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Episodes 1 - 27
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Opening Theme: Change the World (1-34)
Ending Themes: My Will (1-20) & Fukai Mori (21-41)
Series Director: Masashi Ikeda
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Season One Overview:
The first season of Inuyasha begins with a bang. Rumiko Takahashi leaves Kitty Animation and makes Inuyasha the first non-Kitty production of her work. Sunrise, known for their work on Mobile Suit Gundam is awarded the project and hires a top notch creative staff to closely follow Takahashi's original stories. Director Masashi Ikeda's previous work includes Ronin Warriors, Gundam Wing, and Darkstalkers: Night Warriors Revenge.

Episode 1 10/16/00
Toki o Koeta Shoujo to Fuuinsareta Shonen
The Girl Who Overcame Time...and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome

The first episode opens showing the fateful battle between Kikyo and Inuyasha over the Shikon Jewel. As a result of their battle, Kikyo lay dying and Inuyasha was stuck to a tree by one of her arrows, where he remained for 50 years. Cut to present day where we meet Kagome Higurashi, a modern 15 year old Tokyoite who lives with her family at a shrine. The shrine is built near an old well, called The Bone-Eater's Well. While looking for her younger brother, Sota, Kagome is attacked by a Centipede demon searching for the Shikon Jewel. Kagome tumbles down the well and before long realizes she is now in feudal Japan. There she meets Kaeda, Kikyo's little sister who is now an old woman (50 years have passed since the opening scene). Soon, Mistress Centipede is back looking for the Shikon Jewel that is inside of Kagome's body. She rips it from her side, but not before a very angry Inuyasha awakens from his 50 year slumber.

Episode 2 10/23/01
Shikon no Tama o Nerau Monotachi
Seekers of the Sacred Jewel
Inuyasha confuses Kagome for Kikyo, who he still harbors an extreme hatred for. He tries to take the Shikon Jewel from her, but not before Kaede steps in and places a magical rosary around his neck, causing him to crash to the ground whenever Kagome yells "sit!". With Inuyasha subdued Kagome makes her way back to the Bone-Eater's Well, but not before getting side-tracked by a possessed bandit who manages to take the Shikon Jewel from her. Inuyasha arrives just in the nick of time and pursues the crow demon who stole it, but not before one of Kagome's arrows shatters the Jewel into dozens of tiny shards.

Episode 3 10/30/00
Honekui no Ido kara Tadaima
Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again
After an arguement between Inuyasha and Kagome over his peeping at her while she was bathing, the pair decide to call it quits. Inuyasha wants to search for the Shikon Jewel alone and Kagome wants nothing more than to return home. On her way back to the well she is attacked by Yura of the Hair, a demon who is using her hair to control the villagers and make them attack Inuyasha and Kaede. Luckily for them, Kagome is able to see the strands of hair that are invisible to everyone else. Thus, Inuyasha must make amends and try to find Kagome and get her to help.

Episode 4 11/6/00
Sakasagami no Youma, Yura
Yura of the Demon-Hair
Out of nowhere Inuyasha arrives in present day Tokyo to get Kagome to return to the past with him. Immediately, Kagome notices one of Yura's hairs on Inuyasha and quickly realizes that her family could be in jeopardy if she doesn't help out. Returning to the past Inuyasha and Kagome confront Yura, and while she and Inuyasha fight, Kagome manages to locate the source of her power, a comb, and destroy it.

Episode 5 11/13/00
Senritsu no Kikoushi Sesshoumaru
Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru
Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's half brother and his servant Jaken are introduced as they search for a sword, Tetsusaga, that was left to Inuyasha by his late father. Myoga, an old flea demon watches as they search, and quickly relays the news to Inuyasha. After awhile, a carriage containing Inuyasha's mother is spotted and a demon carrying Jaken soon attacks it. After saving his mother, Inuyasha and Kagome are transported to a serene location, where Kagome quickly realizes Inuyasha's mother isn't who she appears to be.

Episode 6 11/20/00
Bukimina Buddou, Tetsusaga
Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Sword
Kagome brings Inuyasha to his senses and they both quickly realize that his mother is actually a Nothing Woman, a collection of the spirits of mother's who have lost their children. The Nothing Woman uses her powers to find out where the entrance to Inuyasha's father's grave is, reveals it is in the Black Pearl hidden behind Inuyasha's eye. Sesshomaru quickly pulls the pearl out and steps into their father's graveyard, but soon realizes he is unable to pull the Tetsusaga out. Soon there after, Kagome does it with ease.

Episode 7 11/27/00
Geki Taiketsu! Sesshoumaru vs Tetsusaga
Showdown! Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru
Sesshomaru is amazed that Kagome was able to remove the sword, so he talks to her for a few moments before attacking and seemingly killing her. Inuyasha begins fighting against his brother, but is shocked when he sees Kagome rising up from the bones that everyone thought was hers. She hands the sword to Inuyasha and Sesshomaru reverts to his true form to finish the battle. In the midst of battle, Inuyasha promises to protect Kagome, and the Tetsusaga reacts by growing into a huge fang, which lops off Sesshomaru's left arm. Sesshomaru is left with no choice but to retreat, and Inuyasha, Kagome, and Myoga return to the village to tell Kaede about the sword. It is revealed that the Tetsusaga's hidden powers will reveal themselves when it is used to protect humans.

Episode 8 12/4/00
Donosama Youkai, Tsukumo no Gama
The Toad Who Would Be Prince
Nobunaga is introduced in this episode. While swimming a monkey steals Kagome's clothes. Once she gets her clothes back, she meets the owner of the monkey, Nobunaga. Kagome and Inuyasha learn that he is on his way to meet a princess. They travel together and learn of a local lord that has been possessed. When they arrive at his castle, everyone is asleep, and Nobunaga finds his princess. The evil lord appears, and Myoga points out that it is a Tsugumo no Gama. Inuyasha rushes in to kill him, but Nobunaga stops him, because the innocent lord's mind is still intact inside the demon. Tsugumo no Gama attacks Nobunaga, and Inuyasha refuses to help. Kagome uses her hairspray and some fire to drive the demon from the lord's body. After that Inuyasha quickly dispatches it.

Episode 9 12/11/00
Shippou Toujou! Raijuu Kyodai Hiten, Manten
Enter Shippo, Plus the Amazing Thunder Brothers!
While wandering through a battlefield, a bit of foxfire appears and transforms into a large balloon shape, in an attempt to frighten Kagome and Inuyasha into giving him their Shikon shards, the demon reveals himself as Shippo, a fox demon. Shippo tells them that he needs the shards in order to become more powerful so that he can avenge his father's death at the hands of Hiten and Manten, the Thunder Brothers. Shippo travels with Kagome and Inuyasha a short distance before stealing the Shikon shards and running into the forest. There he meets Hiten and Manten, who demand that he give up the shards to them. Kagome tries to save Shippo but gets knocked out. Manten finds her very attractive and decides to take her. Shippo runs to get Inuyasha and beg for his help. When Inuyasha arrives the brothers are ready for a fight with Hiten starting off the battle with his Raigekijin.

Episode 10 12/18/00
Geki Taiketsu! Raigekijin vs Tetsusaga!!
Phantom Showdown- The Thunder Brothers vs. Tetsusaiga
The battle between Inuyasha and Hiten rages on, and Kagome tries to take out Manten, but to no avail. Shippo comes to her rescue and sends Manten into a rage as the last hair falls from his head. He begins punching Shippo and choking Kagome to death while Inuyasha watches. Inuyasha decides to take out Manten first and throws his Tetsusaga through him, killing him. Hiten goes crazy and blasts Kagome and the Tetsusaga away from Inuyasha. As his brother dies in his arms, Hiten consumes all five of the collected Shikon shards and launches another attack against Inuyasha. Hiten blasts Kagome and Shippo again, and it appears he has killed them. Inuyasha only has the Tetsusaga's scabbard to protect himself, but soon the scabbard summons the sword, which Inuyasha quickly uses to finish Hiten. Inuyasha learns that Shippo's father's pelt protected Kagome and Shippo from Hiten's blast.

Episode 11 1/15/01
Gendai ni Yomigaeru, Noroi no Noumen
Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask
Kagome tells Inuyasha that due to upcoming tests, she has to go back to her own time for awhile. Taking the Shikon shards with her, she hops through the Bone Eater's Well and arrives back in her own time. Kagome's grandfather notices that the Mask of Flesh has escaped from the seals he used to keep it at bay. The mask darts around the room trying to find a body for itself and starts a fire, trapping Grandfather. The Mask is able to capture the body of a fireman and leaves in search of more bodies. Later in the night, it is drawn back to the Higurashi house and Kagome's room in particular because of the Shikon shards in her room. The Mask attacks and Kagome manages to save both the shards and Sota. As they get outside and the Mask continues to attack, Kagome tells Sota to go to the well and bring Inuyasha back. Sota does as he's asked but is unable to travel through the well. He's shocked when Inuyasha appears in front of him. Sota quickly tells Inuyasha whats going on and he's off to save Kagome, brining Sota along with him. Inuyasha arrives in time to rescue Kagome, but once the battle is over she realizes that she has her tests in a few hours and heads home to do some last minute cramming, leaving Inuyasha more than a little angry.

Episode 12 1/22/01
Tatari Mokke to Chiisaina Akuryou
Soul Piper and the Mischievous Little Soul
While Kagome is walking home from school she sees a little girl playing a mean prank on some other children. After telling her to stop and chasing her off, the little girl is shocked that Kagome can even see her, but quickly dissapears. Inuyasha meanwhile is repairing the damage done to his scabbard by the Thunder Brothers. As he, Myoga, and Shippo wait for the repairs to finish they notice a Tatari Mokke. Myoga explains that this demon plays a flute to help recently deceased children's spirits find their way into the afterlife. As long as the Tatari Mokke's eyes are closed it is completely harmless and actually quite helpful. In the present, Kagome takes Sota to visit a friend of his in the hospital. His friend, Satoru has been in a coma ever since his apartment caught on fire. His sister Mayu died tragically in the fire because the children's mother didn't know she was in the apartment. Mayu died thinking her mother abandoned her to die alone and has been haunting her family ever since. In a fit of anger Mayu knocks her mother out and tries to kill Satoru when the Tatarimokke appears behind her with its eyes almost fully open. When its eyes do open, the demon takes children's spirits to hell. Kagome follows Mayu and recreates the moment of her death, only this time Kagome rescues her from the closet. Mayu's ghost asks her mother for forgiveness and goes on to heaven, allowing Satoru to come out of his coma.

Episode 13 1/29/01
Shingetsu no Nazo: Kurokami no Inuyasha
The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-Haired Inuyasha
Hojo, Kagome's friend from school decides to ask her out and Kagome accepts. Afterwards, Kagome meets up with Inuyasha, Myoga and Shippo to find the next Shikon shard. As they are sailing along a river, they see a girl falling from a cliff. Inuyasha manages to catch her, and she tells them her story. Her name is Nazuna and her village has been attacked by spider demons. The group offers to help, but Nazuna flatly refuses them. They take her home and meet the old monk who has become her surrogate father. The monk asks them to spend the night and they accept, much to Inuyasha's dissapointment. As night falls Inuyasha begins to get fidgety and goes off by himself. Just then he notices that the Spider demon's have them completely surrounded and has the monk captured. Shippo, Myoga, Kagome, Inuyasha and Nazuna manage to escape when Kagome notices that Inuyasha's hair is black and his ears are gone. Myoga tells her Inuyasha's secret. When the new moon comes every month, Inuyasha loses all his demonic powers and reverts completely to a normal human being. Kagome realizes she's left the Shikon shards back in the temple so Shippo and Inuyasha return to get the shards and try to save the monk. Once they arrive, they see that the monk is actually the spider demon. Kagome and Nazuna arrive and get the injured Inuyasha into a safe room to spend the night. Kagome and Inuyasha share a few romantic moments before the demon attacks and devours the Shikon shards. Inuyasha is about to be finished off as the sun rises and he reverts back to his true self. He quickly kills the spider and everyone is surprised to see that the Shikon shards fused together inside the demon to create a large half-completed jewel.

Episode 14 2/5/01
Nuzumareta Kikyou no Reikotsu
Kikyo's Stolen Ashes
An old woman named Urasue attacks Kaede's village and steals Kikyo's bones. Inuyasha is dreaming about Kikyo and notices the old woman escape. Kaede tells him what happened, but he is reluctant to do anything about it because of his hatred for Kikyo. They finally decide to get Kikyo's bones back, and Kagome begins to wonder about Inuyasha's relationship toward Kikyo. She soon learns that he was in fact in love with her, but that they couldn't be together because of her role as a priestess and the fact that he's a demon. They enter Urasue's cave and learn that she has created a new body for Kikyo, and is planning on using her to gather Shikon shards. As they are attacked by her guards, Urasue learns that Kikyo no longer has a soul that can be brought back from the afterlife and is very upset by this. She soon notices the resemblance between Kikyo and Kagome and manages to abduct Kagome for use in her plot to ressurrect Kikyo.

Episode 15 2/12/01
Hiun no Miko, Kikyou Fukkatsu
Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo
After defeating the clay warriors that Urasue pitted against them, Kaede realizes what her plot is and why she's taken Kikyo's bones along with Kagome. Meanwhile, Urasue has placed Kagome in a cauldron of herbs that will pull her soul out and allow the new body of Kikyo to absorb it and be ressurected. Inuyasha and Shippo arrive in time to see Kagome's soul leave her body. They hear Kikyo tell them not to speak her name, but Inuyasha is so shocked, that he inadvertently does. This causes Kikyo to awaken. Urasue tells her to kill everyone, but Kikyo quickly decides to kill Urasue and demands to know why Inuyasha killed her. He has no idea what she's talking about, as it was Naraku disguised as Inuyasha that fatally wounder Kikyo. Kikyo begins attacking Inuyasha while Shippo pulls Kagome out of the cauldron. Kaede tells Shippo that Kagome will never reawaken until Kikyo has had her vengeance against Inuyasha. Just then, Kikyo wounds Inuyasha and Kagome begins to reawaken, parts of of sould leave Kikyo, but strangely as she fully recovers Kikyo is still alive. The barely living Urasue explains that Kikyo is only alive because her hate for Inuyasha is so great. Kikyo leaves and Inuyasha follows her. He saves her from jumping off a cliff and tries to get her to give the last of Kagome's soul back. Kikyo instead loosens herself from his grasp and falls, dissapearing into the fog below.

Episode 16 2/19/01
Migi Te ni Kazaana Furyou Houshi Miroku
Mystical Hand of the Amorous Monk, Miroku
The episode opens with the group remembering the events of the previous episode. Then we see a monk trying to decide which path to follow. Upon hearing that some women are down one path, the monk Miroku decides to investigate. Unfortunately for him, they wind up being rather large, but he then heads off to exorcise a demon from a Buddha statue and rob the family blind in the process. Later, Miroku spies on Kagome as she bathes and realizes that the group has some of the Shikon shards. The next morning Miroku along with his Tanuki partner confront the group and he and Inuyasha square off. Kagome saves Inuyasha from the void in Miroku's hand. After some flirting on Miroku's part it is revealed that Naraku is the one responsible for the void in Miroku's hand and he decides to join up with our party and fight Naraku together.

Episode 17 2/26/01
Jigoku Eshi no Kegareta Sumi
The Cursed Ink of the Hell-Painter
Inuyasha and the others come across a battlefield, but he doesn't smell any blood, only ink. Upon further investigation they discover an artist who is able to make his drawings of demons come to life and attack people. The artist manages to escape, but soon a local lord becomes involved as he seeks the power of the artist's Shikon shard. While trying to save the lord Inuyasha manages to cut the inkwell of the artist in half destroying the monsters. The artist is killed by his own creations as well and another shard is gained.

Episode 18 3/5/01
Te o Kunda Naraku to Sesshomaru
Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces
Sesshomaru returns with an oni's arm replacing the one he lost in his first battle with Inuyasha. Naraku arrives and offers Sesshomaru a new arm- a human arm that will allow him to hold the Tessiaga and a Shikon shard to increase his power. Sesshomaru manages to get the Tessiaga from Inuyasha after tracking the group down and shows his expertise by slaying hundreds of mountain demons in one blow. He uses the Saimyosho bees that Naraku gave him to keep Miroku from using his void and then he and Inuyasha begin to square off. Luckily Kagome steps in with an impressive save and takes aim for Sesshomaru's head.

Episode 19 3/12/01
Kaere, Kagome! Omae no Jidai ni
Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome!
Kagome fires the arrow, but misses Sesshomaru. Inuyasha steps in to protect her while she tries to treat Miroku who was poisoned by the bees. Miroku learns from Jaken that it was Naraku who gave Sesshomaru these new tricks. Inuyasha manages to get the sword (and Sesshomaru's human hand) back but is severely wounded in the process. Without a human hand or the sword, Sesshomaru decides to retreat. The Saimyosho follow Sesshomaru trying to get the Shikon shard back for their master, and as the remnants of the arm begin to act up, Sesshomaru quickly discards it. A gravely wounded Inuyasha escorts Kagome back to the well to send her home, hugs her, takes her Shikon shards and then tosses her down the well. With the well blocked on Inuyasha's end Kagome is stuck in the present.

Episode 20 3/19/01
Asamashiki Yatou, Onigumo no Nazo
Despicable Villain! The Mystery of Onigumo
Kagome returns to her normal routine of going to school and being a typical 21st century teenager while in the past Inuyasha is learning the origin of the evil Naraku. Kaede tells the group of a theif who was severely burned all over his body and was unable to walk. Kikyo cared for him in a small cave where he lived. Onigumo lusted for Kikyo. Kaede takes Miroku and Inuyasha to visit the cave where Onigumo once lived and explains how he allowed powerful demons to eat him which combined their power with his and created Naraku. Soon Miroku and Inuyasha hear Shippo calling from near the well. He is being attacked by Royakan, a wolf demon. During the fight, Inuyasha reopens his wounds from his battle with Sesshomaru. In the present three days have passed and Kagome is still trying unsuccessfully to get back through the well. Royakan attacks again with even more power thanks to a second Shikon shard Naraku has placed on his head. Naraku releases the Saimyosho to prevent Miroku from opening his void and Inuyasha is too weak to fight back.

Episode 21 4/9/01
Naraku no Shinjitsu ni Semaru
Naraku's True Identity Unveiled
In the present Kagome decides to go on a date with Hojo, her classmate. She stops by the well one last time before leaving. In the past things are getting rough as Shippo runs away from Royakan's wolves and manages to squeeze past the tree and down to the bottom of the well. Kagome senses the shard on the other side, but sees nothing so she decides to leave for her date. Hojo thinks she's sick so she ends the date early and heads back to the well. After some digging she manages to make it through. While this is happening Naraku reveals that he is the one behind the fight that caused Inuyasha and Kikyo to hate each other 50 years ago. Inuyasha manages enough strength to drive Naraku away and Kagome helps remove the Shikon shards from Royakan's head.

Episode 22 4/9/01
Kikyo no Tamashii
A Wicked Smile; Kikyo's Wandering Soul
The gang are spending the night in a small village guarding a diseased girl's soul from soul stealing demons that have been seen in the area. In another small town it appears that Kikyo has survived her fall and is trying to start a new life. One of the local priests, Seikai, senses something is different about her and attempts to use a ward on her. Nothing happens to Kikyo but she gives the preist a jolt for his trouble. Kikyo has developed a friendship with a young girl in the town by the name of Sayo. Sayo has noticed that Kikyo seems troubled by something, and that night follows her down to the river. She watches as Seikai and his assistant attempt to exorcise Kikyo who proves too powerful for the priests. After seeing this Sayo runs away and Kikyo realizes that she will be unable to return to the village. The next morning Inuyasha and the others see Seikai's assistant floating unconscious in the river. After saving him he tells them about a a preistess that resembles Kagome and they learn that Kikyo is the one responsible for the soul stealing demons that they had come across. Inuyasha is very upset about the news and goes off on his own, and soon Kagome finds herself seperated from Miroku and Shippo and face to face with Kikyo.

Episode 23 4/16/01
Kagome no Koe to Kikyo no Kuchizuke
Kagome's Voice & Kikyo's Kiss
Inuyasha searches the riverbank for any signs of Kikyo and finds her ribbon. Kagome is magically bound by Kikyo and tries her best to tell her how Naraku was the one that actually killed her and not Inuyasha. Kikyo no longer cares and just wishes to be reunited with Inuyasha in death rather than life. She says she can not overcome the deep hatred she has harbored for him. Soon Inuyasha arrives and confronts Kikyo. He tells her how much he still cares for her and how often the thinks of her, but Kikyo no longer cares. She explains that she needs the souls of the dead to stay "alive". Inuyasha is unable to see Kagome thanks to Kikyo's spell, and he speaks about his feelings from the heart. Kikyo takes him in her arms and Kagome watches as the begin to sink into hell. Kagome manages to free herself from Kikyo's spell and awakens Inuyasha who then escapes from Kikyo's grasp. Kagome then begins to pull the souls that Kikyo had taken back out of her which causes Kikyo to flee. Now out of danger, Kagome tells Inuyasha that she wants to be alone for awhile. Kikyo it seems has travelled back to see her sister Kaede and learn about Naraku. Kagome heads back home through the well and becomes furious when she overhears Inuyasha say he wishes he could have them both.

Episode 24 4/23/01
Yokai Taijiya: Sango Toujou!
Enter Sango, the Demon Slayer
Inuyasha, Miroku and Shippo are sitting around a fire discussing the Shikon Jewel. Miroku explains that no good has ever come of it, and that if Inuyasha uses the jewel to become a full-blooded demon, he will probably slay his companions. Inuyasha seems a bit concerned about this. In the Exterminator Village a young girl named Sango prepares her brother Kohaku for his first demon extermination that night. The two siblings and their father travel to the castle where they will be working. Upon arriving the lord expresses his doubts about the abilities of Sango and Kohaku, but their father reassures the lord they are the best in the business. After fighting a large spider demon, Kohaku seems to lose control and begins killing his fellow exterminators, his father, and then stabbing his sister in the back. Sango realizes that the lord of the manor is in fact the demon controlling her little brother, and tries to kill him, but the manor guards kill Kohaku with a volley of arrows and then shoot Sango as well. Out of nowhere the young master of the manor emerges and kills the demon posing as the lord of the manor. He orders that the exterminators be buried in the garden. Inuyasha and the others notice a large swarm of demons flying through the air and decide they should follow them to see what is going on. When they finally catch up to them, they see that the Exterminator Village has been completely destroyed and that everyone there has been killed. Back at the young lord's manor he is shocked to see that Sango is still barely alive and has treated her wounds as best he could. As she recovers she overhears the young master being told of the village's destruction by Naraku. Sango is obviously upset and Naraku tells her that Inuyasha is the one that destroyed her home. Meanwhile at the Exterminator Village the group help to bury the dead, and Kirara, a giant cat creature arrives with Myoga who informs them of what took place.

Episode 25 5/7/01
Naraku no Bouryaku o Uchi Yabure
Naraku's Insidious Plot
Inuyasha and the others investigate the Shikon Cave near the Exterminator's Village. Myoga tells them this is where the exterminators used to dump the corpses of the demons they slayed, and that the Shikon Jewel was created in this cave. Sango is traveling back to her village with Naraku, but she is still too severely injured to make the trip. Naraku puts a Shikon shard in her back to give her more strength and help he make the trek. Upon arrive she immediately attacks Inuyasha, and when Miroku steps in to help, the Saimyosho enter to ensure he can not help by using his void. Where the Saimyosho are Naraku usually is, and Miroku manages to spot him and chop his hand off. This Naraku proves only to be a copy of the real thing, and the decapitated hand snatches Kagome's shards and vanishes in a puff of smoke. Seeing this, Sango becomes suspicious and sends Kirara to track the fleeing Naraku while she fights Inuyasha. Sango eventually passes out because of loosing too much blood from her previous injuries, and the group manage to catch back up to Miroku who had pursued the fake Naraku. Once Miroku is out of danger Sango learns what truly happened and the fake Naraku is killed and the Shikon shards he had stolen are retrieved. Back at the young lord's manor it is revealed that he is actually Naraku.

Episode 26 5/14/01
Tsui ni Akasareta Shikon no Himitsu
The Secret of the Sacred Jewel Revealed!
Sango pays her respect to her fallen exterminators and then escorts the others to the Shikon Cave to tell them the origins of the Shikon Jewel. She shows them the crystallized corpse of a priestess named Midoriko who, hundreds of years ago, was sent to purify the souls of the growing number of demons. The demons proved to be too strong, and Midoriko had to sacrifice herself to capture the demons souls. Her soul, along with those of the demons created the Shikon Jewel. Sango goes on to tell of how her fellow exterminators found the jewel inside a demon they slew and gave it to a priestess, Kikyo, to purify it. Later that night Myoga and Kirara return to the cave alone with the Shikon shards they have. Suddenly they are attacked by some of the undead spirits of the demons and Inuyasha and the others arrive just in time to help save them. They all return to the village, except for Kirara who stays and remembers serving Midoriko centuries ago.




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