One of the most eccentric members of the Band of Seven, Jakotsu's unpredictable behavior makes him a particularly dangerous opponent. After meeting Inuyasha for the first time, he quickly becomes enamored with the half demon.

Inuyasha is completely confused by the homosexual assassin, who professes his love one moment and then a desire to kill the next. With his snake-like sword Jakotsuto, Jakotsu is an extremely unorthodox fighter. Regardless of his feelings for Inuyasha, his loyalty to the Band of Seven, particularly Bankotsu, is unwavering.

At his core Jakotsu is a ruthless killer. Inuyasha might not have survived his first encounter with Jakotsu unless Mukotsu had interrupted. Later Jakotsu watches as his partner Suikotsu is almost killed by Kikyo, and then ends his partner's life to prevent his Shikon shard from falling into Kikyo's hands. He proves his loyalty by delivering the shard to Bankotsu, who is shocked by Jakotsu's lack of duplicity. Unfortunatly it is this naivety that ultimately costs him his life. His luck runs out when Renkotsu, desperate to gain more shards for himself, pits Jakotsu against Inuyasha. Jakotsu seems to have things well in hand against a weak, injured and human Inuyasha, but the tides quickly turn and Jakotsu is dismembered by Inuyasha. Renkotsu emerges from the shadows and removes Jakotsu's shard sending him to his final death.

The Meaning Behind the Name

"Ja" is written with the character meaning "snake". The "kotsu" character is "skeleton" or "remains". Each of the Band of Seven have the latter character in their names, which relates to the fact that they are actually undead.

Ai Orikasa & Jen Forgie

Ai Orikasa is probably best known as Ryoko in the Tenchi Muyo series. Her other roles include Ling Ling in 3x3 Eyes, Ryoko Takeuchi in Blue Seed Quatre Raberba Winner in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Rin Kobayashi in Please Save My Earth .

In the English dub, Jakotsu is played by Jen Forgie, known for her roles as Nanai Mingueru in Char's Counterattack, and Tsukasa in Ranma .

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