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Episodes 126 - 159
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Opening Theme: Grip! (96-127) & One Day, One Dream (128-153) & Angelus (154-167)
Ending Themes: Itazura na Kiss (109-127) & Come (128-148) & Brand New World (149-165)
Series Director: Yasunao Aoki
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Season Six Overview:
As early as March of 2004 rumors of the series ending at episode 150 began to surface, but no official announcement from Sunrise ever came. Season six was a mix of filler episodes and hour long specials that include "The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru" and the Spring Special which retold the love affair between Kikyo and Inuyasha. Season six also saw the introduction of fan favorite Princess Abi.

Episode 126 9/8/03
Shin no itami o yuuki ni kaeru
Transform Heartache Into Courage

Miroku and Sango fight for their lives in the castle courtyard while inside the castle, Naraku's evil spawn enjoys the spectacle which forces Miroku and Sango to kill or be killed. Inuyasha's search for Kikyo proves futile: the priest lied -- he's found nothing. Shippo, meanwhile, is in a panic. Separated from Kirara, Shippo is lost, alone and scared. The youngster prepares to use 'acorn magic' to find his friends when he is rudely yanked upwards by his tail. His 'assailant' is none other than Inuyasha. Shippo tells Inuyasha about the abduction and the crisis at the castle and they race to the rescue. Inuyasha arrives in time to help Miroku and Sango subdue the bloodthirsty samurai and Miroku informs Inuyasha about Kagome's capture, Kagura, and Naraku's plot. Inuyasha thunders into the castle to save Kagome but only finds the bodies of the noblewoman and the priest. Kagome has vanished. Inuyasha sets out in pursuit, cursing himself for abandoning Kagome to such danger. Meanwhile, Kagura has taken Kagome and the infant to Naraku's latest hideout where Kanna meets them. Kanna has prepared a polluted Shikon jewel shard to insert into Kagome and, once the jewel is in place, Kagome will become another helpless minion of Naraku. But Kagome resists, yearning for Inuyasha, which gives the baby another chance to attack the weak spot in Kagome's spirit. He reminds Kagome how happy she was when she thought Kikyo was dead, and how miserable she was when learning her rival might still be alive. He tells Kagome she hates Kikyo and resents Inuyasha for his devotion to Kikyo. Confident Kagome has surrendered to the baby's spell; Kagura tries to insert the jewel again, but Kagome remains defiant. Struggling to speak Kagome admits she's unhappy about Inuyasha's commitment to Kikyo, but she doesn't hate them for their relationship. Overwhelmed by emotion, Kagome confesses her love for Inuyasha and breaks the spell just as Inuyasha breaks through the hideout wall. Exhausted and weak, Kagome faints, falling into Inuyasha arms. Furious, Inuyasha demands an explanation. The evil baby reveals the plot and Inuyasha is anguished to learn his loyalty to Kikyo was involved in Kagome's abduction and the cause of her suffering. Miroku, Sango and Shippo also arrive at the hideout. Shocked to see the baby, Miroku asks the baby if he's related to the lumps of flesh at Mt. Hakurei. Is he the vessel in which Naraku has hidden his human heart? But the baby tells Miroku the 'heart' is hidden elsewhere. Frustrated and angry, Inuyasha attacks the demonic trio with the Wind Scar, but the infant creates a barrier shielding himself and his 'sisters' and reflects the blast. The hideout is demolished in the explosive backlash. Everyone escapes, but as parting insult, the baby warns Inuyasha that Kagome will be vulnerable as long as he remains emotionally involved with Kikyo. Holding Kagome close, Inuyasha vows never to put her in danger again. The group returns to Kaede's village to recuperate. At Kikyo's new grave, Kaede and Inuyasha mourn the miko. Kaede reminisces that both Kikyo's lives were filled with suffering, but now she suffers no more ... and neither should Inuyasha. Later, when Kagome regains consciousness, she wakes to a very attentive Inuyasha by her side. As she recovers, Kagome and Inuyasha spend time together. Inuyasha apologizes to Kagome for running off to Kikyo, promising he'll never do it again. Kagome forgives him, but calls him a liar, and declares he’ll never change when it comes to his feelings for Kikyo. Kagome admits she's angry about the situation yet she rests her head against Inuyasha’s shoulder with a little smile. Gazing at Kagome, a tender smile crosses Inuyasha's face and he holds her close. For the moment, the couple enjoys a little peace.

Episode 127 9/15/03
Naisyacha dame! Kyobu no houshimono demon
Don't Boil It! The Terrifying Dried Up Demon

Naraku has vanished with most of the Shikon Jewel but the whereabouts of the last missing shard eludes him and everyone else. Taking advantage of the lull, Kagome returns home with a gift for the family: a package of 'hoshimono' (dried food) gathered back in the feudal era. Kagome settles back quickly into the comforts of home but she’s preoccupied with thoughts of Inuyasha. When she left him, he was acting too nice and it worries her. Her troubled thoughts evaporate when Kagome arrives at school the next morning. The school is in a turmoil preparing for a cultural festival. Kagome's three friends, Eri, Yuka & Ayumi, browbeat Kagome into joining their festival committees: chorus, refreshments and the class play. Kagome is quickly over-whelmed by her new commitments. On the other side of the well, Inuyasha and the others wonder why Naraku kidnapped Kagome, and conclude that he can't find the last missing shard without her help. In a dank swamp, Naraku visits Mimiseri, a demon with powerful hearing. Naraku orders Mimiseri to listen for information about the jewel shard and keep him advised. While Naraku enlists another ally, Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango dolefully ponder their own options. It's a depressing scenario: Naraku has most of the jewel, Koga has two shards, and then there is the jewel shard that keeps Kohaku alive. Sango is troubled by Kohaku's fate if Naraku gets the last shard, but Inuyasha reassures her they'll succeed. Inuyasha then notices Shippo munching on something strange. It also draws Sango's attention. Disgusted, Sango snatches the snack away from Shippo, telling him it's bad for him and eating it may make him sick. Back in Tokyo, festival preparations are in full swing when tragedy strikes: the soloist for the chorus gets sick and Kagome is recruited to take her part. The school play's leading lady injures herself and Kagome must take on her role. Last, but not least, Kagome's kitchen chores become challenging. Pushed to the brink by stress, Kagome hides out on school's roof where she bumps into Hojo. As they chat Hojo confesses his crush on Kagome, but his declaration falls on non-existent ears -- Kagome left, abandoning Hojo as usual. After her break, Kagome resumes her festival duties with new enthusiasm, even sharing her special hoshimono with the refreshment committee. Meanwhile, Inuyasha runs out of patience and goes to pick up Kagome. At the Higurashi house, Grandpa is finding the hoshimono tough to chew and decides to boil it to make it tender. As the hoshimono bubbles away a hideous steam demon is released. Grandpa continues to read his paper, blissfully unaware of the threat. Inuyasha arrives in the kitchen just as the creature is about to pounce, clobbering the vaporous ghoul. Peace is restored to the Higurashi home until Kagome arrives from school and finds Inuyasha waiting for her. They pick up the threads of their usual argument and Kagome is relieved, happy Inuyasha is back to normal. Waiting back at the well, Shippo prepares to snack on hoshimono he's hidden from Sango. He heats it when the hoshimono explodes into a demon. Sango rescues Shippo from being eaten by his own snack, and confiscates the remainder of the hoshimono. Shippo confesses he got the stuff from Kagome: it was part of the dried food she took home with her. Sango, Miroku and Shippo peer down the well, wondering if Inuyasha will encounter hoshimono-related problems. In Tokyo, the school festival begins. The food is cooked, rehearsals are finished and kids are in costume. In the Home Economics room, a lone pot boils over, splattering hot water on Kagome's package of hoshimono. As the festival events heat up, so do the demon sealed within the hoshimono!

Episode 128 10/13/03
Hoshimono demon to gekitou bunkasai
Battle Against the Dried Up Demon at the Cultural Festival

Kagome pushes her way through a schoolyard super-charged with the cultural festival's energy. In the Home Economics room inside the school, the energy is more sinister: splashes of hot water has caused the yokai hoshimono to grow into four demons - a Thistle, a Mushroom, a monster Watermelon and a titanic Fish! When Kagome and the kitchen crew enter the Home Ec room, the place is a shambles and the food they laboriously prepared devoured or destroyed. Kagome rallies the crew, and they mob a nearby convenience store, cleaning the place out of groceries. Re-supplied, the girls replace the menu at speed that would astound Martha Stewart. The damage controlled, Kagome sets off to her next task, curious about the cause of the kitchen disaster. Deep in thought, she doesn't notice the Mushroom yokai stalking her down the hall. It's ready to strike when its attack is thwarted by the arrival of Kagome's family and their guest: Inuyasha. Inuyasha annihilates the menacing Mushroom, but it's Kagome who poses the threat; unaware of the situation, she screams at Inuyasha for coming to the school. Inuyasha argues he's there to take care of her demon hoshimono. While the family grabs a snack, Inuyasha tells Kagome about the problem under calmer circumstances. He's eager to exterminate the creatures and the entire Higurashi family is united enthusiastically behind him, ready for battle. While Kagome conspires with Inuyasha to keep her family out of the yokai hunt, she spots Ayumi approaching. Kagome panics attempting to hide the extraordinary Inuyasha away from Ayumi. She flails in desperation, tackling Inuyasha and they fall to the floor in a heap. Despite the commotion, Ayumi is so focused on chorus performance she looks right at Inuyasha noticing nothing. Ayumi drags Kagome off to the performance, leaving a perplexed half-demon with a bumped head. On the way, Kagome realizes why Inuyasha went unnoticed - many students are wearing costumes for the festival. Relieved, Kagome's concern turns back to the Hoshimono demons. As the outdoor concert begins, Kagome spots the Thistle yokai approaching the audience. Kagome struggles whether to keep singing or fight the threatening Thistle. Inuyasha makes that decision easy; he attacks the creature, destroying it with remarkable discretion. After the concert, Kagome and Inuyasha try teaming up to search for the other demons but Kagome is unceremoniously dragged off again to the school play. Inuyasha finds himself alone and bewildered - again! The play proceeds normally until a scene between Hojo - costumed like the "4th" Musketeer - and Kagome, calls for them to embrace. The pair is suddenly upstaged by the flamboyant entrance of an irate Inuyasha, crashing down center stage through the ceiling. Hojo is stunned, but Kagome works Inuyasha into the scene. She's a little too successful in her effort: Hojo gets so caught up in the scene he challenges Inuyasha to a duel. Before Inuyasha can slice Hojo with Tetsusaiga, another fantastic character enters, bursting through the floor, center stage -- the yokai watermelon! Hojo resets his sights on clobbering the monstrous melon, and Kagome screams for Inuyasha for help. The mammoth melon is immediately blow to bits by the Kaze no Kizu. The monster destroyed, Kagome makes a spectacular exit, skyward, through the hole in the ceiling in the arms of her new “hero”. The audience goes wild and Eri’s play receives a standing ovation. Finally free, Kagome and Inuyasha locate the last yokai, the huge fish, on the roof of the school. We next see the fish it's sliced up and garnished on a platter in the Home Econ room - a magnificent centerpiece for the cultural festival banquet. The festival over, Kagome and Inuyasha walk back home, planning their pursuit of the final Shikon shard. But Naraku is already putting his own plan into action. Thanks to Mimiseri, the demon with exceptional hearing, the last missing Shikon jewel shard has been located- it’s beyond the reach of the living, hidden in the yokai graveyard.

Episode 129 10/20/03
Chokyukai to ryakudatsusareta hanayome
Chokyukai and the Abducted Bride

A village trembles beneath a threatening sky while the village men stand poised for battle, armed with only humble farm tools. Inside a hut, a family cowers - a terrified mother and daughter huddle together inside a ring of salt: the father prepared to defend them against an unseen foe. A twister drops out of the clouds in front of the hut and, silhouetted within the maelstrom, are three demons. The largest creature demands his bride in a fearful voice that scatters the village men like chickens. Impatient for his 'bride', the large yokai blows the hut, and the parents, to bits. As the young woman cowers unharmed in the rubble, a golden diadem slips gently over head. The yokai calls for her to join him, and bewitched, she obeys, vanishing into the yokai's whirlwind. Switch to Kaede's house: the victimized village sent one of their young men to seek the aid of demon exterminators. Kiske, a handsome young villager, tells the Inuyasha and the team about the kidnappings and Inuyasha steps up to help and the team heads to Kiske's village. On the way, Kiske and the team detour to a cave where the young village women have hidden. A bevy of young ladies flock to greet Kiske's and their visitors, but the reunion is brief. The sky outside darkens ominously, the swirling clouds loaded with the evil energy announcing the arrival of the girl-grabbing yokai. Inuyasha charges out to meet the foe, Kagome by his side. The plan? Use Kagome as "bait bride" for an ambush. The yokai makes a spectacular, cyclonic entrance but, as twister clears, the true nature of the 'enemy' is revealed - it's a big, dorky boar yokai and his two minions - a grouchy monkey and a spastic kappa. The trio isn't up to Inuyasha or Miroku's expectations and their disappointment is clear. Insulted, the yokai extols his demonic power and magnificence, but his bravura leaves Miroku and Inuyasha baffled, bored and impatient to leave. However, the yokai means to claim his bride - Kagome - and he flings a diadem her way. Inuyasha tries to intercept the circlet, but winds up wearing it himself and he falls under the yokai's "love spell" with disturbing results. Miroku, Sango and Shippo tackle Inuyasha, removing the diadem before he embarrasses himself further. But in the confusion, the crown find's it's way to Miroku's head and he is enchanted, exhibiting another unsettling display of misplaced affection. Since Miroku isn't the demon's "type", the creature frees him from the circlet and it flies off again, finally hitting its female target - Kagome. The yokai claims his bewitched 'bride', Kagome, ordering his minions to attack Inuyasha. The confrontation ends badly for the kappa and monkey, so the boar demon battles Inuyasha himself. The fight goes well until Inuyasha hears Kagome cheering for his opponent. The demon uses the distraction to whisk Kagome away to his castle where she joins the other "brides" - a harem of stolen village women. Inuyasha is angry over Kagome's kidnapping but, as always, Miroku has a plan. His strategy involves a special ofuda -- prayer paper - and Shippo's fox magic. At the castle, the demon celebrates his nuptials while Kagome pours sake for her "groom". The party is interrupted by a feminine voice calling the demon from the castle gate. The big galoot investigates to discover a pretty little redhead waiting at the gate, volunteering to be his bride. The eager demon happily inspects the flirtatious new comer; a foxy tail pops out beneath the girl's clothing. Shippo's disguise diverts the yokai's attention long enough for Inuyasha to find Kagome and free her from the crown's spell. Happy she's back to normal, Inuyasha gives Kagome her bow, arrows and the ofuda, telling her about Miroku's plan. In the courtyard, the outraged demon attacks Sango and Miroku, so Inuyasha leaves Kagome to her archery task and joins the fight, challenging the demon to individual combat. The boar demon is ready to rush Inuyasha when it senses the kai - spirit power - of the ofuda and, looking up at the castle balcony, spots Kagome aiming an arrow wrapped in the ofuda, at him. The demon dances around in panic, but his antics don't help: Kagome shoots him square in the backside with the special arrow and the demon evaporates! Freed from the enchantment, the team reunites the stolen women with their favorite fellow - Kiske - much to Miroku's disappointment.

Episode 130 10/27/03
Haero Shippo ougi kokoro no kizu
Shippo's New Technique, the Heart Scar!

Moonbeam lights the way as five small feline yokai trudge thru a dense, dark forest. Stopping to a rest, the creatures are startled by a fierce demon, bounding into their path. The cats cower, but the demon isn’t after them: it’s being chased. As the creature curses its pursuer, the words “Kaze no Kizu” ring out followed by a blast of white-hot energy. The big yokai is vaporized and the frightened cats are awestruck! They watch as Shippo dashes into the blast zone to make sure the yokai is gone, listen to him declare victory, and decide Shippo is the hero they seek for disposing of their demon problem. Later, Inuyasha and the team are negotiating a demon-slaying job with a landowner. While Miroku does his sales pitch for the landlord and Inuyasha impatiently lounges around, Kagome and Sango watch as Shippo flirts with the landlord’s youngest daughter, Mezuki. The children have taken a liking to each other. Miroku seals the deal with the landlord and he; Kagome and Sango set off to search for the troublesome yokai, leaving Shippo and Inuyasha to safeguard the landlord’s home. Shippo announces he’s taking off for a little while too, and goes to pick flowers for Mezuki. His romantic revels are interrupted by the arrival of the cats. They state their business -- they need Shippo and his team to help eliminate a yokai that has been threatening them. Caught up in the excitement, Shippo agrees to help them without realizing the consequences. The cats ask for a demonstration of his amazing powers, so Shippo performs his kitsune magic attacks. The curious cats are aren’t impressed and ask for his “Kaze no Kizu” attack they saw in the woods. Shippo realizes he’s in deep trouble. Dashing back to the landlord’s house, Shippo rousts Inuyasha from a nap, grabs the Tetsusaiga and starts flailing it around. When Shippo asks Inuyasha why he can’t reproduce the Kaze no Kizu, Inuyasha tells him he doesn’t have the right stuff to make the katanna work. Reclaiming the Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha demonstrates. His demonstration flattens the landlord’s front gate and wall into a heap of smoking rubble. Shippo stomps off muttering about what an idiot Inuyasha is but his mood is lightened by an encounter with Mezuki. Shippo gives her the flowers he picked and no sooner does she leave than the litter of cats arrive, placing Shippo on the hero hot seat! Without the Kaze no Kizu of his own, Shippo struggles to save face. His “hero” task is made even harder when the group’s bully, a salamander yokai, shows up. The cats introduce Shippo as their champion and he unleashes a mushroom attack, which only gets all of them chased by the irate demon. Retreating a safe distance the cats insist on a better demonstration of Shippo’s power, selecting the unsuspecting Mezuki as victim. Mezuki is happily picking flowers when she looks up at a huge pink ball looming over her making ’threatening’ noises. (It‘s Shippo and he‘s very upset about this...) On top of the ‘ball‘, the cats appear and start pelting the hapless girl with acorns. Mezuki loses her balance and tumbles into the river. Shippo reverts back to himself going to Mezuki’s rescue, but it’s too late. Drenched, humiliated, and angry, Mezuki dumps Shippo and stamps off. While Shippo drowns in his anguish, the cats rejoice in his victory, that is, until the salamander yokai returns! The frightened cats turn to Shippo. Upset with losing Mezuki and angry about the yokai, Shippo reaches inside himself and draws out his true “yokai” power and he charges the salamander, full throttle. He latches onto the offending lizard with his teeth and the cats jump to his aide. Together, they defeat the salamander. The grateful cats thank Shippo for defeating their nemesis and leave. Shippo’s hero face dissolves s into tears once they are out of site; he may have won against the demon, but he still lost Mezuki. While Shippo sobs, the ‘defeated’ salamander yokai slips away only to encounter Miroku. The monk wastes no time plastering an o’fuda on the creature’s head and the yokai shrinks back to normal. Happy to be rid of the pesky demon the landlord prepares a farewell feast for the team. The food is brought in by the landlord’s women folk, including Mezuki. Placing the table before Shippo, Mezuki demonstrates she’s in no mood for explanations. Amused, Inuyasha teases Shippo about his misfortune and discovers Shippo’s new yokai power, up close and painfully personal.

Episode 131 11/3/03
Kannon kakejiku noroi no wana
Trap of the Cursed Wall Hanging

A procession of village women bears a strange burden through the dark of night. Their torch lit trek ends at a riverbank where they drop their cargo, releasing the large, wrapped bundle into the dark water below. Down stream, an elderly wanderer watches the bizarre ceremony and, as the parcel floats by, sees a flayed human corpse slip out of the wrapping. Hysterical, the old man flees for his life. Later, the old man spins his tale of horror to Inuyasha and the team, declaring the village women ‘oni women.’ Although Miroku can’t sense any demons in the area, nor can Kagome sense a Shikon shard, the team decides to investigate the suspicious occurrence. Meanwhile, a wandering samurai is led to the village of ‘oni’ women by a young woman he met by the river. The unfortunate samurai discovers village hospitality carries a heavy price when he is drugged and imprisoned in a small temple. Inside the temple a ravenous demon drags the warrior to a grisly death. The samurai's murder by the temple demon sends a ripple of evil out into countryside. Miroku feels it’s dark vibration and the team travels towards the women’s village to investigate. On the way, they rescue a young man named Shinosuke who is also on his way to the same village. Shinosuke tells a story of star-crossed lovers separated by war, death and disappearance. While he was fighting the war his betrothed, Wakana, vanished without a trace. He travels to the village of women to seek his precious Wakana. Thrilled by the idea of a ladies only village, Miroku eagerly volunteers the team to accompany Shinosuke on his journey, but villagers find the group first, and invite them back to their settlement. At the village, the headwoman tells Shinosuke the woman he seeks is not there. Shinosuke is heartbroken but determined to continue his search. Kagome is touched by Shinosuke’s commitment and Sango is jealous about his devotion. Miroku hears Sango’s comment and walks away with a sigh. Inuyasha follows him, trying to talk about the rumored evil presence, but he’s cut short when he catches Miroku with his arms around a village girl. Although Inuyasha isn’t sensing anything, he definitely senses Sango’s anger when he’s caught between the angry demon slayter and the philandering monk! A timely invitation to stay from the village headwoman saves Miroku from Sango’s wrath. Miroku is delighted by their hospitality until he discovers the village accommodations are separate sleeping quarters for the men and women. Shinosuke and Miroku sigh over their disappointments aggravating their roommates, Shippo and Inuyasha. Shippo tries encouraging Miroku’s relationship with Sango and almost succeeds until the village girl Miroku was flirting with passes by, again. Alone in the girl’s dorm, Kagome prods Sango about Miroku, too. It’s pretty obvious to Kagome something romantic must have happened between her friends, but Sango denies, blushes and polishes her Hiraikotsu blade harder and harder. Kagome tells Sango that Miroku really loves her. Just when Sango is about to believe Kagome’s intuition, Kirara mews, drawing Sango’s attention to a tear in the old shoji screen wall. Through the hole, Sango spots Miroku with the amorous village girl. The rest of the night is sleepless for Sango and Kagome - Kagome frets about her friend’s love life; Sango is disturbed by a strange procession of village women in the middle of the night. Sango dons her armor and follows them, alone. Residents of the men’s area are equally restless; Miroku is out, Shinosuke took a while to sleep, and Inuyasha is roused by the odd smell of something wet and living. Going outside to investigate, he encounters Kagome. She tells Inuyasha about Sango’s pursuit of the village women and pair goes to investigate. In the men’s lodge, a nocturnal visitor awakens Shinosuke - it’s his fiancée Wakana. She’s living at the village after all, but this is no ordinary lover’s reunion, Wakana was dispatched by the “temple demon”. Miroku’s new friend seems to have the same mission, seducing the miscreant Miroku into the temple of doom. Embracing her, Miroku notices the woman is possessed. His discovery comes too late as the demon of the temple scroll reveals it’s evil intention and attacks. It wants skin - Miroku’s skin! Meanwhile, Sango follows the villagers to the river where they disappear. Out of the depths, the villagers rise from the water, dragging Sango under. Inuyasha and Kagome arrive too late to help Sango, but just in time to be attacked by the village women, rising out of the water to battle. Sango awakes to discover she is shackled to a cave wall and face-to-face with the village headwoman. The woman reaches into a subterranean pool, harvesting an egg-like object. Looming over the captive Sango, the headwoman forces the egg to her lips. Her intention; make Sango one of them.

Episode 132 11/10/03
Miroku houshi no motto mo kiken kokuhaku
Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession

Miroku is seduced into a lethal trap! The village girl was bait to lure the womanizing monk into the clutches of the flesh-hungry demon lurking in the Kannon temple. The demon reveals itself as the ayakashi (evil spirit) which once ruled the river valley. Long ago, a priest sealed it in the Kannon scroll and placed it in its temple prison. It waited a long time for resurrection and now, with the help of the village woman, it is almost whole. The creature lunges at Miroku, but he narrowly escapes with the village woman. The demon isn’t too disappointed: it spots new prey approaching - Wakana and Shinosuke. Miroku shouts a warning to Shinosuke, but Wakana saves Shinosuke from a horrible death, pushing him out of the demon’s grasp at the last second. Miroku tells the couple to run and attacks the ayakashi. The wounded demon flies away howling in agony. The fight continues as Miroku’s bewitched seductress tries stab him. Attempting to knock her out, Miroku punches the woman in the stomach and is shocked when the girl coughs up a salamander! With the creature gone, the ayakashi’s spell is broken. Miroku then punches Wakana in the stomach and she expels a similar creature. At the river’s edge Inuyasha defends against a hostile army of village women. The battle halts momentarily as an object streaks through the forest and splashes into the river. It’s the demonic temple scroll, and the army of women dive in after. In the depths, the scroll transforms, surfacing in the form of a monstrous, leprous, salamander. The creature is delighted to see Inuyasha waiting on the shore -- it seems that consuming the skin of a half-demon would complete it’s regeneration more quickly. Not eager to become salamander food, Inuyasha draws Tetsusaiga. But before he can attack, the spell-bound village women rise from the river, driving him back. The ayakashi hammers his mammoth tail onto the riverbank with crushing force, hurling Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo and the women away in the explosion. Miroku arrives in time to catch Kagome and Shippo, and directs Inuyasha to send the women his way. Miroku repeats his “special exorcism” - a punch to the gut - and the demon spawn inside the women is regurgitated. Inuyasha continues his clash with the ayakashi. During battle, the creature reveals more about its nature; it is active because the jaki residue from Naraku caused it to awaken. As the battle escalates, another battalion of possessed women join the fight. Miroku calls for Sango’s help, but is informed Sango is missing in action. Inuyasha brings his fight with the ayakashi to an explosive, messy conclusion, but the village women continue their assault. Miroku’s demon expulsion task is interrupted by a soaking wet Kirara. The little demon weaves fretfully around Miroku’s feet, tugging at the hem of his robe and mewing anxiously. Realizing Kirara is trying to lead him to Sango, they dive into the river to find her. Sango finds them first! Under the ayakashi’s spell, Sango attacks Miroku mercilessly. Bloody and battered, Miroku summons his remaining strength to drive his fist into Sango’s midsection and exorcise the demon. Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo join a battle-fatigued Miroku and unconscious Sango, at the riverbank. Kagome explains Sango went off alone because she was angry with Miroku for fooling around with other women. Miroku grimly ponders the results of his actions as he holds Sango in his arms. The commotion over, Wakana and Shinosuke say farewell and leave for their village. Elsewhere, Sango and Miroku awkwardly apologize to each other. Sango feels awful for injuring Miroku, and Miroku feels guilty his lecherous behavior endangered Sango. (Their conversation is not completely private: Kagome, Shippo and Inuyasha eavesdrop.) Miroku confesses to Sango she’s very special to him, but he can‘t make a commitment. Then Miroku explains when the battle with Naraku is over and his kazaana is gone, he wants her to live with him and have his children. Sango tearfully replies “yes” to his proposal then asks Miroku a question of her own -- about cheating! Miroku replies with nervous silence ... The scene closes on Sango and Miroku sitting together -- her head resting on his shoulder.

Episode 133 & 134 11/24/03
Inuyasha Special: Sesshomaru o itoshita onna (Part 1) & (Part 2)
The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru (Part 1) & (Part 2)

A sunlit beach holds a strong attraction for young adults and Inuyasha and company are no exception. As the gang enjoys precious teen moments of sand, surf and fun, in a nearby village the red thread of fate unravels again. A young noblewoman named Sara lies dying. Her last act in the human world is to play her flute one final time. The eerie, mournful music catches the ears of both Kagome and Inuyasha as they pass by the dying girl’s house. Sara seems to sense their presence too, for some odd reason, but death grips her and she dies, murmuring about ‘useless love’. Just as the team reaches the outskirts of the village, their interest is drawn back to town by a sudden, massive influx of jaki. Looking back, they see an evil miasma creeping around the house where they heard the flute music. Suddenly, the house explodes into flames. Rushing back to investigate, the villagers tell them about Sara and her sad fate. Later, when examining the burned out ruins, Kagome spies a familiar phenomenon: a perfect human outline on the charred floor where Sara had laid, dying. Elsewhere, Sesshomaru and his entourage make their way through a misty, rocky pass. Rin chatters happily to the morose and disinterested Jaken. Sesshomaru remains aloof amid the racket. The melancholy sound of a flute halts the group in their tracks. Out the mist, a woman materializes, walking towards them -- it’s the recently deceased Sara. She drops to her knees in front of Sesshomaru, greeting him with extreme deference. She tells him the story of her father, a warlord, and how she became infatuated with Sesshomaru after witnessing him annihilate her father’s warriors. Sara tells him it was her dream to see him again, and how she wants be in his favor. Sesshomaru is bemused, telling her to figure out a way to earn his interest. Sara agrees, passing by as an outraged Jaken blusters about her audacity. How dare a human confront his master with such nonsense! Sesshomaru informs Jaken that was no lady -- she was a demon. Back the beach, Inuyasha and the others discuss the strange events of the day. Their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a sea monster. They spot the creature streaking inland, bearing down on a female human sacrifice, bound to a stake on the shore. Miroku races to her rescue with great haste followed very closely by Sango and Kirara. When Miroku and Sango reach the woman, it’s Sara, who is the monster’s bait. As her rescuers prepare to fight the approaching creature, a weird light distracts Miroku. He looks back, horrified, shouting Sango’s name in despair... Lagging behind, Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo arrive and discover Miroku, Sango and Kirara are turned to stone. The sea monster attacks, giving Inuyasha little time to ponder his friends’ predicament. Inuyasha makes quick work of the monster but is bewildered by the discovery his nemesis was merely one huge mass of seaweed. Sara is rescued, but Inuyasha and Kagome must now try to free Miroku, Sango, Kirara and the entire seaside village, from their curse of stone. A grateful Sara offers to help, and tells Inuyasha about a shrine in a cave on a nearby cliff. Inside the cave is a chamber that contains the remedy to the curse. Sara’s story strikes Shippo as suspicious, but he and the others follow Sara up the cliff-side to the shrine. Inside the cave is the chamber Sara described, sealed with a great stone. Inuyasha’s attempt to move the stone is futile until Sara directs him to insert the Tetsusaiga in a slot carved into the stone seal. As the stone finally moves, Sara smiles wickedly. Shippo notices, whispering his suspicions to Kagome, who agrees that something is fishy, but their warning comes too late for Inuyasha. A powerful blast flings Inuyasha backward, and the cave collapses burying both Sara and Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha barely gets Kagome and Shippo to safety atop the cliff when the ground under their feet starts to crumble. The demon Sara bursts through the ground, riding a gigantic carrion crow. She carries Tetsusaiga victoriously. Enjoying her success, Sara remembers when she spied Sesshomaru in the forest while he recovered from losing his arm to Inuyasha. In his delirium, Sesshomaru called out his brother’s name, cursing him for taking Tetsusaiga. This memory inspired Sara to steal the katana from Inuyasha, present it to Sesshomaru and win his affection. Bad timing places Sesshomaru at the cliff following Sara’s theft of Tetsusaiga. His brother present, Inuyasha believes this is another attempt to take Tetsusaiga and he angrily attacks Sesshomaru. Sara hovers above with the katana, watching. After repelling Inuyasha, Sesshomaru makes it clear he had nothing to do with Sara’s plot. Although Sara tries to present him with Tetsusaiga, Sesshomaru refuses the weapon, making it clear he doesn’t want the Tetsusaiga from her under the circumstances and leaves. Inuyasha charges Sara, attempting to reclaim Tetsusaiga, but she attacks, hitting him with her petrifying stone spell. Quick reaction from Kagome saves him - her Miko arrows destroy and purify the spell, reversing its effect on Inuyasha, but Sara manages to escape. Inuyasha pursues her, while Kagome returns to the village to free her friends and the villagers from an eternity as statuary. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru arrives back at the woods where he sought refuge to recover after his first tangle with Tetsusaiga. He recalls the fight with Inuyasha within their father’s tomb and how afterwards, escaping to the same forest, he lashed out in pain and anger at Sara’s father’s samurai. His solitary brooding is interrupted when Sara joins him, still carrying Tetsusaiga. She tells Sesshomaru how she encountered him in the forest while he was wounded and delirious, how she learned about Tetsusaiga and his desire to possess the katana. She continues, telling Sesshomaru about how she tried to stop her warlord father from exacting revenge on him and how her father cruelly beat her for interfering with his vengeance. Her father’s attempted retaliation on Sesshomaru turned her against him and Sara declares how satisfied she felt when Sesshomaru defeated her father. Sara confesses her devotion to Sesshomaru and how, when she was dying, she allowed herself to be consumed by demons to become demon and more worthy of his attention. As Sara presses the Tetsusaiga upon Sesshomaru again as the proof of her love, Inuyasha arrives ready to reclaim his blade. Sara isn’t giving up Tetsusaiga easily and attacks him again, sending forth hideous, snake-like demons to bind and restrain Inuyasha. In a startling turn of events, Sesshomaru blocks further attacks upon his younger brother. It seems Sesshomaru wants to keep their conflict exclusively a family matter! Sara is shocked as Sesshomaru attacks her, releasing the true demon Sara has become. Kagome and the others arrive at the strange battlefield, free Inuyasha and join the fight against Sara. The human part of Sara implores Sesshomaru one last time to be with her, but Sesshomaru isn’t interested. Kagome’s arrow hits Sara, blowing a hole through her torso. Sesshomaru strikes with Tokijin, and severs the appendage holding Tetsusaiga. Masses of demon continue to fly relentlessly from Sara’s demon body, inundating the fighters. Spotting the freed Tetsusaiga, Sesshomaru grabs the sword and swings. It’s energy barrier sizzles viciously in his hand, painfully scorching Sesshomaru as he hacks at the huge tide of demons surging at him. The creatures are driven back temporarily. Unable to hold onto the katana any longer, Sesshomaru is forced to drop Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha takes back his weapon and successfully dispatches the deluge of demons. Demonic Sara is vaporized but the human part of Sara still lingers, dying and dissolving into dust at Sesshomaru‘s feet. She melts away calling his name until noting is left but her flute. Sesshomaru stabs the instrument into the pile of dust and enigmatically walks away. Baffled, Inuyasha and the others make no effort to stop him. Sesshomaru rejoins Rin and Jaken -- it appears he already has all the ‘affection‘ he needs from his peculiar, but devoted, traveling companions.

Episode 135 12/1/03
Miroku no shishyou saigo no utage
The Last Banquet of Miroku's Master

In a remote mountain temple, a solitary monk pours over scrolls on a stormy night. Unwelcome visitors -- Kagura and Naraku’s evil infant, interrupt his devotions. On a sunny hillside overlooking Kaede’s village, Inuyasha and the gang enjoy leisure time when Hachimon the Tanuki, Miroku’s vassal, arrives bearing terrible news. Mushin, Miroku‘s foster father and mentor, is gravely ill. Hachimon witnessed the old man having a terrible attack. Careless about his health, Miroku and Hachimon both fear Mushin’s end is coming soon! Miroku travels back to the temple of his youth accompanied by his friends. When they arrive, they find Mushin engaged in his favorite activity -- consuming mass quantities of sake. Asking about his health, Mushin replies he’ll be “happy when he’s dead” and staggers off drunkenly. Next morning the gang is quiet and reflective. The only one unmoved by the situation is Inuyasha, who can’t believe everyone is moping around. Although irritating, his comments inspire Miroku, Sango and Kagome -- rather than mourn Mushin after he’s dead, they decide to make Mushin happy before he dies. Over morning tea, the group offers their services to Mushin for whatever he wants them to do. Unable to resist the bargain, Mushin puts everyone to work, including a conscripted Inuyasha! The first chore is clean the temple. The next task is laundry. The third chore is entertaining: Mushin wants to have a banquet. Later, when Kagome recaps the things they’ve done for Mushin, he hints he’d like to have some very special sake to drink. The unique sake is distilled by yokai on a distant mountain. Mushin’s wish is Miroku’s command so Miroku and his companions set off to find the rare nectar. Their errand is plagued by doubt. Just as the trip seems pointless, Sango spots the mountain: if it’s real, so is the sake! Reaching the summit, the team is overwhelmed by a mysterious, demonic fog. Wary, Inuyasha warns everyone to be on guard. Anxiety and toxic smog smother the group, until Kagome shatters the tense silence by bursting into song. Her solo performance escalates into a trio when she is joined by Hachimon and Shippo (transformed into two more Kagomes). Perplexed, Miroku deduces that the fog is made from sake and everyone who breathes it becomes intoxicated. Sango then staggers out of the haze giggling madly, and stumbles purposefully towards Inuyasha. She flings her arms around him, flirting with him shamelessly. Inuyasha squirms pathetically trying to escape Sango’s clutches with no success as Miroku and the Kagome chorus line gawk in horror. Kagome finally regains enough of herself to hammer Inuyasha with a string of angry ‘sit‘ commands, adding injury to insult. Fed up with the nonsense, Miroku releases his Kazaana and sucks up the toxic fog. When the mist clears, the team spots five little yokai cowering behind a rock. The team has found the brewers of the demon sake. Miroku returns to the temple with Mushin’s prized sake. Enjoying his gift, Mushin and Miroku reminisce about the past. Miroku looks away, reflectively. When he looks back, Mushin is motionless, his eyes are closed and a cup of unfinished sake drops from his lifeless hand. Frantically, Miroku tries to revive the elder with no success. Miroku tearfully embraces his foster father -- until he hears Mushin’s soft snore. The old man is dead all right, dead drunk! Later, Miroku and company learn Mushin wasn’t dying after all: Hachimon saw an accident and jumped to the wrong conclusion! The good news is the old fellow has lots of life left: the bad news is everyone else did a lot of hard work! Back at the isolated monastery, the demon baby is probing the old monk’s heart. Like Inuyasha and his companions, Kagura and the infant also search for clues to the last Shikon fragment’s location.

Episode 136 12/8/03
Kaiki toumei demon genru genru!
A Strange Invisible Demon Appears!

Dinner is sparse: the usual meal of fish-on-a stick looks more like bait than the catch of the day Shippo’s hunger doesn’t get any sympathy from Inuyasha. He makes grabs the last fish off the fire and Shippo is left to feed only on his anger. Kagome remedies Shippo’s meal woes by sharing her fish, but the young kitsune is already plotting his revenge against his hanyo tormentor. Not far away, Haori, the elderly taijin is still working. A local village has engaged her to get rid of a demon who has been stealing their scrolls and documents. Next day, Inuyasha and company arrive at the same village. They discover Haori who is happier to see them, than they are to see her. She tells the crew about the demon she’s been hired to exterminate and once again, the cagey old girl invites them to collaborate on her extermination job. They reluctantly accept. Haori leads the team to the demon’s next target -- the village’s library, where the scrolls are kept. She selects her team, choosing Miroku, Sango and Kagome, however, Miroku and Kagome aren’t eager to participate so Miroku recommends Shippo and Sango for the job. Haori departs with her new assistants while Miroku, Kagome and Inuyasha enjoy a tea break. While Miroku chuckles over dodging the old taijin, but Kagome frets about Shippo’s safety. Haori and her team also have tea elsewhere, and discuss strategy for catching the scroll-snatching demon. The old lady and Shippo have an idea - it would be easier to catch the elusive demon while invisible. The old taijin and Shippo create an invisibility spell. Delighted with its success, Shippo and Sango decide to field test the newly discovered tool. Shippo is off to harass Inuyasha while Sango goes to find Miroku. The invisibility spell seems to work well -- on most people. However, Miroku’s flirtation with the local village girls turns horrible. Sensing something bad approaching, the lecherous monk turns to look behind him and spots a grim-faced Sango, wordlessly stalking him. She follows relentlessly, unaware that Miroku can see her despite the spell. Panicked and unable to endure Sango’s silent, frightening pursuit, Miroku falls to his knees begging her forgiveness. Sango panics just as badly when Miroku confesses he saw her the whole time. Meanwhile, Shippo arrives at the gang’s current lodgings. He makes silly faces at a baffled Kagome while she bathes, then locates Inuyasha, for his kitsune reign of terror. Shippo executes one terrible prank after another on the incredulous Inuyasha. Shippo presses his luck a bit too far and Inuyasha sends him flying across the yard. Seems a half-demon can also see through the invisibility spell. The field test was a failure but Haori and company will pursue the demon as planned. Nightfall. Haori and Sango stalk the elusive demon while Shippo keeps an invisible vigil over the scrolls in the library. Sango senses a weird presence, but Haori dismisses it and the two women continue their reconnaissance of the grounds. Shippo waits, terrified, inside the library. The only lamp blows out as a large, paper-doll like creature slips through the crack in the library door and ripples towards the scrolls. It stops before its treasure and plumps up into a huge, rotund humanoid demon. Ignoring Shippo, the big demon helps himself to piles of scrolls until Shippo, using fox magic, multiplies himself and swipes the scrolls back. Sango arrives in time to cut down the portly demon with the Hiraikotsu. Recognizing he’s in trouble, the mammoth demon deflates, turning back into a wispy, floating creature. The creature flies after Shippo, attempting to steal back the scrolls while Sango and Haori chase him like a runaway kite. Inuyasha arrives and grabs the fluttering creature, and prepares to put him out his misery. Haori stops him -- the demon can’t reveal the whereabouts of the stolen scrolls if he’s dead! In gratitude for sparing his life, the thief leads everyone to his cave and the stolen documents. He confesses that he just wanted to make sure the scrolls and documents were safe from harm. The demon promises he won’t steal any more scrolls. And, since he isn’t a threat to people, the team lets him go free. And a truce has been reached between Shippo and Inuyasha: they both agree the scroll demon left a lot to be desired as an opponent.

Episode 137 1/12/04
Gosenzo no na wa Kagome
An Ancestor Named Kagome

Kagome is having an exceptionally bad day back in modern Tokyo. She botched a big test at school, her three friends aren’t much support and, last but not least, the insufferably cheerful Hojo shows up with an interesting document. He shows Kagome and the others his family’s ancestral scroll bearing the name of a woman named Kagome in his family tree. The entry dates back to the Sengoku Jidai. And, where Hojo finds this odd coincidence interesting, Kagome is understandably disturbed. On the way home her discomfort is punctuated by the teasing dished out by her pals, Eri, Ayumi and Yuka. Back in the past, another Hojo-related incident occurs. Hojo’s Sengoku ancestor - Akitoki, Hojo - journeys on yet another family mission, crossing yet another bridge and facing another bunch of thugs ready to pound him. Once more Hojo is saved by a half-demon intervention by Inuyasha. Hojo is glad to see him and tells Inuyasha why he's returned - he’s passing through the area on another family errand. Inuyasha takes him to Kaede's, where Hojo reveals his mission to everyone. Hojo’s family has sent him to seal a powerfully demonic halberd blade at Mt. Hakurei. When Hojo unsheathes the blade it emits energy so powerful it entrances Inuyasha. Hojo begs Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango and Shippo to accompany him on his journey - reluctantly, they agree. They’ll leave when Kagome returns, news that thrills Hojo. In modern Tokyo, Kagome says goodbye to the family before returning to the past. Although Hojo’s vigil is rewarded with blows to the head by Kagome’s backpack and the big box of bento Kagome chucked out of the well heralding her arrival, Hojo is dizzy with delight at her return. Later, passing out the modern ‘ninja’ treats, Kagome notices Inuyasha is absent. She’s told he pouting about helping Hojo, so Kagome goes to talk with him. While they’re talking, Inuyasha spots Hojo lurking behind a tree, eavesdropping, and confronts him. This time, Inuyasha is bothered by more than wasting time on a non-Shikon errand -- there's definite tension growing between he and Hojo. Regardless, the team embarks on their new mission. Observing the klutzy, awkward Hojo, Kagome convinces herself that modern Hojo’s scroll must be an error … As the team treks towards their destination; a mysterious figure dispatches a band of demon ninja to capture the Hojo Halberd. The team puzzles over the attacks while they make evening camp near a river gorge. Hojo reveals more information about the blade he’s transporting - it’s actually half of a two bladed halberd, and he suspects somebody wants the whole weapon very badly! Myoga then arrives bearing a message from the demon sword smith Totosai - Kaijinbo, Totosai’s evil, ill-fated student, created the demonic halberd. The weapon Hojo carries is pure evil and must be sealed away from its other half. The weapon should not unite under any circumstances! Later that night, the team is attacked again. Explosions rock the camp as the team tries to rally in the confusion. One of the blasts injures Hojo and, as Kagome goes to his rescue, another explosion hurls both she and Hojo off the cliff and into the river gorge below. As they hurtle downwards, Hojo reaches for Kagome's hand. Above them, on the cliff, Inuyasha frantically searches for Kagome, fearing the unthinkable...

Episode 138 1/19/04
demon sanga futari no sabaibaru
Mountain of Demons: Survival of the Duo

Four shadows streak through the trees and attack Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango, blocking their attempt to rescue Kagome and Akitoki Hojo. Frustrated, Inuyasha blows the four specters out of the trees using the Kaze no Kizu. Grounded, the four sinister creatures reveal themselves as Genbu, Byakko, Seiryuu and Suzaku. The evil quartet harasses Inuyasha and the others until their master arrives - a yokai named Hoshioni. While Inuyasha faces a new foe, Akitoki and Kagome flounder helplessly down the rapids of the river where they fell. Akitoki panics when he doesn't see Kagome in the torrent, and calls to her. She finally answers as the current washes her towards him. Akitoki pulls Kagome to the safety of his eager, waiting arms. Akitoki's romantic reveling ends abruptly when a log, driven by the white water, knocks him senseless, dislodging his grip on the bank. Both teens are swept back into the rapids and over a spectacular three-level waterfall. Hoshioni proves to be a formidable opponent, prepared to do whatever he must to obtain halberd Akitoki possesses. Dispatching his demonic thugs to find the halberd, Hoshioni turns his attention to Inuyasha. Inuyasha tells Miroku, Sango and Shippo to find Kagome before the bad guys do, and prepares to fight. As he engages Hoshioni, the yokai casts a spell on Inuyasha, paralyzing him in his tracks. Miroku, Sango and Shippo arrive at the falls fearing the worst, but are relieved to find Kagome's uniform scarf and nothing else. Others search, too. In the woods, Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryuu and Byakko look for clues to the halberd's whereabouts. By accident, they find a lost photograph of Kagome and her three friends. Recovered from their aquatic mishap, Akitoki and Kagome trek through the forest. Kagome's ankle is injured but Akitoki is deliriously happily to carry her on his back. Distracted and babbling cheerfully, Akitoki walks painfully into a low hanging tree branch. The situation compounds as a snake falls onto his head. Alarmed, Akitoki trips and slides down a hill and into a thicket of brush. Akitoki's string of disaster ends with a close encounter with a wild boar. Although Akitoki is lavish with his praise and chivalry, Kagome is conflicted. Akitoki is a nice guy, but he is awkward and uncomfortably fervent … but what about her name paired with his on the old scroll? Kagome recalls her confrontation with Inuyasha: his problem with Akitoki wasn't his normal jealousy - he was hurt and afraid. Did she prefer to be with her own kind, like Akitoki? While Kagome searches her heart, the demonic foursome has located their target and hatches a plan to steal the halberd. Spell-bound, Inuyasha listens as Hoshioni reveals the reason for seeking the Hojo blade - he has the other half of the weapon and wants to make it whole. Inuyasha manages to break free and charge Hoshioni, but his attack has little effect. Back in the forest, Akitoki marvels at Kagome as she sleeps, and makes plans for their future together. Akitoki tries to steal a kiss from the sleeping girl, but he is thwarted by the arrival of three young ladies resembling Ari, Yuka and Ayumi, Kagome's friends from the photo. Kagome wakes and realizes something is wrong even though Akitoki thinks they've been saved. Kagome plays along and, while they travel through the woods, the three imposters ambush Kagome and Akitoki. Kagome dispatches the trio quickly, but the victory celebration is brief; Hoshioni's yokai thugs appear and kidnap her. Inuyasha's battle with Hoshioni ends explosively and Hoshioni disappears. Playtime is over -Hoshioni received word he has what he needs to get the halberd. No further need to stall. Unaware of this, Inuyasha pursues Hoshioni to finish the fight. On the way, he collides with Akitoki. When Inuyasha doesn't see Kagome, he grabs Akitoki demanding to know where she is. The answer isn't what Inuyasha wants to hear and, as Inuyasha prepares to brain Akitoki, Hoshioni interrupts. Inuyasha looks up and, to his horror and outrage, spots Hoshioni hovering above him, holding an unconscious Kagome.

Episode 139 1/26/04
Shouun no taki no daikettou
The Great Duel at Shoun Falls!

The Younin, Hoshioni dangles the hostage Kagome like an impossible prize in front of an infuriated Inuyasha. Try as he might, Inuyasha cannot break the barrier Hoshioni created from a single blade of the halberd. The weapon is powerful as it can absorb and void even Tetsusaiga’s power! He taunts Inuyasha and the others as he disappears with Kagome and his four demonic henchmen. Inuyasha and the others, including the eager Akitoki, set off in pursuit using Akitoki’s half of the cursed halberd as a homing device. Reaching the refuge of the Furai Temple at the top of Sho-un Waterfall, Hoshioni dispatches Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryuu and Byakko to ambush Inuyasha and the others before they reach the temple. He also sets up a barrier - a large pentagram - to repel any intruders. Hoshioni and his evil quartet don’t have long to wait for action; the team arrives at the base of the falls and mounts their rescue effort. Inuyasha and Akitoki are the first to fall victim to Hoshioni’s magical defenses as they violently bounce off the barrier. Their fall is a signal for Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryuu and Byakko to engage, and the battle is on. Unable to use their usual defenses due to the barrier, Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku struggle miserably, enduring a vicious beating by three of the yokai brutes. Suzaku, however, has selected a more defenseless victim - Akitoki! Akitoki however, proves to be stubborn prey clinging to his half of the halberd for dear life. Inside the temple, captive within the barrier, Kagome wakes from unconsciousness to find Hoshioni waiting. For all his demonic ambition, Hoshioni strikes Kagome as a tragic creature. He questions Kagome, asking why she travels with a Hanyo. His questions and comments further disturb an already conflicted Kagome, as does his personal story. Long ago, Hoshioni was once involved with a human woman, a powerful Miko of the Furai Temple named Sukione (sic). Their relationship ended badly and it was Sukione who separated the halberd of “Heaven and Earth”, sealing one of the blades within Mt. Hakurei. With the destruction of Hakureizan, Hoshioni retrieved half of the lost weapon. He now seeks to restore the weapon completely. Kagome’s attempts to reason with Hoshioni fail and she is forced to demonstrate her own power. Recognizing Kagome poses a significant threat to his plans; Hoshioni places Kagome back under a sleep spell. At the base of Sho’un Falls, the battle rages on. Genbu is crushing Inuyasha; Seiryuu has pinned Sango inside a tornado of sharp serpent scales and Byakko is tearing Miroku to pieces. Only Shippo is free to help as he aids Akitoki, diverting Suzaku’s attentions away from the wretched youth. Even without Suzaku’s attack Akitoki is still in trouble. Hoshioni’s halberd blade, sensing it’s mate is near, ‘calls’ to it’s partner and Akitoki is helplessly dragged up the waterfall by his half of the weapon. Shippo goes to the rescue, but Suzaku attacks again in the form of a phoenix, pecking away at the little kitsune! Hoshioni’s demon thugs outmatch the team. Miroku’s fight with the ravenous Byakko catches Inuyasha’s attention even as Genbu attempts to wring the life out him. Unable to tolerate the deadly humiliation longer, Inuyasha frees a hand and attacks Genbu with his Hijin Ketsusou (Blood Claw) maneuver. The attack works, and Inuyasha breaks free of Genbu’s lethal hold. His success also creates a distraction among the evil yokai allowing Miroku to free his arm from Byakko’s fangs and open up his Wind Tunnel. One by one, Miroku dispatches Hoshioni’s henchmen until they all disappear into the void. Only Akitoki remains in peril - his part of the halberd dumped him outside the Furai Temple front door! The blade reunites with its partner and the Halberd of Heaven and Earth fuse together as one in Hoshioni’s hands. The weapon and its master power up. As the team joins Akitoki outside the temple, the doors swing open and a power-enhanced Hoshioni steps outside. In one hand, he holds the Halberd of Heaven and Earth - the other, Kagome’s limp body. With a mere swing of the demonic weapon, Hoshioni rips a hole in the heavens, blowing the team away. With a taunting, evil grin, the demon and his captive float towards the void while Inuyasha watches in livid frustration.

Episode 140 2/2/04
Eien no omoi kenkon no naginata
Eternal Love, The Nanigata of Kenkon

As the sacred Furai Temple is sucked into a demonic vortex, Hoshioni barters Kagome’s life for possession of the Kenkon Naginata (the Halberd of Heaven and Earth). The Younin has been possessed by Kaijinbo’s evil weapon and will stop at nothing to keep the blade. Recognizing Hoshioni’s demonic threat, Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku attack with their remaining resources but are violently repelled by the powerful demon. When force fails, Akitoki pleads with the Younin for Kagome’s return, but is ignored. The boy only succeeds in enraging the Younin, stirring memories of betrayal at the hands of his human partner, Sukione. As Hoshioni prepares to unleash the destructive power of the complete naginata at Akitoki, he is thwarted by a huge swell of energy emanating from Kagome. As Kagome and Hoshioni separate in mid-air, the void in the sky shrinks and closes. Now afloat inside a globe of spirit energy, Kagome is possessed, taking on the Miko Sukione’s form and presence. Speaking thru her host, Sukione tries to reason with Hoshioni. We learn that once they were a couple: a human and Younin who fought evil yokai with their combined powers. Because they needed more power, Hoshioni commissioned the naginata from Kaijinbo. A regrettable decision which cost Hoshioni his relationship with Sukione and Sukione her life! Kaijinbo’s weapon drove Hoshioni mad with it’s evil, tapping into his yokai spirit, bringing forth the demonic side to his personality. Sukione sacrificed her life to seal Hoshioni and destroy the naginata by separating it, sealing half at Hakureizan and the other half at Mt. Fuji (near the Hojo clan). But Sukione’s death released Hoshioni from the sealing spell. Angered by her betrayal, Hoshioni searched to find and reunite the weapon. Sukione’s spirit presses him to surrender the evil weapon and destroy it before it’s too late. But Hoshioni refuses, slashing through Sukione’s barrier, breaking the spell and sending Kagome plunging helplessly earthward! Inuyasha catches Kagome and brings her safely to the ground. Holding Kagome, he tries frantically to revive her and, slowly, Kagome’s eyes open. Kagome attempts to negotiate with the Younin one last time, but Hoshioni’s reason has been stolen by the strong energy of the naginata. Hoshioni charges Kagome, poised to run her through with the naginata, but Inuyasha blocks him with Tetsusaiga, which has suddenly regained its power. While Akitoki tries to fight Hoshioni, Inuyasha and Kagome unite forces. Observing his two young opponents, Hoshioni sees himself and Sukione in Inuyasha and Kagome. Hoshioni strikes, but is defeated by a their joint attack -- Inuyasha’s Bakuryuuha and Kagome’s arrows. Dying, Hoshioni regains his sanity as Sukione returns to guide him to the spirit world. On the ground, the battle is over and an exhausted Kagome collapses. Inuyasha rushes to her, taking her in his arms as Akitoki watches, disappointed. He hasn’t got a chance with Kagome. Later, Inuyasha is depressed about the nature of human/demon relations. Although he doesn’t come out and say it, he’s afraid of his feelings towards Kagome, consumed by doubt and afraid of rejection because of what he is. The threat of Akitoki’s (human) rivalry and Hoshioni/Sukione’s painfully familiar story gnaws agonizingly at Inuyasha. Guessing the problem, Miroku, Sango and Shippo reassure him, pointing out Kagome has always been there for him, no matter what. Embarrassed, Kagome over-reacts and a lively round of arguments lift’s the mood! Akitoki sadly watches from a distance, and then quietly departs. On the lonesome road home, Akitoki encounters a lovely young lady of good family bearing a strong resemblance to Kagome, traveling with her chaperone. Akitoki turns on his charm, earning the young lady’s immediate interest. Meanwhile, back in modern Tokyo, Hojo sips a drink at “WacDonald’s”, pining over his family’s genealogy scroll. Eri, Ayumi and Yuka pop up, teasing Hojo about winning “his” Kagome. During the banter, Hojo’s soft drink spills onto the ancient scroll, blurring the ink and erasing the name of “Hojo Kagome” forever!

Episode 141 2/9/04
Tokihanatareta uma honoo hizume
Entei, the Demon Horse Unleashed!

An elderly Shinto priest’s peaceful evening meditation comes to a cruel end at the hands of unwelcome visitors to the shrine - Kagura and Naraku’s evil infant creature. Kagura savagely attacks the old priest, allowing him to survive just long enough for the dreadful baby to wrench information from the dying man. On the road, again, Inuyasha and the others approach a village. Kagome is delighted - she’s hungry, ready for a break and eager to get to their destination. Sango, however, is less enthusiastic about the village - she senses something evil within the town. They arrive in the village and discover it was attacked, sustaining a lot of damage. A village elder welcomes the team, and tells them demons killed the village priest and caused all the destruction. Surveying the village, Inuyasha gets a whiff of something evil and leads the team to the ruins of the village shrine. What’s left of the building glows hot with energy and out of the rubble emerge three hostile demons who attack them. Inuyasha executes the demonic trio earning the team a hot meal and a roof for the night. While the gang dines, their elderly host tells them more about the demons who heaped such destruction on his village. It wasn’t the three demons Inuyasha killed, but a lone female who carried a baby with her. Kagura! The team speculates why she’s conducting this murderous reign of terror and the elder wonders if Kagura is attempting to release a powerful demon sealed nearby - a horse demon, or ‘Youba’, called Entei. The village elder spins a tale how a local priest, a demon slayer, sealed the creature after it’s destructive rampage years before. Elsewhere, an elderly priest tells the same story to his young disciples. He is the same priest responsible for sealing the demon so long ago. The old men weave a story of fear, mayhem, and death beneath the flaming, deadly hooves of Entei. The elderly priest tells the young monks he barely managed to seal the creature with his powers. Back at the village, Inuyasha and the others decide to pay a visit to the old hero and his shrine before Kagura beats them there first. At the temple, the old priest’s story is interrupted by the arrival of Kagura and the baby. Kagura attacks the elderly man as the young monks watch helplessly. However, the old priest has one last trick up his sleeve. When Kagura places the baby on him to steal his thoughts, the priest removes a holy dokko concealed within his robes and it’s power blasts the infant in two. It is the same relic he used to seal Entei. Kagura gathers up the bits of baby and flees the shrine, not sure what to do. During her flight, she encounters Naraku’s insects that guide her to Kanna. Kanna takes half of the baby back to Naraku and orders Kagura to keep the other half and protect it. Inuyasha and the team arrive at the shrine and find a dead priest and two young monks in hysterics. The monks tell them what happened, describing who committed the murder: Kagura and the baby. Their story reveals the reason for Kagura’s priestly killing spree. According to the monks, before their master died, he spoke of the ‘boundary between this world and the next” to his killers. Kagura came to the shrine seeking information about the last jewel shard’s location, not to release Entei as suspected. Regardless of Kagura’s motives, Entei is released from his mountain prison and immediately runs wild, wrecking havoc and destruction. Inuyasha and the team attempt to stop the beast, but the creature is a fleet and powerful opponent. No attack they can level at the demon stops its relentless violence. The team barely escapes being vaporized by a powerful blast from the creature before it flies off into the night. They learn the hard way that Entei is a deadly and formidable new foe. Meanwhile, Kagura bides her time, hiding with her half of the evil baby. A stirring of power catches her attention and she watches in amazement as the lifeless bundle she was ordered to protect starts to change. It moves and grows. A child-like hand bursts from the bundle of rags, fingers eagerly grasping for a hold on the world.

Episode 142 2/16/04
Bousou Entei to senritsu no Hakudoshi
Untamed Entei and the Horrible Hakudoshi

In a secluded cave inside a remote mountain Kagura holds a vigil over her half of the ‘split’ infant. The small bundle begins to stir with power, growing, and emitting a powerful energy that engulfs the cave, the mountainside and the valley below. Elsewhere, Inuyasha and the team pursue Entei. The fleet demon’s destination is the cave where his former partner, a bloodthirsty oni, is sealed. Entei releases the creature as Inuyasha arrives at the scene. Inuyasha struggles to stop the diabolical pair until the rest of the team arrives but the oni and Entei escape. Kagura, meanwhile, angrily searches for clothing for the child, as ordered. Her travels take her over a town in flames. Kagura stops to investigate the destruction (and loot clothing for the child) when she encounters Entei and it’s oni rider. The oni tries to worm information from Kagura, but she ignores him and takes off on her feather. Not to be overlooked, the oni chases Kagura across the night sky, lobbing a volley of fireballs at her. Reluctant to reveal the boy’s hiding spot, Kagura drops the new kimono near the hidden cave, leading Entei away from the boy. The chase ends in an open field and Kagura confronts the oni. Her attack is interrupted by the arrival of an elegantly clad boy who introduces himself as Hakudoshi. Entei spots the boy and immediately forsakes its old partner for a more powerful new master. The oni attacks Hakudoshi, but the child dispatches his powerful opponent smoothly and smugly. Hakudoshi approaches Entei and saddles up. Later, Inuyasha and the team encounter the razed town where they find evidence of Entei. Abruptly, everyone senses the approach of an incredible amount of power and watch as the clouds part revealing Entei. The creature returns to the scene of the massacre with a demonic whinny and a blast of demon fire. A potent barrier surrounds the creature repelling the power of Tetsusaiga, protecting it, and it’s diminutive new rider. From atop Entei, Hakudoshi greets his opponents arrogantly, bragging how Entei has chosen him for his new rider. He also tells the team he is the baby they thought was destroyed. Miroku questions Hakudoshi about priest killings and if the rumors were true about the Shikon shard lost within the boundary between this world and the next. Hakudoshi confirms the information, telling Miroku he ought to be grateful for the clue. Irritated by the boy’s attitude, Inuyasha blasts Hakudoshi but, Hakudoshi’s barrier repels Tetsusaiga’s power, and the demonic duo escape. Kagura joins Hakudoshi’s flight and, as they travel, Kagura asks what’s next. Hakudoshi has a new plan. The last priest who died gave him a mental picture of a world of white fog, and he wants to know more. The boy concludes humans won’t have the answer he needs, but perhaps demons do. Back at camp, Kagome hears someone crashing through the woods. She call’s Inuyasha’s name, expecting him to answer, but is shocked when a gigantic, headless creature stumbles blindly out of the forest and into the camp. Kagome and Shippo run, but Kagome stumbles and falls. Kagome and Shippo are about to be crushed by the mammoth demon when Inuyasha rockets out of the woods, destroying the monster. While Shippo rants at Inuyasha for being gone, Inuyasha apologizes to Kagome for his absence. Further examination of the body reveals a sloppy swordsman severed the demon’s head. Flash back to Hakudoshi standing in a forest clearing holding a very large halberd. A huge demon approaches the boy and, wielding his weapon, Hakudoshi leaps up and slices off the creature’s head. He drags it back to Entei and places the head on top of a pile of other severed heads. Watching, Kagura wonders what the boy is planning.

Episode 143 2/23/04
Chichi wo tazunete sanzenri
3000 Leagues in Search of Father

The team encounters a group of villagers who tell of headless demon on a rampage in the area. Inuyasha and the team investigate the phenomena and the trail leads them into the forest. Inuyasha doesn’t need to his keen sense of smell to track the creature; the demon left a path of destruction a blind man could follow! Moving deeper into the woods, pandemonium breaks loose. A small child with huge bundle runs screaming out of the forest, just steps ahead of a huge, headless monster. Shippo snatches the child out of harm’s way while Inuyasha confronts the juggernaut. Before Inuyasha can attack, the child tackles him, screaming for him to stop! Shippo leaps into the fracas, trying to pry the child off Inuyasha. During the tussle, the headless demon slams down a huge fist nearly pulverizing the trio, and sends them flying. The child falls to the ground transforming into its true form, a little demon. Inuyasha grabs the kid, demanding to know what’s going on. The youngster tells him the headless demon may be his father. When Inuyasha points out the lack of resemblance, the little demon agrees and Inuyasha obliterates the behemoth. The youngster introduces himself as Kanta, an otter demon. Kanta tells the team that three days before, a strange boy appeared on a demon horse while he and his father fished in the river. He witnessed the boy behead and his father. Although the boy seemed to want the head, it fell into the river and was washed away and the boy left. The team agrees the culprit was Hakudoshi! Kanta was able to retrieve his dad’s head but while he searched for it, his father’s body wandered away. The child is searching for the rest of his father, hoping to reunite the pieces in time to save his life. Shippo volunteers Inuyasha’s help, telling Kanta how Inuyasha helped him avenge his father’s death. Shippo’s high praise for Inuyasha’s prowess, however, quickly disintegrates earning him a smack on the head from his ‘hero‘! Kanta is still thrilled to have such a strong (if flawed!) champion on his side. In a secluded house, Hakudoshi interrogates his collection of demon heads for information about the boundary to the netherworld. All the heads tell the same story about a land of white mist and nothing else. One by one, he scans the disembodied heads -- but not without some resistance on the part of the heads themselves ... Elsewhere, Rin and Jaken do the usual - wait for Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru has been especially moody since his encounter with Naraku at Mount Hakurei. Indeed, we find Sesshomaru poised on a breezy hillside, brooding. He is troubled: Tenseiga is trying to ‘tell him something’ but it’s message eludes him. Back in the village, Kanta’s headless Papa stumbles into town, terrifying the villagers. The frightened people attack on the poor demon’s body, turning it into a pincushion full of arrows and spears. Inuyasha and the others arrive in time to witness the panic. They follow the scent trail, discovering Kanta’s father’s body has blindly crawled its way to Sesshomaru. Kanta is distraught to see his father’s desperate condition. Inuyasha and company are stunned to see Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru regards everyone with his usual aloof distain. Kanta and Shippo leap into action and try to put Kanta’s Dad together again. It’s futile: the otter demon is dead and Kanta grieves hysterically. Inuyasha confronts Sesshomaru, demanding to know why he’s there, but Sesshomaru ignores him, and turns to leave. Kagome tries to stop Sesshomaru, pleading for his help with Tenseiga. Sesshomaru tells Kagome it’s not his business. Shippo bravely assumes advocacy for Kanta and his Dad. Frightened and teary, he blocks Sesshomaru’s way, begging him for help. Unmoved by Shippo, Sesshomaru tries to leave, then stops -- Tenseiga is pulsing! The sword ‘tells’ him to save Kanta’s father. With a sweep of the blade, Tenseiga restores Kanta’s father to life. As Kanta’s Dad recovers, he tells everyone about his ‘death’ experience in a strange land filled with white mist and the large, skeletal remains of other demons. Sesshomaru departs before Kanta and his dad can thank him. Enroute, Sesshomaru ponders the demon’s story. Kanta and his Dad also part company with Inuyasha and the others. Continuing the trek, Miroku wonders why Hakodoshi is so obsessed with such a strange place. Inuyasha and Kagome both know why: they’ve been to the place described by Kanta’s Dad --it’s the demon graveyard. The final resting-place of Inuyasha’s father.

Episode 144 3/1/04
Housenki to saigo no kakera
Hosenki and the Last Shard

Inuyasha wanders an eerie, skeletal landscape of white mist. The fog dissolves, revealing the enormous remains of his father. An image of the black pearl appears. Inuyasha jolts awake - it was just a dream - recollection of the place where he obtained the Tetsuagia. Watching the sunrise, Inuyasha remembers the black pearl embedded in his eye is the key that can open the door to the netherworld and the last Shikon fragment. Leaving the team, he goes ahead to find Myoga and a way to retrieve the pearl once more. Kagome and the others follow Inuyasha later. As they travel, Kagome tells the others the story of the black pearl, it's history and its ability to open up the netherworld. Inuyasha arrives at Toto-sai’s foundry where Myoga is currently staying. After interrogating his diminutive retainer, Inuyasha learns the black pearl is useless as a portal. It performed its task as a gateway and is now inert. Toto-sai tells Inuyasha he's crazy to look for a Shikon shard in the netherworld - no way one could have gone there! Myoga agrees - if there had been a shard of the Shikon jewel in that place, Kagome would have sensed it when she and Inuyasha went there to claim Tetsuagia. If Kagome didn't notice one then, why would one be there now? Inuyasha insists things have changed, and they have to beat Naraku to the fragment currently hidden there. He succeeds in convincing Myoga about the shard and the flea tells him about Housenki - the demon that created the black pearl. Perhaps Housenki can provide them with another jeweled portal. Armed with the information, Inuyasha and the team set off to visit Housenki. Everyone else is on the move, too. A quarreling Hakudoshi and Kagura trail Inuyasha's group. Kohaku, Kanna and the second baby travel to meet Naraku. Sesshomaru and his entourage follow Kohaku's scent - convinced it will lead to Naraku. The path to Housenki is difficult: Inuyasha must climb a steep cliff. (Everyone else on the team takes the easy way -- riding Kirara and "balloon" Shippo). Reaching the summit, Inuyasha is greeted by the business end of Hakudoshi's spear! Hakudoshi, however, just stopped by to taunt. He welcomes the competition, is pleased to compete with the team for the last jewel, and departs leaving behind an outraged Inuyasha. When the team arrives at Housenki’s, they discover the demon has died, leaving his son the trade. The son is willing to help them, but advises it will 100 years before another jewel is ready to open the gate. The unwelcome news further frustrates Inuyasha. They have to find another route to the netherworld. Elsewhere Hakudoshi hatches a plan, dispatching Kagura with a message for Inuyasha. Kanna and Kohaku meet Naraku. Sesshomaru picks up Naraku’s scent and hastens towards its source. As Inuyasha and the team discuss options around the campfire, Kagura appears with a message from Hakudoshi. She tells them about a gateway which exists in the Country of Fire. If they want to enter the netherworld, they should go there and use the entrance. No one, including Kagura, knows why Hakudoshi is being so generous with such critical information.

Episode 145 3/8/04
Ano yo to no sakai ni iyouna monban
Bizarre Guards at the Border of the Afterlife

Kagura’s information about a portal to the boundary world leads Inuyasha and the team, including Myoga, on a perilous journey to the desolate Country of Fire. On the way, they notice they have an escort - Naraku’s Saimyoushou. Although they know they are being watched, and suspect a set-up by Naraku and Hakudoshi, they continue their quest for the final shard. The team’s sixth sense is accurate. Hakudoshi is plotting something rotten and he dispatches Kagura to the Country of Fire with an assignment! The Saimyoushou lead the group to a cave inside the caldera of a volcano. Once inside, the passage opens up into a mamoth chamber. The team follows a grotesque path littered with the bones of dead demons. The path terminates at a huge chained door, guarded by two enormous, ancient statues. Inuyasha moves towards the door but is frozen in his tracks when a booming, disembodied voice asks” Do you want to pass?” Inuyasha’s ill-advised answer is obvious … yes, he does. The "statues” posing the question are Gozu and Mezu, gatekeepers of the underworld. The only way to “pass through the gate” is to become one of the dead and the behemouths are ready to help Inuyasha fulfill his request. However, Inuyasha has other ideas. He battles the giants but discovers that Tetsuaiga is powerless against the two supernatural giants (Tetsuaiga is a weapon of the living world and poses no threat to the gatekeepers of the dead). Finally, with the help of Miroku’s ‘wind tunnel” as a distraction, Inuyasha slows the pair down long enough to break the thick chain, unlocking the door to the nether world. As the heavy doors creak open, Kagura appears, charging the doorway flanked by low-level demons. The evil gaggle is suddenly bathed in a dazzling bright light. Sensing the worst, Inuyasha gathers the team and heads for cover! They watch from the protection of sheltering rocks as the creatures are turned to stone by the light and Kagura plummets to the cave floor in a hail of petrified demons. Gozu and Mezu turn their attention to her and ask, “Do you want to pass?” Since no one wants to enter the portal, Gozu and Mezu shut the door. But, before the heavy doors swing shut, Kagome senses the presence of a jewel shard just beyond the portal on the other side. Later, a furious Kagura confronts Hakudoshi. Angry over being set up by the vile youngster, she attacks Hakudoshi, discovering the hard way Naraku is protecting the brat and still keeping a very close watch on her. Inuyasha and the others unwind at camp where Kagome reveals her vision of the Shikon shard in the netherworld. The fragment really does exist in that remote and dangerous place. All they have to do now is find another way into the boundary world between this world and the next!

Episode 146 3/15/04
Kishouarai Toritsukai Abi-hime
The Fiery Bird Master, Princess Abi

Myoga finds himself in deep trouble when Inuyasha accuses the old flea of withholding information about the portal. The elderly flea admits to knowing about the doorway, but not about the risk - would he have joined the gang if danger were involved? Sango and Miroku steer the discussion back to the real issue - finding an alternate path to the netherworld. It’s the only way to retrieve the jewel and beat Hakudoshi and Naraku. The next day finds the team on the road outside a small village. They discover that all the villagers have been slaughtered and their bodies sucked dry of blood. Elsewhere, bandits pillage and burn a neighboring village when they are attacked by a flock of demonic birds. The pterodactyl-like creature’s land on the bandits, pecking and sucking their blood away in a squabbling feeding frenzy. The silhouette of a woman appears against the backdrop of the burning village, and a cultured voice admonishes the birds to behave themselves. The woman elegantly approaches the carnage -- she’s the lovely and lethal Princess Abi, demon mistress of the birds. As the birds continue their feast, another shape emerges from the shadows; Naraku. He follows Abi back to her roost and offers to help her collect massive amounts of blood if she’ll help him in return. The demon tells Abi he knows her mother is dying from poison and that blood is the only thing that keeps her alive. As a show of ‘good faith’ Naraku presents Abi with a three-pronged halberd made from his own bones. He also tosses in a nest of Saimyoushou to sweeten the deal. With these tools, Abi can collect all the blood she needs for her mother. She reluctantly accepts, secure in the knowledge that Naraku is a mere half-demon and, if the impertinent halfling gets out of line, Abi will gladly destroy him. While Naraku collaborates with Abi, Hakudoshi takes a nap. Kagura observes the boy, angrily recollecting his earlier threats on her life. She hops on her feather and takes off for parts unknown before she’s tempted to hurt him again. The team meanwhile has located a village with live residents. Miroku and Inuyasha warn the headman about the mysterious blood-sucking threat that may headed their way. Miroku and the village elders agree on an exterminator’s contract and he just seals he deal when Abi’s ravenous flock attacks the village. The lead bird’s terrifying screech whips the other birds into a killing frenzy and they tear the village apart with the claws, beaks and fire. The team’s formidable skills barely keep pace with the torrents of incoming birds as wave after wave flies into the town threatening citizens. When Miroku opens up the Wind Tunnel, sucking up birds the others missed, a sudden swarm of Saimyoushou appears, flying towards him forcing him to retreat. Observing the battle from atop her cloud of flames is Abi. Inuyasha notices her too, and calls he out. Abi laughs at his audacity, accusing him of being a measly half-demon. Transforming into her demon form, Abi hurls a fireball at Inuyasha, but he dodges and comes back strong with a Wind Scar attack, blasting dozens of birds apart in it‘s path. Now she understands why Naraku gave her the halberd - to fight Inuyasha. Abi needs time to consider this new weapon and it’s implications so she retreats just as Inuyasha powers up the red Tetsusaiga. Later, the team discusses the nature of their new enemy. They all come to the conclusion that Naraku is using Abi to collect blood, but why he needs that blood to connect to the other world is a mystery!

Episode 147 4/12/04
Meguriau Mae no Ummei Renka (1) (Spring Special)
The Tragic Love Song of Destiny, Part 1

Long ago, in the country of Musashi, there lived a beautiful maiden, a miko named Kikyo, and her young sister, Kaede. Kikyo was not only lovely, but possessed great spiritual power which she dedicated to protecting humans from demons who threatened Japan in those days. But Kikyo’s power came at great personal expense: her duties so consumed her she could not live as normal women, with friends, frivolities and romance. Although respected and revered, Kikyo was forced to live a lonely, austere life with no one but her little sister, Kaede, as companion. Despite the loneliness and risk in her life, Kikyo is envied by jealous rivals: a miko named Tsubaki and a tiny, but ruthless demon spider. Another friendless spirit also dwelt in Musashi’s country: a youth - not quite human, not quite demon but somewhere in between. He survived using his human cunning and the power of his demon blood. The youth was called Inuyasha, and he vowed to find a way to empower himself. Inuyasha dreamed of becoming a full-fledged demon so he could live without menace from the humans and demons who scorned and rejected him. In the village of the Taijin (demon exterminators) the leader finds a miraculous, but ominous surprise inside a dead yokai - the fabled Shikon no Tama - the Jewel of Four Souls. The Shikon no Tama has returned to the Taijin village, the place of its creation but it is corrupt, and must be purified. Freed, the jewel’s powerful aura immediately draws demonic attention from the ambitious demon Mistress Centipede. Driving away the loathsome creature, the Taijin leader decides the Shikon no Tama must be entrusted to a miko with exceptional spiritual power to can purify the jewel and keep it safe from evil hands. Devout and pure spirited Kikyo is selected for the task. Protecting the Shikon jewel is a great honor, but the responsibility isolates Kikyo even more. Kikyo’s days are filled battling power hungry monsters, but her nights overflow with solitude. One moonless night, Kikyo’s battle with a Shikon-crazed band of yokai attracts the attention of the half demon Inuyasha. He observes Kikyo slaughter the yokai with just bow and arrow. She senses the youth’s demon aura, but only momentarily - the moonless night causes the half-demon to change into human form. When Kikyo calls for the intruder to show himself, Inuyasha remains hidden. Believing she speaks to a human, Kikyo tells him of the Shikon jewel. The human woman provides Inuyasha with an inspired plan - capture and use the Shikon no Tama to become a full demon but first he must conquer that woman, Kikyo. Inuyasha’s attempts to challenge Kikyo end in humiliating failure. When Kikyo refuses opportunities to kill him, Inuyasha becomes wary of her consideration. He stalks the miko for reasons other than the Shikon jewel; he’s seldom known kindness and wonders why Kikyo would show him such tolerance. Inuyasha’s observations reveal a solitary maiden of great compassion burdened with harsh responsibilities. Kikyo discovers Inuyasha is also more than he appears - his tough façade hides the tender heart of a lonely boy. An odd relationship blooms between the priestess and the half-demon. As their relationship flowers into something more than friendship, hungry, evil eyes observe. The malevolent spider demon watches and plots, eager to seize an opportunity to exploit the frail trust the young lovers share so he can win the Shikon jewel for his own. The news of Kikyo’s involvement with Inuyasha spreads. Tsubaki, Kikyo’s rival, confronts Kikyo. She accuses Kikyo of weakness; that her romance with a half-demon is the reason why demons plague the land. Tsubaki challenges Kikyo’s spiritual strength but loses miserably. Once again, the spider demon keenly watches, waiting for his chance. The spider’s opportunity arrives with Onigumo, a mortally wounded bandit whom Kikyo rescued and nurses with mercy. Onigumo lusts after the beautiful miko, desiring to pervert her virtue and possess Kikyo as his own. The spider demon makes a pact with Onigumo - his soul and Kikyo in exchange for his human body. Onigumo agrees and the spider calls forth a horde of demon minions who take possession of Onigumo’s flesh. But Onigumo was deceived. The spider, Naraku, merely used the bandit as a vessel for his evil, uniting the strength and wickedness of many demons inside Onigumo’s human form. Powerful and free, Naraku unleashes a torrent of demonic evil upon the countryside.

Episode 148 4/12/04
Meguriau Mae no Ummei Renka (2) (Spring Special)
The Tragic Love Song of Destiny, Part 2

The demon attack sews seeds of doubt inside Kikyo. Frightened she’s losing her spiritual strength and fearful she can’t protect the Shikon no Tama, Kikyo makes Inuyasha a proposition: if he uses the power of the jewel to become fully human, rather than demon, the jewel will cease to be. With no Shikon no Tama to protect, they can both live together peacefully as an ordinary human couple. Inuyasha agrees, wanting nothing more than a normal life with the woman he loves. They arrange to meet at dawn and complete their plan. Naraku disguises himself as Inuyasha and discovers the young lover’s arrangement. Awaiting Inuyasha at dawn, Kikyo is brutally attacked by the disguised Naraku who steals the Shikon no Tama from her dying grasp. As Inuyasha, Naraku tells the gravely wounded miko he had no intention to become human; all he wanted was a chance to take the jewel. Betrayed by love she once felt, Kikyo swears revenge for Inuyasha’s scorn. As Kikyo’s clings to life, Naraku returns the Shikon no Tama to the village shrine, disguising himself as Kikyo, and sets off to meet Inuyasha. Inuyasha waits for Kikyo by the Goshinboku tree when “she” arrives armed, and ready to kill. Naraku/Kikyo tells Inuyasha their meeting was a trick to make him vulnerable. Her real intention was to kill him and remove another threat to the Shikon no Tama. Angered by his lover’s treachery, Inuyasha dodges “Kikyo’s” barrage of arrows and heads to the village to steal the Shikon Jewel. The real Kikyo pursues the real Inuyasha to the village. As he tries to escape with the Shikon no Tama, Kikyo corners Inuyasha by the Goshenboku tree, and shoots her last arrow, piercing Inuyasha’s heart and pinning him to the scared tree. They watch each other as they ‘die’ unaware they were innocent victims of Naraku’s sinister plot. But karma has the last laugh - the Shikon Jewel is cremated with Kikyo’s remains. In spite of all his foul manipulation, Naraku is denied his prize. Time passes and Kaede grows old. For some strange reason, however, Inuyasha’s impaled body remains the same. For fifty years Kaede visits the Goshenboku, finding the half-demon unchanged until, one day, a young girl in strange clothing emerges from of the old Bone-Eater’s well. Her name is Kagome and she’s about to change the world.

Episode 149 4/26/04
Hara wo yobu ippon no ya
Single Arrow of Chaos

The encounter with Abi and her vampire birds raises a disturbing question among Inuyasha’s team; why is Naraku using Abi to collect blood? The only reason could be the blood is somehow connected to his effort to reach the other world and capture the final lost jewel shard. While they contemplate Naraku’s motives, Abi’s flock consumes helpless villages across the land leaving few survivors. In more pleasant surroundings, Rin and Jaken receive a visit from Kagura. Bitter from her subjugation by Naraku and Hakudoshi, Kagura is looking for a champion capable of destroying both demons: Sesshomaru! But her potential defender is elsewhere and his minion, Jaken, is hostile towards the wind sorceress. Left to fend for herself, Kagura reconsiders her position and the importance of the 2nd “split” baby. Naraku has placed great importance on protecting the small demon and it may be that the demonic baby is the key to destroying Naraku! Elsewhere, at a stately castle, the noblewoman gives birth to a stillborn baby. Her heartbreak is just the start of more tragedy as Kanna arrives with the second demonic child. After murdering the woman’s attendants, Kanna places the noblewoman under her spell, replacing the deceased child with Naraku’s offspring. A new day finds Inuyasha and the other’s following Abi’s trail of destruction. No one has a clue where they might locate Naraku’s avian accomplice and frustration runs high. Kagome spots a small, struggling group of villagers on the road ahead. The team stops to help, and their good deed is rewarded with information that may prove useful. The villagers are headed to the town of the Saint; a holy person they believe will protect them from the birds. The villagers describe the Saint as mysterious - cloaked to hide form and face, mute - speaking only through two young female assistants, and rumored to possess great spiritual power. Although it sounds like wishful thinking, the team knows that where people gather; Abi’s birds will certainly follow and attack. The team’s prediction about the bird attack is realized as they near the Saint’s town. Hakudoushi and Kagura smugly observe Abi’s birds swoop down to attack innocent refugees. Inuyasha and the gang arrive in time to defend the helpless people. Hakudoshi and Kagura join the flock’s assault in an effort to delay the team’s arrival. While they protect the survivors in the mountains, Abi and a second flock attack the town. Disgusted by Hakudoshi’s treachery, Inuyasha attacks but is easily repelled by Hakudoshi’s barrier. Nearby, a cloaked figure observes the fight - the mysterious Saint. Inuyasha powers up Tetsusaiga, but even the red Tetsusaiga cannot penetrate Hakudoshi’s barrier. Unseen by all, the Saint draws a bow and fires a powerful spirit arrow piercing the demonic membrane, blowing it apart and leaving Hakudoshi vulnerable. Seizing the chance, Inuyasha blasts the brat to bits. Kagura swoops in and scoops up what remains of the vile child - his head - that continues barking orders at her! With Hakudoshi removed, Inuyasha destroys Entei with a Bakuryuuha blast. Entei is vanquished, Hakudoshi is out of commission but the team now confronts a mystery. Was it the Saint who fired the arrow that severely damaged Hakudoshi?

Episode 150 5/3/04
Seija wo michibiku hushigina hikari
The Mysterious Light that Guides the Saint

The Saint's arrow is troubling - especially for Kagome and Inuyasha. Only one individual can wield the power to destroy Hakudoshi’s barrier: Kikyo. Although Inuyasha is torn between hope and denial, Kagome‘s heart is frozen by certainty Hiriji-sama must be Kikyo. The team continues their journey to Hiriji-sama’s town were they hope to end the mystery of the ‘saint’ and Abi’s reign of terror. In a cave near Hiriji-sama’s town, townsfolk huddle inside a protective barrier created by the saint. One of the Saint’s young assistants, a young girl, tries to keep the people calm inside the shield. Outside, Abi wages an all-out assault. Flaming demonic birds hurl themselves at the barrier, ferociously pecking and clawing, terrifying the villages within. Hijiri-sama arrives driving away Abi with a single, powerful arrow that incinerates scores of birds. When Inuyasha and the others arrive later, they find a killing field filled with charred bird carcasses. Kagome is first to ask the villagers - “where is the Saint?” They tell her the Saint has gone to find and destroy the bird’s nest. Turning to Inuyasha, Kagome asks him if they should follow. The request disturbs Inuyasha: if the enigmatic ‘saint’ is Kikyo, why hasn’t she revealed herself to him? Inuyasha asks Kagome if she’s all right with pursuing the Saint in case it’s Kikyo. She wants to know what he’ll do if it is Kikyo. Inuyasha admits he doesn’t know. Regardless of the Saint's identity, the team still has a job to do - locate and kill the demon birds. Someone else wants to find the Saint, too. Hakudoshi. As the demon child heals his devastated body, Kagura observes and plans. Elsewhere, Kaede’s village receives two odd visitors. Kaede and two village men catch the Saint's two peculiar young assistants taking soil from Kikyo’s grave. The theft of the soil stirs up a grim memory for Kaede -- there can only be one reason for them to take such a thing … Following the Saint's trail, the team notices an abundance of yokai. The demons seem to be headed in the same direction they are. Further into their journey, Kagome takes notice of something sparkling in the distance and Inuyasha confirms it’s a waterfall. The waves of the ubiquitous yokai rush towards the shimmering water, but are destroyed by a powerful spirit arrow shot from the woods near the falls. The angry demons turn their attention to the team and attack. Inuyasha places Kagome in the protection of Sango and Miroku, facing the demonic horde alone. As he prepares to blow away the onslaught with Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha wonders what he’ll do if the Saint is Kikyo. He quickly vanquishes his opponents and dashes off into the woods, determined to find Hiriji-sama and solve the puzzle. Inuyasha’s search stops cold - his path blocked by an imposing female figure on horseback: the Saint. Startled, Inuyasha tensely demands the silent, shrouded rider to show him her face. The two young girls with the Saint tell Inuyasha that the miasma has affected their mistress so badly she is weak and cannot speak. Only her soul can fight but that too, is fading quickly. Certain the veiled person before him is Kikyo, Inuyasha rushes towards her. As he draws near, Hiriji-sama is ripped apart by familiar blades. The Saint's decapitated head has a familiar face -- Kikyo. Horrified, Inuyasha grabs for Hiriji-sama as her body dissolves. Nothing is left of her but a small paper doll; the Saint was a shikigama puppet. A well-known laugh taunts him and, looking up, he spots Kagura. Naraku has dispatched the wind sorceress to locate Kikyo. She was also deceived by Kikyo’s ruse. It does confirm one thing to Kagura’s satisfaction - Naraku’s greatest opponent still lives. Sango, Miroku and Kagome continue to battle the swarming yokai who share their path. While Sango and Miroku fight the creatures, Kagome spots Kikyo’s soul collectors. They beacon her to follow them. The creatures lead Kagome through a barrier and to the edge of a small pool beneath the waterfall she spotted earlier. There, beneath the surface of the pool, lies Kikyo.

Episode 151 5/10/04
Kagome honnou no sentaku
Kagome's Instinctive Choice

Naraku’s second evil baby has found a haven with an affluent Shogun and his Lady. As the Shogun enjoys the promise of his new son and heir, his Lady is bewildered and suspicious of the infant. She vaguely recalls the appearance of a strange little girl as well as a great tragedy that accompanied her child’s birth. The Lady isn’t sure the baby is really her child. Kohaku is also headed for the castle. During his journey he meets, and helps, one of the castle’s elderly retainers. The old man gladly offers Kohaku a job at the castle to repay his kindness. Kohaku accepts. Back in the woods Sango and Miroku finish off the attacking yokai and are joined by Inuyasha. When he doesn’t see Kagome, the others tell him she ran off chasing what looked like Kikyo’s shikigama and disappeared inside a barrier. Disturbed by the news, Inuyasha sets off to find her. Kagome, however, is safe inside the barrier. Kikyo’s shikigama guide her to the pool beneath the waterfall. Under the calm surface of the pool, Kikyo floats, motionless. The two spirits tell Kagome of Kikyo’s fateful encounter with Naraku and make a bold, desperate request - save Kikyo’s life. Kagome is the only one who can purify and heal the mortal wounds Naraku inflicted on Kikyo. Kagome doesn’t hesitate. Plunging into the painfully evil miasma-filled pool, Kagome attempts to heal her incarnation and rival. The shikigama provide Kagome with Kikyo‘s burial soil to press into Kikyo’s body that will purify Naraku’s miasma and close the dreadful wounds. In the process, Kagome experiences something she hadn’t counted on - by healing Kikyo; Kagome shares the miko’s memories. Kagome is a helpless spectator to the tragic story leading to the ‘deaths” of Inuyasha and Kikyo. Overwhelmed by emotion, Kagome barely completes healing Kikyo before passing out under water just as Kikyo regains consciousness. Kagome wakes by the side of the pool. Kikyo stands nearby, flanked by her shikigama attendants. The miko wants to know why Kagome saved her life - after all, she was offered a choice. Kagome tells Kikyo she had no choice - since she was the only one who could save Kikyo, she did. Kikyo doesn’t thank Kagome for her help; if she didn’t make a choice there’s nothing for her to be grateful for. Kikyo tells Kagome Inuyasha is on his way to find her and disappears with her two servants. Kagome is abandoned by the pool, wet, exhausted and feeling exploited. The longer Kagome thinks about her encounter with Kikyo, the more hurt and angrier with herself she becomes. Kagome convinces herself saving Kikyo was a “test” because of her romantic rivalry with Kikyo over Inuyasha. Kagome is sure Kikyo and her Shikigama are somewhere mocking her. Just as her temper flares, Inuyasha arrives and makes a big mistake looking around the area. Kagome seizes the opportunity and angrily tells him Kikyo is gone. She misinterprets Inuyasha’s relief about Kikyo for happiness, which fuels her rage. Inuyasha can’t get a break - he’s just concerned about Kagome. Seething with fury, Kagome unleashes her pent up wrath on Inuyasha and tells him she hates him. Later, Miroku and Sango attempt to counsel the confused half-demon while Kagome sits alone, sulking miserably. Inuyasha hasn’t a clue what he did wrong and is reluctant (as always) to apologize. Kagome meanwhile, is upset and regrets taking her anger out on Inuyasha. She’s convinced he must hate her after losing her temper so badly. Kagome looks up and sees Inuyasha sitting near her. He cautiously asks is she’s still angry and Kagome asks him if he’s going after Kikyo. Inuyasha reveals his traumatic encounter with the Saint and Kagome discovers he just was worried about Kikyo’s condition. Inuyasha is satisfied Kikyo is alive and moved Kagome healed her despite their jealousy. After telling Kagome he’s not pursuing Kikyo, Inuyasha asks Kagome to take back what she said about hating him. It seems Inuyasha had some hurt feelings of his own …

Episode 152 5/17/04
Mamore soshite ubaitore!
Protect and Plunder!

Abi grows more suspicious of Naraku. She’s had nothing but trouble since they struck their deal and Abi wants out of the bargain. Abi’s mother suggests they strike at Naraku’s weakness. She knows he’s hiding something important to him at a nearby castle. Abi musters the flock and launches an attack on the palace. At the castle, the new baby receives tender attention from the court ladies. However, his “mother”, the Lady of the manor, is still dazed, confused and uncertain the child is really hers. Flashes of horrible events haunt her, and awful visions of his birth refuse to leave her head. The Lady spots a familiar face from her nightmare on the palace grounds - Kohaku. The Lady stops the boy to question him, but Kohaku’s new friend, the old man, provides an alibi - the boy arrived after the infant’s birth. Kohaku is not the only new face in the vicinity of the castle. Inuyasha and the team have arrived in the town near the palace. Miroku questions the locals all day about the demon birds without success. Since it’s late, the group decides to stay the night in town before continuing their search. At a remote mountain hideout, Kagura ponders a way to rid herself of Hakudoshi and Naraku. She watches as Abi passes by leading her flock. Evil little Hakudoshi interrupts Kagura’s musings by dispatching her to follow and spy on Abi. Tagging behind the advancing horde, Kagura watches as Abi orders her birds to destroy Naraku’s Saimyoushou: by doing so Abi proves she’s no ally of Naraku. Back at the castle and town, Kohaku and Sango spend a restless night. Kohaku has nightmares and, waking, confides to his elderly friend he’s lost his family. The old fellow reassures Kohaku and tells him that everyone who lives at the castle is like a family - he’s part of them now. Meanwhile Sango has poignant memories of Kohaku and the annihilation of their kin. Before either sibling has time to fully explore their feelings Abi attacks with her brood-thirsty birds. Kohaku’s exterminator training takes over as he cuts down the demons with chain and scythe. While battling the vicious creatures, Naraku calls to him, ordering him to protect the baby. Inuyasha and the team also rush to the castle’s defense. Enroute, Kagome senses the presence of a single Shikon shard: Kohaku must be the castle! Sango fears Kohaku may be under Naraku’s spell, complicating the situation. Sensing her concern, Inuyasha tells Sango to search for Kohaku when they reach the castle - he’ll take care Abi and the birds. Inuyasha hasn’t long to wait for Abi’s assault: she arrives with questions as well as a desire to fight. Abi asks Inuyasha why he’s protecting a castle special to Naraku when he’s supposed to be Naraku’s enemy. Her accusation is a surprise for Inuyasha and the others, as is Abi’s admission she isn’t partnered with Naraku. When Inuyasha tells Abi they intend to be the ones to destroy Naraku, Abi’s temper flares - her ego won’t allow any more orders from a mere half-breed - and she lashes out at Inuyasha with Naraku’s 3-pronged halberd. Above them, Kagura floats on her feather, keenly watching the fight. Inuyasha and Abi clash, Miroku, Kagome, Sango and the castle guards hack away at the demon birds. Kohaku successfully makes his way to the Lady’s chambers to rescue her and the baby. He leads them to safety through the inferno of the burning castle and an onslaught of ferocious demon birds. During the skirmish, one of the palace guards remarks that Kohaku fights like a demon exterminator. His comment resonates with the boy stirring up memories from his past, and Kohaku starts to remember who he was. As the castle falls and Kohaku begins to regain his memory, Naraku continues asserting his evil control over the boy. He beckons with chilling orders for Kohaku - kill those around him and take the baby.

Episode 153 5/24/04
Ummei wa zankoku na saikai
The Cruel Reunion of Fate

The noblewoman, courtiers and guards lavish praise on Kohaku as he prepares to battle Abi’s monstrous birds. They are unaware Kohaku is possessed by Naraku and being told to kill everyone and steal the baby. Kohaku turns on the palace guards who fall victim to the bite of his sickle chain. But this killing spree is different for Kohaku -as he slashes his victims, Kohaku is tormented by doubts and flash backs from the past. Even as Naraku’s voice urges him to murder, Kohaku’s memory starts to emerge, but it is not enough to spare the guards and court ladies. The Noblewoman watches the bloodbath in shock. She can only ask ‘why’ as Kohaku looms over her and the infant. Sango spots her brother from the air. Landing, she surveys the slaughter, recognizing the butchery as Kohaku’s doing. As Sango confronts her brother, the Lady flees with the baby, but her escape is brief; Kanna and her mirror trap her. Gazing into Kanna’s mirror, the Lady’s soul is devoured and she collapses, dead. Kanna departs with the infant. Hovering high above the fallen castle, Kagura quietly observes the drama until interrupted by Saimyousho who deliver a message: “pick up Kohaku”. Other parts of the doomed palace aren’t so quiet as Inuyasha and Abi engage in another ferocious battle. Abi’s volleys of flame are driven back by Tetsusaiga as the combatants try to destroy each other. When Kagome sees the birds flocking, Abi realizes they’ve finished their vampiric task and retreats. Although Abi leaves believing she attacked an ordinary castle rather than Naraku’s stronghold Kagome knows better - she can sense Kohaku’s Shikon fragment within the castle’s ruined walls. Kohaku’s presence means Naraku must have a connection with the palace. Elsewhere on the castle grounds, a heartbroken Sango confronts Kohaku. Gazing at his sister, Kohaku’s recall continues to return. Horrible memories flood the boy’s mind and Kohaku’s deadly past returns with such a vengeance the boy can barely stand. Sango watches helplessly while her beloved brother wrestles his inner demons. Before she can help, Kagura swoops in, scooping the boy up and escaping Distraught, Sango watches them flee. Escaping on Kagura’s feather, Kohaku’s memory returns and he clearly recalls murdering his father, the the demon exterminators, and gravely wounding Sango. Unable to live with his sin, Kohaku steps off Kagura’s feather, committing suicide. Plummeting towards his death, Kohaku recalls every evil act he performed for Naraku with agonizing, perfect clarity. But the boy cannot escape his personal hell easily -- Kagura rescues him before he hits the ground. She scolds Kohaku for trying to kill himself, but Kohaku doesn’t care if he dies. Back at the castle, Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo and Miroku join Sango. Inuyasha comments on the carnage and Sango admits it was Kohaku’s doing. Shocked and grief-stricken, Sango is inconsolable. Kohaku’s action at the castle is too much to bear and Sango wonders forlornly if she could save Kohaku’s heart even if she could tear him from Naraku’s control. The team resumes their search for Abi’s avian lair. Sango recalls seeing Naraku’s evil baby in the arms of the woman Kohaku was about to kill. The connection between Naraku, the castle and Abi’s birds begins to fall into place … Enroute to Hakudoshi’s lair, Kagura has questions of her own. The puzzle comes together when Kagura realizes the baby must contain Naraku’s ‘heart’. Hakudoshi, meanwhile, confers mysteriously with one of the Saimyoushou as he waits for Kagura and Kohaku. That night, Miroku, Inuyasha and Kagome discuss their strategy. Even though Abi has betrayed Naraku, a connection remains between the birds, the blood and access to the other world. As the their discussion dwindles, they notice Sango sitting alone, miserable about Kohaku. Miroku joins her, holding her close. Abi also comforts a loved one. Because of the blood taken at the castle, the poison in Abi’s mother is now reduced and ‘Mother’ is feeling much better - so much so the bird demons plot to destroy Naraku. There are more changes at the nest as well - Naraku’s protective barrier has vanished! Back at camp, Inuyasha wakes to the scent of uncovered bird’s nest. Before he can investigate, however, Kikyo’s two Shikigami arrive. They have a message from Kikyo for Inuyasha. She wants to see him - now!

Episode 154 5/31/04
Anoyo to tsunagaru demon
The Demon that Links to the Other World

Kikyo’s shikigama, Kochou and Asuka, beckon Inuyasha to follow them to Kikyo’s retreat. Miroku witnesses their departure, concerned about the mysterious meeting. The shikigama lead Inuyasha deep into the forest. In a clearing, Inuyasha spots Kikyo’s soul stealers. Kikyo sits in the center of the activity, recovering her strength. She welcomes the cautious Inuyasha cordially. When he asks about her condition Kikyo tells him how Kagome purified Naraku’s poison and healed her. Kikyo then changes the subject by asking Inuyasha if he’s noticed the barrier surrounding the bird’s nest is gone. Although Inuyasha knew nothing about the barrier, once mentioned it makes perfect sense to him. A barrier around the bird’s nest would prevent him from picking up its scent. Kikyo asks if he knows what Naraku is plotting and Inuyasha replies Naraku’s after the last jewel shard located in the other world. This seems to confirm something for Kikyo and she tells Inuyasha the boundary will open soon. Back at camp, Miroku informs Kagome that Inuyasha left in the middle of the night with the shikigama. Kagome knows what that means - a rendezvous with Kikyo. The encounter between Kikyo and Inuyasha continues as she asks if his group plans to pursue Naraku into the other world. He replies “‘yes” and Kikyo warns him not to take Kagome. Naraku is luring them into a trap. He wants Kagome’s ability to see jewel fragments and plots to use her to locate the final shard. Kikyo volunteers to go instead, but Inuyasha stops her. She’s still weak and, more importantly, Inuyasha confesses he can’t protect her. He doesn’t want to see Naraku hurt her again. Kikyo relents and gives Inuyasha a special arrow for Kagome to use -- an arrow smeared with soil from Onigumo’s grave. It’s up to Kagome how well she uses the weapon. As dawn breaks at the campsite, Miroku, Sango and Shippo are concerned as the sky is filled with Naraku’s demons. The trio is also angry at Inuyasha for running off after Kikyo, again. Kagome sits alone, not far from the others, depressed over Inuyasha’s latest exploit. Inuyasha returns to camp and tells Kagome where he’s been, giving her the arrow. He confesses he went only to see if Kikyo was all right. He asks Kagome if she’s mad, and although she says she isn’t, even Inuyasha senses Kagome is upset. Elsewhere, Sesshomaru has noticed the demon activity and caught the fresh scent of the bird’s nest -- and Naraku. He sets off to investigate. The team is also on the move following the new scent trail towards the bird’s nest. As they near their destination, Kikyo’s warning weighs heavily on Inuyasha’s heart. He warns Kagome there’s danger waiting for them on the other side and promises no matter what, he’ll protect her. At the nest, Abi and Naraku have a confrontation about the castle. Abi tells Naraku her mother, Tekkei, is now much better. On cue, Tekkei explodes from the mountain, revealing a monstrous, flaming bird. Eager to be rid of Naraku, Tekkei swallows the smug scoundrel while Abi gloats. Inuyasha catches Naraku’s scent as the team draws closer to the bird’s lair. Myoga joins them, providing another clue about Naraku’s interest in the blood-sucking birds. The old flea tells them about Abi’s mother, Tekkei, and how she is related to the birds that live in on the other side. Tekkei is the connection between the living world and the next. Reminding Inuyasha how ferocious Tekkei is, Myoga leaves abruptly as the team arrives at Tekkei’s nest. Reveling in Naraku’s ‘demise’, Abi welcomes Inuyasha and the others with a threats and Tekkei informs them she’s eaten Naraku. With that, Abi launches a vicious attack on Inuyasha and the team. The demonic melee halts abruptly as Tekkei’s head splits open and Naraku emerges from her skull. Horrified and enraged, grief-stricken Abi attacks, meeting her own death at the business end of Naraku’s tentacles. The team is appalled at Naraku’s cruelty but he tells them they should be grateful to him for dispatching Abi and opening up the boundary between this world and the next.

Episode 155 6/7/04
Shikon no kakeru wo mamoru oni
The Devil that Guards the Shikon Shard

Smirking victoriously, Naraku severs Tekkei’s head releasing a torrent of demonic blood. The gruesome cascade is the pathway to the Other World and Naraku dares Inuyasha to follow. The group pursues Naraku down the gory, tainted river. Inside the flood, tortured faces of the souls murdered by Abi and Tekkei churn in the horrific tide. Sesshomaru and his entourage arrive at Tekkei’s nest too late to follow the others into the passage of demon blood. All that remains is Tekkei’s headless corpse. There’s little time to ponder what happened -- Kagura shows up with an offer Sesshomaru can’t refuse; she has an alternate pathway leading to Naraku and the Other World. Although Kagura warns him it’s risky, Sesshomaru accepts her invitation. Inuyasha and the others follow the grisly passage to the portal of the demon graveyard. In the distance, Inuyasha spots his father’s remains and, with Kagome at his side, leads the others towards the relic. Kagome senses something troubles Inuyasha. The Other World is affecting him badly. Inuyasha momentarily loses himself in bad memories of his childhood until Kagome jolts him back to reality. Kagome shouts she senses the fragment ahead. Suddenly, a bright flash and a lethal barrage of huge, crystalline projectiles assault them. Myoga identifies the crystals as kongouseki - diamonds! Using Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha clears a path towards their assailant. The kongouseki spears come from Inuyasha’s father’s remains and, as the team draws closer, they spot a crystalline demon clinging to the dog general’s ancient armor. Kagome pinpoints the source of the Shikon fragment. Like the diamond projectiles, the fragment’s energy comes from Inuyasha’s father. When the team goes in to investigate, the crystal creature accuses them of trespass and grave robbery. Inuyasha demands to know why the demon is stuck to his father. Surprised, the demon extends his faceted body for a closer look at the young interloper. Myoga emerges, recognizing the creature as the late Hosenki - the jewel demon. In an effort to calm the situation, Myoga introduces Inuyasha to Hosenki as the General’s son, not his enemy. Though Hosenki remembers hearing of Inuyasha, and the black pearl, he demands Inuyasha to leave. Hosenki explains he’s protecting the last Shikon jewel fragment. As the demon who rules over jewels, he can ‘hear’ their voices and the Shikon shard told him it did not want to be complete, falling into the hands of an evil creature who had corrupted the rest of the jewel. It asked to come with him into the next world when he died where it couldn’t be found. Hosenki means to honor the jewel’s request no matter what. As Hosenki refuses to submit to Inuyasha’s demand for the shard, Naraku exerts his omniscient influence over the fragment, corrupting it inside Hosenki without the ancient demon’s detection. Although Hosenki doesn’t notice his change of aura, Inuyasha and the others do, and feel the sudden presence of Naraku, as well. Hosenki renews his attack with vigor and diamond spears shoot from his body. Inuyasha struggles to defend himself with Tetsusaiga, but his blows have little effect on the montser’s brittle surface. Complicating the battle, Inuyasha suffers another bout of flashbacks and Hosenki takes advantage of his momentary weakness. As Inuyasha hacks away in vain at Hosenki, the others try to help. Sango destroys some of the jeweled salvo with the Hiraikotsu and Kagome draws a bead on the corrupted jewel fragment inside Housenki. Although Kagome’s arrows find their target, Hosenki is resistant to even her power: Hosenki is a Great Demon and his power is massive. Kagome reaches for Kikyo’s special arrow, but it rejects her much to her dismay, and Inuyasha’s. Noticing a flaw in Hosenki’s diamond body where the first arrow struck, Inuyasha instructs Kagome to shoot another arrow into the same spot. She does, weakening Hosenki enough for Inuyasha to blast the wound with Tetsusaiga. Enraged by the duel attack, Hosenki reaches out with his massive, faceted arm swatting Inuyasha like a fly, sending his battered, bloody body hurtling out of sight into depths of the thick mists far below.

Episode 156 6/14/04
Bozen kessen! Sesshomaru vs Inuyasha
Battle before the Tomb! Sesshomaru vs. Inuyasha

As Inuyasha and the others battle for possession of the remaining Shikon shard, Kagura leads Sesshomaru to the gateway of the boundary world. Ignoring Kagura’s warning and Jaken’s fear, Sesshomaru enters the cave of the portal, pulsations from Tenseiga urging him forward. Inside the boundary world, Kagome anxiously searches for Inuyasha. The hunt is interrupted by Naraku’s arrival. The villain finally reveals himself to the group now that they are vulnerable. Gloating over his belief Inuyasha is dead; Naraku attacks Hosenki trying to steal the Shikon fragment. Back in the cave of the portal, Sesshomaru confronts Gozu and Mezu, the guardians of the passage. Once again, the guardians dare an interloper to pass as Kagura watches from safety, remembering the last disastrous attempt to enter the gateway. But, she believes if anyone can defeat Gozo and Mezu, it’s Sesshomaru. Down in the misted valley, Inuyasha regains consciousness. As he gazes up at his father’s remains, Tetsusaiga starts to vibrate and transform. High above him, Inuyasha witnesses Naraku’s assault on his friends and Hosenki. Hosenki’s resistance is admirable; although polluted by a tainted Shikon shard weakening his body, he battles Naraku persistently, piercing Naraku’s barrier with a razor sharp diamond arm. Naraku scoffs at the Dai yokai’s defense, spouting tentacles to probe and finally grasp the remaining shard protected by Hosenki’s diamond plated body. Naraku thanks Kagome and the team. If they hadn’t damaged Hosenki’s body, he would have not been able to seize the jewel. But just as Naraku has the fragment in his grasp, his greedy tentacles are sliced apart by a blast of power: Kaze no Kizu: Inuyasha rises from the abyss, attacking from the back of one of the skeletal birds. Naraku greets Inuyasha with smug confidence, fueling Inuyasha’s rage. He blasts Naraku with the Red Tetsusaiga, but as the dust settles, Naraku remains untouched. Naraku taunts him and Inuyasha blasts him again, this time using the Bakuryuuha attack. Naraku responds by throwing Hosenki at Inuyasha and impaling him on Hosenki’s jagged body. Back in the cave of the portal, Sesshomaru attacks Gozu and Mezu with Tokajin. When the guardians tell him they cannot be cut with a katana from the living world, Sesshomaru understands Tenseiga’s “message”. Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga and the mere threat causes the gateway to part and the guardians kneel in submission before “he who carries a sword from the next world.” Sesshomaru strolls through the gateway unscathed. Watching him go, Kagura believes she’s found her “champion”: she’s certain Sesshomaru can kill Naraku. Inuyasha and the team battle Naraku, refusing to admit defeat. They deploy everything in their arsenal to keep him away from Hosenki and the last jewel fragment. Sango severs Naraku’s probing tentacle with Hiraikotsu, but the wound releases a blast of miasma. The poison causes Inuyasha to lose his grip on Hosenki and Naraku’s other tentacle slips in to snatch the jewel. Finished with them, Naraku “tosses” Inuyasha and Hosenki into the maw of Inuyasha’s father’s grave. Undaunted, Inuyasha threatens Naraku, but Naraku tell’s him it’s over; he’s leaving and they’re stranded -- doomed to wander the demon graveyard. Suddenly the smug schemer is stunned by a powerful blast. A new player arrives: Sesshomaru. Warily, Naraku greets Sesshomaru, asking if he’s come to help his little brother. Sesshomaru responds with stony silence, ignoring Naraku as he proceeds towards his father’s grave. Inuyasha also wonders why Sesshomaru has come and receives his answer quickly. Seething with anger, Sesshomaru confronts Inuyasha violently punching him in the face. Sesshomaru angrily admonishes Inuyasha for damaging their father grave. Naraku is next to sample Sesshomaru’s wrath. The demon lord’s fury wipes the smirk off Naraku’s face. Back inside the Dog General’s remains, Hosenki has regained his senses and calls to Inuyasha. He wants to know if Inuyasha has any power left to fight.

Episode 157 6/21/04
Naraku wo tsuranuke kongosoha
Pierce Through Naraku! Kongosoha!

The demon graveyard turns battlefield in the clash between Sesshomaru and Naraku. However, the powerful demon lord is no match for his nefarious opponent: the power of Tokijin bounces off Naraku’s barrier and he mocks Sesshomaru’s attack. Inside the cavernous remains of the Dog General, Hosenski invites Inuyasha to “cut” him and gain the power necessary for shattering Naraku’s barrier. Kagome recalls how Tetsusaiga gained intensity when Inuyasha conquered the powerful demons, Ryuukossei and Taigokumaru. Inuyasha thinks the same thing and asks Hosenki what would happen to him if he succeeds. Hosenski chides him, and encourages Inuyasha to try. One small catch: if Inuyasha is not worthy of the power, he may lose his life. With Kagome and the others safely out of the way, Inuyasha slams Tetsusaiga down on Hosenki’s head, the resulting blow pelting him with razor sharp diamond shrapnel. While Inuyasha suffers at his attempt to ‘cut’ Hosenki, outside Sesshomaru endures Naraku’s onslaught. The archfiend strikes at Sesshomaru with vicious, dragon-headed tentacles. Sesshomaru deftly decapitates the beasts, but miasma spews from the headless bodies engulfing everything. Meanwhile, Inuyasha relentlessly hacks at Hosenski despite his increasing wounds from the diamond fragments. The cloud of approaching miasma forces a change of plan for the team. While Inuyasha is busy with Hosenki, Kagome attempts to purify the encroaching poison, quickly running out of arrows. The only remaining arrow is Kikyo’s arrow, which rejected her. Outside, Naraku threatens to poison every living thing. Sesshomaru replies the lives of Inuyasha and the others mean nothing to him. He’s out to destroy Naraku at all cost. The menacing miasma draws closer and Inuyasha is forced to abandon attempts on Hosenki to save his friends from danger. Hosenki provokes Inuyasha, telling him he couldn’t use his power even if he received it! Inuyasha replies he doesn’t need Housenki’s power if it means sacrificing his friends. To punctuate his point, Inuyasha slams Tetsusaiga down releasing Kaze no Kizu attempting to push back the poison vapors. Naraku watches the approaching Kaze no Kizu; confident the attack is futile. Suddenly, Naraku’s barrier is shredded by dozens of diamond spears, and Naraku’s smirk is replaced by fear. Below the stunned monstrosity, Inuyasha watches in amazement as Tetsusaiga’s blade transforms into diamond. Inuyasha turns towards Hosenki and watches the old demon’s skull crack. Hosenki tells the boy because he cared more for his friends than for gaining power, Inuyasha earned his special power - Kongosoha. Inuyasha attacks with renewed determination, strength, and a sword radiating with new power. The mighty Kongosoha attack pierces Naraku with lethal diamond spears. As the stunned villain hangs in mid-air, Sesshomaru deals the final blow with Tokijin and Naraku is shredded to bits. In the wreckage of Naraku’s shattered body, Kagome spots the final shard. Kikyo’s arrow beckons her, finally allowing her to use it. Kagome takes aim and fires into the cloud of Naraku’s body parts, purifying the fragment, but opening up a hole into which Naraku vanishes. Back in the real world, Kagura secretly hopes for Naraku’s destruction as she travels back to Hakudoshi’s hide out. Recovering inside his barrier, Hakudoshi greets Kagura with a cross-examination but is rudely interrupted by the untimely arrival of Naraku’s remains inside his own protective barrier. Taking shape inside the barrier, Naraku sees Hakudoshi - Kikyo’s arrow struck him in his heart In the boundary world, Inuyasha takes possession of the Shikon fragment with Housenki’s approval. Inuyasha is more determined than ever to fight those who would seek the jewel and finish Naraku once and for all. The gang leaves, following Sesshomaru, but their victory is somber. Inuyasha seems distracted and Sango suffers renewed worries about Kohaku’s fate. The end of the Shikon Jewel means certain death for her younger brother.

Episode 158 7/5/04
Daibousou musuu no demon nezumi
A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice

Naraku suffers a setback as the result of his confrontation with Inuyasha and Kagome. While he and Hakudoshi recover at his mountain lair, Naraku recalls the last time Hakudoshi’s barrier was broken - it was pierced by an arrow from Kikyo. The damage to Hakudoshi indicates Kikyo is still alive and Naraku is eager to put an end to her once, and for all. He needs a plan to lure Kikyo out of hiding and kill her while (he believes) she is still weak and vulnerable from his last attack. But Naraku isn’t the only demon hatching a plot - outside the den Kagura reveals to Kohaku she wants Naraku dead. Kohaku shares her desire but wrestles with his conscience. Although Kohaku also wants to kill Naraku, he remains silent. Kohaku doesn’t dare reveal his intent: to do so would expose his regained memory and would mean certain death before destroying his evil master. Concerned about Kikyo, Inuyasha returns to the place of their last encounter. Disappointed but not surprised, Inuyasha finds no one - Kikyo has disappeared again. Elsewhere, Kagome plays the waiting game, trying to be nonchalant in front of the others. However, when Inuyasha rejoins the group, he receives a jealous interrogation from Kagome with the usual ground-slamming results’. Back at the villain’s retreat, Naraku completes his trap for Kikyo and prepares to implement the scheme. He dispatches Hakudoshi and Kohaku to steal the Zushi Nezumi (a demonic box containing vicious demon mice). Hakudoshi opens the zushi releasing a torrent of voracious mice that produce an endless swarm of death and destruction. Hakudoshi watches the hungry hoard, entertained by the carnage and anticipating Kikyo’s taking the bait. Inuyasha and the others don’t quite realize they’re headed for trouble until Shippo senses “something coming” on the path ahead of them. Suddenly, a horse streaks towards them bearing an old man and child. Pursuing the pair is a river of rapacious rodents. Inuyasha leaps to their defense, but, even as he strikes the first blow with Tetsusaiga, Sango warns him not to cut the mice. When Tetsusaiga slices through the wave of demon mice, they split and double in volume - cutting them only creates more! Miroku brings the situation under control by using his wind tunnel to vacuum up the swarm. The old man tells the group a horror story about the destruction of his village by the frenzied mice. Miroku and Sango take Kirara for aerial reconnaissance. While they track the progress of the mice Hakudoshi also watches the murderous march of the mice gleefully. Kohaku stands quietly, disgusted with Hakudoshi’s amusement. High on a mountain, Kikyo also observes the monstrous mice. Kikyo orders Kochou, one of her shinidama, to fetch a branch of the ‘oyadama’ tree for her. While Sango and Miroku check out the mice, Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo wait in the safety of a barrier-sealed cave on a mountainside. They notice Saimyoushou patrolling the area before Miroku and Sango return. The Saimyousho prove Naraku’s implication in the plague of uncontrollable mice. The gang wonders if the demon wasps were looking for them, but Miroku offers a different explanation - perhaps the Saimyoushou were sent to search for someone else - like Kikyo! Kochou, the shinidama, returns with Kikyo’s oyadama branch. Kikyo plants the branch and casts a spell that causes the branch to grow into an enormous tree. From their vantage point outside the cave, Inuyasha and company watch as the tide of rodents turns all their attention to one direction and stream away. Miroku wonders if someone is performing a “Mayose” ceremony - a ceremony that gathers demons together and destroys them. The ceremony requires great spiritual power and the only one they know who could perform the rite is Kikyo. Kagome suggests she and Inuyasha follow the mice to the Mayose while Sango and Miroku trace source of the mice and locate the zushi. Back at the zushi, Hakudoshi senses the Mayose, too, and leaves Kohaku in charge of the box while he goes to find Kikyo. Meanwhile, Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo arrive at the Mayose tree. They watch the mice race up its trunk into the clouds and disappear. There is no sign of Kikyo -- just her spell. With Hakudoshi gone, Kohaku debates whether or not to close the zushi and end the carnage. He hesitates, stopped by the arrival of the Saimyoushou; if he closes the zushi he’ll raise Naraku’s suspicions. As Kohaku stands with his hands on the zushi, and Sango and Miroku arrive. Spotting her brother with the zushi, Sango accuses Kohaku of unleashing the demon mice. Shaking rage and bitter disappointment, Sango attacks her beloved brother, unaware he struggles to keep a secret that might kill them both!

Episode 159 7/12/04
Kohaku no ketsui to Sango no kokoro
Kohaku's Resolution and Sango's Heart

Sango attacks Kohaku, who finally makes a decision to close the zushi and halting the stream of rats. She pursues her brother while Miroku keeps a vigilant eye on the river of rodents. So far, Kikyo’s Mayose spell is working, attracting the rats to the oyadama tree. At the great tree, Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippo watch the multitude of rats climbing its heights to their death. Inuyasha scans for Kikyo but she’s gone. As if reading Inuyasha’s mind, Hakudoshi appears, cursing Kikyo for her interference. Demonstrating his aggravation, Hakudoshi attacks the oyadama tree with gigantic slugs. Inuyasha retaliates, attacking Hakudoshi. Wounded, Hakudoshi departs, giving Inuyasha a message for Kikyo: until she reveals herself to Naraku, more incidents like the rat plague will happen. Unable to pursue the brat, Kagome and Inuyasha do the next best thing; try to save the oyadama tree and salvage Kikyo’s Mayose spell. Though they destroy the slugs, the creatures have killed the tree and the Mayose spell is broken. The rats start their rampage again. While Sango chases Kohaku, Miroku notices the rats have changed direction and are headed straight towards them! Stalling for time, Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel to protect Sango and Kohaku. Sango finally pins Kohaku hoping to reason with him. As the Saimyoushou hover ominously over the siblings, Kohaku knows he must continue to act like Naraku’s loyal minion in order to destroy him. Even at the expense of breaking his sister’s heart. Back at the tree, Inuyasha makes the decision to go: the Mayose spell is broken. The only way to destroy the terrible tide of rodents is to find and destroy the zushi. Traveling on Shippo (his “balloon form”) Inuyasha and Kagome race back to Miroku and Sango. En route, Inuyasha senses trouble, catching the scent of blood - Sango’s blood! He leaves Kagome and Shippo to rush ahead. Kohaku manages to escape Sango, but is overtaken by the rats. They wash over him like a living wave, and Sango races to his rescue on Kirara while Miroku tries to stem the tide of rats. Sango pulls Kohaku from the rats, and then tries to break the zushi with her Hiraikotsu. She is appalled a barrier protects it. Beating on the zushi desperately, the mice inundate Sango, too. Miroku flails at the swarm with his staff, watching helplessly as Kirara attempts to pull Sango and Kohaku from the rat pile, only to be sucked down into the living mass. Inuyasha arrives and finds the trouble he anticipated - Sango, Kohaku and Kirara buried beneath a blanket of demon mice with Miroku about to join them! Suddenly a glowing arrow slices through the chaos, piercing and destroying the zushi’s barrier -- Kikyo’s purifying arrow. Wasting no time, Inuyasha crushes the zushi with Tetsusaiga and the demon rats vaporize. Arriving by air, Kagome and Shippo watch the horde disappear and spot Kikyo and her shinidama in the distance. As the air clears around them, Inuyasha spots Kikyo as she turns to go; Miroku only has eyes for Sango. She and Kohaku are on the ground, unconscious and wounded by the rats. Kohaku regains consciousness in Sango’s protective embrace; he grieves for his sister’s wounds, remorseful for the pain emotional suffering he’s caused her. Sango wakes and, despite her condition, beams with joy to see her brother alive. She tenderly caresses her brother’s cheek, but Kohaku bolts away from her, fearful of revealing his true heart to Sango. Sango’s heart breaks as she tearfully watches Kohaku leave her again, spirited away by Hakudoshi. Kohaku also suffers, leaving his sister with another bad memory, but his resolve is firm: he must continue to deceive Naraku in order to destroy him even at the expense of his sister’s feelings. Later, the team recovers in a hut deep in the woods. Outside, Shippo expresses concern for Sango, but Inuyasha reassures him she’ll recover. Kagome worries more about the wounds in Sango’s heart. Inside the hut Miroku watches over Sango. Sango tells him about the conflict she feels towards Kohaku. She can’t forgive her brother, but she can’t hate him either, and wonders why she saved him from the rats. Miroku asks her if she’s sorry she protected Kohaku and Sango replies she’d be sorrier if she didn’t. Miroku takes her hand, and assures her she did the right thing by following her heart. Elsewhere Kikyo surveys the devastation from the demon mice Naraku sent to coax her out of hiding. Cutting a lock of her hair, Kikyo gives it the shikigama girls, Asuka and Kocho with orders to fly around with the tress. It’s Kikyo’s turn to try and entice Naraku down from his web.




An Introduction to Inuyasha
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