Kagura of the Wind is the second of Naraku's aspects, beings created from his own body using the power gained from the Shikon Jewel shards. Because Kagura is the second demon birthed from Naraku she is the younger sister of the diminutive Kanna. Upon first encountering Kagura, Inuyasha believes her to actually be Naraku due to their identical scent and Naraku's ability to alter his appearance. Miroku has an interesting first meeting with her as well, while admiring her beauty, he forgoes his usual proposition of mating and vows only to do battle with her.

Kagura immediately makes an enemy of Koga when she lures his tribe to Naraku's castle only to slaughter them brutally. He seeks revenge against Kagura for the death of his comrades, but her wind abilities have kept her out of his reach during their numerous battles.

Kagura's personality is very different than that of Naraku's other aspects, and she quickly shows a growing desire for independence from Naraku and his plot to gather the Shikon Jewel shards. Naraku keeps Kagura under his influence by retaining her heart within his body. After trying to take Koga's Shikon shards for herself, Naraku threatens to crush her heart. After learning this, Kagura spends the rest of her life trying to find a way to break Naraku's hold over her. This leads her to attempt to pit Sesshomaru against Naraku, as Kagura believes only Sesshomaru is powerful enough to destroy her master. At various times Kagura shows a genuine respect for Sesshomaru that goes beyond her desire for his help in freeing her from Naraku's machinations.

After being punished by Naraku the first time, Kagura becomes more secretive in her desire for freedom. She shares her hatred of Naraku with only one other member of his group, the hypnotized demon-slayer Kohaku. Naraku often teams Kagura and Kohaku together, and she eventually develops an almost sisterly affection for the boy, mirroring that of his real sister Sango.

Kagura's deep desire to be free from Naraku has made her increasingly reckless. She is placed in charge of Hakudoshi, another of Naraku's aspects who also proves to have a rebellious streak. After dealing with Hakudoshi's betrayal Naraku's attentions soon turn to Kagura, whose heart he still holds in the palm of his hand.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Kagura is made up of the kanji for "gods" and "music", "comfort", or "ease".

Izumi Ohgami & Janyse Jaud

Izumi Ohgami provides Kagura's Japanese voice. Her previous work includes the female chairperson in Boys Be.. as well as the announcer in City Hunter Special: Good-bye My Sweetheart. She primarily works as an announcer for Nihon TV.

Janyse Jaud, Ranma 's Hinako Ninomiya, portrays Naraku's evil spawn. Her previous roles include quite a few Takahashi series. She was the sexy Akemi Roppongi on Maison Ikkoku as well as Misa in Mermaid's Scar as well as Panni in Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture.

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