Jinenji is a kind-hearted half-demon who has suffered many tragedies in his life. Because of his grotesque appearance Jinenji has been persecuted by the villagers in his town who blame him for recent attacks on the townspeople. Jinenji's mother has spent her life trying to protect her son, but she is an old woman now, and is no less and less able to intervene on Jinenji's behalf.

Kagome and Inuyasha enter the village in search of the healing herbs that Jinenji grows in his garden. Upon meeting Jinenji Inuyasha is reminded of his own difficult upbringing as a half-demon. Jinenji's mother is quick to point out that her son has it much more difficult as he has not been blessed to be as handsome as Inuyasha.

While Jinenji takes little notice of his fellow half-demon he does take an interest in Kagome and quickly develops a crush on her. Kagome is the first human besides his mother who has treated him kindly and this only makes him love her more.

Ultimately Jinenji's shy nature prevents him from telling her Kagome of his feelings for her, but he does gain confidence as he is forced to do battle with the demon that has been attacking his village. When the townspeople realize that Jinenji is protecting them they become more at ease with him and finally begin to accept him as one of their own looking past their own prejudice to see the kind soul the half-demon has possessed all along.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The first kanji in Jinenji means "earth", the second kanji is "thought", "idea" or "wish" and the third kanji means "child".

Hisao Egawa & Michael Dobson

Hisao Egawa began the series playing a bandit in the second episode of Inuyasha and also plays Ginkotsu in the series. His more noteworthy roles include Red in Yu-Gi-Oh, Akira in Cutey Honey, and Shinichi Maki in Slam Dunk.

Michael Dobson is the brother of Paul "Naraku" Dobson. He is known for his sensitive, understated, but very touching characterizations. Some of his best roles include Tamura in Please Save My Earth, and the very moving role of Kazuki Fuse in Jin-Roh.

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