Mistress Centipede

Mistress Centipede was the first demon that Kagome encountered. In the modern era when Kagome approached the dry well, the presense of the Shikon Jewel within Kagome allowed the demon to return to life and drag Kagome into the well and back into the past.

After tussling with the time displaced schoolgirl, Mistress Centipede was able to sense the Shikon Jewel inside of Kagome's body. After biting her, she was able to pull the jewel out of Kagome's stomach. During the battle, Kagome is pinned against the Goshinboku tree where Inuyasha has been sleeping for fifty years. He is reawakened by her presense, and promises that if she sets him free he'll make short work of Mistress Centipede. Kagome complies, but not before the demon swallows the Shikon Jewel and sheds her skin, transforming into a grostesque, yet more powerful creature.

Despite Mistress Centipede's augmentation, Inuyasha was able to quickly dispatch her and regain the jewel. Shortly afterwards, the Shikon Jewel is hit by one of Kagome's arrows causing it to shatter into dozens of pieces.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Mistress Centipede's name is self-explanatory.

Rei Igarashi & Pauline Newstone

Rei Igarashi's previous vocal work includes Mika Iwakura in Serial Experiments Lain and Mariye in Biohunter.

Pauline Newstone's previous voice work includes Sentaro's Grandmother in Ranma ., as well as Grandma in Z-Mind and Freiza in Dragon Ball Z.

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