Higurashi Family

As in Takahashi's other works, family plays a large part and Inuyasha is no exception. Unlike most of the families from Urusei Yatsura and Ranma the Higurashi's are the model Japanese family; caring, supportive and close-knit. In addition to Kagome, the Higurashi family consists of her grandpa, mother and her little brother, Sota, as well as her pet cat, Buyo.

Kagome's grandfather is a Shinto priest and caretaker of the Higurashi's Shrine. He makes a living selling trinkets and baubles related to the to shrine such as imitation Shikon Jewels and various demonic memorabilia. Grandpa believes wholeheartedly in the spiritual powers of the Higurashi shrine, which includes such landmarks as the Bone-Eater's Well and the Goshinboku tree. Kagome never gave any credence to her grandfather's tales of the supernatural until she found herself in the feudal era. In addition to his responsibilities at the shrine, Grandpa becomes a sort of "excuse rolodex" for Kagome; creating mysterious ailments for his granddaughter so that the faculty and students of her high school don't get suspicious about her extended absences during her trips through time.

Kagome's mother is often shown preparing huge meals to welcome her daughter home from her adventures to the feudal era. Despite Kagome's perilous exploits, her mother keeps a cool head and supports her daughter's decision to take responsibility for gathering the shards of the Shikon Jewel.

Sota looks up to his big sister and is always curious to hear her stories about her adventures in the past. After being saved by Inuyasha, Sota becomes a huge fan of the half-demon and is always excited when Kagome brings him home for a short stay. Unlike his courageous sister, Sota is a bit cowardly, although this is most likely due to his young age.

The Meaning Behind the Names

Sota means "altar of sacrifice". Higurashi is written with the characters for "day" and "to make a living". No real pun there, it's just a normal Japanese family name.


Early in the series, Grandfather Higurashi was portrayed by Matsuo Ginzou who suffered an untimely death while the series was still in production. He played both Grandpa and Buyo in Inuyasha, as well as Miguel in Macross 7, Smoker in One Piece and Queen the Spade in Mobile Fighter G Gundam. He was replaced in the role by Katsumi Suzuki.
Asako Dodo lent her kind voice to Kagome's mother. Her other roles include Scud Panther in Cutey Honey Flash and Shinobu Misato in Najica Blitz Tactics. She also provided a few voices in Rumiko Takahashi Anthology.
Akiko Nakagawa played Sota. Other than her role in Inuyasha she has played Miss Goldenweek in One Piece and Miyuki Nanase in Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo.

French Tickner portrays Grandpa Higurashi in Inuyasha and is often heard playing the wise yet comedic old men in anime such as Shinnosuke's Grandfather in Ranma , Jubei Yamada in the Fatal Fury series, Dozle Zabi from Mobile Suit Gundam and Dr. Franken in Tetsujin 28.
Cathy Weseluck also portrays tons of characters in Inuyasha and Yuki in Hikaru no Go but is best known as Shampoo in Ranma .
Throughout most of the series Sota is played by Saffron Henderson, but for the final handful of episodes Saffron moved to Los Angeles and the role was taken over by Rebecca Shoichet.
Buyo is played by Inuyasha himself, Richard Cox.

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