Goshinki is an unrepentant killing machine who brutally slaughters an entire village and eats the humans and livestock that live there. Kagura sends word to Inuyasha and the others that they should come to see Naraku's third offspring, and when they arrive they are shocked to find that he is able to read their minds.

Because he can do this, it makes it incredibly easy for him to dodge Inuyasha and the other's attacks. Both Inuyasha and Sango are still injured from their previous battles and just as Inuyasha prepares to unleash the Wind Scar, Goshinki dashes forward catching Tetsusaiga in his mouth. His fangs are so powerful that he bites right though the blade and then thrashes Inuyasha to within an inch of his life.

Goshinki seems to take pleasure in brutality, and loves the taste of human and animal flesh. He taunts people with their thoughts and uses this to his advantage. Goshinki also believes he is the most superior of Naraku's children, and it is this overconfidence that proves to be his undoing. Inuyasha's unexpected transformation into a full-demon counters Goshinki's telepathy due his acting on pure instinct. Berserk, Inuyasha takes the same pleasure in murdering Goshinki as Goshinki did in killing the villagers.

Even in death, Goshinki proves to be a powerful enemy. Sesshomaru finds his head and commissions Kaijinbo to forge a sword from his teeth- the powerful Tokijin.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Goshinki's name is quite interesting. It is written with the kanji "go" meaning "to percieve or discern", "shin" which is "mind" and "ki" which is "devil". Basically his name means "mind reading devil".

Masaharu Satoh & Michael Kopsa

Masaharu Satoh has provided the voice of Musashi in Yaiba, Genma Daioh in Harmagedon, Buffaloman in Kinnikuman, Bob in Gundam 0083, and Robert in Lady Lady.

Michael Kopsa is the voice behind the legendary Char Aznable in Mobile Suit Gundam, and it's movies. He also provides the voice of Hajime Handa in Jin-Roh, and Collins in Melty Lancer.

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