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Episodes 28 - 57
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Opening Theme: Change the World (1-34) & I Am (35-64)
Ending Themes: Fukai Mori (21-41) & Dearest (42-60)
Series Director: Masashi Ikeda
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Season Two Overview:
The second season continues to run very strongly, and the theme songs are changed regularly. The themes are from some of the most popular artists in Japan at the time, and mark the first time mainstream artists of this caliber have worked on a Takahashi anime. The series music is provided by Kaoru Wada who won a Japanese Academy Award for his work on "Crest of Betrayal".

Episode 27 5/21/01
Suijin ga Shihaisuru Yami no Mizuumi
The Lake of the Evil Water God
Inuyasha and the others come across a village with a lot of wreckage, a flood to be exact. A boy gets the gang to help the villagers, and later is proven to be the headmasters real son. They go to the temple of the Water God and fight with him, but he seems invincible. Sango and Miroku, who have been washed out, travel to the mountain where the true God is sealed, who's a shrunken, beautiful female. They return to the temple and finish the battle with the fake Water God.

Episode 28 5/28/01
Kakoku na Wana ni Kakatta Miroku
Miroku Falls into a Dangerous Trap
After Sango finishes exterminating a large spider, Miroku is drawn away to a beautiful lady dressed as a princess, who is actually a praying mantis demon, but when Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel to suck her in, the claws widen his rip which is bad. He sets off with his tanuki friend (without telling Inuyasha and the others) to visit his former foster-father, Mushin, who can perhaps heal the wound. Mushin gets posessed, and attempts to kill Miroku, who sends his tanuki friend for help. The tanuki runs into the gang. Inuyasha and the others arrive in time, but have trouble dealing with Mushin. Myoga points out that a certain demon is manipulating Mushin. Inuyasha used Tetsusaiga with amazing results while protecting Miroku, and Sango manages to kill the manipulator and get Mushin back to normal.

Episode 29 6/4/01
Sango no Kunou to Kohaku no Inochi
Sango's Suffering and Kohaku's Life
Naraku commands a young boy in his territory to kill Inuyasha and the others. The gang come across a village, with many dead corpses. Some bombs explode, and the culprit is a young boy wearing similar fighting clothes to those that Sango wears. She is shocked that the young boy is in fact her brother Kohaku. He runs off into the forest, and the gang pursues him. They stop in front of a barrier, that only Sango could go through. She meets Kohaku, and Naraku appears behind him, who explains how Kohaku is alive again. Naraku makes a deal with Sango, which is something that seems impossible for her to do. As the gang spends the night in one of the sheds in the village, they are surrounded by an army of demons, and Kohaku. After a short fight, Kohaku tries to take the fragment out of himself, which causes Sango to throw Hiraikotsu, her weapon, against Tetsusaiga, and bring it to Naraku (it was his deal in return to let Kohaku live forever). Everyone else follows in pursuit to Naraku's castle.

Episode 30 6/11/01
Nusumareta Tessaiga Taiketsu Naraku no Shiro!
Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle
After arriving at his castle, Sango fights with Naraku, who used the form of the prince of the country as a disguise. Sango is weakened by his attacks, even Kirara, Sango's pet, is weakened by Naraku's miasma. Kohaku begins to remember Sango a little, and she seems a little happy. Everyone else arrives and tries fighting, except that it seems hopeless, since Tetsusaiga is stuck in Naraku's fortress. Kagome fires an arrow, which purifies the miasma, to everyone's surprise. She fires another at Naraku, and he's surprised as it greatly damages his body. With a weakened body, he escapes along with Kohaku. In the morning, Sango tries to leave, but the gang convinces her to stay.

Episode 31 6/18/01
Kokoroyasashiki Aishuu no Jinenji
Jinenji, Kind but Sad
Kagome and Inuyasha go to get herbs to cure Kirara from Naraku's misama poisoning. Upon meeting some villagers, they learn that a demon nearby named Jinenji has been attacking villagers. He was the owner of the field of herbs, and the villager used to get some from him. When Inuyasha tries to beat him up, it's quite shocking that he acts like a small child. His mother comes out, and the villagers run away. Jinenji is a half demon, and when they get the antidote, they decide to settle the problems, Inuyasha goes to find the real demon behind the attacks, and Kagome stays at the hut where Jinenji and his mother live. Jinenji warms up to her, but in the meantime, Inuyasha has found the demon nest, and has discovered why it's deserted. The villagers have planned to attack Jinenji, who's afraid to come out. The villagers have started to attack, but the real demon who killed the villagers appears with her children, coming to feast on more humans. Jinenji protects Kagome, who is hit by a mad, wounded, parent demon. Inuyasha arrives and kills most of the larva. Jinenji defeats the demon, and Kagome and Inuyasha leave, all of the problems resolved. At the end, Inuyasha reveals the bad times he had as a child, and makes Kagome happy, and afterwards, Inuyasha arrives at a comforting realization.

Episode 32 6/25/01
Jaki ni Ochita Kikyou to Inuyasha
Kikyo and Inuyasha are in Trouble
Kikyo is serving at a village full of soldiers, and is healing their injuries. A few men pass by explaining that they have come to take Kikyo to their leader. Once meeting him, she feels something strange about the castle. Naraku is shocked to see Kikyo alive again, and he has prohibited her from leaving, though she manages to. The gang has been called to investigate, because of a problem that the farmers had. When they reach the nearby mountain by the village, Inuyasha and Miroku head inside, while the rest stay out. Inuyasha attacks one of the demons in the mountain, but Miroku seems to think that it was a bad idea... Outside, Kikyo suddenly arrives, heads in, and Kagome follows after her with Kirara. Miroku explains to Inuyasha about the mountain and dangers, but with no avail. Once Kagome goes down to where Kikyo fell, Kikyo shoots an arrow at Tetsusaiga, which undoes its transformation, reflects up to the seal, and destroys it. Everything but Miroku and Kirara are pulled out the opening by a strong gust, and the demons merge with Naraku, who was waiting a distance from the mountain. He gains a new body and flies off with Kikyo.

Episode 33 7/2/01
Torawareta Kikyou to Naraku
Captured Kikyo and Naraku
Naraku brings Kikyo to his castle, and sticks a Shikon fragment in a dead soul of Kikyo's. Miroku notices Kikyo's Shinidamachu in the air, and the gang go after them. They go through a sudden light, and become separated. Inuyasha sees himself at the time when Kikyo sealed him; Miroku is being sucked into his air void; Sango sees her friends dead, murdered by her brother Kohaku, who then kills her; Shippo sees everyone gone, and is lonely. Naraku chuckles about it, and reveals that he is using vines called Gen-eisatsu (literally Illusional Death), to which only Kagome is immune. Kikyo rescuse Kagome but takes her Shikon fragment in the process. Inuyasha manages to get out of the illusion, gets Miroku out, and asks him to find Sango and Shippo, while he goes to find Kagome. Inuyasha finds her and Kikyo, who quickly vanishes. She gives Kagome's Shikon fragment to Naraku, and reveals his secret, he is a half demon, not full. Onigumo's presence is still living in him, and Naraku is disgusted at this.

Episode 34 7/9/01
Tetsusaiga to Tenseiga
Tetsusaiga and Tensaiga
An old man named Totosai is trying to escape from Sesshomaru, who is pursuing him in order to force him to make a sword better than Tetsusaiga. He arrives where Inuyasha and the others are, and tests him, afterwards he thinks that Inuyasha's not worthy of wielding Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru arrives, but Totosai helps everyone escape. Near a stream, he explains that he had already made a sword for Sesshoumaru called Tenseiga, but Sesshomaru never uses it, because that sword can't inflict damage, instead it heals. Sesshomaru kills a dragon and gains a new temporary arm. He mumbles something about something called the "Wind Scar".

Episode 35 7/16/01
Meitou ga Erabu Shin no Tskai te
The True Master Chosen by the Noted Sword
After Sesshomaru knocks Inuyasha away, he explains about his new arm. Sesshomaru blinds Inuyasha temporarily, who is only able to see a swirl of Sesshomaru's aura with a strike across it. When he strikes, Tetsusaiga almost kills Sesshomaru, who is saved by Tenseiga. Inuyasha has mastered the Wind Scar. He washes his eyes at a nearby river, while Totosai "repairs" Tetsusaiga before he leaves. Meanwhile, a young girl approaches Sesshomaru, and takes care of him, by bringing food and water, which he rejects. When she attempts to steal a fish from a village, the villagers, who call her Rin, punish her, and she leaves. She returns with the food the next day, but when she returns to the village, it is attacked by wolves, and she dies. Sesshomaru finds her, and uses Tenseiga to bring her back to life. Meanwhile, the gang comes upon the slaughtered village and a human-like being takes on Inuyasha.

Episode 36 7/23/01
Kagome Ryakudatsu Chousoku no Yourou Koga
Kagome Kidnapped! The Super Fast Wolf Demon, Koga
Inuyasha and the wolf youkai battle each other, the wolf demon happens to be super fast, and Kagome realizes that the Shikon fragments he is carrying are increasing his speed. The wolf demon, Koga, is amazed that Kagome realizes it. Inuyasha attempts the Wind Scar, but Koga escapes. The gang burry the dead corpses of the villagers, and spend the night. The next day, Koga has kidnapped Kagome, thinking that she would be useful, and takes her to his lair. Sango apparently was attacked by bird demons when she was close to saving Kagome, the demons had a blue human torso and the lower half being that of a round, feathered, monstrous bird. She and the others search for Kagome, but instead they wind up fighting the demons that attacked Sango earlier.

Episode 37 7/30/01
Kagome no Horeta Aitsu
The Man Who Fell in Love with Kagome!

Shippo tries transforming into Koga so that he and Kagome can escape, but his transformation is flawed. When they get outside, Kaogme gets Shippo to escape, and one of the wolf men is about to attack her, but Koga throws a dead boar on him, to stop him. He jumps down, and examines Kagome closer. Then he announces Kagome as "his woman". Kagome, however, is quite flabbergasted at this, and slaps him, and (without thinking) says she and Inuyasha have feelings for each other. Koga's planned on killing Inuyasha, the "mutt face", anyway, and figures that if he's gone, there will be no problem. Meanwhile, the gang continuously try attacking the birds, called the Gokurakucho, but they are too many. The wolf demons have already battled the Gokurakucho, and Koga leaves with Kagome to take care of the leader. Everyone has trouble with it, and Koga leaves some of his troops to take care of Kagome. One of them is taken away when attempting to attack a Gokurakucho, and Kagome uses an arrow to knock it down. Inuyasha and the rest arrive in the nick of time, and finish off the Gokuraucho. Koga becomes injured in the process. Inuyasha is mad that Kagome stopped him from trying to kill Koga and let he and his troops escape. They get into another fight, and Kagome leaves on Kirara, heading for home.

Episode 38 8/6/01
Hanarete Tousu Futari no Kimochi
Two Hearts, One Mind

Back in modern times it seems another girl has set her sights on winning Hojo, Kagome's friends still believe he is the best choice for her, so the encourage her to try and win him back. At home everyone wonders why Kagome is so frustrated, but she refuses to tell them why. Of course she is still mad at Inuyasha over the arguement that they had. Shippo tells a story about a dog, cat, and wolf and asks Kaede what the dog and cat should do to get back together. When Kaede suggests the dog apologize to the cat, Inuyasha decides to head to modern times and be a man. When he arrives Kagome is sleeping and her alarm clock startles him, causing him to run off with it. When Kagome travels back to the past, Inuyasha apologizes for the clock, but his stubborn pride keeps him from apologizing for their arguement.

Episode 39 8/13/01
Shikumareta Shitou
Trapped in a Duel to the Death!

A tribe of wolf demons seperate from Koga's ask that for his assistance in raiding a castle that holds a Shikon shard. Koga declines due to the injuries he is still suffering from after his battle with the Gokurakucho. Koga allows a few of his men to assit the other tribe though. Meanwhile Inuyasha and the others cross paths with a giant bear. Suddenly the creature turns to bones as Naraku's wasps remove a Shikon shard from it. The group chases after the wasps and follow them to a castle. When the arrive they find the corpses of the wolf tribe who had come seeking the shard. Kagura, a female demon who has animated a corpse and sent it to Koga bearing a poisoned Shikon shard. Koga takes the shard and heads to the castle, but when he arrives he sees Inuyasha standing around a pile of dead bodies that were his former tribesmen. Koga is enraged and believes Inuyasha killed the men. While they battle once again, Miroku and Sango head inside the castle where they encounter Kagura and one of Naraku's puppet clones.

Episode 40 8/20/01
Kaze Tsukai Kagura no Youen Naru Wana
The Deadly Trap of Kagura, the Wind Sorceress

Miroku and Sango are able to deal with the phony Naraku, but in the meantime Inuyasha is having a hard time dealing with Koga now that he has another Shikon shard powering him up. Soon though, Kagura raises the dead bodies of the wolf tribesmen and makes them attack Koga. The poisoned shard begins to do it's work and Koga is unable to fight any longer. Inuyasha prepares to execute the Wind Scar but because of Kagura's abilities to control wind he is unable to find the correct point to strike to initiate the manuver. Suddenly he realizes that if Kagome were to fire an arrow at him it would purify the area and allow him to see the necessary point in which to strike. He does so and Kagura rapidly retreats on her flying feather. As she does they notice she has a spider shaped mark burned into her back exactly like Naraku. With everyone out of danger Kagome begins the process of cleaning the poison out of Koga's arm. Meanwhile Kagura meets up with Naraku who explains that she was born from a part of himself.

Episode 41 8/27/01
Kagura no Mai to Kanna no Kagami
Kagura's Dance and Kanna's Mirror

The group happens upon a village where the encounter a girl fleeing her cruel master. The girl's name is Koharu and everyone is shocked that she is one of the dozens of women that Miroku asked at one time or another to bear his children. They escort Koharu to the next village and leave her with the village headman. Suddenly Kanna, a young child with white hair arrives in the village. She is actually the first demon born from Naraku and she and her sister Kagura begin to wreak havoc. Kanna uses her mirror to absorb the souls of everyone in the village while Kagura uses her reanimating abilities to control their souless bodies. The villages go on the attack which manages to distract everyone long enough for Kanna to suck out a lot of Kagome's soul.

Episode 42 9/3/01
Yaburareta Wind Scar
The Wind Scar Fails

Inuyasha once again attempts to nail Kagura with his Wind Scar attack, but Kanna jumps between them and is able to use her magical mirror to reflect the blast back at Inuyasha. Inuyasha is severely damaged by the reversed attack when Naraku makes a surprise appearance on the battlefield. Naraku reveals to everyone that Kikyo gave him the large portion of the Shikon Jewel that she took from Kagome during their last encounter. Everything seems to be going Naraku's way until Kagome fires her arrow at Kanna's mirror. Kagome's power causes the mirror to spill out all the villagers souls and Naraku, Kanna, and Kagura all quickly flee. While everyone rests the next day, Inuyasha wonders why Kikyo would give the shard to Naraku.

Episode 43 9/10/01
Tsuini Oreta Tetsusaiga!
Tetsusaiga Breaks

Inuyasha doesn't have to wonder long about Kikyo's motivations. He sees her soul skimmers appear and Inuyasha follows them despite the fact that he is still trying to recover from being hit by his own Wind Scar attack. He confronts Kikyo about Naraku and she explains that she plans on killing him. Kikyo departs just as the others arrive and ask Inuyasha what happened. Kagome is frustrated by Inuyasha once again defending Kikyo. Meanwhile Goshinki, Naraku's youngest creation has been unleashed in a village and massacred everyone living there. The group crosses paths with the grostesque monster, but because Goshinki can read minds it is able to dodge the Wind Scar and bite Tetsusaiga in two. Unexpectedly Inuyasha transforms into a full-blooded demon. With his new power Inuyasha kills Goshinki quickly, but then warns everyone to stay away from him. Inuyasha fears for their safety, but a well timed "Sit!" from Kagome returns Inuyasha to normal.

Episode 44 9/17/01
Kaijinbou no Jaaku na Ken
Kaijinbo's Evil Sword

Sesshomaru comes across Goshinki's decapitated head and detects Inuyasha's scent on it. He takes the head to Kajinbo, an evil, rouge, swordsmith who was once a disciple of Totosai, who forged by the Tetsusaiga and the Tenseiga. Totosai arrives after discovering that the Tetsusaiga was broken in the battle against Goshinki. He tells Inuyasha that he will be able to repair it, but he needs to use on of Inuyasha's own fangs in order to do so. All of this coincides with the New Moon which leaves Inuyasha in his full human form. Soon Kaijinbo arrives with the new sword he has created from the remains of Goshinki. The new blade is called Tokijin and proves to be a formidable weapon. With the repairs to Tetsusaiga complete Totosai gives the blade to Inuyasha so that he can fight off his former pupil. The new and improved Tetsusaiga seems to have some problems though, as it has become to heavy for Inuyasha to wield properly.

Episode 45 10/8/01
Sesshomaru, Toukijin o Furou
Sesshormaru Wields Tokijin

The new blade Tokijin proves to be so powerful that it destroys Kaijinbo while he attempts to wield it. Inuyasha insists on staying put until the person who commsioned Tokijin's creation arrive to claim the blade. While they wait Totosai explains that Inuyasha's power plus that of his father now flows in the Tetsusaiga, hence it's heavy weight. In order to use it properly Inuyasha must become more powerful. Kagura meets up with Sesshomaru and tells him what has become of Tokijin. Sesshomaru sets off to claim his sword and finds Inuyasha awaiting him. The two do battle, but with the increased weight of Tetsusaiga Inuyasha is at a disadvantage. Inuyasha ditches his sword and leaps at Sesshomaru who repeals him easily. Without the blade Inuyasha begins to transform into a full demon again, but before Sesshomaru can strike him down Totosai sends a firey blast between them allowing for Inuyasha and the others to make their escape. All of this has taken place under the watchful eye of Kagura who thinks Sesshomaru may be powerful enough to kill Naraku.

Episode 46 10/15/01
Juromaru to Kageromaru
Juromaru and Kageromaru

Koga happens by and asks the group if there is anything new concerning Naraku. Suddenly he picks up on Kagura's scent and races off to find the source. When he arrives he finds one of Naraku's puppets and a new demon creation born from Naraku. The new demon's name is Juromaru, and Koga doesn't feel up to fighting it. Koga flees as Inuyasha arrives. Inside Juromaru is a smaller creature named Kageromaru. Kageromaru is so fast that it is able to evade Miroku's Wind Tunnel. Koga returns when he realizes that Kagome could be killed during Inuyasha's battle. Koga and Inuyasha bicker amongst themselves as the battle Juromaru and Kageromaru, but they finally manage to defeat the duo even though Inuyasha is still hampered by the weight of the Tetsusaiga. Sick and tired of Koga and Inuyasha's pettiness, Kagome decides to go home for awhile.

Episode 47 10/22/01
Naraku ni Nokoru Onigumo no Kokoro
Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within Naraku

In the present day Kagome is restocking the groups medical supplies. Meanwhile in the past, Naraku and Kikyo meet once again. Naraku realizes that he still carries Onigumo's heart, which loves Kikyo. Naraku sends a giant Soul Skimmer after her which begins to suck the deceased souls from Kikyo. Growing weaker Kikyo arrives at the Goshinboku Tree where Inuyasha was imprisoned for so many years. Inuyasha is in the area awaiting Kagome's return when he happens upon Kikyo. He saves her from the giant Soul Skimmer and then she tells him about Onigumo's heart being inside of Naraku. Kikyo and Inuyasha hug one another just as Kagome arrives. Kikyo leaves after telling Inuyasha he is no better than Naraku because of his possessiveness.

Episode 48 10/29/01
Deatta Basho ni Kaeritai!
Back to Where We First Met

Unable to deal with Inuyasha and Kikyo's relationship, Kagome dumps the supplies on Miroku and Sango and quickly travels back to the present day. She tells her friends that she was dumped and realizes that she can not possibly compete with Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyo. She considers returning her Shikon shard, but can't bear to deal with Inuyasha. Kagome's mother tries to give her some advice and soon Inuyasha emerges from the well to check on Kagome. Kagome tells him that she wants to make him happy and stay with him even though she knows she cannot compete with his feelings for Kikyo.

Episode 49 11/5/01
Ushinawareta Kohaku no Kioku
Kohaku's Lost Memory

Everyone decides to investigate the former site of Naraku's castle. While searching, Sango uncovers remnants of her father's armor. Nearby Kohaku has wandered away from Naraku. He has no memory of who he is or what has happened to him, when suddenly a demon attacks him and attempts to steal the Shikon shard in his back that is keeping him alive. The group saves him, and Sango insists on bringing Kohaku with them even though Inuyasha is adamant in his believe that this is another one of Naraku's traps. Kohaku leaves them because he does not want to cause problems for the group, when suddenly they are attacked by a swarm of Naraku's wasps with Kagura leading the charge. While Sango and Kagome search for Kohaku, Miroku and Inuyasha attempt to deal with the demons. With Kohaku found Sango heads back to the battle and leaves Kagome to take hide out in a cave with her little brother until the coast is clear. Suddenly Kohaku remembers that Naraku has ordered him to kill Kagome.

Episode 50 11/12/01
Ano Kao ga Kokorokara Kienai
That Unforgettable Face!

Kohaku strikes out at Kagome and cuts her arm. She flees, while Kohaku's blade hovers over her, ready ready to strike the deathblow. Inuyasha is still trying to do his best against the demon wasps without using the Tetsusaiga which is still too heavy for him to wield properly. He soon realizes that this must be a distraction to keep him away from Kagome, and leaves Miroku to deal with the demons. Miroku has no other choice but to open his Wind Tunnel and take in a lot of venom from the wasps. Kohaku flees when Sango arrives, but she pursues him. Kagome realizes that Sango is planning on killing Kohaku. Inuyasha finds them battling against each other and Sango ready to kill her brother. Inuyasha stops her and explains that that is what Naraku would want her to do. Kagura and Kohaku fly off together on her feather as Inuyasha promises to bring Kohaku back alive.

Episode 51 11/19/01
Kokoro wo Kuwareta Inu Yasha
Inuyasha's Soul, Devoured

Sesshomaru visits Bokuseno, a living tree whose branches were used to carve the scabbards for Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga. Bokuseno tells Sesshomaru why Inuyasha was given Tetsusaiga- it is designed to keep his demonic blood from overcoming him. For if this happens often enough he will fly into murderous rages and eventually the pure potency of the blood will be too much for his half-demon body to handle and he will die. While Sango cares for the ailing Miroku who has injested too much poison from Naraku's wasps, Inuyasha and Kagome have a moment to themselves. Eventually they help an old man make his way to a village, but encounter Gatenmaru, a moth demon disguised as a human who is raiding the village. He manages to trap Inuyasha and Miroku inside his venomous cocoon, and tries to take Tetsusaiga for himself. Without Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha begins to undergo another transformation into his full-demon side.

Episode 52 11/26/01
Yamerarenai! Youkai no Hounshou
The Demon's True Nature

Gatenmaru proceeds to viciously prey on the girls of the village as Inuyasha and Miroku are helpless to do anything but watch. Kagome and Sango arrive but are unable to fend off the numerous bandits. The old man Inuyasha helped earlier realizes that Inuyasha needs his sword, and tries to get it to him, but fails.As he does Inuyasha flies into a rage and breaks free of the cocoon just as Miroku's protective barrier is about to give out. Inuyasha begins viciously killing the bandits and then quickly kills Gatenmaru himself with little effort. Kagome begs Inuyasha to stop, but just as she does Sesshomaru arrives wanting to guage Inuyasha's new killing power. They battle furiously but Inuyasha's elder brother proves to be too skilled and when given the chance to kill him he decides it is better to leave his little brother alive. Sesshomaru instructs them to give Inuyasha the Tetsusaiga to make him revert and then leaves. Inuyasha cannot believe what he has done after he transformed, but realized that if he continues to experience these transformations he will endanger his friends and possible kill Kagome.

Episode 53 12/3/01
Chichi no Shukuteki Ryuukossei
Ryukotsusei, Father's Old Enemy

Inuyasha sneaks off on his own to see Totosai. He asks Totosai if there is anything he can do to make Tetsusaiga lighter and easier to wield like it was before Goshinki broke it. If the sword is like it once was Inuyasha will not have to worry about it becoming a hinderance in battle and thus making him discard it and unleashing his full-demon blood. Totosai tells him of the dragon Ryukossei who his father once fought, but could not kill. If Inuyasha can kill the entrapped demon the blade should become lighter because Inuyasha will have done something his father could not, and the weight of his fang that is inside the blade will loose it's heavy weight. Naraku sees this using Kanna's mirror and then sends one of his puppets to the site where Ryukossei is imprisoned before Inuyasha arrives. As soon as he does, the fake Naraku melts the seal keeping Ryukossei asleep and tells him that Inuyasha is the son of the demon that sealed him. Inuyasha only expected to deal with killing a sleeping demon, but now the dragon is awake and thirsty for revenge. He manages to knock Tetsusaiga away from Inuyasha, who begins to transform just as the others arrive.

Episode 54 12/10/01
Tetsusaiga no Ougi Bakuryuuha
The Backlash Wave: Tetsusaiga's Ultimate Technique

The berserk, full-demon Inuyasha attempts to regain Tetsusaiga before he totally looses his senses, but Ryukossei's attacks are unrelenting. He uses Tetsusaiga's scabbard to fend off the attacks, and Miroku tries to assist using his air rip, but Ryukossei is two powerful for them. Inuyasha finally manages to retrieve Tetsusaiga and reverts to his original half-demon form. He manages to shove the blade into Ryukossei's heart, but even that does not stop the incredible dragon. Only completely destroying his body will put an end to him. Suddenly Tetsusaiga returns to it's original lighter weight and Inuyasha is able to wield it as he once was. With the new power of the blade he unleashes the Bakuryuha attack, which combines the power of the wind scar with the attack of an enemy making for an ultra-devestating technique. Ryukossei dies and Inuyasha regains the power of Tetsusaiga and no longer has to worry about his demonic side emerging as long as he possesses the sword.

Episode 55 12/17/01
Ishi no Hana to Shippou no Hatsukoi
The Stone Flower and Shippo's First Love

One day in a village Shippo sees a little girl named Satsuki being beaten up by a group of boys. He transforms and scares them away to save her. He hears that her brother had passed away in battle, but the girl insists that is not the case. She has a Shikon shard and plans to use it to revive her brother should be deceased. After Kagome sees the "shard" she realizes it is nothing more that a rock, but out of kindness does not tell the little girl, so she does not lose hope that her brother will return. Miroku exorcises a small lizard demon from a house that overheard the girl had a Shikon shard. The lizard creature transforms disguises himself as Satsuki's missing brother and says that he returned to life because she made a wish on her "shard". Shippo sees the creature's reflection and forces it to reveal it's true form. He helps Satsuki escape, but must face the demon alone. Things seem bleak for Shippo until Inuyasha arrives and slays the creature. When Satsuki arrives Inuyasha tells her it was Shippo that saved the day. They leave the girl in the care of the village headman and continue on their search for the shards.

Episode 56 1/14/02
Kiri no Oku ni Bijo no Yuuwaku
Temptress in the Mist

The group comes across a village where all the men seem to have vanished into the woods never to return. The village women tell them that a beautiful demon apparently lives in the woods and has been taking the men. Miroku decides to investigate alone, but Sango insists on accompanying him. In the woods she tells him of the local legend that soldiers protecting a noblewoman became lost in these woods and all died and perhaps this is somehow connected to the demon living here now. Miroku gives Sango a rosary to protect herself, and once they cross the barrier the demon has set up they become separated. Miroku is lead into a castle by a beautiful young woman while Sango stumbles across a group of elderly men. They tell her they are actually not old at all but were made so buy the woman of the castle. Sango continues her search for Miroku who seems to be preparing to make out with the lady of the castle when Sango arrives. The woman changes into a giant dog demon but cannot see Sango because of the rosary Miroku gave her. The two work together to free the woman's soul from the demon. Sango feels bad for doubting Miroku's true intentions.




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