After the Infant is ejected from Mount Hakurei he is entrusted into Kagura's care. As he searches for the location of the final shard, the Infant encounters a powerful priest who blasts him in half with his immense spiritual power. The two halves of the Infant are given to Kagura and Kanna. Kanna's half regenerates into the Infant, while Kagura's half grows into Hakudoshi.

Hakudoshi continues the Infant's search for the final shard by decapitating demons and using his telepathy on their severed heads to watch their souls travel into the afterlife. It is in the afterlife where he locates the missing shard, and proceeds to search for an entrance through which he can travel. Hakudoshi proves to be as manipulative as his master, Naraku, and sends Kagura in his place. She is almost killed, and his betrayal puts her at odds with the demon boy.

Hakudoshi is often seen riding on the back of his demon horse, Entei, until the beast is destroyed by Inuyasha. After this, Hakudoshi grows weary of Naraku's increasing strength. He knows that once their usefullness is over Naraku will most likely reabsorb or destroy the incarnations. Because of this, Hakudoshi creates the golem Moryomaru as a soldier in his upcoming war with Naraku.

Eventually Hakudoshi begins to believe he is more powerful than even Naraku. He sides with the Infant and Moryomaru in their bid to overthrow Naraku, and offers Kagura a chance to join them. When she refuses to allow herself to be absorbed by Moryomaru, Hakudoshi attempts to kill her, finally lashing out against his hated "sister" and disobeying Naraku's will, thereby establishing his independance and pitting him against his creator.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The characters in Hakudoshi translate to "white child".

Ai Kobayashi & Chiara Zanni

Ai Kobayashi plays Hakudoshi and the infant in the Japanese language version of Inuyasha. She has previously been heard in Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door as the sultry Electra and Lili in Turn-A Gundam.

Chiara Zanni provides the English voice for Hakudoshi and the infant. Her other roles include Yura of the Hair, from the early days of Inuyasha, Yuriko Asai in Hana Yori Dango and Faina S. Shinozaki in Infinite Ryvius.

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