Byakuya of Illusion first appears in the series at a point where Naraku has become so powerful that he has lost or betrayed virtually all his other incarnations. The result of this treachery is the birth of Byakuya.

Byakuya's role in Naraku's plans is that of a spy. Unlike his brothers and sisters, Byakuya rarely enters has physical confrontations, instead preferring to use his powers of illusion to manipulate his opponents into deadly traps. His illusions serve him well in his role as observer. Another clever ability the demon possesses is the detachment of his eyes. Once separated from their sockets, Byakuya's eyes grow wings and can be sent out as a sort of mini-camera.

In addition to his ability to create illusions, Byakuya makes use of origami to create items that aide his missions. On many occasions Byakuya has folded a paper flower that emits a powerful blast of flame. Byakuya, like his sister Kagura, has the power of flight. Using his origami, Byakuya creates cranes that grow in size and take to the sky allowing for quick escapes when Inuyasha gets too close for comfort. Byakuya also creates folded figures that can possess humans when they come into direct contact with a person's body.

Unlike Hakudoshi and Kagura who betrayed Naraku, Byakuya has shown nothing but loyalty to his creator. With the Shikon Jewel almost completed Byakuya's missions now involve retrieving the final shards from Koga and Kohaku.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Although his name is pronounced Byakuya the common reading of the two characters ("haku" and "ya") that make up his name have the meanings "white (arctic) night; short night and midnight sun."

Mitsuaki Madono & Michael Adamthwaite

Byakuya made his anime debut in the "Black Tetsusaiga" special, and was voiced by Mitsuaki Madono, best know to Takahashi fans as Toma in the second Ranma film, as well as Daihakusei in the first Ranma movie, Kon in Bleach and Hajime Muroto in Gantz.

Michael Adamthwaite is likely best known as Yzak Joule from the Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Tsukasa Domyoji in Boys Over Flowers as well as voicing Raye Penber in Death Note, Mukala in Ronin Warriors and Genji Matsuzaki in Black Lagoon.

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