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Episodes 102 - 125
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Opening Theme: Grip! (96-127)
Ending Themes: Shinjutsu no Uta (86-108) & Itazura na Kiss (109-127)
Series Director: Yasunao Aoki
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Season Five Overview:
Season 5 saw the Band of Seven arc animated. This long running storyline is among the Inuyasha fan's favorite. At episode 90 the production staff of the series stopped using traditional cel animation and moved entirely to computers. Pre-production for the third film was also underway at this time.

Episode 102 2/24/03
Bourei ni osowareta you ookami zoku
Assault on the Wolf-Demon Tribe

A grave cracks as Kohaku approaches it. He opens his hand to reveal he is carrying 7 Shikon shards. Ayame (Koga's anime only fiancee) meets up with the some other members of Koga's tribe when while they are being chased by a large group of demons. Eventually one of the wolves tries to get word to Koga, who is off with Ginta and Hagaku. By the time the wolf gets there he is seriously wounded and near death. He tells Koga what has happened and where the others are and then dies. Meanwhile Ayame meets up with Inuyasha and the others and tells them what has been happening. In the meantime two priests are walking through a wooded area. The younger man insists on turning back because of the rumors of a zombie in the region, but the older, confident priest is sure he can deal with any problems that may arrise. Suddenly the shadow of a giant creature emerges over the treeline. It has an oni in it's mouth and proceeds to devour it. The two men flee in fear while the large creature talks to Kohaku. Kohaku calls the man Kyokotsu and tells him it is his job to find more shards. Kyokotsu immediately notices that Kohaku has one and tries to kill him for it, but Kohaku quickly dodges and slices off his hand. Kyokotsu laughs it off and places his hand back on it's stump. Soon Koga comes across the demon who immediately desires the two shards in his legs. They battle it out, until Koga wrenches Kyokotsu's neck 180 degrees. The zombie falls but suddenly gets back up and grabs Koga. As Ayame, Ginta, and Hagaku watch, Koga rams his hand into Kyokotsu's forehead and rips out his Shikon shard. The creature's body begins to wither and die. Naraku's saimyosho return the Shikon jewel to Kohaku who is talking to someone else. Another member of the Shichinin-tai who has come back to life- Jakotsu.

Episode 103 3/3/03
Shichinin-tai Yomigaeru
The Band of Seven, Ressurected!

Inuyasha and the others are walking when they come across a few peasants standing in a field talking. Miroku goes and asks them what is going on, and they explain the rumors of the Shichinin-tai grave being destroyed and the men coming back to life. Down the road a ways Kirara suddenly reacts to Kohaku's scent and carries Sango off with her. Sango meets with Kohaku who is sitting in a tree with Naraku's wasps. At first he seems to be struggling to remember her, but he soon lashes out and tries to kill her. Sango refuses to fight back and tries to reason with him, until a smoking cloud begins to cover the forest floor. Kirara instinctively carries Sango away while Kohaku seeks higher ground in a tree. Cackling in a nearby tree is the hooded figure of Mukotsu. A group of samurai are charging down a road when they see a weird man up ahead. They come to a screeching halt when the Jakotsu absentmindedly refuses to get out of their way. He tells them he is the zombie they have been looking for and the commander orders his men to kill Jakotsu. The men take a knee and point ancient flintlock guns at him. Jakotsu is legitamately curious about what the men are pointing at him, when they fire off a round. Inuyasha smells blood in the air and begins to head towards the area where Jakotsu was just shot. Meanwhile Jakotsu is still standing, examining the bullet wound to his shoulder. The men prepare to shoot again, but this time he unleashes Jakotsuto, his trick sword. The blade quickly kills all the samurai. By the time Inuyasha arrives Jakotsu is still standing in the road, but has picked up one of the guns and is staring curiously down the business end of the barrel. Once he realizes that this person is -the- Inuyasha that he has been looking for he bursts out in a giddy glee over how cute he is. Miroku steps forward and gets the same treatment. Having heard enough he gets ready to unleash his Air Rip, but Kagome tells them that Jakotsu has a Shikon shard imbedded inside him. Inuyasha is going to have to cut it out, and so they begin their battle. Jakotsu seems to have the upper hand as his blows come from every direction. Inuyasha parries his blow and realizes that Jakotsu's sword can unfold many times allowing it to move like a snake. Jakotsu begins to gain the upper hand as he slices Inuyasha quite a few times. Sango arrives and uses Hiraikotsu to tangle Jaktosu's sword. Jaktosu's becomes livid that a woman would interrupt his fight and slices Sango's arm. This gives Inuyasha enough time to dash forward and punch Jakotsu hard enough to send him flipping backwards quite a few feet.

Episode 104 3/10/03
Shinobiyori dokutsukai Mukotsu
The Steathly Poison Master, Mukotsu

Inuyasha and Jakotsu are battling it out when a short stocky figure appears on the ridge above them. Suddenly the area is filled with smoke and as soon as it touches Inuyasha his foot begins to burn. Jakotsu immediately flees as do Inuyasha and the others. In another part of the forest Sesshomaru, Rin, and Jaken are on the trail of Naraku, as they recall how Kohaku almost killed Rin. Shippo and Kagome head for a nearby well to refill their water supply when they come across a group of villagers that have died from the poison cloud that has appeared. Mukotsu, the poison user of the Shichinin-tai appears and captures Kagome when she falls to his poison. He manages to hold Miroku and Sango off, but Shippo escapes to go find Inuyasha who is off chasing Jakotsu. As this happens a peaceful Buddhist temple has a strangely dressed guest arrive. It is Renkotsu, another member of the Shichinin-tai. He immediately proceeds to kill all the monks living there. Deep in the woods Inuyasha is battling it out with Jakotsu. Shippo arrives and tells him Kagome is in trouble. Inuyasha heads back immediately, but Jakotsu tries to pursue him. Shippo crashes his flying toy horse into Jakotsu covering him in tiny screaming mushrooms. Meanwhile Mukotsu has taken Kagome into a village hut. She is semi-concious and he draps a cloth over her head and pretends that they are getting married. He dances around with her a bit and Kagome notices the shard in his throat. Miroku and Sango come crashing through the roof with Kirara, but Mukotsu makes quick work of them with his poison. Suddenly Kagome stabs him in the throat with pincers from the fire place and he bursts into tears over her betrayal. He punches her hard in the face and then starts to choke her to death when the back wall explodes revealing... Sesshomaru. Mukotsu tries to fight off Sesshomaru but his poisons are completely useless on the powerful demon. Sesshomaru kills him without batting an eye just as Inuyasha arrives. Unnoticed one of Naraku's wasps carries off Mukotsu's Shikon shard. Back at the temple Jakotsu and Renkotsu meet up to discuss what has happened and if either one of them has actually met Naraku. Renkotsu points out that only "elder brother Bankotsu" has met him. Jakotsu comments that only 4 of the Shichinin-tai are alive still and Renkotsu corrects him telling him there are still five (Jakotsu starts counting on his fingers to be sure). Deep in the forest the next killer from the Shichinin-tai arrives... Ginkotsu the machine man.

Episode 105 3/17/03
Bukimina hagane no e soubi
The Ghastly Steel Machine!

Inuyasha, Shippo, and Kirara carry Kagome, Miroku, and Sango to safety after they were poisoned by Mukotsu. As they make their escape someone is hunting them as saw blades fly out of the thick woods. Inuyasha leaves everyone in a cave while he goes in search of the villian. In the distance he sees a shining object but realizes it was a decoy to lure him away. Kirara does her best to hold off the killer, Ginkotsu, but falls just as Inuyasha arrives. Ginkotsu manages to fire a few shots at the cave causing Inuyasha to order Shippo and Kirara to evacuate everyone. Meanwhile, Renkotsu is finishing burying the priests he murdered as Jakotsu hits the road in search of Inuyasha. Ginkotsu uses his saw blades and wires to keep Inuyasha from unleashing the Scar of the Wind but Inuyasha is able to get above him and use it to collapse the ground beneath him, crushing him. Kagome awakens in a temple where Shippo has sought shelter. The monk caring for them has a Shikon shard in his throat, but she is too weak to warn anyone. The monk is actually Renkotsu, and he places some insense that makes them fall into a deep slumber.

Episode 106 4/14/03
Kagome, Miroku, Sango, zettai zetsumei
Kagome, Miroku, Sango: Desperate Situation!

Inuyasha arrives at the Buddhist temple where Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo are resting from the poisoning. There he meets Renkotsu, who has disguised himself as a Buddhist monk. He interrogates Inuyasha as to what he knows about Naraku, and attempts to learn what he can about why Naraku is after the Shikon shards. Myoga flies on the back of a crow and notices the giant gashes in the ground where Inuyasha's Scar of the Wind buried Genkotsu. Suddenly Genkotsu digs his way out and heads for the temple. Inuyasha hears a cannon shot outside and Ginkotsu is standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs. They begin their battle again, but this time Renkotsu joins in. Inuyasha did not suspect him of being a Shichinin-tai member, and it has cost him dearly. In the distance he sees embers of fire floating into the night sky. Renkotsu left Inuyasha's unconcious companions to burn to death. Elswhere Koga, Hagaku and Ginta are making their way through the countryside when they encounter Jakotsu. Koga and Jakotsu battle it out, to a standstill, but when Koga picks up Kagome's scent he rushes off leaving the battle unfinished. Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga is wrapped in chains by Ginkotsu and his is covered in flames by Renkotsu. A giant drill emerges from Ginkotsu's stomach, but in a bit of quick thinking, Inuyasha releases the Tetsusaiga and the taut chains cause it to go flying into Ginkotsu's stomach while chains lock up his drill. Inuyasha breaks free of Renkotsu's wires and slices Ginkotsu to pieces before rushing off to help Kagome and the others. Shippo has been doing his best to keep them save, and he erects a small shield. Kirara tries to help as well, but her injuries tire her out quickly. Naraku's wasps swoop in to gather the remains of Ginkotsu and carry them off while Renkotsu examines the shards he took from Kagome. Inuyasha arrives at the burning temple and Shippo gives him the sad news... they have all stopped breathing.

Episode 107 4/21/03
Hajimete miseru Inuyasha no namida
Inuyasha Shows His Tears for the First Time

Inuyasha arrives in the burning temple and Shippo tells him they have all stopped breathing. He is shocked and in a fit of rage he uses the Scar of the Wind to blow the remaining flaming debris away from everyone. Myoga arrives and they carry the bodies out to a field by a stream. Shippo is in a constant crying fit, and Inuyasha blames himself for their apparent deaths. Sesshomaru momentarily arrives to chide his younger brother, but disappears before Inuyasha can strike out at him. In a cave Renkotsu is forging a new body for his injured comrade Ginkotsu, while Jakotsu sleepily looks on. Myoga tries to come up with an idea about how to save them, and Shippo says that last time they were poisoned Jinenji helped save them with his herbs. No herbs are available now, so Myoga sets out to suck the poison from them himself and revives them. Kagome wakes in Inuyasha's arms and everyone is shocked to see tears welling up in his eyes. Koga soon arrives and screams at Inuyasha for so recklessly endangering Kagome's life. This time though, Inuyasha does not disagree with him, which surprises Koga and leaves him with little to argue about. In a distant town, Kikyo arrives carrying the lock of the old theif's hair that she promised to take to Mount Hakurei. The villagers show her the broken shrine erected for the Shichinin-tai, and she meets the local doctor Suikotsu. He seems to be a very kind man who loves children, but Kikyo immediately notices he has a Shikon shard in his throat. The shard though is pure, rather than tained like those Naraku has. She notices a strange unease in the doctor though when a man comes in with a severely cut leg and needs treatment. He seems nervous around blood and after finishing with the patient he vigorous washes his hands even though they are are perfectly clean.

Episode 108 4/28/03
Kegarinaki hikari no himitsu
The Secret of the Pure Light

Late at night Kikyo wanders into the woods alone to feed on souls from her Soul Skimmers. She thinks over why a good man like Suikotsu would have a Shikon shard, and wonders why he seemed so uncomfortable around blood. Inuyasha and Miroku talk late into the night while the others sleep. They recount which of the Shichinin-tai have already been killed, and how. The next day Kagome says she can sense the presense of a Shikon shard and leads them to Suikotsu who is gathering herbs with two young children. Inuyasha attacks him, and the children become angry. Miroku decides that this plan isn't going to get them anywhere. In the village Kikyo is tending to Suikotsu's patients when an elderly man comes to talk to her. He tells her that there was once a member of the Shichinin-tai named Suikotsu as well, but he was an insane killer. Kikyo asks if they are the same person, and the old man seems mildly offended she would even suggest such a thing. As Inuyasha and Miroku stand around thinking of what to do next, a huge explosion and black smoke is spotted coming from the village. Suikotsu has already returned and stands beside Kikyo when Renkotsu and Jakotsu arrive, riding on the new and improved tank body of Ginkotsu. Inuyasha is shocked to see Kikyo there and then the battle ensues. Kikyo almost kills Jakotsu, but he dodges at the last second, and a shot from Ginkotsu's cannon wounds her causing many souls to spill out of her body. Inuyasha has his hands full dealing with Renkotsu, when suddenly the two children Suikotsu was with earlier run onto the battle field to try and protect him. Jakotsu notices them and decides to kill them. Suikotsu jumps into his blades path to save the children and is wounded severely. He hugs the children, but both Kagome and an injured Kikyo notice the glow from his Shikon shard has turned dark. Suddenly Suikotsu grabs one of the children by the throat and tries to strangle him. Inuyasha snatches the child, but Suikotsu annouces he has returned to the Shichinin-tai.

Episode 109 5/5/03
Kiri ni kakereta Hakureizan he mukae
Hidden in the Mist: Onward to Mt. Hakurei

Renkotsu tosses Suikotsu his claws and Inuyasha must fight him hand to hand since he cannot reach Tetsusaiga. Suikotsu manages to get quite a few injuries inflicted to Inuyasha. The others are helplessly looking on as they are surrounded by Renkotsu's flames. Jakotsu sneaks up on the children and prepares to kill them, but when Suikotsu sees this, his head starts to hurt and Jakotsu realizes his doctor persona is trying to emerge again. Renkotsu figures out it is because they are so near to the pure barrier surrounding Mount Hakurei. Renkotsu commands Ginkotsu to run over Kikyo, who is lying unconcious from the mortar shell that landed next to her. Inuyasha has his hands full with Suikotsu, so Miroku has to make a daring last second save. Inuyasha manages to get Tetsusaiga, prompting the Shichinin-tai to retreat. Everyone goes to check on Kikyo, but they notice that her Soul Skimmers are being destoryed as they approach her due to the barrier of the mountain being so near. Inuyasha carries her off into the woods away from the barrier, and they share a quite moment while the others look on. The next day they follow in pursuit of the Shichinin-tai, while Kikyo stays behind. Kagome is not wanting to talk to Inuyasha, and Miroku tells him to give her some space. Of course he ignores Miroku and starts demanding to know what Kagome's problem is. She winds up telling him to "sit!" quite a few times in a row. The Shichinin-tai arrive at a cliff overlooking a large castle fortress where they finally meet up with Bankotsu, their long absent leader. His first order of business is to retrieve his halbeard that was taken by the lord of the castle when they were killed 10 years ago.

Episode 110 5/12/03
Shichinin-tai no shuryou Bankotsu doujou
Enter Bankotsu, the Leader of the Band of Seven

Bankotsu sits atop a hillside overlooking a castle and attempting to write a threatening letter. Unfortunately he is illiterate, so when the rest of the Shichinin-tai arrive he asks Renkotsu to do it for him. The remaining five members of the group have reunited and seem quite pleased to all be back together again. They recount how it was this castle that they are looking down upon now where they were trapped and killed. When they were slain, Bankotsu's precious halbeard, Banryu was taken by the daimyou as a token of their victory over the Shichinin-tai. Now Bankotsu wants his blade back. Elsewhere Inuyasha and the others have finally arrived at the base of Mount Hakurei. Shippo and Kirara seem to be the worst off as the barrier has overpowered them and knocked them unconcious. Inuyasha tries to pass through but is elecricuted until he turns back. Even Miroku, a human, says the barrier's intensity makes him uncomfortable, while Sango and Kagome say they cannot feel a thing. They try to force Miroku to go throught the barrier, but he flees in terror before they can. The Shichinin-tai make quick work of the castle guards and Bankotsu storms into the palace to find his halbeard. He's very pleased to see to be reunited with his old partner and proceeds to cut off a few heads. After ransacking the castle, they stop in a small village for some refreshments. Bankotsu complains that they could have had their way with some women, but Jakotsu murdered them all. Just then Koga arrives ready to settle the score with the Shichinin-tai for poisoning Kagome. Five against one are bad odds, even for Koga, and he is barely able to dodge all the attacks hurled at him. Just as Bankotsu seems to be ready to strike the deathblow, Inuyasha arrives and parries Banryu with the Tetsusaiga.

Episode 111 5/19/03
Gekitotsu! Banryuu vs Kaze no Kizu!
The Big Clash! The Banryu versus the Wind Scar!

As Koga is becoming overwhelmed by the attacks of the Shichinin-tai, Inuyasha and the others arrive in the nick of time to save him. He seems a little resentful, but Bankotsu is certainly glad to meet up with Inuyasha, who he has heard so much about. The two go at it immediately, and Banryu and Tetsusaiga seem evenly matched. Meanwhile Jaken and Rin are waiting for Sesshomaru to return. He has picked up Kohaku's scent and is still holding a grudge for the last time they met when he tried to kill Rin. Jaken babysits Rin while he is away, but she spots Kohaku and follows him through Mount Hakurei's barrier. Because it is lethal to demons, Jaken and Sesshomaru cannot follow after her. She follows the boy into a cave and he notices her. She is happy to see that he is his nicer self rather than the way he was when he tried to murder her. Inside the cave they are shocked to find a horde of small demons, and a mysteriously wonder how they could have penetrated the mountain's barrier. Back at the battle Renkotsu realizes that Kagome can see his shards. He has two in his body and four that he stole from her at the temple. If Bankotsu finds out, it could cost him his life. Renkotsu decides to try to kill Kagome in the melee, but Koga manages to save her. Miroku and Sango have their hands full with Suikotsu and Jakotsu respectively. Eventually Naraku's hell wasps arrive and while Bankotsu pays attention to them, Inuyasha unleases the Scar of the Wind. Everyone expects Bankotsu to have been killed, but by hiding behind his massive blade he manages to survive. Banryu, his halbeard, has seen better days though. It has a large gash in the blade. The wasps instruct Bankotsu to leave and then a familar face bursts from the ground... Naraku. Inuyasha makes short work of the Naraku puppet and Koga dashes off to catch the Shichinin-tai. Inuyasha plans to follow, but Kagome stops him. The remains of the puppet are unusual. They have none of Naraku's miasma, and they also smell like flowers. It's essence is very pure, unusually so. The fleeing Shichinin-tai soon come across a small girl in the mist. It's Kanna with Kohaku. Bankotsu is extremely angry that he was not told about Inuyasha's dangerous technique that almost killed him. When Kanna starts to speak, Bankotsu angrily slams his massive blade into the ground mere inches from her face and points to the nick in the blade. Kanna tells him to use the extra shards to repair and power-up his Banryu. Bankotsu was unaware of any excess shards, but Kanna tells him that Renkotsu is carrying them. At first Renkotsu plays dumb, but when he is staring down the business end of Banryu, his attitude changes. With the blade powered up, Kanna shows them Sesshomaru in her mirror. He needs to be dealt with, and Bankotsu decides to send Jakotsu and Suikotsu to handle it.

Episode 112 5/26/03
Konen ni ukabu shoushima no kekkai
Afloat on the Lake Surface: The Barrier of Hijiri Island

From a lakeside village, a middle-aged man and young boy witness a strange light burst from the nearby forest, streak across the sky and ‘crash’ into a small island in the middle of the serene lake at the foot of a mountain. The man is head of the village and keeper of a holy shrine located on the island, Hiriji Island, at the base of sacred Mt. Hakurei. Ancestral duty decrees he must go and check on the shrine’s safety. The boy, his son and heir, Shintaro, asks to join him but the father refuses: if anything happens to him, Shintaro inherits the responsibility for both the village and shrine. Shintaro watches fearfully, as his father sails off into the mist of the lake. Elsewhere, Inuyasha, Miroku, Kagome & Shippo explore near a small stream. Inuyasha is literally trying to “sniff out” the source of Naraku’s latest puppet which had an unusually ‘pure‘ scent of flowers and water. While the land search continues Sango and Kirara search by air. Approaching Mt. Hakurei, Sango and Kirara try to break thru its purity barrier, only to end in a dramatic crash. After rejoining the team, Sango reports the sacred mountain’s barrier is very strong, confirming suspicions Naraku is very close. The team decides to investigate the lake by Mt Hakurei. Back at lakeside village, two weeks have passed since Shintaro’s father went to the sacred island, but he hasn‘t returned. Shintaro begs the village elders to for a boat so he can go to the sacred island and look for his father, but they refuse. With impeccable timing, enter Inuyasha and company, who join the conversation in time to hear the enticing word “sacred “: they want to know more. Shintaro takes them home for some story exposition and to meet his three lovely sisters. Shintaro explains that for over 100 years, his male ancestors were entrusted with the care of the shrine on Hijiri Island, a task assigned by the great priest Hakushin, a Living Buddha. Over the years, only Shintaro’s male kin can set foot on the holy island without fear of being cursed. Shintaro tells the team about his father’s failure to return from going to investigate the weird light. All signs point to Naraku, so it’s off to Hijiri Island with Shintaro. During the boat trip across the lake, Shippo and Kirara become weak and drained. Shintaro explains Hakushin‘s spiritual energy created a purity barrier around Mt. Hakurei that not only cleanses human sin, but also eliminates evil energy and ’purifies’ demons (as in “poof”, gone!). Kagome wonders how Naraku could be involved with something so opposite, and deadly, to his evil demonic nature. Arriving at the island, Inuyasha, Kagome & Shintaro, forge ahead, forcing their way thru a milder, local purity barrier and land in a field of flowers. Inuyasha recognizes the same floral sent as Naraku’s puppet. Shintaro remarks the flowers weren't there before, and Inuyasha senses a trap. The others arrive just as Shintaro also notices Hakushin’s shrine is in ruins. Running towards it, he trips over the skeletal remains of his father. Examining the corpse, Miroku determines it’s the work of Naraku’s youkai. Kagome suddenly senses a presence of Shikon shards. Split seconds later, Bankotsu bursts out of hiding from the ruined shrine brandishing his Shikon-enhanced halberd, Banyruu. Yep: trap, all right! Evil Bankotsu isn’t too comfortable on the island, either, thanks to the barrier: he‘s cranky and eager to resume his fight with Inuyasha. They engage, and Inuyasha tries to use his Kaze no Kizu attack, but it won’t work because of the barrier: the katanna’s been purified. Inuyasha is at a dangerous disadvantage and he struggles to hold his own against Bankotsu. Shintaro races to the shrine to pray for help from Hakushin with Kagome hot on his heels. When they arrive, they discover the remains of the great priest are missing! If priest wasn’t generating the island’s new barrier, who or what, is? Enlisting Miroku’s help, Kagome and Shintaro scramble for answers while the battle between Bankotsu and Inuyasha rages on. They need to find the source of the barrier, so Miroku borrows some “demon power” from the ailing Shippo by touching a batch of o fuda (prayer papers) to the child’s head and flinging them to the winds. The o fuda find their target -- the source of the barrier is a dokko - altar equipment used Hakushin. Acting quickly, Miroku and Shintaro bust the seal around the dokko and end the purity barrier. The flowers vanish, all the demonic types feel better, and the Tessaiga's demon power is restored. Problem is, Bankotsu is feeling perkier, too. Now the barrier’s gone, it can’t cramp his style, either. He’s ready to finish off Inuyasha with the super-charged Banryuu.

Episode 113 6/2/03
Shounaru dokko to chikashimi butsu no nazo
The Sacred Vajra and the Mystery of the Living Buddha

The island purity barrier may be gone, but the situation remains grim: Bankotsu is eager to conclude his fight with Inuyasha. Although injured by the earlier pounding, Inuyasha responds to Bankotsu’s taunting by releasing his Kaze no Kizu attack. Bakotsu blocks with his own special attack, the Banryuusen - the Banryuu Flash. No problem: Inuyasha tries to use his Bakuryuuha attack. Big problem: Bankotsu may be evil, but he’s no demon, and the Bakuryuuha attack won’t work on him. As the dust settles, Inuyasha searches for a weakness in Bankotsu and his weapon. The overly confident, Bankotsu provides the answer himself by bragging about the Shikon jewel repair to Banryuu. Kagome senses the shards within the weapon have been corrupted, and coaches Inuyasha to aim his Bakuryuuha attack at the weapon, and not the warrior. Before Inuyasha can launch the attack however, Bankotsu releases a particularly nasty attack of his own: the Ryuuraisen, or “Dragon Lightning Flash”. Calling down a storm of lethal lightening which surpasses even the late Thunder Brothers best efforts. Bankotsu opens up the sky releasing all manner of electrical mayhem onto the good guys. When the smoke clears, our heroes are down for the count. The only one still conscious is Inuyasha, who is in extremely rough shape. Bakotsu continues to taunt him, preparing the final blow, which gives Inuyasha just enough time to get really mad. Before Bankotsu can finish him off, the angry Inuyasha fights back with vengeance. But, just when the battle turns in favor of the good guys, Hakushin’s dokken (the alter piece, remember?) flies thru the air, collides with Tessaiga and renders the katanna powerless again. Bad for Inuyasha but good for the rest of the team: the collision releases purifying, healing energy that revives the Kagome and the others. As they recuperate, the unfortunate Inuyasha has to fight a lethal foe with a dysfunctional weapon ... again! Bankotsu tries to deliver yet another final blow to Inuyasha, when a glowing arrow pierces his sword arm ‘purifying’ Bankotsu’s flesh from wrist to elbow. While Bankotsu broods over his injury, the dokko starts to pulse with power, creating a new barrier and transporting Bankotsu away from the island. He and the dokko both disappear leaving Inuyasha and team others left with more questions than answers. Bankotsu finds himself in a misty room, feeling lousy. Two small figures emerge out of the mist: Kohaku and Kanna. Although he asks them where he is, Bankotsu gets no answer, so he follows the children further into the building ending up in a shrine room. On a platform sits a figure which Bankotsu realizes must be the remains of Hakushin, the priest he’d heard Inuyasha and the others talk about. Hakushin: the holy man responsible for creating the purity barrier surrounding Mt. Hakurei. In series of quick cuts: Inuyasha and the gang take Shintaro home, and say their goodbyes. This gives Miroku a last opportunity at the three sisters, only to be thwarted again by Sango. (Nice to see another couple enjoying a dysfunctional relationship...) We also catch up with Koga and his chums, Ginta and Hakkaku. They’ve been pursuing the Shichinin-tai towards the mountain, too, and Koga just knows they’re hiding inside Mt. Hakurei’s barrier. He’s determined to find and destroy them. Elsewhere on the mountain we discover Sesshoumaru, Jaken and Rin have arrived. On a high cliff, overlooking a misty valley, Jaken suffers from the purity barrier; Rin enjoys the scenery and Sesshoumaru broods, reflecting upon Naraku’s odd strategy involving the sacred mountain. Flashback to Kikyo, as she says her farewells to the children of Suikotsu’s village and starts her journey to Mt. Hakurei. As Kikyo nears the mountain, her strength wanes. Meanwhile Inuyasha and Kagome stand at the base of Mt. Hakurei. Inuyasha can feel the growing strength of the barrier. Although it’s seems impossible, they all sense Naraku is hiding on the mountain somewhere, somehow. Inuyasha can‘t chase Naraku safely into the barrier because he’s half demon. Neither Koga nor Sesshoumaru can pursue him there, because they’re full demons. Even Kikyo can’t enter the barrier. The purity of the mountain protects Naraku from all his adversaries however humans can enter the barrier, so Sango & Miroku volunteer scout the mountain and locate Naraku‘s whereabouts. All Inuyasha and Kagome can do is watch while Sango & Miroku leave on their mission, and trust they‘ll be all right.

Episode 114 6/9/03
Koga no kokou naru tatakai
Koga's Solitary Battle

Koga races through the mist of Mt. Hakurei followed closely by Hakkaku, Ginta and the wolf pack. Hakkaku and Ginta complain they are exhausted from running, frustrated by the barrier, and just want to go home, but Koga is on a mission and he won’t give up. While Koga lays down the law to the beta wolf demons, Renkotsu and Ginkotsu observe the pack from within the safety of the barrier. As Koga rants, the Shichinin-tai open fire, aiming for the Shikon jewel shards in Koga’s legs. Elsewhere on the mountain, Kagome, Inuyasha, Shippo and Kirara wait for Sango and Miroku to return from their reconnaissance. The barrier is starting to have a bad effect on Inuyasha, and he struggles discretely to fight it without alarming Kagome and the others. Shippo wonders how Miroku and Sango are doing, especially since Miroku is alone with Sango. Koga’s bravura wears thin in battle as the two Shichinin-tai continue to bombard him with cannon fire. They are protected from counter attack by Mt. Hakurei’s demon-proof barrier. All Koga can do is dodge the deadly salvos, and try to lure his adversaries out into unprotected open ground. Koga continues to evade incoming fire from the Shichinin-tai while Hakkaku and Ginta watch helplessly. Renkotsu adds his flame attack to the fracas as Ginkotsu continues to pepper Koga with mortar fire. When the smoke clears, Koga is gone! Certain he’s blown to bits, Renkotsu and Ginkotsu move outside the barrier to retrieve Koga’s Shikon shards. Koga bursts out of hiding, launching a surprise attack of his own. He’s ready to destroy the Shichinin-tai by removing their Shikon jewel shards. Koga places himself between the Ginkotsu, Renkotsu and the barrier cutting off their retreat. Though deprived access to the barrier, the Shichinin-tai point out they can go anywhere, but Koga is trapped against a demon-lethal barrier. Ginkotsu releases another barrage of mortar fire as Koga rushes Renkotsu, and slashing him, in an attempt remove his Shikon shards. The attack on Renkotsu makes Ginkotsu really mad. Ginkotsu undergoes a sequence of mechanical changes as he prepares his retaliatory attack against Koga. Amazed, but not daunted, Koga launches himself directly at Ginkotsu, who counters by launching his upper body back at Koga. They clash in airborne fury until gravity takes its toll and they crash to earth. Ginkotsu is wrecked, but he has one last offensive maneuver -- a self-destruct mode. He explodes, taking Koga with him. On their part of the mountain, Inuyasha senses something bad. He grabs Kagome, Shippo and Kirara without much explanation and they speed off towards the disturbance. More bad guys converge upon Mt. Hakurei -- Jakotsu and Suikotsu. They’re have an objective ... At a much quieter part of the mountain, Sesshoumaru, Jaken and Rin stand before a rope bridge. Before they can cross, Sesshoumaru senses a presence, leaps into action and is immediately attacked by Jakotsu’s Jakotsutou -- Snake Bone Sword. The new Shichinin-tai objective is to eliminate Sesshomaru. Cut to Renkotsu, staggering through the mountain mist. He holds a Shikon shard, which Ginkotsu fired off to him, before he self-destructed. Renkotsu grasps the jewel tightly as he mourns his comrade. Inuyasha, Kagome and the little ones arrive at Koga’s battleground. There are pieces of Ginkotsu everywhere, and Hakkaku and Ginta cry hysterically over Koga’s body, which is pinned beneath Ginkotsu‘s wreckage. Ginta and Hakkaku are certain Koga is dead. He certainly looks dead, but after a little coaxing, Koga regains consciousness. He‘s badly injured but alive. Even Inuyasha, is relieved until Koga grabs Kagome’s hand -- and the usual reaction from Inuyasha threatens -- however, in a remarkable display of maturity, there is no necessity for Kagome to issue a “Sit” command. As Inuyasha surveys the physical and emotional damage inflicted on Koga and the others, Inuyasha renews his oath of vengeance against the Shichinin-tai and Naraku.

Episode 115 6/16/03
Suikomareru kuroi hikari
Lured By The Black Light

Sun filters down through the dense, misty forest canopy. Kikyo travels alone in this enchanted wood, her thoughts consumed with Naraku and his presence at Mt. Hakurei. Kikyo is not alone in this mystic landscape; up the path, Bankotsu sits and mourns fallen comrades with sake, bitterly confronting his own renewed mortality. Angry and resigned, Bankotsu picks up Banryuu and resumes his journey of death and destruction. He crosses paths with Kikyo: each senses the other’s identity and Kikyo challenges him to fight. Bankotsu accepts. Kikyo, however hesitates, asking Bankotsu why he chose continue an evil life again rather than use the gift of the Shikon shards to reform for the better. Bankotsu answers that he likes the way he is, bloodthirsty. He believes there is nothing after death and when you’re dead, you’re dead. Kikyo takes exception to his statements but Bankotsu tells her to mind her own business. Shouldering Banryuu, he says his good bye and suggests they both try to live as along as they can. On the slopes of Mt. Hakurei, Sesshomaru confronts Jakotsu at the edge of a hazy gorge. Sesshomaru recognizes Jakotsu’s scent as belonging to the Shichinin-tai and Jakotsu knows Sesshomaru is related to Inuyasha. Jakotsu makes the mistake of declaring that fact as he commences his attack on Sesshomaru, who powerfully retaliates. Concerned that Rin will be caught in the battle, Sesshomaru orders Jaken to remove the girl from danger. Jaken takes the child, and they start to cross a suspended bridge to the other side of the chasm. The escape is short lived: Suikotsu approaches the pair ominously from the other side. While Sesshomaru gracefully dodges and attacks Jakotsu, Jaken struggles with Suikotsu. The feisty goblin manages to ward off Suikotsu with his ninja stuck, but at a price: the flames from his weapon severely damage the bridge. As Jaken and Rin flee back to Sesshomaru, Suikotsu strikes again and the bridge collapses plummeting the three into the vapor below. Sesshomaru eludes Jakotsu’s final attack winning the bout and humiliating the miserable ronin. He wastes no time jumping into the abyss to rescue Rin. Jakotsu’s shame being beaten by Inuyasha’s brother turns his thoughts back to confronting Inuyasha personally: that make’s Jakotsu happy. Jakotsu, however, is the last thing on Inuyasha’s mind; he, Kagome, Shippo and Kirara are transporting the wounded Koga and pack-mates, Hakkaku & Ginta to a safe place so they can heal. Not even Inuyasha knows where they are going -- just that they have to find somewhere secure where the Shichinin-tai can’t attack Koga for his jewel shards. They race on, looking for shelter. Back at the bottom of the gorge, Sesshomaru discovers a river. The scent trail reveals that Rin was carried away, but he finds Jaken. The goblin is scuffed up, but revives when it’s time to brown-nose the boss. Sesshomaru sets off in search of Rin with Jaken following on his heels. It turns out that Rin was carried away, but not by the river - Suikotsu has her. Suikotsu appears to be back to his “Good Dr.” mode, putting the child at ease as they return to his village and the other children. Scaling Mt. Hakurei, Miroku and Sango discover a cave and enter to explore. Kohaku and Kanna observe them. Also recently arrived near the mountain is Kikyo, who picks up the energy of Suikotsu‘s jewel from the nearby village. At Suikotsu's house in the village, the orphans cautiously greet his return. Jakotsu has followed him to observe, disgusted Suikotsu’s “Good.” personality is back. Jakotsu is thrilled and the orphans appalled as they witness Suikotsu suddenly slaughter a group of visiting villagers. Rin uses the carnage as an opportunity to escape but is snared by the lurking Jakotsu. Sesshomaru travels towards the village, too, having picked up the sent of the Shichinin-tai -- where they are, Rin is sure to be. Kikyo also converges on the settlement, deeply concerned for safety of Suikotsu’s orphans. At the village itself, Jakotsu is delighted that Suikotsu has regained his ‘killer‘ personality; so is Suikotsu. The claw-handed Shichinin-tai is poised, ready to shred the orphans to bits. Suikotsu is about to strike the deathblow when he is paralyzed as Kikyo’s image flashes on his mind.

Episode 116 6/23/03
Sarakeda sareta shinjutsu kao
The Exposed Face of Truth

Inuyasha and Kagome find refuge in a secluded cave near a mountain stream. The cavern is a perfect place to drop off an injured wolf demon, which is exactly what Inuyasha does after hauling the unconscious Koga to safety. While the group settles in to recuperate, back in the mountain village the paralyzed Suikotsu menaces the cowering orphans. Jakotsu observes the scene as Rin struggles in his clutches. A single Saimyousho buzzes in, communicating to Jakotsu Sesshomaru is on his way. Jakotsu orders Suikotsu to forget the children and they leave: killing Sesshomaru is the new priority. They plan to lure him into Mt. Hakurei’s demon damaging barrier, using Rin as bait. What the Shichinin-tai duo doesn’t realize is that Sesshomaru has already breached the warding, intent on rescuing Rin and exacting revenge on her kidnappers. Kikyo arrives in the village shortly after the Shichinin-tai’s departure and finds the children huddled together, horrified, after witnessing the bloodshed caused by Suikotsu. The children tell her although Suikotsu looked like the kindly doctor they all loved, a different, evil Suikotsu murdered the village elders and tried to kill them. Kikyo warns the children to leave the village: it’s too dangerous for them to stay, and embarks in search of Suikotsu. Elsewhere, the two Shichinin-tai prepare to spring their trap. Jakotsu doubts Sesshomaru’s ability to enter the barrier; Sesshomaru however, materializes out of the mist proving him wrong. Jakotsu wastes no time in drawing Jakotsutuo and attacking. The snake sword slashes lethally at Sesshomaru, but he dodges its blades elegantly -- or so it seems ... The Jakotsutuo manages to strike him, finally tasting demon blood. Jakotsu is elated and confident Mt. Hakurei has affected Sesshomaru and made him vulnerable to attack. Sango is feeling vulnerable too; Miroku has gotten them lost inside the cave they were investigating. As they search for an exit, they spot someone or something, glowing, beckoning them to follow. Sensing no demon, the duo decides to go in pursuit. The source of the glow is Kohaku wearing a luminescent cloak. He wants to lead them out of, and away from the cavern. The clash between Sesshomaru and Jakotsu escalates. Jakotsu is eager to exploit the demon’s diminished capacity, but Sesshomaru wages a strong offensive. Jakotsu taunts Sesshomaru, threatening to kill the captive Rin if he makes a wrong move. Sesshomaru smirks in reply. Angered by his reaction, Jakotsu swings his sword. Sesshomaru launches his defense flinging Toukijin aside, and charging Jakotsu headlong. Sesshomaru’s strategy finds two marks - the Toukijin plunges into Suikotsu’s chest and Sesshomaru’s claws thrust into Jakotsu’s torso. Although wounded, the Shichinin-tai are still determined make good their threat to kill Rin. Suikotsu is about to cleave the cringing Rin when an arrow streaks through the air, striking him in the throat. It’s Kikyo‘s arrow, fired to cleanse the corrupted jewel shard. Against the agonizing influence of the barrier, Kikyo makes her way to the wounded Suikotsu while Jakotsu flees in fear. Kikyo’s arrow has restored the “good” Suikotsu. He asks Kikyo to remove the Shikon shard because he wants to die again and finally end the misery of his two personalities. Suikotsu tells her the story of how a traumatic incident caused his personality to shatter and what led him to become one of the Shichinin-tai. Helpless against the sins of his evil self, Suikotsu wants the peace of oblivion. As Kikyo tentatively reaches to take the shard, a flash of metal streaks towards Suikotsu, fatally slicing open his throat. The jewel shard pops free into Jakotsu’s eager grasp. Jakotsu dashes off, abandoning his withered comrade. Back at the mountain cave, Miroku and Sango have followed the strange glow to safety. Outside the fissure, Sango discovers a special, luminescent cloak the demon slayer’s use. All signs point to Kohaku. In another cave on the mountain, Koga slowly recovers under the care of Kagome and his pack mates. Outside, Shippo spies on a pensive Inuyasha, floating on his back in the steam, obviously preoccupied. Shippo wonders what Inuyasha is thinking so hard about but only we know the answer: he‘s simply admiring the beautiful day.

Episode 117 6/30/03
Honoo no kawa ni kieta aitsu
Vanished in a River of Flames

Recovered from his battle with Koga, Renkotsu vows to avenge Ginkotsu’s destruction and prepares his artillery for an assault on the wolf demon and his companions. Back in the cave by the river, Koga also revives from the clash. Pack mates Hakkaku and Ginta, along with Kagome and Shippo greet his return to consciousness. As they tell him what’s occurred, Koga realizes that he’s not quite himself -- he ‘reeks like dog’, making a huge fuss. Kagome gently explains to Koga, Inuyasha carried him to safety. Infuriated, Koga reprimands Ginta and Hakkaku for their failure to transport him under the circumstances. Inuyasha interrupts Koga’s tirade, soaked from his own effort to ‘wash the wolf stink off’. Inuyasha isn‘t thrilled by Koga‘s ingratitude and demonstrates his irritation by shaking off his soggy state like an irate St. Bernard. The bickering continues until Inuyasha spots one of Naraku’s Saimyousho spying on the group. He purses the creature to destroy it before it reveals their location. But the insect is a decoy sent to lure Inuyasha away. Renkotsu is hiding near the cave waiting for the group to be left defenseless. Shippo and Kagome sense a problem when suddenly, an explosion rings out and rocks rain down, damming the river beneath the cave. Into the maelstrom created by dammed water sails a raft of flaming logs on pitch-black surf of oil. Renkotsu’s attack begins. Realizing the Saimyousho was hoax; Inuyasha rushes back to the others. Outside the cave, Renkotsu opens fire with his with weapon collection. Since Kagome is the only one left capable of defending the group, she challenges the heavily armed Renkotsu with just her bow and arrows. The Shichinin-tai member fires at her point blank, but the deadly shot is deflected by Inuyasha’s timely arrival. Wrapping Kagome in his fire-rat kimono, Inuyasha goes after Renkotsu. The Shichinin-tai’s salvos fly mercilessly as Inuyasha battles back, sword versus cannon. After a huge, final blast, it appears Renkotsu’s technology wins as Inuyasha goes down in flames. Renkotsu fires one more round into the cave harboring Kagome and company. Sauntering into the rocky ruins, Renkotsu spots the huddled bodies of his victims, congratulating himself on his success and eager to claim the Shikon shards in Koga’s legs. Renkotsu’s revelry is cut short when the business end of a long, wolf demon leg meets his chin, nearly decapitating him. Quick thinking and Inuyasha’s kimono jacket shielded the group from Renkotsu‘s attack. Dead or alive, Renkotsu is determined to possess Koga’s shards. Producing explosive sticks, he threatens to demolish the group. Once again good timing intervenes and Inuyasha arrives, seared but alive. He tackles Renkotsu and the two plummet into the river of flames, igniting the explosives and blowing the dam sky high. Frantically, Kagome and others race along the freed torrent desperately looking for Inuyasha. Hakkaku and Ginta try to be hopeful for Kagome’s sake, but Koga, the pessimist, states Inuyasha has probably been blown to bits. His harsh statement devastates Kagome, who by now believes Koga may be right. Distraught with grief and guilt because she had Inuyasha’s fireproof kimono when he needed it most, Kagome weeps bitterly. Realizing how upset Kagome is, Koga tries to comfort her, telling her Inuyasha forced the jacket on her so it wasn’t her fault. As Kagome sobs miserably Koga receives a blow to his head from behind: it’s Inuyasha. Inuyasha is still alive and ready to continue his quarrel with Koga. Overcome with relief he‘s alive, Kagome runs to embrace Inuyasha. Tearfully Kagome expresses her concern as Inuyasha holds her close, assuring her he’s okay. The touching moment is brief -- even with Kagome held tenderly in his arms, Inuyasha resumes his argument with Koga. Higher up Mt. Hakurei, Sango and Miroku approach the summit, discovering another cave. Upon entering they sense tangible evil, certain they’ll find Naraku. They will find one a part of Naraku at least -- Kagura! In the aftermath of his fight with Inuyasha, Renkotsu returns to Bankotsu, anxious the Shichinin-tai leader will sense the extra Shikon shard he possesses from Ginkotsu. After meeting Bankotsu, Renkotsu is relieved that his extra jewel shard escaped detection. Or has it?

Episode 118 7/7/03
Shiro reizan no oku no oku
Into the Depths of Mt. Hakurei

Mt. Hakurei has drawn both good and bad to its summit, setting the stage for many dramatic encounters. Miroku and Sango charge into the heart of the holy mountain and discover a stair-ringed cavern where Kagura and a horde of demons wait in ambush. Kagura attacks, confidant Miroku will not use his Wind Tunnel attack with Saimyosho present. Kagura springs the trap, and the pair defends themselves employing Sango’s Hiraikotsu and Miroku’s Seibai attacks. During the mêlée, Kagura destroys a part of the stair pathway stranding Miroku and Sango on opposite sides of the chasm. Angered Sango hurls the Hiraikotsu at Kagura but the weapon is repelled, rebounding and wounding her. Miroku leaps the abyss to Sango’s defense as Kagura releases another demon offensive, and opens the Wind Tunnel, heedless of personal risk. As a stream of deadly demons flow into the void, Miroku weakens from the poison. Outside on the mountain, Kagome and Inuyasha wait apprehensively: too much time as passed and they suspect Miroku and Sango are in trouble. Inuyasha makes a risky decision - to search for them inside the barrier. He reasons since he’s a half-demon, the barrier can’t purify all of him so he‘s the only person for the mission. Reluctantly leaving Kagome in Koga’s care, Inuyasha races off vanishing into the mist. Inside the mountain, Miroku struggles to protect Sango, as he continues to feel the effects of the poison. Bridging the gap in the stairs with Hiraikotsu, Miroku carries Sango across the breach, warding off a horde of hovering demons with threats of the Wind Tunnel. His body diminished by the poison, Miroku finally collapses, apologizing to Sango that he can’t save her from the demons... Alone on the road to Mt. Hakurei, Jakotsu whines and shivers, his fight-tattered kimono little protection from the elements. He encounters a band of traveling merchants who posthumously provide him with a new kimono. Bankotsu discovers him at the merchant massacre, and the two rejoin forces, Jakotsu dutifully presenting Bankotsu with the Shikon shard retrieved from Suikotsu’s body. Back at Mt. Hakurei, things aren’t going very well for Inuyasha. The purifying power of the barrier is stronger than Inuyasha expected and Renkotsu has appeared. Taking advantage of Inuyasha’s weakness, Renkotsu blasts him with his cannon, sending him flying. Renkotsu’s hope for victory is short-lived after he sees Inuyasha survived his latest salvo, but he also notices something else about his young opponent ... Stunned by the blast through the barrier, Inuyasha regains his wits to discover his demon powers have been completely purified leaving him human. Believing Inuyasha is now defenseless, Renkotsu opens fire again. Although his demon power is gone, Inuyasha is still fast on his feet and darts inside a convenient crevice in the mountainside. Renkotsu is too big to pursue him, but a recently arrived Jakotsu is just the right size to follow Inuyasha inside the mountain. Inside Mt. Hakurei, Sango also wakes up to a surprise -- an unconscious Miroku lying on top of her. Sango sees Miroku is badly injured and they are threatened by a host of hovering demons, poised to kill. Tearfully, Sango revives the priest but he’s too ill to move. Miroku begs Sango to leave him and save herself, but Sango refuses: if he can’t go, she won’t go either, and will stay and die with him. Miroku holds the weeping woman, moved by her feelings. As they lay there, Miroku starts feeling better and notices the demons aren’t attacking. Miroku realizes they have passed into another, stronger purity barrier. That purity is neutralizing the poison in his body and keeping the monsters away. The duo resume their quest, and see their goal - a small cave at the top of the cavern. The situation is getting worse for Inuyasha; although he’s escaped Renkotsu and located the cavern, Jakotsu has caught up with him and he’s happy to see him again ... and delighted with Inuyasha’s “new look”.

Episode 119 7/14/03
Kamigami shi okui no seijya
Divine Malice of the Saint

The search for the source of the purity barrier is over. Miroku and Sango’s discovery of a hidden temple, shrouded in the mists of Mt. Hakurei lead them directly to the Living Buddha himself -- Hakushin. They are alarmed when the mummy open’s his eyes and confronts them about trespassing in his temple. Miroku replies, and asks him why a holy person such as he would ally himself with someone as evil as Naraku. Hakushin’s answer is shocking: he knows Naraku’s true nature, but doesn’t care. At the foot of the mountain, Kagome waits anxiously for Inuyasha’s return along with Shippo, Kirara, Koga and his pack mates, Ginta and Hakkaku. Both Shippo and Kirara suffer from the effect of the barrier, causing Kagome more worry about Inuyasha. Ginta and Hakkaku compound her distress, tactlessly voicing their own concerns over Inuyasha‘s fate inside the barrier. Seeing how badly their banter bothers Kagome, Koga puts a halt to the conversation with timely head-bops. Shippo tries to relive Kagome’s suffering by reassuring her Inuyasha will be just fine. However, Inuyasha isn’t fine at all ... He has transformed into a human; his fire-rat clothing and Tetsusaiga are powerless; he’s trapped in a dead end cave by Jakotsu, and Jakotsu is hitting on him -- verbally and with his sword, Jakotsuto. Driven to extremes, Inuyasha charges Jakotsu, barely able to dodge fatal blows from the snakelike Jakotsuto. Inuyasha ’s assault leaves him wounded, bleeding and exhausted. His condition delights Jakotsu, who definitely enjoys the torturous fight. While Inuyasha struggles to stay alive inside the mountain, back at it’s summit, Hakushin tell’s his story to Miroku and Sango. Hakushin devoted his life to piety and selflessness, generously giving of himself to help the suffering of others. When he fell seriously ill, his followers fretted about losing him, and his guidance. From his sickbed, Hakushin assuaged their fears, announcing his intention to become a “living Buddha” so that he could protect his people forever. Hakushin was ceremonially entombed underground with only a bell and an air pipe to connect him with the living world. When the bell stopped ringing, he would be dead, ascending into Nirvana where he would protect his followers for eternity. But as his life ebbed inside the tomb, Hakushin realized that at his final moment he didn’t want to die, resenting the circumstances of his death. Hakushin’s remains were installed as a “living Buddha, ” but his tortured soul lingered in the darkness. Naraku found it there, seducing Hakushin’s lost soul by convincing Hakushin his followers were selfish, and that even in death, they forced the responsibility of their welfare upon him. Hakushin accepted Naraku’s offer to ’live’, allowing himself to be used in exchange for freedom from his spiritual responsibility. Deep inside the mountain, freedom is the last thing available to Inuyasha; Jakotsu has him trapped and is closing in for the kill. Renkotsu has also arrived, discretely watching the battle with frustration, angry Inuyasha wasn’t able kill Jakotsu for him. As a last defense, Inuyasha springs a sneak attack on Jakotsu but his attempt fails miserably weakened by blood loss and fatigue. Jakotsu easily gains the upper hand, prepared to finish off his prey. In the temple, Miroku and Sango throw everything in their arsenal against the power of Hakushin and his barrier. Although the barrier and its source are formidable, they succeed, using Miroku’s wind tunnel as the final blow. The barrier starts to dissolve. Everyone in the vicinity of Mt. Hakurei senses the barrier’s destruction. Deep within the mountain, Renkotsu is the first to witness the result of the barrier’s dissipation as a multitude of lesser demons roils up from the bowels of the earth. Freed from their containment, they’re desperate to escape their mountain prison. Dropping his victim, Jakotsu turns his attention to the advancing demons. The rampaging monsters mean the barrier is gone along with it’s purifying properties. It also means Inuyasha get’s a major break -- his demonic power returns! Realizing Miroku and Sango were successful breaking the barrier, Inuyasha prepares to end the battle and destroy Jakotsu. The Shichinin-tai isn’t about to die easily still as passionate about his opponent’s charms as ever. He releases a final attack, binding Inuyasha in a tangle of deadly blades; one flick of Jakotsu’s wrist, and Inuyasha will be cut to ribbons.

Episode 120 7/28/03
Sayonara Jakotsu no chinkon uta
Fare Thee Well: Jakotsu's Requiem

Inside the bowels of Mt. Hakurei, the battle between Inuyasha and Jakotsu draws to it’s close. The situation looks grim for Inuyasha; he‘s shackled by the cruel blades of the Jakotsuto and with a flick of his wrist, Jakotsu can tear him to pieces. Jakotsu is enchanted at the spectacle of Inuyasha subdued in such a manner. Inuyasha, not eager to die, stuns Jakotsu with an all-consuming Kaze no Kizu attack. Jakotsu and his vicious weapon are caught by surprise by the attack’s intensity and engulfed by its fury. When the smoke clears, what remains of the mortally wounded Jakotsu and his sword lay broken and trampled under a blanket of debris. Although Jakotsu invites Inuyasha to finish the job and kill him, Inuyasha declines, leaving to resume his search for Naraku. Out of the darkness, Renkotsu approaches his dying comrade. Jakotsu regards him with a resigned smirk: he knows Renkotsu is there to retrieve the Shikon jewel shard keeping him alive. Determined to survive, Renkotsu removes the shard from the failing Shichinin-tai’s throat and Jakotsu melts into dust. Renkotsu departs with his prize but, as soon as he leaves, a lone Saimyosho buzzes in and plucks Jakotsu’s hair ornament from his dusty remains and flies away. Outside on the mountain Kikyo searches for the object that escaped Mt. Hakurei’s barrier and discovers Hakushin, meditating inside a ‘bubble” of the remaining purity. Kikyo deduces that the monk inside the barrier was the one responsible for protecting Naraku and restraining his evil. The conversation between Kikyo and Hakushin reveals they have much in common: both strived for perfection in life only to have that perfection escape them because they gave into the needs of their humanity. Hakushin is hesitant to open up to the miko, but then realizes Kikyo can see through his facade and into his soul. She understands Hakushin’s guilt and his regret at having been seduced by Naraku’s evil. Through her empathy Kikyo provides Hakushin the forgiveness and salvation he needs to put his spirit to rest and, with Kikyo’s help, Hakushin passes into the next world. Others play out their own dramas elsewhere on the troubled mountain. Kagome anxiously waits for Inuyasha and the others to return from the barrier under the protection of Koga and his pack mates. As the mountain’s barrier deteriorates and escaping demons begin to flood out, Kagome decides she’s waited long enough. Kagome hands the ailing Shippo and Kirara off to Koga, and runs off towards the mountain in search of her companions. Unlike Kagome, Renkotsu wants to run away from Mt. Hakurei and avoid his finding his last comrade - the Shichinin-tai captain, Bankotsu. Renkotsu attempts to slip away without a confrontation, but Bankotsu intercepts him. The Shichinin-tai captain is aware of Renkotsu ‘s collection of Shikon shards, and the treacherous way he collected them. As evidence of Renkotsu’s deceit, Bankotsu holds up Jakotsu’s hair ornament. Determined to survive, Renkotsu fights for his existence, throwing his arsenal of artillery into the fight with his captain, but Bankotsu is victorious. He extracts the Shikon shards from Renkotsu and dissolves him into dust. Bankotsu has one more opponent to face -- Inuyasha. The sacred ground of Mt. Harukei continues to degenerate rapidly, until finally the barrier dissolves. A spectacular host of demons rampage through the miasma and unfortunately, Kagome has strayed into their path. Scrambling to protect herself, Kagome tries to notch an arrow into her bow, but drops it her haste. Taking advantage of her vulnerability, the advancing demons knock her to the ground, then turn back upon her. Just as they attack her, Koga appears, leaping to her defense at the last second. It seems he’s followed her up the mountain, and is determined to guard her -- for both Kagome’s sake and to keep his word to Inuyasha. Inside the mountain, Inuyasha continues to trail Naraku’s scent, calling out angry challenges to the arch demon. His challenge attracts a different, unexpected foe. Inuyasha’s path to Naraku is blocked by one last obstacle -- Bankotsu.

Episode 121 8/4/03
Kessen! Saikyo saigo no Shichinin-tai
Final Battle: The Last and Strongest of the Band of Seven

The slopes of Mt. Harukei are a squirming blanket of miasma and hostile youkai as the barrier of purity dissolves. The voracious swarm doesn’t care what, or who, is in their destructive path turning the mountain into a killing field for everyone searching for Naraku. Sesshomaru and Jaken slash and burn a path through the onslaught. Kikyo’s arrows destroy multiple evil targets. Kagome, Koga and crew, hammer their way through the melee after Koga picks up both Naraku’s and Inuyasha‘s scents coming from the mountain. Only Naraku and his spawn remain, hidden inside the sacred mountain and under the protection of their champion Bankotsu. Inuyasha must cross swords with the last and strongest Shichinintai to achieve his goal - finding and destroying Naraku. Inuyasha attacks Bankotsu with the Kaze no Kizu. Enflamed by vengeance for the deaths of his comrades and powered by seven Shikon jewel shards, Bankotsu retaliates with an explosive assault of his own. Inuyasha knows Bankotsu has a huge advantage, but he’s determined to win at all costs. He charges Bankotsu and they clash in flurry of super-charged steel and personal taunts. During the verbal exchange, Bankotsu aims some low blows at Inuyasha’s self-esteem. Rather than allow his heckling to effect the fight, Inuyasha let’s Bankotsu talk. It seems that Bankotsu and Naraku are well acquainted and like to ‘chat’ about the subjects of their wrath. Bankotsu also tells Inuyasha why Naraku revived the Shichinin-tai. When Inuyasha informs Bankotsu Naraku is only manipulating him, Bankotsu blasts Inuyasha angrily, sending him flying in a torrent of flame and rocks. Emerging from the rubble Bankotsu sees a daunting sight: Inuyasha has survived the Banryuu’s latest battering. He‘s as feisty as ever and eager to finish the Shichinin-tai captain for good! While Inuyasha wages mortal combat with Bankotsu, Miroku and Sango investigate the strong youkai presence that lures them inexorably down a new path inside the heart of the sacred mountain. They follow a shaft that leads them into a large cavern containing a deep, dark pit. Peering over the edge into the black void, the pair sees a chilling spectacle -- the pale face of Naraku staring back at them! As the eerie face retreats from view, Sango and Miroku are bombarded by a new attack from Kagura. Attempting to wrestle answers about Naraku from the demon, Miroku tells Kagura he’s figured out the Naraku/Hakushin/Mt. Hakurei connection. When Inuyasha broke Naraku’s barrier with the “Red Tetsusaiga”, Naraku was forced to hide, healing his wounds and reforming his barrier. Miroku presses Kagura for information, but her response is another barrage of wind blades that shatter the cliff where Sango and Miroku stand. The pair is plunged into the foreboding abyss. Kagome, Koga, and company close in on the summit of Mt. Hakurei. Drawing near, Kagome picks up two traces of the Shikon jewel. Aware of the danger this presents, Kagome prays fervently for the safety of her companions. Kagome’s prayers better be powerful: Inuyasha’s battle with Bankotsu isn’t going well. Bankotsu pummels Inuyasha with blast after blast, tossing him around the cave walls like a rag doll. Inuyasha endures the pounding, but he knows he can’t take much more and still have strength to defeat Bankotsu. Bankotsu moves in for the kill, but Inuyasha surprises him by hurling the Tetsusaiga at him. The confusion caused by the flying katana gives Inuyasha the edge to attack barehanded with his Sankon Tetsusou. Inuyasha’s claws hit pay dirt and two of the seven jewel shards fly out of Bankotsu’s arm. Encouraged, Inuyasha goes at Bankotsu with hand-to-hand combat. Claws and fists fly in a match of even strength. Bankotsu doesn’t like to lose, and isn’t about to surrender but Inuyasha is determined to crush Bankotsu and finally reach Naraku!

Episode 122 8/11/03
Kyurestsu Banryu Hakureizan no shitou
The Power of Banryu: Duel to the Death on Mount Hakurei

Sango’s quick-thinking saved she and Miroku from plummeting into Naraku’s pit; stabbing the Hiraikotsu into the crater’s wall Sango arrested their fall, but the trouble is far from over. The duo dangle precariously above an abattoir of discarded youkai body parts -- the remains of Naraku’s ‘reconstruction’. Descending to investigate the gruesome pit, Miroku and Sango discover pale, featureless, baby-like creatures swarming among the carcasses. Outside, Sesshomaru and Jaken succeed in beating back the stampede of fugitive youkai. Sesshomaru prepares to enter the mountain and continue his search for Naraku. Kikyo also destroyed her share of demons. Suspicious of Naraku’s motives, Kikyo also goes to investigate. Finally, Koga, Kagome, Shippo and Kirara arrive at the mountain. The scent trial Koga followed leads the four to a tunnel in the mountainside and they cautiously penetrate the dark, dangerous passage. Inside the heart of Mt. Hakurei the fight between Bankotsu and Inuyasha continues to rage. Bankotsu proves a formidable foe and Inuyasha suffers a relentless pounding from the Shichinin-tai. The vicious hammering buys time for Inuyasha to prepare his next assault. When Bankotsu readies the deathblow to his seemingly defeated opponent, Inuyasha surprises him, piercing Bankotsu’s throat and extracting three more jewel shards. Despite the setback, Bankotsu remains arrogant -- even after Inuyasha points out their death match is observed by a large group of youkai, just waiting in the shadows to attack the survivor. Bankotsu takes the information in stride: he never trusted Naraku and was prepared for such betrayal. Bankotsu is also prepared to kill anyone, or anything, in the way of his continued survival. The narcissistic warrior believes his hunger for life isn’t any different than that of the resurrected Hakushin, Kikyo, or even Inuyasha‘s broken seal. Inuyasha, however, sees a flawed comparison: Bankotsu is a selfish, cold-blooded killer motivated only by his greed for ’life’. Bankotsu agrees, and leaps for the discarded Banryuu. At the same time Inuyasha grabs Tetsusaiga, charging Bankotsu. Bankotsu however, rushes past Inuyasha, and starts butchering the lurking youkai. The Shichinin-tai slays 1,000 demons and, suddenly, the Banryuu pulses and glows with frightening new power. Unleashing a mammoth burst of energy, Bankotsu vaporizes the remaining youkai with the blade, and resumes his confrontation with Inuyasha. As he prepares to attack, Bankotsu explains Banryuu’s new power: the only way for a human like himself to possess supernatural strength was to empower an object, such as his weapon, Banryuu. After tasting the blood of 1,000 shogun, gaining power from the Shikon shards, and having just killed 1,000 demons, the Banryuu is transformed -- into a demon blade. Bankotsu unleashes a lethal blast of power at Inuyasha. However, now that he knows the Banryuu’s secret, Inuyasha counter attacks with the Bakuryuuha. The fireball is repelled and hurled back at Bankotsu, consuming him in an intense firestorm of energy. When the smoke clears Inuyasha is victorious. Bankotsu is vanquished, and what remains of him lays dying amid the rubble. But Inuyasha’s triumph is fleeting -- a tremor rocks the cavern and the ground softens, pulsing with a life of it’s own. Inuyasha fights, but is overwhelmed by pulsating ooze. Thick, choking tentacles rise up and coil around his body. The fleshy appendages shoot upwards, dragging the struggling Inuyasha. Changes inside the mountain effect others trapped inside its pulpy grasp. Sango and Miroku flee a tsunami of the ‘baby” creatures caused by surge of living “cave”. Elsewhere, Kagome and Koga race through the quaking cavern, but Koga is engulfed in a quagmire of the pulsing goo. Despite Kagome’s desperate efforts, Koga sinks out of sight. Certain Koga’s still alive, Kagome goes to the rescue, following Koga’s jewel-sign down the tunnel. Kagome and Shippo follow the passage to its end where they are reunited with Sango and Miroku. Another violent quake rocks the bowels of the cavern and, from deep within the pit, a writhing column of tentacle rockets up out of the darkness. Unconscious and locked in it’s crushing embrace is Inuyasha.

Episode 123 8/18/03
Kurayami no saki ni shinsei Naraku
Beyond the Darkness - Naraku Reborn!

“Inuyasha!” -- Kagome’s desperate cries reach the lifeless young half-demon, rousing him back to consciousness. Though upset with Kagome for following him to the mountain, Inuyasha is happy she’s there and very anxious to escape the constricting coils after learning Koga’s fate. As Kagome and Inuyasha struggle to free him from the fleshy bonds, a sinister laugh echoes through the cavern: Naraku! Rushing to their friends’ aid, Sango and Miroku sense an incredibly strong demon when, out of the shadows, Naraku’s face materializes. Kagome and Sango attack the apparition, but it ends badly when Sango’s Hiraikotsu cuts through Naraku’s tentacles unleashing a rain of acid. As everyone dodges the stinging spray, more of Naraku’s limbs slither into action entrapping Kagome and Shippo as well as Sango and Miroku. Naraku tells his captives that they’re caught inside his body, the interior of Mt. Hakurei. Scornfully, Naraku tells everyone how foolish their feelings are, using Bankotsu’s betrayed bond with the Shichinin-tai as an example. Naraku’s tentacle plucks the Shikon shards free from Bankotsu’s remains and what’s left of Bankotsu tumbles away: bone, dust and tattered cloth. Naraku also harvests the jewel shards from the Banryuu. Lastly, the foul appendage rips through Inuyasha’s jacket, snatching the shards he won from Bankotsu during their battle. The precious bits of gem are back in the possession of the enemy. Outside on the slopes of Hakureizan, both Kikyo and Sesshomaru arrive, lured by Naraku’s renewed presence. Kikyo spots Kagura escaping on her flying feather and notices that Kagura carries something -- something dangerous. Kikyo fires an arrow to stop the fleeing demon. Kagura dodges the assault and a new voice from inside a bundle she holds instructs her to keep going - it’s not up to her to kill Kikyo: that’s Naraku’s privilege. Inside the mountain, Kanna and Kohaku follow Kagura’s example and escape. The only ones left inside Hakureizan with Naraku are Inuyasha, Kagome, and their companions. The team watches in horror as Naraku gathers the jewel fragments into a brilliant ball of energy. Sparks radiate out from the heart of the reunited shards, exploding into a burst of creation as the new body of Naraku begins to materialize, bit by appalling bit. The new body is a monstrous travesty of the human form. Naraku now has an exoskeleton protecting his vulnerable body parts, tentacles, bony spikes on his arms, shoulders and chest, and a final ghastly new feature -- a huge red eye in the center of his chest. He also has his barrier. From the barrier’s security, Naraku taunts the captive Inuyasha, but Inuyasha won’t give into Naraku’s egotistical posturing, getting so angry that he claws himself free from the treacherous tentacles. Naraku seems amused Inuyasha would dare challenge his new form, but Inuyasha is agitated and won’t back down. Retrieving Tetsusaiga from the gooey cave walls, Inuyasha attacks Naraku with Kaze no Kizu. Unfortunately, Naraku repels the attack, directing it’s lethal energy into the flow of his own youki. The Kaze no Kizu careens wildly around the cavern, ricocheting off walls and threatening everyone EXCEPT Naraku, who is safe inside his barrier. While the Kaze no Kizu circulates violently keeping Inuyasha and the others at a distance, Naraku smugly floats away. As Naraku ascends, Kagome spots two Shikon fragments inside the barrier ’bubble” -- Koga! Kagome tells Inuyasha they have to stop the circulating Kaze no Kizu and rescue Koga before he’s absorbed into Naraku. The determined duo pursues Naraku at top speed. As they close in on the arrogant monster, Kagome takes aim and shoots an intensely strong purifying arrow at Naraku, shattering the violent swirling and piercing the barrier. Koga’s body spills out, plunging into the darkness and Inuyasha and Kagome dive into the chasm to his rescue. Affronted by the insolence of their attack, Naraku decides to destroy his young opponents by bringing down the mountain on all of them. Mt. Hakurei breaks apart while Naraku soars toward freedom and some unfinished business with Kikyo.

Episode 124 8/25/03
Saraba itoshiki Kikyo yo
Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved

Inuyasha and Kagome chase the unconscious Koga as he plunges towards Naraku’s caustic lake of miasma. As the mountain collapses around them, Shippo begs Kagome to abandon Koga, but she can’t. Sensing her distress, Inuyasha entrusts Kagome’s safety to Shippo and follows Koga alone. Tearfully, Kagome implores Inuyasha to be careful as he vanishes into the darkness. Outside, Kikyo watches the mountain erupt, spewing a tornado of evil. The malevolent maelstrom rolls down the slope towards her, cracking opening steaming fissures of miasma. The evil swirl halts in front of Kikyo revealing Naraku. Inuyasha struggles through a putrid rain of viscera and boulders towards the reservoir of toxins, finally locating Koga. He plucks Koga from the deadly, reeking lake and sprints for an exit. Higher in the cavern, all openings have vanished but Miroku creates an escape using his wind tunnel. The group reaches safety where they wait for signs of Inuyasha and Koga. Inside the decaying bowels of Mt. Hakurei, Inuyasha also searches for an opening, amid the hail of demon guts and rocks. Koga regains consciousness and complains he doesn’t want to die with Inuyasha. For once, Inuyasha agrees ... neither does he! Slashing through the debris, Inuyasha sees the way out, but in the portal he sees a brief, disturbing vision of Kikyo. Meanwhile, Kagome waits for Inuyasha’s safe return and is relieved when she senses Koga’s jewel shards on their way up. Leaping to safety, Inuyasha has another vision of Kikyo. Reunited with Kagome, Kagome proudly tells Koga that Inuyasha rescued him without her asking. Koga’s lack of appreciation sets off a new round of quarrels with Inuyasha. If Inuyasha knew what was happening elsewhere on Mt. Hakurei’s slopes, he’d ignore Koga’s antics: Inuyasha’s visions were a warning about the showdown-taking place between Kikyo and Naraku. Naraku struts his powerful new ‘body’ with smug confidence while Kikyo seethes at his audacity. Kikyo tells him she knows Kagura’s escaped with something from the mountain, and demands to know what it was and what Naraku’s real intentions are. Naraku toys with Kikyo, telling her how he manipulated her into coming to Mt. Hakurei. Naraku then savagely slashes Kikyo, severing her bow and slicing deep into her body. Kikyo collapses to her knees as her life force gushes out as Naraku tells her he is no longer controlled by Onigumo’s heart and can now destroy her. Kikyo realizes it must have been Naraku’s human heart Kagura carried away from the mountain. Naraku delivers his deathblow impaling Kikyo on his cruel claws. He propels her over the edge of the fissure and into the torrent of miasma below. Plummeting to her death, Kikyo’s final thoughts turn to Inuyasha and she calls his name one last time. At that moment, Inuyasha is seized by a dreadful feeling and he races off abandoning a bewildered Kagome. Naraku gloats over his victory but his celebration is interrupted by Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru is eager to settle his own score with Naraku and attacks with Toukijin, but its power is repelled and blasted back at him. The arrogant Naraku is undaunted by the assault, and retreats, leaving Sesshomaru angry and frustrated. Bad timing delivers Inuyasha into his older brother’s company. Sesshomaru tells Inuyasha about Kikyo as he spots the poignant remains of Kikyo’s broken bow on the ground near the fissure. Peering into the chasm, Inuyasha’s desperate denial is replaced by profound sorrow as he watches a lone soul skimmer chase the tatters of Kikyo’s sleeve into the miasma, vaporizing itself. Tortured by guilt, Inuyasha blames himself for failing to protect Kikyo. He lashes out angrily at Sesshomaru, accusing him of allowing Kikyo to be killed. Sesshomaru’s icy response is that Naraku killed Kikyo “and the one who wasn’t able to save her was you, Inuyasha. If you have the time to snarl at me, you would do better to spend it chasing Naraku”. Sesshomaru turns and walks away leaving Inuyasha alone and heartbroken. He falls to his knees, unable to bear his grief. When Kagome and the others arrive, Inuyasha composes himself enough to tell them Naraku achieved is goal - taking Kikyo’s life. Far from Mt. Hakurei, Kagura rests from her flight, irritated at the burden Naraku assigned to her. Suddenly, a voice from the bundle tells her Kikyo is dead. Astonished, Kagura looks at her cargo: it’s a baby, a precocious, evil baby!

Episode 125 9/1/03
Kagome no shin no yami
The Darkness in Kagome's Heart

While Inuyasha desperately searches for any sign of Kikyo, Miroku and Sango tell Koga about Kikyo‘s relationship with Naraku. Koga learns how Naraku was created from Onigumo’s unfilled desire and jealousy for Kikyo, and how those human feelings drove the demon to destroy her. The story convinces Koga that Naraku needs to be smashed now, more than ever, and resumes his pursuit of the fiend. Kagome watches Koga leave and wonders how Inuyasha’s own search is going. Inuyasha frantically scours the poison polluted riverbank for traces of Kikyo. His heart is haunted by grief, guilt, and Sesshomaru‘s cruel words. Emotionally exhausted after the search, Inuyasha returns to his companion’s empty handed and discovers Kagome waiting for him. Kagome’s efforts to comfort him are strained and painful -- she’s torn between her relief Kikyo’s dead and the devastation Inuyasha feels. They pass each other in agonizing silence leaving important words left unsaid. Later in the day, during the team’s travels through the demon-ravaged villages, Inuyasha is strangely quiet and pensive, and avoids Kagome. At one of the decimated villages they meet a fellow traveler - a monk - that tells them about his recent encounter with a gravely injured miko. The miko fits Kikyo’s description and, noticing Inuyasha’s reaction to the news, it is Kagome who suggests he go investigate. The group treks on without Inuyasha but, as they journey, the samurai of a local noble arrests them. Shippo and Kirara escape and immediately set out to find Inuyasha. Sango, Miroku and Kagome are taken to a castle where they join other travelers, also captives. They watch helplessly, as travelers are put to death by order of the ruler of the castle. Inside, the sinister figure of the woman clutches a baby to her bosom as she watches the orders carried out. Under more orders from the castle’s noblewoman, the samurai separate Kagome from the others and lead her inside the castle. In the gloom of the castle, the noblewoman greets Kagome, telling her she’s the only one left who can “see’ the Shikon jewel shards. In the shadows kneels the priest Kagome recognizes from the village. The old man falls over dead at her feet and, horrified, Kagome understands it’s all a trap. Her fear is confirmed when Kagura emerges from the darkness. Kagome is told “ help won’t be coming’ and drawing ominously closer, Kagome realizes it isn’t the woman speaking, but the baby. The evil infant taunts Kagome, telling her “Inuyasha won‘t be coming because he‘s searching for Kikyo.” Kagome recognizes the ‘baby’ for what it is -- Naraku’s latest evil construct-- and it desires Kagome’s ability to see the Shikon jewel shards. Outside in the castle’s courtyard, the vassals prepare to slaughter Miroku, Sango and the captives, but Sango frees herself with a hidden blade. Dodging the guards, she frees Miroku and they fight the samurai for their lives. Within the murky castle Kagura restrains Kagome, so she can’t escape the evil baby’s embrace. The baby seizes Kagome and snuggling close and, seized in its tiny clutches, Kagome feels her heart invaded. The child searches Kagome’s heart for signs of darkness so it can infiltrate and command her soul. Kagome’s heart cries out for Inuyasha, but the realization he’s abandoned her for Kikyo gives the infant just want it wants -- a spot of darkness in Kagome’s heart. The baby clings closer, bonding with Kagome’s soul. Kagome’s broken heart calls to Inuyasha one last time before she’s overpowered by the vile child. The noblewoman falls over, dead. Kagome now holds the baby.




An Introduction to Inuyasha
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