Ginkotsu, the mechanical mercenary is a member of the Band of Seven, a group of hired killers who grew too powerful and were put to death. Ten years later Naraku has resurrected each member and sends them to hunt down Inuyasha and his companions while he recovers at Mount Hakurei.

Although he was brought back from the dead, Ginkotsu is still largely artificial, with rudimentary cybernetic parts fitting onto his body. His unusual weaponry, which includes sawblades, drills and matchlock guns, make him a formidable and unpredictable opponent. His first encounter with Inuyasha proves very troublesome for the half-demon as Ginkotsu is able to render Tetsusaiga useless.

Inuyasha first escapes from Ginkotsu by burying him alive using the Wind Scar to open the ground beneath him. The feudal era cyborg manages to dig himself out and ambushes Inuyasha in a battle against Renkotsu. Inuyasha wounds him severely and all that remains is his head and torso. Of all the members of the Band of Seven, Ginkotsu is by far the most resilient. His broken remains are recovered by Renkotsu who grafts him onto a medieval clockwork tank. With increased firepower Ginkotsu is a more fearsome adversary than before.

The Meaning Behind the Name

"Gin" is written with the kanji meaning "silver". This refers to the fact that is is something of a mechanical man. The "kotsu" character is "skeleton" or "remains". Each of the Band of Seven have the latter character in their names, which relates to the fact that they are actually undead.

Hisao Egawa & Mark Gibbon

Hisao Egawa began the series playing a bandit in the second episode of Inuyasha. His more noteworthy roles include Red in Yu-Gi-Oh, Akira in Cutey Honey, and Shinichi Maki in Slam Dunk.

Mark Gibbon plays Kyokotsu in Inuyasha as well as Ginkotsu, and also played D in Key the Metal Idol.

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