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Episodes 160 - 167
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Opening Theme: Angelus (154-167)
Ending Themes: Brand New World (149-165) & My Will (166-167)
Series Director: Yasunao Aoki
Producers: Michihiko Suwa, Hideyuki Tomioka
Music: Kaoru Wada
Character Designs: Yoshihito Hishinuma
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Season Seven Overview:
Yet another rumor of the series ending in September that was announced early in the year ended up ringing true, but confirmation didn't arrive until August, just one month prior to the end of of the series. A mix of slightly declining ratings, and the production team's desire to move on to work on their next series, Yakitate Japan were key factors in the show's early finish. Osamu Tezuka's Blackjack took over the time slot as producer Michihiko Suwa hinted at further animated tales after the manga's conclusion.

Episode 160 7/26/04
Shiawase wo yobu bouryoku hutamata otoko
The Violent, Two-Timing Boy Who Brings Happiness

Naraku has vanished leaving the team an opportunity to recuperate. Seizing the chance, Kagome leaves for home encouraged by Sango and Miroku. Back in the village, Inuyasha tells Kaede the news about Kikyo. Kaede isn’t surprised considering recent events, but reacts oddly when Inuyasha tells her how Kagome saved Kikyo from annihilation. Back home in modern Tokyo, Kagome enjoys the comforts of home, but her mood is depressed. Although she feels badly having left the past without telling Inuyasha, he seemed so detached and tight-lipped after his encounter with Kikyo, Kagome wonders if she matters to him anymore. On the other side of the well, Inuyasha rages at Miroku and Sango for letting Kagome go home without a telling him. As a brand new day dawns in modern Tokyo, Kagome receives a present -- a new bicycle. Mrs. Higurashi found a used bike to replace Kagome's old pink bicycle. Thrilled, Kagome cleans the bike right away. As she cleans, Kagome admits to herself she liked being carried by Inuyasha, but, considering the Kikyo situation, going back to riding a bike is best. When Kagome and her brother Sota stand back to admire her handiwork, a familiar visitor interrupts, ‘dropping’ by (and crash-landing on the bike): Inuyasha. Unaware of the damage to the new bike, Inuyasha admonishes Kagome for leaving him so abruptly. His tirade is cut very short, as Kagome looms large and angry, losing her temper over the broken bike (and everything else!). Realizing the enormity of his error, Inuyasha tries to back-peddle, assuring Kagome he can fix the bike, grossly underestimating his talent as a mechanic. His frantic attempt to make good further infuriate Kagome who stomps off, angry beyond words. Kagome's day goes from bad to worse during her walk to school. Her three pals, Yuka, Eri and Ayumi, welcome her back, but notice something's wrong with their cheerful friend. Kagome is so irritated she tells all; revealing her legendary violent, two-timing mystery boyfriend is still at the shrine. The three amigos immedi-ately make plans for an after-school visit. Even Mrs. Higurashi’s encouragement can’t improve Inuyasha’s catastrophic repair attempt. Kagome’s bicycle is a truly tragic specimen; the handlebars are twisted into a knot; the tires are flat, punctured by clumsy claws, tires are bent out of shape from half-demon fingers tangled in the wheel spokes. Examining his handiwork, even Inuyasha is appalled by the result, certain Kagome will kill him once she sees her bike. Young Sota intervenes, taking Inuyasha’s mind off the bike disaster by putting him to work helping Grandpa Higurasha clean the shrine storeroom. With rolled up sleeves, a bandanna on his head and adult supervision, Inuyasha goes to work! Kagome endures a torturous walk home with her three friends. In spite of her efforts to ditch them, she can't make them go away. The trio is determined to meet her awful boyfriend and read him the riot act! Kagome stresses, wondering how she’s going to explain her 'special friend' with the red puffy pants and little dog-ears. Kagome immediately forgets that problem after arriving home and spotting the remains of her new bicycle. Her temper ignites as she angrily shouts Inuyasha's name at the top of her lungs and stalks off to find him. The trio ponders if "Inuyasha" the mystery guy's 'gang' name? Kagome's “call of the wild” shatters the tranquility of the shrine complex, shaking the storeroom with its fury. Inuyasha cringes, attempting to ignore the inevitable. Unable to locate the missing half-demon, Kagome uses her no-fail Inuyasha locater - the word "sit". The resulting commotion leads her straight to the storeroom where she discovers Gramps Higurashi standing tearfully amid a pile of wreckage with Inuyasha nowhere to be found. Later, in Kagome's room, the trio is pouting over having missed their opportunity to meet "the mystery guy". Kagome, however, is relieved - Inuyasha's disappearance was for the best; how could she even begin to explain? Kagome leaves the room to bring tea for her guests when Inuyasha barges angrily into the bedroom thru the window. Yuka, Eri and Ayumi and Inuyasha all freeze - gaping at each other. Kagome returns with the tea to a shocking sight: Inuyasha, Eri, Yuka and Ayumi all hunkered down on the floor, engaged in small talk. Kagome is relieved and flabbergasted, never expecting this kind scene in her wildest dreams! Later, when the girls leave for home, they compliment Inuyasha, chiding Kagome for being so critical of him. Kagome admits to herself she has been hard on Inuyasha; he is a nice guy and, in his way, kind of cool. Returning to her room, Kagome finding Inuyasha still there, removing his "do-rag". Horribly apprehensive about the bike, Inuyasha throws himself on Kagome's mercy. If she doesn't mind not using "that metal cart", he'll be happy to carry her whenever and wherever she wants if she'll stop being mad at him. To his overwhelming relief, a smiling Kagome happily accepts.

Episode 161 8/2/04
Miroku-houshi mukashi no ayamachi
Miroku's Old Mistake

At a lakeside shrine, a man makes a desperate offering attempting to appease the shrine’s deity. Suddenly the earth trembles and the lake roils violently! Nearby, Inuyasha and the team feel the tremor. It’s no ordinary earthquake; the group senses a demonic presence and rushes to investigate. Arriving at the source of the disturbance, the lakeside shrine, they encounter the man who made the offering. He recognizes Miroku and joyously asks him if he’s returned to join their family. He drags the perplexed monk and his companions home where his household begins preparing for wedding festivities. Kagome grills the baffled monk while Sango sits quietly. Sango’s stoicism increases when a lovely young girl named Shima greets Miroku enthusiastically. Shima’s been waiting for Miroku’s return and their reunion is, to say the least, difficult with Sango watching. Miroku’s acquaintance with Shima goes back two years when she was a frail child. Shima’s health returned through a combination of his bogus herbal remedies and his promise to return to father her children. After Shima’s story, Sango is extremely unhappy with Miroku, adopting the mantra: “It’s fine, it’s something from the past, right?” Later, as Miroku tries to weasel his way out of a wedding in the comfort of Shima’s home, Inuyasha and the others are exiled to the cold outside courtyard. Sango remains composed, but her companions sense the depth of her anger. (Well… Kagome and Shippo, at least!). Indoors, things don’t fare any better for Miroku. Shima and her parents are eager for a wedding. A demon named Nushi wants to marry Shima and wouldn’t believe she was already “betrothed” to Miroku. Nushi is eager to claim Shima and, according to Shima’s father, has his heart set on his “pure” daughter as bride. If Shima is married to another, Nushi will give up and go away. Outside, Nushi arrives to claim Shima. The ground shakes ominously as Inuyasha draws Tetsusaiga, poised to fight the approaching demon threat. The tremors cease and the dust clears revealing Nushi: a pint-sized twerp with goggle eyes, fish lips and Jaken’s sense of fashion. He introduces himself to Inuyasha, Kagome and Sango as “Nushi of the Lake” and states he’s here to claim his bride. The flabbergasted trio gapes at the odd little fellow and his cartload of wedding gifts until Inuyasha breaks the spell by bopping Nushi on the noggin, telling him to go away. Nushi refuses to be bullied and deterred from nuptial bliss. The commotion in the courtyard draws Miroku, Shima and her family outside and Nushi happily blows kisses at the revolted Shima. Shima’s father finally reveals why the family is so anxious for Miroku to wed Shima - when Shima was ill, he prayed to Nushi for the girl’s recovery. He offered Nushi anything he wanted in return: Nushi chose the lovely Shima as his bride. Surprised by the revelation, Shima bows at Nushi’s feet, begging his forgiveness: she is not the “pure” bride he desires. She has already given herself to Miroku. The reaction is mixed: Sango chants her mantra (“It’s fine, it’s something from the past, right?), Kagome is incredulous, and Inuyasha receives rare validation for his suspicions. Nushi is distraught and the jilted demon turns into his true form - a gigantic catfish. Nushi thrashes angrily around the courtyard and Miroku calls for Sango’s assistance, but she coolly replies he’s on his own. Inuyasha goes to the rescue with Tetsusaiga, and the threat causes Nushi to transform back into his fish man persona. As Nushi sits, sobbing piteously in the middle of the courtyard, Inuyasha can’t bring himself to slay the blubbering little demon. Meanwhile, Miroku pleads with Sango to understand the situation, but she’s not open for discussion. Shima tries to intervene and explain, but Sango turns her back and angrily stalks off. Poor Miroku is depressed Sango doesn’t trust him even though he’s committed himself to her. However, Miroku’s blues come to a quick end when Nushi snatches Shima and drags her back to the lake. Miroku and the others give chase. Sango sits sadly at the edge of Nushi’s lake when the little demon and his stolen bride streak by. Sango is still angry at Shima but she can’t allow Shima to be assaulted by a demon, either. Nushi turns into his demon catfish form, plunging into the lake with his reluctant fiancée and Sango springs to action. Although Sango rescues Shima, Nushi traps her and dangling his new prize by a catfish whisker, informs Sango he’ll keep her too, and make her his concubine. Miroku and the others arrive in time to hear Nushi’s threat. Declaring Nushi can’t do that to “his woman” Miroku dives into the lake to Sango’s rescue. Nushi is certain Miroku can’t stop him until Miroku opens up his Kazanna, and sucks the lake dry leaving Nushi vulnerable. Defeated by the irate monk, Nushi apologizes frantically. During the fracas, Sango’s mood softens and she feels even better when Shima confesses her tryst with Miroku was a lie. Shima didn’t want to be the bride of a catfish so she fibbed about her involvement with Miroku to drive Nushi away. Apologies and forgiveness is exchanged and the team resumes their quest. …. But not without a lot of teasing at Miroku’s expense!

Episode 162 8/9/04
Sesshomaru-sama to eien ni issho
Together With Lord Sesshomaru, Forever

The ominous glow of a fire attracts the attention of the new exterminator talent in town - a group of monks under the guidance of their sensei, Ungai. Sensing a demonic presence, the exterminator team races to the scene of the disturbance. The glow is a village in flames but its attackers are human - marauding bandits. The thugs demolish the town, terrorizing the villagers. A lone figure watches the chaos with distain from the top of a hill -- Sesshomaru. The brigands spot Sesshomaru and move in to attack but it’s a fatal error as Sesshomaru dispatches them with effortless elegance. Ungai and his monks arrive but see the destruction, not true culprits. Believing Sesshomaru is responsible for the ruined village Ungai tries to exterminate the demon lord, failing miserably. Ungai doesn’t like to lose to demons and he vows to destroy Sesshomaru. Ungai and his exterminators also unwittingly cause problems for other members of Sesshomaru’s family: Inuyasha and the gang keep losing business to the new group of ‘demon-busters’. Even Miroku’s smoothest sales pitch can’t salvage their latest job application: rescuing missing village children from a ‘pied piper’ creature named Ongokoki. Also, as Ungai travels thru the forest, he and his exterminators discover Rin. Feeling a demonic presence, Ungai harasses Rin and she escapes on Au-Un. A human child’s involvement with a demoni beast weighs heavily on the disapproving monk. Rin returns to Jaken, worried about the exterminators and Sesshomaru’s absence. Jaken treats her concerns lightly making her feel useless and burdensome. Rin knows Jaken is being a jerk, but she’s still upset, dozing off to sleep fitfully. Rin is almost asleep when a weird, flutelike music bewitches her and she walks into the depths of forest, entranced by the odd tune. Waiting for her in the shadows is Ongokoki, the demon who steals children, and he leads Rin away into the darkness. Elsewhere, Inuyasha and the team camp for the night. Miroku is depressed about the competition beating them out of a job. One cue, Ungai and his team arrive at their campsite. His young competitors perplex Ungai: a monk, a female exterminator, an oddly dressed miko and demons Kirara and Shippo strike him as an unorthodox and unprofessional team. And, on this night of the new moon, Ungai certainly doesn’t like the vibe he receives from his encounter with the team’s sixth member -- the smart-mouthed kid in the red kimono with the big katanna! After an unpleasant exchange with Inuyasha, Ungai and his exterminator leave. Inuyasha and company decide they don’t like Ungai anymore then he likes them! Ongokoki and Rin arrive at his mountain lair where she’s corralled with the missing village children. Rin doesn’t mix well with the other kids who are terrified by their captor. After a failed attempt to cheer the others, Rin calmly waits for her chance to escape. Later, Ongokoki’s attention is attracted outside the cave to a wonderful sight: a group of children just waiting for his spell. Picking up his pipe, Ongokoki plays his bewitching tune, but the children don’t respond. Drawing closer to investigate, the demon discovers the children are straw decoys. Ungai’s monks rush out and circle Ongokoki pelting him with prayer beads and ofuda. Weakened by the attack, Ungai aims his staff at the creature, vaporizing the demon. The monks release the kidnapped children who happily greet their saviors - except for one little girl who stubbornly remains in the cave. When Ungai goes inside to get her, he recognizes Rin. Seizing Rin, she threatens him with Sesshomaru and Ungai realizes his fortune having found the perfect bait to lure his nemesis to extermination. Ungai’s wait for his enemy is brief when Rin’s cries for help attract Sesshomaru right away. Ungai’s team performs their drill of destruction but it only irritates the demon lord. The commotion also attracts other members of Sesshomaru’s family: Inuyasha and the others arrive at Ongokoki’s cave. When the exterminator team’s tactics fail against Sesshomaru, Ungai tries the personal approach. The monk throws everything he has at Sesshomaru but Sesshomaru blasts the smug exterminator with a strong shot of power. Ungai is knocked to the ground, his staff shattered and his team out cold. Inuyasha and the others watch from the woods, unsure what they just witnessed! Sesshomaru calls Rin, but Ungai has one more ploy. Grabbing Rin’s hand he tells her that her place is with humans. Rin just smiles, waves goodbye and happily scampers after Sesshomaru. Ungai is defeated and dumfounded. Morning finds the kidnapped children reunited with their parents and Ungai realizes why the kid in the red kimono gave him such a strange feeling the night before … Although Ungai can’t leave without a parting remark to Inuyasha and the team, the old monk may has grudgingly realized not every demon is bad. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru and Rin are reunited with an exhausted Jaken and their unique little “family” continues their quest for Naraku, together once more.

Episode 163 8/23/04
Kohaku Sango Kirara himitsu no hanazono
Sango, Kirara, Kohaku, The Secret Garden

Kirara has disappeared and Sango is concerned. Despite reassurances from Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo, Sango senses there is a reason behind Kirara’s absence and worries. Sango is correct in her assumption - Kirara is pursuing a personal “mission”, returning to the ruined demon exterminator's village. Elsewhere, Kohaku explores an abandoned mansion while Kagura waits impatiently. He discovers a bundle of incense and sets off from the compound even though Kagura warns him not stray too far. As Kirara nears the exterminator village, she pauses to enjoy good memories of the area during a time when Sango and Kohaku where innocent youngsters. Inside the gates of the exterminator village, Kohaku has memories of his own. Placing the incense at the graves of his father and friends, he mourns their deaths, guiltily grieving for being the instrument of their destruction. However, not all of Kohaku's returned memories are bad - after leaving the village, Kohaku passes places from his past which stir warm, pleasant memories of his sister and friends. Making her way 'home', Kirara continues to enjoy cherished memories shared with Sango and Kohaku. Sitting in a forest glade near the village, Kirara recalls how Sango rescued her timid little brother from a bear attack, then gently treated Kohaku's wounds with a special exterminator ointment. Kirara remembers how, to thank his sister, Kohaku vanished for a few minutes, returning with a huge bouquet of white lilies for Sango. Kirara's revels are severed by the approach of a hostile presence. Suddenly the feline is surrounded by four large, ugly demons. Back at the team Sango is through waiting for Kirara’s return. In spite of urging from the others to relax and join them for tea, Sango resists, excusing herself to search for Kirara. Miroku watches her leave apprehensively. Although he'd like to follow, Miroku senses Sango must go alone. Kirara is attacked by the quartet of demons and about to be overwhelmed when help suddenly arrives from Kohaku. The two old friends join forces and defeat the four demons quickly and efficiently. Tracking Kirara, Sango encounters Kagura, who is waiting for Kohaku to return. Kagura is surprised Sango isn’t on the offensive, but the sorceress is still wary. Sango makes it abundantly clear she's searching for Kohaku and, reluctantly, Kagura points Sango in the right direction. The reunited Kohaku and Kirara enjoy a victory meal after defeating the demons. Kohaku asks Kirara about Sango’s health after the rat attack. Relieved, he learns Sango has recovered and is well. Kohaku confides in Kirara his plan to destroy Naraku and atone for the sins he’s committed. He apologizes to Kirara for the misery he's caused. Noticing Kirara is wounded, Kohaku gently treats Kirara’s wound with the same exterminator ointment the way Sango treated his wounds after the long-ago bear. Arriving at the exterminator village, Sango finds evidence of Kohaku’s recent visit - burned incense near the graves of their father and the others. A further search of the area reveals the remains of the dead demons. Examining their wounds, Sango recognizes the mark of Kohaku's weapon. Tearfully she recalls the night she lost her brother to Naraku's evil control and sprints into the woods, calling Kohaku's name. Meanwhile, Kohaku shares a special secret with Kirara. He guides Kirara to his special place -- a secret garden filled with beautiful white lilies. A lifetime ago, Kohaku gathered flowers to celebrate the love for his sister - now he gathers flowers to honor the exterminator dead. Kohaku bids Kirara goodbye and turns to walk his solitary road. Suddenly, Kohaku senses the approach of someone and hides. He sees Sango running down the path, calling his name. Kohaku remains hidden, suffering and torn between his desire to reach out to sister and the desire to protect her until he destroys Naraku. Kohaku's heart breaks as he watches his beloved sister rush pass. Sango’s mad dash ends when she encounters Kirara on the road. Relieved, Sango asks Kirara where she’s been, and Kirara motions for Sango to follow. The feline leads Sango to Kohaku’s secret garden. Sango gazes at the dazzling carpet of white lilies, understanding. She remembers the bouquet from Kohaku, how happy they were, and sobs bitterly. But life, and the quest for the Shikon fragments, continues. Sango reunites with Miroku and her friends. Kohaku returns to Kagura and Hakudoshi. Fate has severely altered the lives of the siblings, but the secret garden remains eternally serene. Its flowers guard Sango and Kohaku's precious memories until a day when they can be a family once more.

Episode 164 8/30/04
Saikyou no kataki yadori sagagi Shippo
Most Powerful Enemy, Parasite-Pupa Shippo!

A menacing shape braves a howling blizzard, advancing towards a mountain cave - Naraku! He has come to this forsaken place to claim a new prize - a large blue jewel. Inside the cave, Naraku locates and seizes the stone, gazing avidly into its depths, ignoring a disembodied voice demanding to know the trespasser’s identity. Elsewhere Inuyasha and the team prepare to eliminate a threat posed by a local kitsune god. The creature has suddenly taken to terrorizing the locals. Using Shippo as unwilling bait for the trap, Inuyasha intends to lure the offending creature into battle. When the kitsune god arrives, Sango notices the creature is possessed by a demon parasite called Yadori Sanagi. Using special scent balls, Sango pelts the kitsune god with an aromatic substance that causes the Yadori Sanagi to release its victim (while gagging Inuyasha with it’s odor). The Yadori Sanagi is destroyed and the kitsune god returns harmlessly to its shrine. Another kitsune won’t retreat as quietly; Shippo makes it clear he feels bullied by Inuyasha! Later, while the team enjoys the hospitality of the grateful villagers, Sango considers the presence of the parasites. Something isn’t right: she’s never known them to be strong enough to possess a god. During dinner Shippo continues to antagonize Inuyasha, earning a head-bopping. The day’s enmity between Shippo and Inuyasha continues into the night. After the team beds down, Shippo is frightened by what he imagines was a Yadori Sanagi outside the window of the guest hut. His reaction wakes Inuyasha earning the little fox another set of lumps. Shippo, however, wasn’t imagining things: investigating outside the hut, Inuyasha discovers several Yadori Sanagi and destroys them. When he returns to the others, he learns Shippo has disappeared. Shippo didn’t vanish, he changed! As the team watches, Shippo looms menacingly behind Inuyasha in his pink ball form. By his expression, Shippo isn’t himself. Sango then notices a Yadori Sanagi has possessed him. Kagome, Miroku and Sango watch as the ‘evil’ pink orb gobbles up Sango’s entire supply of exterminator scent balls, then spits the toxic fumes at Inuyasha. Inuyasha collapses, nauseous from the vapors. Victory his, Shippo flees into the night. The next morning, Inuyasha remains incapacitated in spite of Kagome’s care. Sango and Miroku depart to search for Shippo before the parasite lands him in real trouble. Shippo, in the meantime, has naughty fun playing pranks, vandalizing buildings, terrorizing villagers, taunting his pursuers and making mochi (gooey edible rice paste). Why mochi? The better to trap Sango and Miroku in a sticky web when they try to chase him! Back in town, a terrified, angry mob of villagers descends on Inuyasha and Kagome. They tell them about a new demonic threat to their town. Inuyasha drags himself outside to investigate with Kagome at his side, and the pair witness Shippo’s misbehavior first hand. Kagome watches in horror as the villagers try to destroy Shippo with spears and arrows. When the projectiles strike Shippo, he explodes, pelting friend and foe with whining acorns! Although that Shippo was a fake, the “real” Shippo struts by disguised as a goofy-looking chicken. Inuyasha recognizes Shippo’s masquerade and angrily attacks the foolish foul, forcing Shippo to reveal his camouflage. Shippo engages Inuyasha in the battle of the ‘big toys’. Inuyasha is nearly crushed by a mammoth cup and ball, caught in a tornado from a gigantic top and dumped in the river. Saturated with Shippo’s shenanigans, Inuyasha prepares to thrash him when Shippo launches his ‘secret weapon’ - a propeller. The blade lodges itself in Inuyasha’s hair, flying him up, up and away and into the gooey web of mochi, joining Sango and Miroku. Kagome chases Inuyasha, finding him with the others. Reunited, they create a plan to trap Shippo and exorcise the Yadori Sanagi. Sango prepares a heaping platter of dango (dumplings), which lure Shippo out of hiding. They watch Shippo devour the dango and wait for Sango’s plan to take effect: the dango are filled with numbing potion. Shippo suffers the first wave of the potion’s effect regurgitating a barrage or chestnuts on Inuyasha. The Yadori Sanagi finally releases its grip on Shippo and the team destroys the parasite. Shippo revives to compassionate greetings from everyone except Inuyasha. Inuyasha doesn’t believe Shippo couldn’t remember most of his ‘attacks’ were aimed at him! Shippo confesses - he wanted revenge on Inuyasha for being such a bully! Fortunately Miroku breaks up the escalating hostilities between Shippo and Inuyasha in the nick of time! Sango suggests investigate the source of the Yadori Sanagi and the team follows one of the creatures to a swamp where they make a shocking discovery - the swamp crawls with the creatures. Miroku sucks the writhing mass into his Wind Tunnel. But Sango is still disturbed by the huge number of Yadori Sanagi; so many must have infected an incredibly large demon host. But no demon that tremendous has died or they would have discovered it by now. Elsewhere, Kikyo has also noticed the abundance of Yadori Sanagi… Meanwhile, Naraku makes his way through the woods, arrogantly admiring the stolen jewel from the cave. By his expression, the stone is almost as precious to him as the Shikon Jewel.

Episode 165 9/6/04
Naraku wo taosu saidai no tegakari
The Best Clue to Defeat Naraku

The origin of the Yadori Sanagi continues to mystify team further, as they discover a gaping hole in the earth that smells of Naraku and another, unidentified demons. Elsewhere Kagura and Kohaku destroy a seemingly endless infestation of the Yadori Sanagi. Kagura is puzzled by Naraku’s order to slaughter the parasites, pumping Kohaku for answers. Kohaku doesn’t respond to her - he doesn’t know and he’s distracted by something massive moving in the distance. Later, at Hakudoshi’s hideout, Kohaku deduces the Yadori Sanagi, moving mountain and Naraku are all connected. Kagura leaves to find her own answers. Hakudoshi dispatches Kohaku to protect Kanna. Inuyasha follows the new demons’s scent trail and solves the mystery of the Yadori Sanagi. While Kagura eavesdrops nearby, the team encounters Gakusanjin - a demon mountain. Inuyasha mistakes him for one of Naraku’s minions infuriating Gakusanjin. The creature is angry with Naraku, too, for violating his body, spreading miasma, waking him from a 200-year slumber and stealing his protecting stone - Fuyouheki. (Fuyouheki masks demons energy, making it undetectable.) Gakusanjin calms after Inuyasha and the team convinces him they’re on the same side, and promises to return his Fuyouheki. Gakusanjin presents the team with crystallized demon aura - if they get close to the Fuyouheki, the demonic aura in the crystals will vanish, to indicate the Fuyouheki stone is nearby. Although Inuyasha hasn’t figured out why Naraku would want the Fuyouheki, Kagura has: Naraku stole the stone to hide the baby. Kanna hides in a cave with the baby, monitoring Kikyo’s advancing shikigama. On the ground, Kohaku chases the two shikigama, lead by the Saimyoushou. He cuts the duo down in mid-air. The spell broken, two paper shikigama float gently towards the ground, caught by their irate mistress, Kikyo. The priestess confronts Kohaku, recognizing him as Naraku’s underling, but realizing there’s more to Kohaku than meets the eye. Before Kikyo can take action, vicious talons crash into the ground imprisoning her. Naraku! Inuyasha and company charge ahead quickly: the crystallized demon aura in the detecting stones are vanishing, and Kagome senses a shard of the Shikon Jewel and Inuyasha can smell Kikyo. Caged by his talons, Naraku taunts Kikyo and she shoots him point blank with an arrow, blowing his body to bits. Naraku survives and orders Kohaku to take Kikyo’s head. Kohaku hesitates just long enough for Sango and the others to arrive. Naraku escapes in a cloud of miasma, abandoning his plan to kill Kikyo - for now. While Inuyasha brings Kikyo up to speed on the Fuyouheki, Kagome simmers in a stew of jealousy. As Kikyo and Inuyasha innocently compare notes about Naraku and strategize, Shippo stirs the pot of suspicion, further agitating Kagome. Kikyo leaves abruptly once her questions are answered. Inuyasha watches her fade into the mist, worried about her next move. Naraku, meanwhile, has joined Kanna and the baby, presenting the infant with Fuyouheki. The infant accepts the stone with an evil smile. Elsewhere, Hakudoshi and Kohaku hunt a giant Hitodama, a soul eater. Hakudoshi orders Kohaku to kill the beast and open it’s gut. Inside are round, glowing objects that look like eggs. Hakudoshi explains the orbs are “haku’” - the part of a living creature’s spirit which moves it’s body. The haku are to be harvested. Inuyasha and the gang attempt to catch up with Naraku. Miroku watches the demonic crystal intently; hoping for an indication Naraku is near. Shippo continues to provoke the doubt between Kagome and Inuyasha, creating tension so tangible Miroku and Sango can sense it. Before Shippo’s meddling escalates further, Inuyasha catches the scent of demons. Following the trail, Inuyasha and the team pass an increasing amount of demonic body parts until a creature attacks them, appearing to be a mishmash of demons. Inuyasha slices through the beast, releasing a swarm of haku. Although they don’t know why, the team is convinced that Naraku must also be behind this mystery, too. In nearby town, villagers are attacked by a group of weird demons. Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango rescue them, observing the dead demons are becoming more human in appearance. Worse, they reek of Hakudoshi. Inuyasha follows the scent outside the village where Hakudoshi awaits with the result of his haku ‘experiments’ - a creature called “Moryoumaru”. He sets Moryoumaru upon Inuyasha, who retaliates with the new Kongousouha attack. Moryoumaru dodges the assault by taking flight. From his aerial advantage, Moryoumaru drives an enormous talon down at Inuyasha who pulverizes it with Tetsusaiga. The blasted bits of talon adhere to Inuyasha until he breaks free, using a more powerful Kongousouha. As the blast travels towards Moryoumaru, Hakudoshi receives a message from the baby, blocking the Kongousouha all by himself. Moryoumaru and Hakudoshi’s remains flee, but not before attacking Miroku and stealing the crystallized auras used to detect the Fuyouheki stone. While the team recuperates, Hakudoshi and Moryoumaru return to the cave where Kanna hides with the baby. Hakudoshi is already whole and quite pleased with his day’s work - Moryoumaru is a success and to celebrate, Hakudoshi asks Kanna to give Moryoumaru a ‘soul’. Holding up the baby, Kanna prepares to honor his request.

Episode 166 9/13/04
Futari no kizuna Shikon no kakera wo tsukae! sono 1
The Two's Bond ~ Use the Shikon Shard! Part 1

Three streaks of light cut thru the night sky, piercing the silhouette of a gigantic creature. The stricken creature howls in pain and collapses. A group of villagers tells Inuyasha and the others how a demon the size of a mountain died after being hit by a strange light. Only one demon matches that description - the former owner of the Fuyouheki, Gakusanjin! The team rushes to location to investigate and sadly, their suspicions are confirmed. Gakusanjin is dead. Though Naraku is suspected, Inuyasha's sense of smell yields a different clue to the culprits - humans. Who are these people; are they linked to Naraku? Again, strange light slices the sky as panicked villagers beg for deliverance from a horrible demon. The beams blast a hole through the marauding demon - it’s source, a trio of small, masked warriors armed with odd, pot-shaped weapons. Grateful villagers reward the trio with their requested payment -- the carcass of the dead demon and a cart to transport the load. Impressed villagers watch them depart, amazed by their prowess; after all these warriors, the Gyoja, are mere children. The Gyoja return home to a sinister mountain temple ringed by creepy Rakan (Buddhist) statues. Their leader, named Goryomaru, greets them from the shadows, congratulating them on a job well done. Hot on the trail, Inuyasha and company gathers more information about the Gyoja. People are eager to tell them about their odd weapons and where to find them - a holy mountain in the east. As the team ponders a possible connection between the Gyoja and Naraku, a chance encounter with Gyoja scouts leaves little room for doubt. The youngsters open fire on Inuyasha. Realizing their 'prey' travels with humans, the youngsters desist long enough to allow Inuyasha to disarm the children and interrogate them. The rude boys squirm from Inuyasha's grasp and escape, threatening childishly as they run away. After the encounter, the team doubts the scruffy brats have a connection with Naraku. However, just to be sure, they decide to follow the boys to their headquarters. During her solitary search for the Fuyouheki, Kagura discovers Gakusanjin’s corpse. His body confirms her growing suspicions about the baby. Inuyasha and the gang locate the Gyoja temple. The first thing they notice is a nasty blanket of demonic aura wrapped around the place. The second thing they notice is a powerful light blast headed their way. Inuyasha repels the assault with his Wind Scar, and defuses the Gyoja’s powerful weapons. The boys run crying to their leader, Goryomaru, who angrily confronts the team, demanding a reason for the assault. Goryomaru’s appearance is shocking, although he appears to be human; his right arm is a demonic configuration from another world. While Kagura snoops, Naraku and Hakudoshi conspire against her. Suddenly, Kagura encounters a horde of demons swarming towards an unknown destination. Kagura decides to follow them. The demons flock to the Gyoja temple, but hesitate to attack. They linger on the perimeter taking no action. Goryomaru orders the boys to arm themselves, but the Gyoja pots are empty. Goryomaru still has energy left in his demon arm and releases a lethal beam of light, cutting down the fist wave of demons. Inuyasha’s team springs into action, destroying the remaining threat. Inuyasha and the gang mistake Goryomaru for a demon, offending him, and he explains how his appearance came to be. During a battle with a demon, the creature attempted to possess and devour him. Using his Buddhist powers, Goryomaru killed the demon, replacing his lost arm with a demon’s. After questions, Miroku is convinced of Goryomaru’s innocence. The Gyoja killed Gakusanjin as part of their regular slayer duty, case closed. However, Inuyasha is suspicious of Goryomaru’s story. The team is grudgingly invited to stay at the temple for their safety and they join the boys for food while Goryomaru refills the Gyoja pots from his demonic arm. Kagura observes the sinister temple, deducing it’s the perfect place to hide Naraku’s heart. Using her wind blades to slaughter the lurking demons, she forms them into an army of the dead and orders them to attack the temple. The commotion alarms the Gyoja and the gang. And the defenseless boys scramble to reclaim their weapons and discover Goryomaru lying exhausted on the floor, having refilled the precious pots. Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango and Kagome engage the enemy again, joined by the Gyoja. Spotting Kagura, Inuyasha chases and catches her, demanding to know why she attacked the temple. Kagura’s response is enigmatic. Meanwhile, Kagome spots the injured Goryomaru just as Kagura and her minions resume their attack. Turning her back to check on the fight, Kagome suddenly finds herself locked in Goryomaru’s embrace. It isn’t Kagome he’s interested in, it’s the strength of her Shikon fragment Kagura watches the demon crystal clear just as a huge blast of light from Goryomaru’s demonic arm rams a huge hole in her chest. Kagura’s spell breaks, along with her body and she flys off. Inuyasha returns to witness Kagome trapped in Goryomaru’s clutches. Now Kagome is uncertain about Goryomaru’s true nature and unsure if he meant to protect her from the demons, or if he had a darker motivation in mind. … Elsewhere, Sesshomaru's travels are interrupted by an odd event: Kagura falling out of the sky and into a nearby river. Rin attempts a rescue but is caught in the current. Jaken attempts to rescue Rin and is likewise trapped. A quick cut later reveals the trio high and dry on the riverbank. Rin inspects the gaping would in Kagura's torso and Jaken comments she's a goner. Suddenly, Kagura’s wound closes and she regains consciousness. While Kagura recovers, Naraku and Hakudoshi continue to conspire. They're both aware Kagura is a traitor but Naraku isn't finished exploiting her - yet.

Episode 167 9/13/04
Futari no kizuna Shikon no kakera wo tsukae! sono 2
The Two's Bond ~ Use the Shikon Shard! Part 2

Rin and Jaken tell Kagura how Sesshomaru rescued her. Soggy and bedraggled, Kagura remains feisty as ever. In gratitude to the flinty Sesshomaru, Kagura reveals the whereabouts of Naraku’s heart and shares one of Gakusanjin's demon crystals with him. She departs; glad to have seen him again. Parting ways with the Gyoja. Miroku still wants to locate the source of the temple’s strong aura. While the group traces the source of the evil aura, and Kagura has an evil encounter of her own, Hakudoshi. The brat appears, ordering Kagura “back to work”. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and the gang discover a cave under a strange spell - the creation of Rakan statues out of the remains of demons. Staring at the hideous pile they understand what veiled the Gyoja’s temple in such pervasive evil. What they can’t figure out is the purpose such a gruesome spell would serve. Hakudoshi and Kagura arrive at the temple, and Hakudoshi makes a point of interrogating Kagura about the place. Kagura feigns ignorance, even after Goryomaru recognizes her. Hakudoshi’s only reaction is to instruct Kagura to take care of the “small fry” while he slashes Goryomaru’s throat open with a swift, violent swing of his halberd. Goryomaru collapses shocked and mortally wounded and the Gyoja watch in horror while Hakudoshi decapitates their revered leader. Inside the Rakan cave, Inuyasha catches the scent of Goryomaru’s blood and everyone scrambles back to the temple. They arrive too late to help Goryomaru, but not too late to miss Kanna, the baby, and the Fuyouheki reveal their presence. Hakudoshi departs with Kanna and the baby, revealing Goryomaru didn’t know a thing. Angrily Inuyasha questions Kagura, but she's got her own agenda, pursing the trio. Kagura follows the evil children to a new hideout - an enormous stone Oni. She notices Inuyasha followed her. Arriving at the stone Oni, the team enters immediately: Kagome senses the Shikon Jewel and Inuyasha can smell Naraku. They fail to notice neither the wet ‘floor’ nor the litter of skeletal remains in the ‘cave’ beneath their feet. The focus is Naraku and Inuyasha directs a Wind Scar attack towards the unseen enemy. When the smoke clears, Naraku reveals himself, greeting his young adversaries. He teases them with the nearly complete jewel. Holding out the tainted jewel, Naraku uses it's power to wake the stone Oni, and the creature returns to flesh. The "cave" where they stand is the Oni’s stomach and “wetness" under their feet is it’s digestive fluid. Stomach acid rains down on the team as both Inuyasha and Miroku attack Naraku. The Wind Scar can’t stop Naraku, and Miroku ingests a huge dose of Saimyousho poison. Angered by failure, Inuyasha tries again, using the Kongousouha attack. Naraku sustains major damage, but vanishes with a smirk leaving Inuyasha and the others to their fate inside the Oni's great gut. As the situation deteriorates, Inuyasha asks Miroku to set up a barrier around the girls and Shippo while he attempts to free everyone. Naraku regroups and joins Hakudoshi and Kagura outside the stone Oni, He baits Kagura with questions about how Inuyasha found this new hiding place. Once again, Kagura feigns ignorance. On a fog-shrouded mountain pass Kanna and the baby encounter Kikyo. The miko can’t believe her luck running into the pair; she was investigating some other evil presence. Drawing an arrow, Kikyo prepares to send Kanna and the baby to oblivion. Inside the Oni’s great stomach, Inuyasha and the others suffer. Miroku struggles to keep the barrier going, but the poison takes it’s toll. As he slips into unconsciousness and the barrier fades. Inuyasha throws his kimono jacket over his friends, and continues to free them from the deadly trap. He has one last strategy, and asks Kagome to hand him the Shikon jewel shard. Kikyo takes aim at Kanna’s head with her arrow when Moryomaru attacks her. His talons strike at Kikyo but she dodges. However, Kanna and the baby escape, borne away by into the thick mist by Moryomaru. Kikyo wonders if their meeting had really been pure chance or something more calculated. Within the Oni, Kagome gives Inuyasha the glass vial containing the Shikon fragment. Inuyasha smashes the fragment container against Tetsusaiga and the sword begins to ring, pulsating with uncontrollable power as it absorbs the miasma from the Oni’s innards. Once the shard left Kagome’s hands, it became vulnerable to corruption, now the polluted jewel dangerously affects Tetsusaiga and it’s owner. Naraku watches, entertained by Inuyasha’s struggle to control the afflicted Tetsusaiga as it overwhelms his human blood. Unable to endure Inuyasha’s anguish, Kagome risks her life, rushing thru the tide of acid to embrace him. Kagome’s touch purifies the corrupted fragment and rescues Inuyasha from the brink of madness. His composure regained, Inuyasha asks Kagome to support him a bit longer. So with acid lapping at her ankles, Kagome clings to Inuyasha with all her might. From deep inside himself, Inuyasha summons the strength for one last Kongousouha. Tetsusaiga crystallizes and, in an enormous surge of pure power, and the attack blasts thru the Oni's stomach to freedom and life! … Disappointed, Naraku, Hakudoshi and Kagura retreat. Inuyasha's turns happily to Kagome to tell her how she saved them, but she falls away from him, unconscious. Inuyasha catches her, holding her while his distraught cries echo thru the air. Back at the temple, Sesshomaru and his entourage arrive to find it deserted except for the corpses of dead demons and an empty grave. It seems that Kagura was correct - they arrived too late. Sesshomaru’s search continues. Later, in Kaede's village, Kagome and Miroku recover. Sango nurses Miroku and Kaede treats Kagome's acid burns. Kagome wonders where Inuyasha disappeared to, and Kaede says he's off brooding and Myoga and Shippo offer up a wise cracks at Inuyasha’s expense. Inuyasha arrives back in the hut just in time to bonk both of them. Even so, Inuyasha is uncharacteristically reserved and troubled. He asks Kagome to come with him - alone - to talk. Kagome finds herself perched next to Inuyasha on the limb of his favorite tree. Inuyasha confesses he feels guilty and inadequate over the incident inside the Oni, convinced he’s responsible for Kagome’s injuries. His apology yields a surprising result: Kagome tells him she’s very happy. Kagome reminds Inuyasha he saved them all and that she was never happier than at that moment of crisis inside the Oni. At that time, Kagome was glad to be by his side. With a shy little smile, she scoots close to Inuyasha and rests her head against his shoulder. Scooting into Kagome with smile, Inuyasha admits he feels the same way about her, too.

Epilogue - "My Will”
The producer’s added a new montage of closing credits for the special so we can 'check in' all the major characters. The sequence opens on starlit sky and pans down to a close up of Sesshomaru, then to a wide shot including Rin, Jaken and Au-Un the dragon. Scene shifts to Naraku and his evil spawn, including a cut away shot to a very annoyed Kagura. Kohaku practices his skills the scythe and chain as Kanna, the baby and Moryomaru walk into the mist. Koga races ahead of Hakkaku and Ginta against a full moon; Totosai works on a new ring for his cow’s nose while Miroku’s mentor Mushin supervises Hachiemon’s housework at his temple. Kaede prepares medicinal herbs by the fire while Gramps Higurashi restocks souvenir Shikon no Tama shrine trinkets (Buyo the cat is still enjoying that Kappa foot ‘cat toy’ Kagome got for her 15th birthday!) Sota escort his girl, Hitomi on a date at the amusement park sports his Detective Conan outfit. Mrs. Higurashi buys Kagome new shoes at a local shop as Eri, Yuka and Ayumi chase the hapless Hojo though neighborhood streets -- maybe someday, they’ll catch him! Finally, Kagome waves goodbye to her Mom, embarking on a new trip to Sengoku-Jidai. Waiting for her at the well house door with a smile is Inuyasha and they leap into the past where Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara greet them happily. The team begins a new quest for Naraku and the Shikon no Tama. Although Inuyasha knows their path holds many unknown dangers, he vows they’ll defeat Naraku.




An Introduction to Inuyasha
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