While Inuyasha inherited a vassal from his father in the form of Myoga, Sesshomaru found his own in Jaken. Jaken has proven time and time again that his loyalty to his lord is unwavering. Armed with the Staff of Heads, a gift from Sesshomaru that was originally used to find the location of Tetsusaiga, Jaken never hesitates to murder anyone who stands in the way of his master's plans.

While both brothers' servants are cowardly, Jaken's cowardice only extends to other demons. He has no love or fear of humans and takes great pleasure in burning them alive with his staff. His hatred for humans puts him at odds with Rin, Sesshomaru's newest traveling companion. Of course, Jaken is never one to disobey Sesshomaru, and so he begrudgingly becomes a caretaker for Rin. While Jaken may despise the young human girl, he seeks Sesshomaru's approval so earnestly that he has put himself in harm's way to keep her safe. Eventually Rin does the same for him, and he develops a soft spot for the girl, albeit a very small one.

Jaken's appearance suggests that he may be from the same demon race as the creatures that ferry recently deceased souls to the next world. In addition to his robes Jaken wears a Shinto priest's hat, an article of clothing which suggests that he held a high position at one time. This theory is further explicated in the animation, where Jaken is shown leading a group of his fellow demons in a small war.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Jaken is written with the kanji for "cruel".

Yuichi Nagashima & Don Brown

Yuichi Nagashima lends his voice to the villianous Jaken. His previous roles include Hiroshi Uchiyamada in Great Teacher Onizuka, Sakaki in Decendants of Darkness, and Kyasharin in Sexy Commando Side Story: You're Great Masaru!.

Don Brown is the unique voice of Jaken in English. He has portrayed a wide variety of characters, but is best known as Kaiohshin from Dragon Ball Z. He played Antares in Galaxy Express 999, Priest Snake Eye in Key the Metal Idol, Bishamon in Darkstalkers: Nightwarriors Revenge, and Farmer Brown in Ranma .

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