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Episodes 87 - 101
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Opening Theme: Owarinai Yume (65-95) & Grip! (96-128)
Ending Themes: Shinjutsu no Uta (86-108)
Series Director: Yasunao Aoki
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Season Four Overview:
Do As Infinity comes onboard to do some music and Yasunao Aoki continues his helming of the show. During this time, production for the second film was underway and it proved successful enough to generate talks of a third soon thereafter.

Episode 87 9/16/02
Meguru Kikyo no kodogu na tabiji
Kikyo's Lonely Journey

It opens with the group walking in the rain and Kagome complaining that her butt hurts and that she wants to rest. Inuyasha mouths off, and Shippo defends Kagome who then "sits" Inuyasha. We then cut to Kikyo who is wandering along near a lake. She slots an arrow and fires it out at the lake hitting a giant turtle's shell. The arrow just bounces off and she begins to walk away. Suddenly the giant turtle's head comes out and tries to eat Kikyo, but she fires an arrow which rips it's way down the turtles throat and tears it apart. Nearby Kikyo is held-up by an old one-eyed bandit who tries to rob her. The old man grabs his chest in pain and collapses after Kikyo notices he is carrying a Shikon shard. The old man awakens in an old temple where Kikyo is caring for him. He begins to tell the story of how he used to be a very evil man who killed and burned villages when he was younger. The flashback shows him sitting around a campfire talking to his men. On of his men's face is never shown, but he is not wearing a shirt and has a giant spider scan on his back. The man and the bandit make an arrangement that he will kill Kikyo. Later we see Kikyo walking through a field as the bandit watches from above. He fires an arrow at her when suddenly Inuyasha leaps out, grabs the arrow and jumps up the cliff. The bandit pulls his katana and tries to kill Inuyasha. As he brings the katana down Inuyasha raises his hand to defend the hit causing the end to break off and go flying into the bandit's eye. Kikyo calls Inuyasha who leaves the man minus one eye, but no further harmed than that. A short time later the bandit, in a rage heads into town to find Onigumo, who he blames for costing him his eye. He tears through a hotel using a grappling hook to rip the doors down. Finally he locates Onigumo sitting with a large group of women. The women scatter as the bandit removes a bomb, lights it, and throws it at Onigumo. The bandit escapes and watches as the hotel is decimated by the blast. To everyone's surprise Onigumo survives, but is badly burned. They wrap him in a straw roll and throw him down a cliff. Back in the present a demon suddenly attacks the temple where Kikyo is caring for the old man. The demon is a large, pink ball with hair and many eyes. The old man uses an arrow tipped with his Shikon shard to wound the demon, and Kikyo fires the same arrow to kill it. The old man cuts off his top-knot and gives it to Kikyo as thanks and then dies. That night Inuyasha is woken by Kagome's sneezing. He offers her his coat and the two snuggle up together as the others watch while pretending to sleep. Kikyo encounters two woodcuters who direct her towards some distant mountains. She is carrying the old man's shard.

Episode 88 10/14/02
Saru kami-sama no sanjorei
The Three Sprites of the Monkey God
Anyway, Miroku and Sango are off together and while they are away Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo are attacked by these three tiny shapechanging monkeys. Shippo fights the monkeys and they all change into various forms. The monkeys take Inuyasha out of commission by attaching a pebble to his hand that grows into a boulder. Unfortunately they don't know how to remove the boulder once everyone makes amends. Inuyasha has visions of Sesshomaru walking up to him and just taking the Tetsusaiga while Koga walks off with a giddy Kagome. Miroku and Sango imagine Inuyasha fighting youkai with the giant boulder and he gets frustrated when they start laughing about it. Kagome realizes that the boulder will prevent Inuyasha from travelling through the well so she can finally have some peace back home. Needless to say Inuyasha wants the boulder removed immediately, and Miroku offers to try sucking it off using his Air Rip, which worries Inuyasha. Eventually the little monkeys summon an older monkey who gets the rock off and everyone seems happy.

Episode 89 10/21/02
Aitsu to ano omimai taiketsu
Nursing Battle of the Lovers
The episode starts off with the gang sitting in a little cottage after getting a night's rest. Inuyasha is raring to go, but Sango points out that Kagome is sick and isn't fit to do anything. Of course Inuyasha doesn't want to hear that and starts throwing a tantrum. He goes off alone and Sango and Miroku decide to take Kagome home. Sango helps Kagome to her feet as Miroku bends over slightly with a silly grin, when the girls notice him, he has his hands behind his back, ready to piggyback Kagome, but keeps making squeezing motions with his hands. Back home Kagome's friends come to check on her after they hear she is sick again. Hojo over hears them in in the school hallway and follows along behind them. He brings Kagome a lot of gifts, good luck charms and other things. They all hang out and talk, etc. Meanwhile Inuyasha seems to be having fun punching demons in the face and fishing and basically just horsing around. He finally starts to worry about Kagome and decides to head to the present to check on her. Sota is glad to see him, and he brings Kagome some special medicine, which she is leary of taking. After awhile they start talking, and Inuyasha puts her to bed. While she is laying there he starts rubbing her legs and then sits down on the floor beside her bed and looks through her photo album while she goes to sleep. The next morning she wakes up and realizes she is late for her test. Inuyasha tells her to get dressed and then races her to school on his back as he jumps from skyscraper to skyscraper.

Episode 90 10/28/02
Omoikitta Sota no nikuhaku
Sota's Brave Confession of Love
Inuyasha is still in the present, and this episode seems to pick up the day after the previous one ended. Kagome gives Inuyasha a baseball cap so he can go to town with her (still barefoot and wearing his robes). People start staring when he presses himself against the glass windows looking at various kinds of food, so Kagome takes him to the supermarket. On their way home they see Sota waiting buying flowers and then trying to talk to a little girl named Hitomi. After dinner Sota asks Inuyasha to talk to him about how to speak to women. Inuyasha gets frustrated, and then Kagome walks outside when Sota is telling him "he loves him" (they were role-playing). After Kagome finds out what is going on, she dresses Sota up (like Det. Conan) and gives him some flowers. Hitomi turns him down though, and Inuyasha tells him to be a man and impress her. He shows him how to tear a tree down with one hand, so Sota half-heartedly practices that a little. Inuyasha winds up throwing him down on the rock sidewalk outide the Higurashi house after becoming very frustrated with his "I can't do it" attitude. Sota winds up asking her out again as Kagome and Inuyasha spy from the bushes. Hitomi accepts and she and Sota hug as the sun sets. Inuyasha and Kagome blush as they watch, then stare at each other before things become uncomfortable for them. The next day, Kagome and Inuyasha gather some groceries and head back down the well.

Episode 91 11/4/02
Oyashii kitoushi to kuroi unmou
Suspicious Faith Healer & the Black Kirara
Some villagers are throwing rocks at Kirara. Upon closer inspection it becomes clear that this little cat creature is not actually Kirara. A young girl named Koume calls for "Kuroro" and then tries to take Kirara who is wandering around with Shippo. A strange looking priest keeps commanding the villagers to attack Kirara and Kurara whenever they come across them. They even throw stones at Miroku when he gets in the way. Eventually the priest is revealed to be a rat demon who is trying to get rid of the cat-like Kirara and Kuroro. Koume and Shippo wind up trapped in a cave with Kuroro's kittens and Shippo has to dig their way out before they run out of air. Inuyasha arrives in time to save Shippo from the rat demon, and Miroku uses one of his sutras to reveal the demon is actually disguised as a rock (earlier Inuyasha had used the Tetsusaiga on him, but it seemed to have no effect since what they believed to be him was actually an illusion). With the demon destroyed peace is restored to the village.

Episode 92 11/18/02
Fukattsushita Shatachi no Yabou
Plot of the Walking Dead
Kikyo finds a young red-headed girl lying dead or unconcious by a lakeside. Kikyo uses her soul creatures to restore the girl, and is somewhat surprised when she realizes the girl named Enju knows her. Soon Inuyasha smells something familar and heads off to investigate leaving the others behind. They are concerned and follow him where they encounter many warriors made of pottery that were similar to the ones Urasue used. As it turns out they soon discover that this girl was actually an adopted "daughter" of Urasue's and was there when Kikyo was reborn. In flashbacks it shows how Kikyo killed Urasue and Enju can be seen hiding behind the rocks as her captor and "mother" is slain by the resurrected Kikyo. Eventually Enju falls is captured by a white haired general named Kawamaru who was also brought back to life by Urasue. Kawamaru wants his sister to create more clay soldiers for him to command. Eventually the group finds Kawamaru and fight against his army. The general knows some magic and summons a giant demon to fight them. Inuyasha makes short work of the creature and Kawamaru. Soon Enju and the group go their separate ways. Later Enju has set up home and another of Kikyo's demons comes by to give her another soul. Kikyo then walks away disappearing into the darkness of the forest.

Episode 93 11/25/02
Shutsubotsusuru nazo no sukebei houshi
The Mysterious, Lecherous Monk
The group wanders into a village only to be halted by a group of villagers weilding hoes. In a rather sad showing, the group actually turns tail and runs away from the angry mob, who seem to be angry with Miroku. Sitting around the campfire that night, no one is sure of what Miroku did to anger the villagers. That night Miroku dreams of gallavanting with a group of women. The next day they wander into another nearby village and recieve the same welcome as the previous day. This time Miroku is tied up and the villagers begin to berate him. In flashbacks it shows Miroku selling crummy sutras to them that look like chicken scrawl on plain paper. When asked to exorcise a demon from a home, Miroku sets down his rice bowl slaps the sutra on the wall, mumbles, claps and then goes back to eating. That night he danced with all the women while the men sat by watching in frustration. Now everything that he sold them had turned to leaves. Miroku soon realizes what must have happened when the gang finds out he was supposed to go slay a demon in a cave outside of town. They rush to the cave only to find Miroku already there. The Miroku at the cave seems to talk big, but won't unleash his air rip on the weasel demon and seems to try to talk it into submission rather than kill it. After the weasel hits Miroku a few times he starts to look a little worse for wear. All of a sudden Miroku is short, and fat had has a large raccoon talk sticking out of his back. The real Miroku steps in and saves the phoney who turns out to be Hatchiemon, Miroku's tanuki partner. As Miroku chastises Hachiemon and then whispers something to him. Suddenly Hachiemon turns into Miroku again and the two run in a little circle ducking and hiding behind each other until no one is sure who is who. Then off to the village they happily run to meet the girls again.

Episode 94 12/2/02
Shikon no Tama o tsukurusha zenpen
The Scared Jewel Maker Part 1
Everyone is sitting around in a field briefly remembering how the Shikon Jewel was first broken into dozens of pieces. Suddenly Kagome senses a shard coming from the edge of the forest and everyone goes to investigate. They find a man named Izumo being chased by a demon. Inuyasha quickly slays the demon, and is surprised to find the completed Shikon Jewel inside. No sooner does he have it than the jewel shatters into tiny grains and disappears. Izumo seems to know something about the fake Shikon Jewel, so he takes the group to a village. Watching them from behind a tree is a water demon named Orochidaiyu. When the arrive at the village they find a youngboy who tells them his village was attacked by Orochidaiyu one night when he was guarding the hen house. He is the only member of his village still around, as they rest were taken away. No sooner does he tell them, than Orochidaiyu arrives with demons in tow. Miroku tries to use his wind tunnel, but seems to be in great pain after sucking two of them. All of the demons have been promised fake Shikon jewels by Orochidaiyu if they do what he tells them. Everyone else makes short work of the creatures, but Orochidaiyu shows them another completed Shikon Jewel he is holding which causes them to follow him into the woods. He leads them into a cave where they find the boy's mother, father, and fellow villagers all inside giant frog eggs a frog demon guarding them. A huge bull demon drives everyone out of the cave and and outside manages to use it's club to level a cliffside they were all standing on as the cliff collapses with them.

Episode 95 12/9/02
Shikon no Tama o tsukurusha koupen
The Scared Jewel Maker Part 2
Everyone got separated from Kagome who was with Izumo. He kept talking to her about the Shikon Jewel, while everyone else was fighting off hordes of demons in the forest. The demons wouldn't stop coming, so eventually they had to hide. Inuyasha refused to stay with the group and went alone in hopes of finding Kagome. Meanwhile as the sun set Kagome went into a temple with Izumo. She thought she found him sitting in a room, but when she touched his shoulder she realized it was a corpse. Once she went outside she was face to face with the giant bull creature carrying a huge club. Kagome learns that the bull, named Gyuoh is actually Izumo. Izumo is a half demon who transforms into a human by day and a demon by night. Gyuoh has used the frog demon and Orochidaiyu to trap all the others inside his frog eggs, in hopes of using their souls to create a real Shikon Jewel. Only Kagome and Inuyasha are left to fight the demons. Gyuoh swallows all the false Shikon jewels that were attached to his club which cause him to grow very large, but just as he was about to crush Inuyasha's skull in his fist, the sun rises and he begins to weaken. Inuyasha tosses him around and he eventually transformed back into Izumo. Because he ingested so many false jewels his now mortal body has failed him, and he dies as a human, something he had desired all along.

Episode 96 1/13/03
Byoki ni natta ano Jaken
Jaken Falls Ill
Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin are traveling through a forest when Rin’s growling stomach breaks the sylvan peace. She’s hungry! Rin hops off the two-headed dragon she was riding, and heads off on her own, looking for something to eat. Sesshomaru orders Jaken to follow the child. A grumbling Jaken obeys. Inuyasha and company, is also the move. They’re headed past Jinenji’s home on their way North to find Naraku. Kagome wants to stop to visit her second favorite half-demon and had planned on bringing him a gift from modern times -- a bag of crisps. Unfortunately, all Kagome finds is an empty bag -- the crisps are gone, eaten by her first favorite half-demon -- Inuyasha! It’s also apparent Inuyasha thinks the visit is a waste of time, but Kagome and the rest veto him. Back at Sesshomaru’s group, Rin also finds a snack, but is interrupted by a large demon, which attacks her. Sesshomaru steps in and elegantly dispatches the creature, but instead of dying it dissolves into a swarm of Naraku’s Saimyoushou. Sesshomaru and company have stumbled onto a nest of the cursed insects. Sesshomaru destroys the nest, but not before several of the insects’ sting and poison Jaken with their venom. If Jaken doesn’t find a cure for the toxin by sundown, he’s a goner. Sesshomaru departs, following the remaining insects towards Naraku, leaving Rin and Jaken on their own to deal with Jaken’s injury. The ailing Jaken upsets poor little Rin so much that she set’s off to find the antidote that will save Jaken‘s life. The cure happens to be an herb grown by a fellow named Jinenji. Up the road, Inuyasha senses the approach of the same Saimyoushou that escaped Sesshomaru’s sword. The gang also decides to follow the insects to Naraku. As they close in on the demonic wasps, the insects drop dead out of the sky. Before they can figure out why that happened, Sesshomaru arrives and accuses Inuyasha of killing the creatures. Inuyasha denies any wrongdoing, but Sesshomaru believes his little brother is only making excuses as usual. Furious he’s lost another chance at Naraku, Sesshomaru draws Tokijin and rushes Inuyasha. They clash while Kagome and the others watch, more concerned about the brothers’ relationship with each other than their sword fight. Rin, in the meantime, has arrived at Jinenji’s house. Jinenji and his mom are home, but Jinenji appears to be indisposed -- he’s a huge lump in bed, hidden entirely by covers. Rin tells them she needs one of their special herbs to save the life of a poisoned friend. Jinenji, however, can’t help her - this is his day of transformation. He‘s hiding his human self and refuses to leave the safety of his home. But Jinenji takes a liking to Rin, who reminds him of Kagome, in appearance and spirit, instructing the child where she can find the special medicinal plant. Regrettably, it’s located in a very bad place for little girls, or anyone for that matter. Back at the fight between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru succeeds in pinning Inuyasha and prepares to finish off his baby brother when Kagome intervenes. She gives Sesshomaru critical information about Naraku whereabouts that placates him, and he lets Inuyasha go, taking his leave. Scene change to Rin, who has made it to the valley where the medicinal plant, grows. Jinenji was right -- it’s a place chocked full of hungry demons, steep cliffs, deep chasms and unstable ledges. On one of the unstable ledges grows the plant. Rin harvests the plant, but the ledge it’s on gives way underneath her, and she plummets into the chasm below. Sesshomaru arrives in the nick of time to catch her, rescuing her and the plant. They return to the waiting Jaken, who has just about given up. Sesshomaru tosses the remedy to the sick little goblin, much to Jaken’s fawning gratitude. Later than evening, Inuyasha and the gang arrive at Jinenji’s house, where Jinenji is back to his ‘normal’ self. He and his mom tell everyone about the little girl who called on them earlier, seeking an herbal antidote for a sick monster. Jinenji describes the child as resembling Kagome in both looks and sweetness of spirit. Kagome is flattered but Inuyasha tells Jinenji he is way off on his description of Kagome. The comment earns Inuyasha several consecutive ‘sit‘ commands. Returning to Sesshomaru’s ensemble, Rin revives after her ordeal and discovers Jaken alive and well. Rin is delighted! Sesshomaru gathers his ‘clan’ together and set’s off for the northeast, towards Naraku.

Episode 97 1/20/03
Kaetekonai unmo
Kirara Come Home

Night time, deep in the forest and the gang is fast asleep around a roaring fire. Something moves through the tall grass towards sleeping campers and Kirara perks up at the sound of the intruder. The scene switches to the morning, and the team is going about his or her individual chores, but someone is missing, Kirara. Sango calls for her with no response so she asks the others if they’ve seen the feline. No one has seen the cat, nor do they seem overly concerned. Inuyasha tells Sango not to worry -- Kirara probably just went off by herself and she’ll be back on her own later. When later arrives, and Kirara fails to return Inuyasha is on the hot seat for his careless comment. Sango and the others initiate a search for Kirara, including forcing Inuyasha to try and ‘sniff’ out the cat, using the felines’ food dish. The plan doesn’t work -- it looks like Kirara took to the sky when she left. Kagome asks Sango if she remembers if Kirara might have been upset about anything, but Shippo interrupts with his own theory as to why Kirara disappeared: everyone treated her badly. Shippo tells everyone to examine his or her behavior towards the cat. He then proceeds to run down a list of wrongdoings involving everyone on the team, starting with Inuyasha. When Inuyasha was using Kirara to practice his Kaze no Kizu attack, he accidentally fried Kirara’s fur, leaving her with bald spots. Shippo then reminds Miroku that us used Kirara shamelessly to attract pretty girls. Miroku also used Kirara to scare away unattractive women with her “demon cat’ performance. Kagome receives the next accusation: she promised Kirara canned cat food from modern times in exchange for a ride to the well so she could visit home. Instead of coming right back, Kagome took her time, leaving Kirara waiting by the well, and then returned without the kitty treats. Everyone apologizes to Sango for mistreating Kirara, but even Sango feels guilty, too. Sango remembers all the times she took Kirara for granted as a battle partner, giving the cat no reward, rest or gratitude. Everyone admits they’ve done something that could have offended Kirara, including dressing the feline in one of Kagome’s scarves the day she disappeared. The team strikes out once more, searching for the missing cat. During the hunt, they encounter a very large, hostile -- and hungry, monkey monster. They also find the scarf Kirara was wearing when last seen, in the monkey monster‘s lair. Assuming the worst, they ask the monster if he’s eaten Kirara, but the big, stupid ape can’t remember. It’s even worse when, as they all fight the big dumb demon, Sango discovers a pile of bones that may be the remains of her feline partner. Inuyasha is just about to clash with monster when a furious Sango steps in and pulverizes the creature, taking her revenge. Next morning, Sango clutches Kirara’s dish to her bosom weeping bitterly in mourning. As the others try to comfort her, Inuyasha lets out a whoop of surprise -- Kirara just strolled into camp with Myoga. It seems Myoga borrowed the feline’s services for an errand. Myoga wonders why everyone was so worried about the cat: after all, he asked Shippo to tell the others where he and Kirara were going and when they’d return. Kagome asks Myoga about the scarf that Kirara was wearing when she left. Myoga recalls the cat’s scarf coming undone and fluttering off into the forest below. Shippo finds himself on the receiving end of the accusations for neglecting to relay Myoga’s message.

Episode 98 1/27/03
Doukutsu ni ha Kikyo to Kagome no futari dake
Kikyo and Kagome: Alone in the Cave

Kikyo is traveling through the forest when she hears the sound of a sobbing child. Outside a cave, the priestess spots a child, but before she can come to it’s aide it vanishes, and Kikyo is sucked into the cavern. Elsewhere, it’s lunchtime, and Kagome can’t catch a break about her culinary skill. Inuyasha has insulted her cooking again, and Kagome stomps off alone, into the forest, so her anger can cool down. As she walks, Kagome senses a Shikon shard nearby and discovers the same cave as Kikyo, earlier. A child’s voice beckons, begging for help and Kagome ventures inside and the opening seals after her. Inside the cave, Kagome discovers Kikyo and the source of the jewel shard; it’s hers. Kikyo appears to be the worse for wear and taken aback to see Kagome inside the cave. When Kagome asks Kikyo what’s wrong, Kikyo tells her they are inside a monster which consumes miko and they are powerless to escape. Kagome seems determined leave, despite the odds and, helping Kikyo to her feet, the two set off in search of an exit. As they hunt, Kagome makes one-sided small talk with the Kikyo about the one thing they have in common (besides a reincarnated soul): Inuyasha. Lots of uncomfortable memories of Inuyasha and Kikyo assault Kagome, and the subject is dropped due to Kikyo‘s silence. Kikyo’s suffering brings Kagome back to reality; the priestess is becoming progressively weaker. Kikyo on the other hand, tells Kagome she’s impressed with the girl’s power: any ordinary miko wouldn’t have the strength to keep going. Kikyo advises Kagome go on alone, even handing over her bow and quiver of arrows, but Kagome won’t leave Kikyo behind. They are interrupted by the sound of buzzing, echoing off the walls of the “cave”. Abruptly, the two women are attacked by a swarm of repugnant insect creatures. Kagome and Kikyo defeat the swarm combining their spiritual power, but the skirmish depletes Kikyo’s energy even further. In order to keep going, Kagome carries Kikyo on her back. Kikyo begins to understand Kagome’s strength; the girl draws power from compassion and humanity. In an unexpected moment of amity, Kikyo responds to Kagome’s earlier conversation, sharing some advice about loving Inuyasha. When the women arrive at the heart of the creature, they believe it can be destroyed if they strike at it’s ‘heart’ with spiritual power. Once again, Kikyo advises Kagome to save herself, but Kagome won’t abandon her. In the belly of the beast, Kagome attempts to figure out a way to defeat the creature. Kagome shoots at the beast’s core with an arrow bearing Kikyo’s single Shikon shard, with encouraging, but minimal damage. A bigger shard might work, so combining their powers, Kagome and Kikyo bond Kagome’s collection of shards together as one. Kagome fires again, piercing the creature’s heart and frees she and Kikyo. Before the women go their separate ways, Kikyo asks Kagome why she refused to leave her. After a pause, Kagome replies that if something happened to Kikyo, someone might be very sad, and walks away. Kikyo whispers an enigmatic ‘and you, too,” watching Kagome go. As she emerges from the forest, Kagome is surprised to discover Inuyasha waiting for her. He’s clearly embarrassed Kagome caught him waiting for her, gruffly stating they should go back. As they walk back to camp under a canopy of stars, Kagome thinks back to Kikyo. Kagome seems just about to say something to Inuyasha, but thinking better of it, takes his arm, instead.

Episode 99 2/3/03
Sesshomaru to Koga kiken sougau
Koga and Sesshomaru: A Dangerous Encounter

Koga’s pack pals, Hakkaku and Ginta, are attempting to catch fish when little Rin stumbles upon their fishing expedition. Shocked to see the wolf pack, a terrified Rin runs to Jaken for help. Jaken waives his stick at the two wolf demons, demanding they leave. Hakkaku and Ginta strut their stuff, introducing themselves as the famous lieutenants of Koga, leader of the wolf demon tribe. Jaken isn’t impressed and introduces himself at the Chief Retainer for Lord Sesshomaru. Ginta and Hakkaku aren’t overwhelmed with Jaken’s claims either. They’ve never heard of Sesshomaru but, right on cue, enter the demon dog himself. Sesshomaru’s sheer presence sends the two wolf-demons and their pack, packing. Hakkaku and Ginta decide they’ll find Koga and tell him about the incident. Koga, meanwhile, is occupied exchanging the usual ‘pleasantries” with Inuyasha while Kagome and the others watch and wait patiently. Their socializing is interrupted by the arrival of Ginta and Hakkaku, who were supposed to be hunting, but have returned empty handed. Kagome feels sorry for the wolves and gives Koga a bag of crisps, which aggravates Inuyasha all over again. While Koga and Inuyasha tussle, Hakkaku and Ginta tell Kagome about their meeting with Sesshomaru. Kagome gives them the background Inuyasha’s older brother: he’s a formidable and dangerous person. The wolf pack arrives, complicating the situation with more information: they remember attacking Rin, the little human girl now traveling with Sesshomaru. When the Inuyasha/Koga brawl concludes, Koga goes his way, followed by two extremely concerned minions. Ginta and Hakkaku drive him crazy attempting to divert Koga away from Sesshomaru, afraid Koga will start a losing fight with Sesshomaru because of Inuyasha. Their hints about Sesshomaru do nothing but irritate Koga, so he tells the two wolf-men to go home if they’re going to act stupid. Ginta and Hakkaku leave, sulking about how Koga yelled at them. They were, after all, just trying to help and save him from getting killed! Their pity party is interrupted by an attack from a big purple demon. As they flee, they remember what a good and dedicated leader Koga is, and recall their mission - to avenge their tribe by killing Naraku. They succeed in outrunning the purple demon, only to catch the scent of Sesshomaru. The two decide to intercept him before he gets to Koga, and Sesshomaru and his clan encounter the two young wolf-demons blocking their path. Although Hakkaku and Ginta have changed their choreography and speeches, Sesshomaru is not entertained. Koga arrives in the nick of time to spare the two wolf-men bodily harm. With his usual bravura, Koga remarks that Sesshomaru has the same scent as Inuyasha, and it’s not complimentary. Sesshomaru greets Koga’s taunts with silence, so Koga pushes a little harder -- this time Sesshomaru tells Rin to leave and moves towards the wolf demon. Before things get ugly, the big purple demon bursts out of the woods and tries to attack Koga and get his jewel shards. Sesshomaru draws Tokijin, pulverizing the beast and saving Koga’s life. It’s not over yet ... A huge demon centipede slithers out of the forest, poised to attack Rin. Koga races to the child’s rescue, vaporizing the creature. Both Koga and Sesshomaru pass each other, stating that neither required the other’s help and the two part company. Jaken is shocked Sesshomaru let them go, but Sesshomaru tells him they all share the same goal - kill Naraku. Later Hakkaku and Ginta sit with Koga and share Kagome’s ’gift’ of crisps. The two explain why they were acting weird about Sesshomaru, and Koga tells then not to worry -- his fight is with Inuyasha, not Sesshomaru. On the other hand, if Hakkaku and Ginta think he would lose a fight with Sesshomaru, that’s another story ...

Episode 100 2/10/03
Akuma no shinjitsu nageki no mori no tatakai
The Truth Behind the Nightmare: The Battle in the Forest of Sorrow

While wandering through a dying forest they group suddenly senses the presense of a demon. Out of nowhere a huge swarm of moths come flying through the bare trees. Inuyasha swats at them with his sword, and then suddenly sees a familar face approaching. It is Garamaru, another moth demon. A quick flashback is shown of fully demonic Inuyasha killing the giant moth Gatenmaru. Inuyasha makes a quick attack, but he turns to see everyone has some blue ball of energy absorbing into their chests. Suddenly Garamaru spins a cocoon around them all and then runs away. Inuyasha tries to remove the cocoons but to no avail. He chases off after Garamaru who transforms into the giant moth creature. This time Inuyasha kills him just as quickly as he killed Gatenmaru. Inuyasha heads back to free his friends from the cocoons, but he still cannot manage to slice them open. Inside the cocoons everyone begins to have nightmares as they slowly transform into giant moth creatures. Sango dreams of Kohaku killing her friends, Miroku of his father being eaten by his Wind Tunnel, and then of accidentally sucking in Sango and Kagome. Shippo dreams of when he found his father killed by the Thunder Brothers, who then turn to hunt him. Kagome dreams of Naraku invading her time and attacking her school. Inuyasha continues to try and free them, but with no luck. Finally inside the cocoons everyone begins to dream of Inuyasha coming to their rescue. As they do they are able to awaken and rip free of their bonds.

Episode 101 2/17/03
Are kara shichinen me no nagori yuki
The Snow From Seven Years Past

Miroku remembers being a young man and being caught in a severe snowstorm. He lays against a rock, imagining that he will probably die in the storm when a woman named Koyuki emerges from the blizzard and saves him. Suddenly Miroku is snapped back to reality when he is slapped in the face by Sango who was trying to swat a mosquito. He soon gets slapped again for pinching her on the bottom. Off on a hillside Kagome is showing Inuyasha the fireworks she has brought back from her time (one of the little fuses you often see people hold at festivals and things). A snow storm begins to come upon them so they seek shelter with Shippo and Kirara in a small cabin. Two peasants soon join them, but Miroku and Sango never arrive. Caught in the storm Sango soon sees Miroku once again sitting in the middle of the storm when Koyuki, the same woman from years earlier, comes to retrieve him. Sango tries to stop her, but she is waist deep in snow and Miroku seems to offer no objections and does not seem to see Sango. The peasants give Kagome some sake to take to Sango and Miroku to help warm them up when they find them. Kirara finds Sango buried deep in the snow and unconcious. Kagome gives her the alcohol and she soon comes around. She leads them off in search of Miroku who was taken by the woman, who they suspect to be a Yuki Onna. Meanwhile Miroku is lead to a large home where dozens of children are. He helps Koyuki care for the children. The others arrive and spy on Miroku through the gate and watch as the cradles one of the children. They are able to see through the illusion that Miroku cannot... the children are actually just two balls of snow. Tiny snowmen. The Yuki Onna sends a larger cat to attack them and it proves difficult to kill. Inuyasha slices it in half, but it keeps coming back together. Miroku soon sees through the woman's deception and Kagome tosses the remaining sake on the larger cat and then attaches one of the fireworks to her arrow causing the cat to catch on fire when the flame touches the sake. Inuyasha finishes it off, and the Yuki Onna dissapates. Miroku erects a small marker for her and leaves flowers while they make their way on their journey though the melting snow. He chooses to believe that the Yuki Onna was not Koyuki, and that she is still happy and alive somewhere.




An Introduction to Inuyasha
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