Hojo is one of Kagome's high school classmates and arguably the most popular boy in school. All the girl's in Kagome's class recognize how handsome he is and would love nothing more than to go out on a date with him. Unfortunately for them Hojo only has eyes for Kagome, but just can't bring himself to come right out and ask her for a date.

Upon learning of Kagome's constant illnesses from Grandpa Higurashi, Hojo attempts to win her heart by showering her with gifts to help her triumph over her various ailments. To explain her frequent absence from school, Kagome's grandfather often makes up stories about the many diseases that she has come down with, which makes Hojo feel particularly sorry for her.

Hojo managed to go out on one very short date with Kagome, even though Kagome's attention was focused primarily on the past and Inuyasha. Although Kagome's girl friends know about her "dangerous boyfriend" Inuyasha, Hojo is completely unaware of the other man in her life. Hojo seems to be incredibly patient and understanding, and he never doubts or questions Kagome if she breaks a date with him. All in all, Hojo is helpful to a fault.

As in Takahashi's previous manga Ranma Hojo receives the same treatment as Dr. Tofu from the author. With the focus of the series shifting almost entirely to the feudal era the activities of Kagome's school friends are left to the reader's imagination. However the television series continues to make use of him in many later comedic episodes.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Hojo means "assistance, support or aid". A perfect name for this helpful young man.

Yuuji Ueda & Matt Smith

Yuuji Ueda plays the boy everyone wants to see Kagome with. His previous roles include Daily Wong in Bubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Suboshi and Amiboshi in Fushigi Yuugi, Akito Tenkawa in Nadesico and Keitarou Urashima in Love Hina.

Matt Smith is the voice of Hojo in English. He is probably best known as Teinshinan in Dragon Ball Z and Hayato Kobayashi in Mobile Suit Gundam, but some of this other roles include Yuu Isami in Brain Powered as well as playing the characters Shino Inuzuka, Daisuke Kanamari, and Shahei Higami in The Hakkenden.

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