrine, disguising himself as Kikyo, and sets off to meet Inuyasha. Inuyasha waits for Kikyo by the Goshinboku tree when “she” arrives armed, and ready to kill. Naraku/Kikyo tells Inuyasha their meeting was a trick to make him vulnerable. Her real intention was to kill him and remove another threat to the Shikon no Tama. Angered by his lover’s treachery, Inuyasha dodges “Kikyo’s” barrage of arrows and heads to the village to steal the Shikon Jewel. The real Kikyo pursues the real Inuyasha to the village. As he tries to escape with the Shikon no Tama, Kikyo corners Inuyasha by the Goshenboku tree, and shoots her last arrow, piercing Inuyasha’s heart and pinning him to the scared tree. They watch each other as they ‘die’ unaware they were innocent victims of Naraku’s sinister plot. But karma has the last laugh - the Shikon Jewel is cremated with Kikyo’s remains. In spite of all his foul manipulation, Naraku is denied his prize. Time passes and Kaede grows old. For some strange reason, however, Inuyasha’s impaled body remains the same. For fifty years Kaede visits the Goshenboku, finding the half-demon unchanged until, one day, a young girl in strange clothing emerges from of the old Bone-Eater’s well. Her name is Kagome and she’s about to change the world.

March 29, 2006
Inuyasha Fan Disk
The Fan Disk contains scenes from the television show with music from the six original characters singles playing over it. It also contains commentary from Kappei Yamaguchi and Satsuki Yukino.

July 30, 2008
Black Tetsusaiga
This 30 minute animated special that debuted at the opening of Rumiko Takahashi's "It's a Rumic World!" art exhibition. The special is entitled "Kuroi Tetsusaiga" (Black Tetsusaiga), and based on this, it is most likely that the story will deal with the Meido Zangetsuha technique. The cast came in and recorded the vocal track on July 8th.

Purple fog clears slowly revealing Sesshomaru facing a large black orb filled with colors and disintigrating a man, Shishinki, who he has just bested. He suddenly thinks back to a conversation with Totosai at his father's grave. Byakuya appears in the present floating on a giant paper crane and says something to irritate Sesshomaru, causing him to attack him with the Meidou Zangetsuha, which he evades. He throws something at Sesshomaru, which he catches. It's a white flower that falls away to reveal a sharp shard of some kind.

Elsewhere, Inuyasha is arguing with Jaken and Shippo as Rin, Kohaku, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Kirara eat lunch together in a field. Rin comments how delicious the lunch Kagome has made for them all is. Inuyasha makes his argument with Jaken too physical for Kagome's liking and she 'sits' him. Sesshomaru returns to the group, much to the delight of Rin and Jaken. There is a flashback to Kanna being blown away by an attack along with the mirror demon she summoned and Sesshomaru shocks everyone by drawing Tenseiga. Suddenly, Naraku's voice is heard, in an aside, plotting something as usual. Sesshomaru challenges Inuyasha to a duel.

Sesshomaru advances on Inuyasha and strikes as Inuyasha dodges the attack. He draws Tetsusaiga, but somehow Tenseiga steals its power and takes the form of the transformed Tetsusaiga. Byakuya appears, and everyone but Sesshomaru is shocked to see him. There is another flashback to Kanna as Byakuya talks. Sesshomaru says something about Naraku which prompts Rin to plead with him to avoid Naraku because of what he's done to Kohaku. Byakuya creates a circle around Sesshomaru and Inuyasha that transforms into a bubble around them, and floats into the air. The rest of the group can't see or hear what's going on with the brothers. Byakuya disappears just as Sango throws her boomerang.

The bubble encompassing Sesshomaru and Inuyasha is full of demons and miasma. The brothers argue and Sesshomaru attacks Inuyasha with the Kongosoha and Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga's sheath to shield himself from the attack. Tenseiga turns red and Sesshomaru attacks Inuyasha again, knocking him back. Sesshomaru seems to taunt Inuyasha, as if he needs him to fight back, and strikes at his younger brother again, knocking him off the floating platforms and into the purple waters below. A small creature hovers nearby, Byakuya's right eye acting as an informant, and he reports everything he sees of the fight to Naraku, now a mass of parts encapsulated in an orb filled with miasma.

Back outside, the rest of the group worries about what is happening within the orb and the sky suddenly turns ominous, but it's just Totosai arriving. They quickly explain the situation to him, and he bonks his cow on the head, causing its eyes to broadcast what is going on inside the orb like film projector so the group can see what's happening. A large demon flies up out of the water toward Sesshomaru, who kills it with ease, revealing Inuyasha hiding behind it ready to attack. Kagome is especially worried to see that Inuyasha has transformed into a full demon, yet he still seems to have his own conciousness. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha attack each other, matching one another's strength, their swords causing sparks. Sesshomaru suddenly draws back and retreats slightly. Inuyasha quickly pursues him, and Sesshomaru attacks with a Wind Scar. Inuyasha sends his own wind Scar and it meets Sesshomaru's attack in mid-air. Miroku comments that he can't believe he's seeing two Wind Scar attacks against each other.

The attacks have created numerous twisters out of the swirling purple water within the orb, and the demons are being sucked into them. Inuyasha advances and Sesshomaru attacks with the Meido Zangetsuha, which Inuyasha is taken into. Byakuya reports this to Naraku, who seems very interested. Naraku sends a tentacle outside his bubble to poke into Byakuya's empty eye socket. Inside the black Meido, Inuyasha wonders how to get out. From outside it Sesshomaru seems to will Inuyasha with his mind into finding the way out, then after a minute throws Tenseiga into the black void after Inuyasha. As he does, Tetsusaiga changes, taking on a scaley appearance, and a large red swirl appears behind Inuyasha.

This seems to surprise Totosai slightly, which only worries the rest of the group. They seem uncertain about Inuyasha doing what he needs to in the situation. Back in his hut, Naraku and Byakuya accesses what is happening as well. Even inside the void, Sesshomaru wonders if Inuyasha can succeed. Inside the black ball, Inuyasha faces the swirl and strikes it with Tetsusaiga. From his hut, Naraku seems to scoff at Inuyasha for some reason. Inuyasha struggles with the red swirl as it begins to grow larger, nearly filling the black ball completely.

Totosai tells the rest of the group something about Tenseiga and Tetsusaiga needing to work together to reach their full potential. Naraku seems to know something, and smirks. Suddenly Inuyasha is struck by Tenseiga with no one wielding it. There is another flashback to Kanna's death, and Inuyasha is struck by giant shards shooting out from Tenseiga. Sesshomaru moves quickly, entering the black ball when he realizes something is going wrong. Naraku is controlling Tenseiga somehow, and as Sesshomaru goes to stop the sword, he sees Naraku's face in the blade, reminding him of something. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha fight one another again, Inuyasha still in demon mode and now full of giant shards of the blade. Somehow Inuyasha breaks Tenseiga in two. Tetsusaiga begins to glow bright yellow, which spreads to Inuyasha, changing him back to normal. Then Tetsusaiga turns black, shocking Inuyasha, just before he passes out from the miasma covered shards. Sesshomaru hears Naraku's voice as he pulls the shards from Inuyasha's back.

Back on the ground, Kagome begs Totosai to do something, but all they can do is wait. She and the rest of the group start calling to Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Inuyasha wakes to see Sesshomaru, who explains the black bladed Tetsusaiga to him. Inuyasha doesn't seem to like what he hears, but it doesn't matter because both of them are being pulled toward a large black hole in the orb. As they are being sucked in, Inuyasha sees a small sliver of light. He hears Kagome's voice calling to him and slashes at the sliver, freeing the brothers from the void, and passing out in the process. As the orb disappears, Totosai notices something small fall away from it.

Jaken sobs in relief at Sesshomaru's safety and Totsai offers to fix Tenseiga. Inuyasha regains conciousness at Kagome's side and explains that he saw the sliver of light and struck there, remembering how he broke Tenseiga. Rin takes the broken sword from Totosai and she and Kohaku run after Sesshomaru as he leaves. Sango starts to call after Kohaku, but Miroku stops her, offering some comforting words. Totosai tells Inuyasha something that seems to make him a little nervous for Kagome's safety. The look on his face prompts Kagome to ask Inuyasha what he's thinking. When he gets embarrassed and won't tell her, she 'sits' him. The last thing we see is Sesshomaru face as he leaves.

Inuyasha Theater Production
In 2001 Shinkansen Parcomics staged a production of Inuyasha a as a musical. The storyline went up to the introduction of Miroku. The musical covers Kagome's first trip through the well, the battle against Yura of the Hair, and Kikyo's betrayal. The production stars Atsuhiro Satoh as Inuyasha, Erika Mabuchi as Kagome, Shinsuke Kyo as Miroku, Kyoko Tohyama as Kikyo, Asashi Yoshida as Myoga and Meguma Nishimuta as Naraku. The production features intricate costumes, especially Inuyasha's and Myoga's.


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